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 Israeli Actions in the Americas

Here we track the interesting and under-reported story of Israeli activities in the Americas. A twisted tale... with Israeli gangsters settling in South Florida (where else?) and Israeli agents snooping across all US telecoms, backed by cadres of Israeli "students." Israeli arms merchant train and arm Venezuelan coup plotters, Colombian cartels, death squads, and paramilitaries. In these actions, they parallel the activities of the Cuban American Mafia - both groups acting as servant to their Washington masters,  but at the same time exerting tremendous influence through a variety of means.

Why Israel’s bombardment of Gaza neighborhood left US officers ‘stunned’  8/27/2014 Al Jazeera: "Artillery pieces used during the operation included a mix of Soltam M71 guns and U.S.-manufactured Paladin M109s (a 155-mm howitzer), each of which can fire three shells per minute. “The only possible reason for doing that is to kill a lot of people in as short a period of time as possible,” said the senior U.S. military officer. “It’s not mowing the lawn,” he added, referring to a popular IDF term for periodic military operations against Hamas in Gaza. “It’s removing the topsoil.”"

Israel’s Information Ops  8/20/2014 The American Conservative: "The hasbara comments are noticeable as they tend to sound like boilerplate, and run contrary to or even ignore what other contributors to the site are writing. They often include spelling and syntactical hints that the writer is not natively fluent in English. As is the practice at corporate customer support call centers in Asia, the commenters generally go by American-sounding names and they never indicate that they are Israelis or working on behalf of the Israeli government. They tend to repeat over and over again sound bites of pseudo-information, most recently maintaining falsely that Hamas had started the “war” and that Israel was only defending itself."

Israel’s Target Is Not Hamas  8/15/2014 Information Clearinghouse: "Noam Chomsky notes: “The 18-day rampage....did succeed in undermining the feared unity government, and sharply increasing Israeli repression. According to Israeli military sources, Israeli soldiers arrested 419 Palestinians, including 335 affiliated with Hamas, and killed six Palestinians, also searching thousands of locations and confiscating $350,000. Israel also conducted dozens of attacks in Gaza, killing 5 Hamas members on July 7. Hamas finally reacted with its first rockets in 19 months, Israeli officials reported, providing Israel with the pretext for Operation Protective Edge on July 8.” Thus having killed eleven Palestinians in under a month, Israel then used retaliatory rocket attacks which killed no one as an excuse to launch the biggest slaughter of Palestinians in decades."

Israel’s Zim Line and San Francisco’s Shame  8/13/2014 Counterpunch: [The power of the Lobby]

Israel deliberately attacking medical workers in Gaza, Amnesty says  8/9/2014 Electronic Intifada: "After collecting and releasing harrowing testimonies by Palestinian medical workers, Amnesty International has accused the Israeli military of deliberately attacking medical workers and hospitals in Gaza. Since the military offensive in Gaza began a month ago, Israeli fire has killed at least six ambulance workers and 13 aid workers while they were attempting to rescue injured people or retrieve the dead, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. In addition to those killed, 49 doctors, nurses and paramedics and 33 aid workers have been injured while carrying out their duties. Israel has directly struck major hospitals throughout the Gaza Strip, and forced five hospitals and 34 medical clinics to shut down due to either extensive damage to their facilities or increasing hostilities in the vicinity."

Noam Chomsky: Israel’s Actions in Palestine are "Much Worse Than Apartheid" in South Africa  8/8/2014 Democracy Now 

Netanyahu Urges US Lawmakers to Defend Israel Against ICC "War Crimes" Prosecution  8/7/2014 Common Dreams 

Evidence of medical workers and facilities being targeted by Israeli forces in Gaza  8/7/2014 Amnesty International 

Two views of Iron Dome’s success in Israel  8/6/2014 Reuters: "If I have a guesstimate that Iron Dome’s success rate is probably less than 5 percent, and Dick Lloyd has an estimate of 10 percent to 20 percent, how would this indicate that the probable level of success exceeds 90 percent?"

U.S. Suspected Israeli Involvement in 1960s Missing Uranium  8/6/2014 WSJ: "The theft suspicions surround events at a now-dismantled facility in Apollo, Pa., owned by a company called Nuclear Materials & Equipment Corp., or Numec. In the mid-1960s, some 200 pounds of bomb-grade uranium—enough possibly for several Hiroshima-sized bombs—couldn't be accounted for there."

UNICEF laments Gaza child casualties, warns of task ahead  8/5/2014 Reuters: "More than 400 children have been killed in Israel's assault on Gaza, and almost a thousand times as many are traumatized and face an "extraordinarily bleak" future, the top UNICEF official in Gaza said on Tuesday."

Latest Gallup poll shows young Americans overwhelmingly support Palestine .  8/3/2014 Middle East Monitor: "In recent years, the solidarity movement in the US has been revitalised by student activists. While a 22-23 July Gallup poll found that a slight majority of Americans believe that Israel's latest assault on Gaza is justified, a pro-Israel bias that also dominated during the second intifada, amongst those under the age of 30, more than twice as many Americans say that Israel's aggression in Gaza is unjustified (51 per cent) than those who say it is justified (25 per cent). The same holds true for people of colour (49 per cent versus 25 per cent). Both the popular demonstrations and the poll results seem to indicate that support for Israel is growing weaker amongst the next generation of American leaders."

Israeli military wanted prior review of New York Times articles on soldier Goldin  8/2/2014 iMediaEthics: [Checking for mention of the Hannibal Directive?]

IDF Censor Tells NY Times It Must Censor Future Reports on Killing of Lt. Hadar Goldin  8/2/2014 tikun Olam: "Today, Walla confirmed via the IDF that Goldin is dead. At first the army only admitted it knew this based on “DNA evidence.” But I believed it had his body. This was confirmed by this subsequent Ynet report that it did have his body and that his funeral would be tomorrow. It is critical that there be an autopsy to determine the cause of his death. But I don’t believe the IDF will allow it because it knows what it will find."

"Genocide Is Permissible" Muses Times Of Israel, Promptly Retracts  8/1/2014 Zero Hedge 

Latin America comes out in force against Israel  8/1/2014 AFP: "The only somewhat dissonant voice has come from Colombia, where the center-right President Juan Manuel Santos has rejected calls to recall his diplomatic representative in Tel Aviv."

Anti-Semitism Rises in Europe Amid Israel-Gaza Conflict  8/1/2014 NYT: "Prominent newspapers, politicians and popular stars in Austria and Germany have responded to the anti-Jewish outburst with a campaign called “Raise Your Voice,” in support of their countries’ Jewish communities. But Samuel Salzborn, a professor of political science at Göttingen University, does not believe that the effort has shifted public opinion. “The official line of the German government is happily, clearly against anti-Semitism, but that is resulting in far too little,” Mr. Salzborn said. “There is a startling indifference in the German public to the current display of anti-Semitism.”"

Some thoughts on Black Liberation, Palestine & the Angry Black Woman Open Letter  7/30/2014 Davey D's: "For the past couple of days an article written by ‘An Angry Black Woman‘ has been making he rounds.. It’s an open letter to Palestinians telling them to stop referencing Black ‘Freedom struggle‘ when speaking about their own struggle. It goes on to make the claim about how Martin Luther King , Coretta Scott King and others were all Zionists... A few things to keep in mind. First understand the article/letter which is being championed by Zionist backed publications and outlets and the Israeli Lobby is designed to do a couple of things. First and foremost it gets people debating the author who up to now has been relatively unknown and her particular merits or lack thereof.. It centers her as a Black woman in this debate and cleverly obscures the long-standing human rights abuses of Israel."

The Hannibal Directive  7/28/2014 Sic Semper Tyrannis: "Apparently, the IDF equivalent would be "we leave no man behind alive." This policy, however cloaked in silence by the IDF certainly must be a matter of concern for conscripts and reservists in the context of Palestinian and Lebanese fighters who are increasingly willing to "mix it up" in close combat. In such circumstances the possibility of capture is great. Richard Silverstein in his blog Tikkun Olam has recounted the story of an IDF NCO killled at Gaza in such an incident and as a reward for his account has been subjected to a deliberate campaign among the Zionists to drive him from the public square."

Israel-Gaza Conflict: Secret Report Helps Israelis to Hide Facts  7/27/2014 Independent: "There is a reason for this enhancement of the PR skills of Israeli spokesmen. Going by what they say, the playbook they are using is a professional, well-researched and confidential study on how to influence the media and public opinion in America and Europe. Written by the expert Republican pollster and political strategist Dr Frank Luntz, the study was commissioned five years ago by a group called The Israel Project, with offices in the US and Israel, for use by those “who are on the front lines of fighting the media war for Israel”. Every one of the 112 pages in the booklet is marked “not for distribution or publication” and it is easy to see why."

Israel Murders IDF Soldier to Prevent His Capture  7/26/2014 Tikun Olam: "You have every right to ask: what soldier in his right mind would follow such an order. There are thankfully examples of ones who refused. But there are a number who didn’t including the tank commander who fired on his comrade in that home in Gaza, killing him. You also have a right to ask how the IDF could approve such a regulation. The answer is it didn’t. It has never been vetted by military lawyers. If it had been, the High Command might’ve been told it was an illegal, immoral directive which had no standing. Then the IDF would have to implement an order its highest legal authorities had deemed treif. That would never do. So neither the generals, nor the Judge Advocate has ever delved into the matter. It is yet another example of the national security state refusing to examine the deepest, most troubling principles on which it is based."

Israel’s Iron Dome is more like an iron sieve  7/25/2014 Reuters: "Richard Lloyd, another weapons expert, has also run studies that call into question Iron Dome’s high success rate. Other military analysts support his findings, though the Israeli government dismisses them, as it does the Postol study. An Israeli spokesman told the BBC, “The system saves lives.”"

Why Israel Needs Anti-Semitism… And French Jews  7/22/2014 Counterpunch: "Last July 12, Jewish Defense League (JDL) militants provoked some participants in a Paris protest demonstration against the Israeli attack on Gaza into violent clashes in front of a synagogue in the rue de la Roquette. The JDL militants were protected by police, whereas several pro-Palestinian demonstrators were arrested. The incident was loudly denounced by influential pro-Israel Jewish leaders as an act of French anti-Semitism. It was no accident that this incident was falsely attributed to anti-Semitism."

AIPAC Is the Only Explanation for America's Morally Bankrupt Israel Policy  7/22/2014 Huff Post: by Stephen M. Walt, Professor of International Affairs, Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government

Israel-Gaza conflict: The myth of Hamas’s human shields  7/21/2014 Independent: "Members of families who owned six of the buildings had moved in with relations and neighbours in the area. Their reason for staying behind was primarily because there was, they said, nowhere else to go. There were also declarations about not giving up one’s land, not giving in to invaders. There was denial of coercion by Hamas. “I am not going to go because I can do something Hamas cannot do”, maintained Nabil al-Masri. “I know from times before that if Israeli soldiers get into an empty house they will ruin it on purpose. Hamas cannot stop them going into my house if we leave, but, by staying here we can try to make sure that doesn’t happen.”"

Violence outside Paris synagogue falsely attributed to anti-Semitism - Updated  7/15/2014 Mondoweiss: "So I’ll tell you what I, a poor Jewish infidel, saw…at this protest:on the Boulevard Beaumarchais, right near the Chemin Vert Métro stop, four or five JDL types perched on a bench, completely surrounded and protected by two rows of riot cops, threw projectiles and insults at the crowd. Cops and officials begged the crowd to not lose its cool and respond to provocations – what they were waiting for. Of course, as crowds dispersed, there were fights at the entrance of the Synagogue de la Roquette, as expected, I dare say.”"

Florida Congresswoman Sides with Israeli Police Over Her Own Brutalized Teenage Constituent  7/13/2014 Alternet: "In a private letter issued to Abu Khdeir's family, Castor pointedly stated that she had not called for the teen's release and return to the US. Instead, she assured them that she "requested for Tariq to be provided with the appropriate and needed medical care and for [her] to be kept apprised of any plans of his return to the United States." In a separate letter to the US consulate in Jerusalem, Castor merely stated that she would "appreciate being kept apprised of any plans for the return of Tariq and his parents to the United States." Florida Rep's Bill Deutsch and Ileana Ros-Lehtenin recently embarked on a junket to Israel where they met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, issued statements of sympathy for the three Jewish Israeli teens kidnapped and killed last month apparently by Palestinian militants, and expressed vehement support for Israel's ongoing military assault on the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Neither lawmaker has said a word on Abu Khdeir's beating and detention, however."

Gaza Bombing Photos  7/10/2014 Cryptome 

The Israel project’s 2009 Global Language Dictionary  7/10/2014 Mondo Weiss: [scroll down for pdf of the PR training given to Zionist]

Terrifying Tweets of Pre-Army Israeli Teens  7/10/2014 David Sheen: "A simple search of Twitter for the string ARAVIM, which means "Arabs" in Hebrew, produces a long list of messages by young Jewish Israelis calling to ethnically cleanse the country."

The Israel Lobby and French Politics  7/9/2014 Counterpunch 

PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-CONFLICT-GAZA  7/9/2014 Getty Images: "Wounded children are brought into the the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City on July 9, 2014 following an Israeli air strike. Eleven Palestinians were killed in a series of Israeli air strikes on Gaza today, hiking the overall death toll to 32 in two days, with more than 150 wounded, medics said. AFP PHOTO / MOHAMMED ABED"

Jewish Groups’ Whitewash of Israeli Racism Ensures It Will Fester  7/7/2014 Muftah 

Elbit: Exporting Oppression From Palestine to Latin America  6/28/2014 AntiWar: "One of the top occupation profiteers in Israel is the defense firm Elbit Systems. The largest non-governmental defense company in the country, its revenue stood at $2.83 billion in 2010. Using knowledge and expertise gained from assisting in the occupation of Palestine, Elbit has made millions exporting surveillance and defense materiel worldwide – and increasingly so to Latin America. While Israel’s role in arming dictators and oppressive regimes in Latin America during the last century is well known, Elbit is at the forefront of a new wave of Israeli arms industry involvement in countries in the region. Elbit has a presence in at least five Latin American countries, as well as along the US-Mexico border. Far from being benign, the application of its technology should raise concern among those working for human rights in the area."

Marc Grossman, Vice Chairman  6/19/2014 Cohen Group: "In February, 2011 President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton called Ambassador Grossman back to service as the U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. Ambassador Grossman promoted the international effort to support Afghanistan by shaping major international meetings in Istanbul, Bonn, Chicago and Tokyo. He provided U.S. backing for an Afghan peace process designed to end thirty years of conflict and played an important part in restoring U.S. ties with Pakistan."

Anti-Apartheid Archbishop Calls Presbyterians to Back Divestment from Israeli Occupation  6/16/2014 Common Dreams: "As Presbyterians meeting in Detroit consider divestment from three companies linked to the Israeli occupation of Palestine - Caterpillar, Motorola, and Hewlett Packard - Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the leader who more than any other human being alive is associated with the successful use of divestment to help overturn apartheid in South Africa, is calling on Presbyterians to choose divestment from the Israeli occupation."

J Street Should Fight Israel's Occupation, Not BDS  6/10/2014 Common Dreams: "And I hope it does change successfully by finding a new way to advance the two-state solution. Moreover, I hope it finds a less antagonistic way than BDS to accomplish this. And if it does find such a way, I will join J Street in a minute, because as an Israeli I don’t particularly enjoy supporting the boycott of Israel — but I do it because I see no other way anymore to end the occupation and allow the two-state solution to come into being. And nobody else has come up with another way, either. So as far as anyone can see, it’s either BDS or occupation forever."

Donald Sterling’s Secret History  5/22/2014 Mad Cow: "He’s the son of immigrant Jews from Russia, born in the same West-Side Chicago neighborhood that a generation earlier spawned Jacob Rubinstein, AKA Jack Ruby. He grew up in Southern California’s Boyle Heights in the 1940s, attending grade school, middle school, and high school in the same town lived in and controlled by notorious mobster Mickey Cohen."

Understanding the Crisis in Ukraine  5/11/2014 Christopher Bollyn: "Added recent video of U.S. Asst. Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (wife of Neo-Con Robert Kagan, founder of the PNAC group that called for a U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2000) being grilled by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) about the role of Neo-Nazis in the violent putsch in Kiev in which the elected Ukrainian government was ousted on February 21-22, 2014. Nuland tries to avoid answering Rohrabacher by saying the majority of the people in the Maidan were "peaceful protestors" - but it was certainly not peaceful protestors who overthrew the elected government in Kiev using fire-bombs and trained snipers.'

The Black Panthers in Israel— the First and Last Social Intifada in Israel  5/1/2014 Manifiesta: "The brain and the charisma of the Panthers. He chose the name for the movement, brilliantly connecting the struggle of Mizrahim in Israel to that of the Blacks in America, with the Marxist and First-World—Third-World theories, even without having read one of the books. He heard and listened very closely to MAZPEN young friends (Israeli anti-Zionist movement established after 1967) and socialist students who had come to Israel from South America. When he had heard enough, he took his Musrara neighborhood to the streets, attracting all the neighborhoods in Jerusalem, and soon after, every Mizrahi town and neighborhood in Israel. “We wanted to scare Golda and her government” he said many years later, “and we succeeded, because she said many times that our movement’s name kept her up all night, every night.”"

America's Role in the Creation of the State of Israel - The Origins of the Israel Lobby in the US  3/21/2014 Counterpunch 

Lobby Fights To Boycott, Sanction & Divest From Free Speech  3/17/2014 Tikkun Daily: "Students for Justice in Palestine was suspended March 7, nearly two weeks after it slid 600 “mock eviction” notices under dorm room doors to draw attention to forced evictions of Palestinians by the Israeli government. The group says the college’s actions infringe on students’ free speech rights. Amazing, isn’t it. The university is suspending a student group and threatening to toss out its activists for issuing faux eviction notices to replicate the eviction of Palestinians by Israel. Needless to say Northeastern and virtually every other major college and university saw infinitely more aggressive actions against our own government’s policies in Vietnam. Student activists didn’t just leaflet (leaflet!!!); they shut universities down."

Israel’s War on American Universities  3/17/2014 Common Dreams 

Documents reveal Zionist group spied on US student delegation to Palestine  1/29/2014 Uruknet: "In 2010, influential Israeli think tank the Reut Institute argued that "Israel must identify and focus its efforts on global hubs of delegitimization (such as London, Toronto, Madrid, and the [San Francisco] Bay Area). In this context, Israel should sabotage network catalysts and drive a wedge between its component parts" (emphasis added)."

Israel’s Hand in Guatemala’s Genocide  1/14/2014 Consortium News: “As we saw it, they [Guatemalan military authorities] were targeting all non-white villagers who were sitting on fertile lands that the white Guatemalans wanted,” he said, adding that when he reported this information to his superiors, “the Israelis rolled their eyes [in dismay] but said, ‘this is what our friends in the Reagan administration want.’”

Inside Israel’s Apartheid State  1/2/2014 Counterpunch: "And I refused to pay lip service to the idea that the Palestinians were partially at fault for their own dispossession — that “both sides” were responsible for the crisis. This is what you are expected to do if you wish to cater to Jewish-American opinion from a liberal perspective. I refused to take this approach not only because I reject the Zionist narrative but because it is deeply dishonest and actually requires intellectual contortions about the present and the willfull distortion of the past. That my book managed to gain traction despite my rejection of the established liberal Zionist narrative framework was another reason so many viewed it as threatening."

Israel Lobby Launches Fierce Counterattack Against American Studies Association  12/24/2013 Common Dreams: "Israel lobby groups are marshaling their formidable forces for a fierce counterattack against the American Studies Association (ASA), including calls for repressive legislation, boycotts and other measures to punish and silence solidarity with Palestinians. Earlier this month, members of the ASA voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to endorse the Palestinian call for the boycott of Israeli academic institutions which are complicit in Israel’s occupation and other violations of Palestinian rights."

The Zionist Criminal Network Behind the Cover-Ups  12/5/2013 Christopher Bollyn: "The investigation of Jack Ruby was evidently assigned to Katzenbach’s department in order to prevent Ruby’s high-level connections to the Jewish mob from being examined and revealed. As Scott points out, “the FBI covered up Jack Ruby’s connections to organized crime. The Commission did not receive an important interview with Luis Kutner, a Chicago lawyer who had just told the press (correctly) about Ruby’s connections to Chicago mobsters Lennie Patrick and Dave Yaras.”

NSA links to St Petersburg FL Drug Ring  11/15/2013 Mad Cow Morning News: "Skyway Global LLC, the St. Petersburg, FL company that owned the DC-9 airline busted in Mexico carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine, made its headquarters in a 79,000 sq ft building owned by Verint Systems (NASDAQ: VRNT), a foreign tele-communications company with a contract to wiretap the U.S. for the NSA through the communication lines of Verizon, which handles almost half of all landline and cell phone calls in the U.S. Verint’s founder and CEO, Jacob “Kobi” Alexander, is a former Israeli intelligence officer who is today a fugitive from justice living in Namibia, where he has for several years been fighting extradition to the U.S."

The Mexican-ization of American Justice  10/18/2013 Mad Cow: "After Greek tycoon Gus Boulis was gunned down in his BMW, Fort Lauderdale police immediately began scrutinizing SunCruz Casinos. Suspicion focused on the recent sale of his casino fleet, for a very good reason: Boulis, Jack Abramoff, and Adam Kidan had been carrying on a very public feud. “We certainly aren't lacking in suspects,” said a Fort Lauderdale homicide detective with admirable understatement."

U.S. Jews Becoming Increasingly Critical of Israel, the Occupation & Its Settlement Enterprise  10/18/2013 Alternet 

Russia, Syria and the Decline of American Hegemony  10/8/2013 Counterpunch: 'As I expounded at length elsewhere, the US is built on the theology of exceptionalism, of being Chosen. It is the country of Old Testament. This is the deeper reason for the US and Israel’s special relationship. Europe is going through a stage of apostasy and rejection of Christ, while Russia remains deeply Christian. Its churches are full, they bless one other with Christmas and Easter blessings, instead of neutral “seasons”. Russia is a New Testament country. And rejection of exceptionalism, of chosenness is the underlying tenet of Christianity. For this reason, while organised US Jewry supported the war, condemned Assad and called for US intervention, the Jewish community of Russia, quite numerous, wealthy and influential one, did not support the Syrian rebels but rather stood by Putin’s effort to preserve peace in Syria."

No More War for Israel? The People Against the 800 Pound Gorilla  9/13/2013 Counterpunch 

Obama’s Almost First Act in Office: Spy on Americans for Israel!  9/12/2013 The American Conservative: "I’ve known for a long time about elite Beltway deference to Israel. For decades, top American officials have acted almost as if they can’t think for themselves, they see everything in the Mideast through the optic of whether it is “good for Israel.” But this is different than that, and worse. The Americans in Israel’s camp at least think that “what’s good for Israel is good for America”—or at least so they proclaim, publicly. But no one can imagine that feeding Israel eavesdropped information on Americans is good for those Americans—that’s why this ugly program has been kept secret. We have Edward Snowden to thank, otherwise we might never have known how far the rot has gone."

NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel  9/11/2013 Guardian: "Secret deal places no legal limits on use of data by Israelis"

U.S. shares raw intelligence data with Israel, leaked document shows  9/11/2013 LA Times: "According to the memo, NSA routinely sends ISNU "minimized and unminimized" signal intelligence (sigint) data. In other words, the U.S. government shares intercepted communications with the Israelis without first screening it for sensitive information about Americans."

U.S. shares raw intelligence data with Israel, leaked document shows  9/11/2013 Ynet, Israel: "Secret document provided to the Guardian by Snowden indicates US government handed over to Israel intercepted communications likely to contain phone calls and emails of American citizens; also suggests Jewish state 'third most aggressive intelligence service against US' "

Colombia: Santos compraría sistema israelí de espionaje de redes sociales  7/4/2013 Contrainjerencia: "Medios locales colombianos han filtrado que la compañía israelí Comverse Technology será la probable contratista para el desarrollo de la nueva Plataforma Única de Monitoreo y Análisis –PUMA-, con la cual el Gobierno de Bogotá podrá interceptar en tiempo real todas las comunicaciones que impliquen la transferencia de datos por Internet. PUMA está diseñada para tener acceso a datos, mensajes y comunicaciones en las redes sociales (facebook, Instagram, Viber, Twitter, Skype, Linkedin), así como por redes telefónicas. Según infodefensa, el nuevo sistema será “la herramienta técnica clave, para la implementación de la también nueva Ley de Inteligencia y Contrainteligencia”, sancionada hace tres meses."

The Strange History of the Anti-Defamation League - ADL Spies  6/12/2013 Counterpunch 

The secret files of Alan Gross  3/22/2013 Along the Malecon: Documents the larger dimensions of Alan Goss' plot targeting Cuban Jews, Masons, and Afrocubans.

1963: The year the Israel Lobby Transcended US Law  3/21/2013 AntiWar: by Grant Smith

Forced contraception of Jewish Ethopian women is tip of global iceberg  1/30/2013 Guardian: "Should gynaecologists need to be told not to give women contraceptive injections without establishing fully informed consent? Of course not. But that is what has happened in Israel after it was revealed in a report by a women's rights organisation that Ethiopian women have been given injections of Depo-Provera without sufficient understanding of the purpose or side effects of the drug. Some Ethiopian women in transit camps were refused entry to the country if they refused the injection, and others wrongly believed they were being inoculated against disease. While Israeli demographers discuss the need to "preserve a clear and undisputed Jewish majority among Israel's total population", it may seem anomalous that women in the Jewish Ethiopian population are forced or coerced into using this highly effective contraceptive method."

Israel Accused of Sterilizing Ethiopian Jews  1/30/2013 The Nahmias Cipher Report: "Nearly 3-years ago we wrote about the forced sterilization of Ethiopian Jews. At that time we received vociferous denial, charges of being a conspiracy theorist, and from other corners we were accused of being anti-Semitic. Last Sunday, according to Euronews and other outlets, Haaretz newspaper published a letter by “Israel’s health ministry who admitted managing a program to inject female Ethiopian Jewish immigrants with a birth control drug in an effort to reduce their birthrate and control the immigrant population."

An inconveivable crime - Israel's patronizing and inhumane treatment of Ethiopian women is nothing new.  12/11/2012 Haaretz: "This is not the first or only case where the state has interfered in the lives of people who have limited means of resistance. And as in other cases, the system that carried out this policy is extremely sophisticated, so it is hard to find a specific person who is responsible for it or a signed and written order. But the televised investigation, conducted by researcher Sava Reuven, found that more than 40 women have received the shot. Depo-Provera has a shameful history. According to a report by the Isha L'Isha organization, the injections were given to women between 1967 and 1978 as part of an experiment that took place in the U.S. state of Georgia on 13,000 impoverished women, half of whom were black. Many of them were unaware that the injections were part of an experiment being conducted on their bodies. Some of the women became sick and a few even died during the experiment."

Obama’s Chutzpah Is Catching Fire Among Jewish Democrats  9/24/2012 Tikkun: "With the criticism mounting, and with Netanyahu himself starring in a right-wing political ad in Florida, now is the time Jewish Democrats (even progressives) would typically fold. For when forced to choose between supporting Obama and caving to AIPAC, most leading Jewish Democrats have chosen the latter. However, not this time. For in the current political environment, Obama’s chutzpah is becoming contagious: Top Jewish Democrats are standing squarely behind President Obama’s decision not to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and warning Israel to butt out of the U.S. presidential race."

Netanyahu ad to debut in Florida  9/19/2012 Politico: "Bibi Netanyahu is not running a campaign in the US - it just looks that way in this new ad. A spot featuring only the Israeli prime minister talking about Iran is set to hit the airwaves in select Florida markets tomorrow, a media tracking source confirms. The spot is the work of a c4 called Secure America Now - which, thanks to its tax status, doesn't have to disclose its donors."

The Battle Over Jerusalem - AIPAC and the Undemocratic Convention  9/7/2012 Counterpunch: "So Villaraigosa said, “I’ll do that one more time.” If anything, the no’s outnumbered the yeas this time. Nevertheless, Villaraigosa declared, ”In the opinion of the chair, two-thirds voted in the affirmative. The motion is adopted, and the platform has been amended….” The final image on this sorry episode was of two angry and disappointed Arab-American delegates. The mainstream media–MSNBC and Fox included–clearly did not want to talk about this. Whenever someone tried to discuss the trashing of the sacred democratic principle at the behest of the Lobby, someone else jumped in to change the subject."

Intelligence Committee Chair Describes Explosive Confrontation Between Netanyahu and American Ambassador  9/6/2012 Atlantic: "When Beckmann asked Rogers to describe the tenor of the meeting, he said: "Very tense. Some very sharp... exchanges and it was very, very clear the Israelis had lost their patience with the (Obama) Administration." He went on, "There was no doubt. You could not walk out of that meeting and think that they had not lost their patience with this Administration.""

US Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East?  8/28/2012 Foreign Policy Journal: "So what is all the fuss about? It’s a paper entitled “Preparing For A Post Israel Middle East”, an 82-page analysis that concludes that the American national interest in fundamentally at odds with that of Zionist Israel. The authors conclude that Israel is currently the greatest threat to US national interests because its nature and actions prevent normal US relations with Arab and Muslim countries and, to a growing degree, the wider international community."

Rand ... Rosenbaum?  8/15/2012 Jewish Journal: "The first public cause to which Ayn Rand donated her own money was the State of Israel. I find this little-known nugget fascinating for two reasons. One, it contradicts the idée fixe of Rand as not really Jewish. And two, it contradicts the philosophy of Ayn Rand."

How "Slick Jimmy" Trumps AIPAC, Romney and the Neocons - Carville’s Push to Tighten Sanctions on Iran  8/3/2012 Counterpunch: "According to two congressional insiders, the quick witted maneuver by the Obama campaign is a key reason their candidate currently leads in the swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania while reminding the media that no presidential candidate since 1960 has won the White House without carrying two of these three states. Meanwhile, Romney operatives are seeking alternative ways to convince Israel to maintain its support and cash for his campaign during the next nine weeks of what “Slick Jimmy” is calling, “American Democracy at work.”"

Why Romney Insulted the Palestinians  8/1/2012 Consortium News: "Some pundits are excusing Mitt Romney’s comment about why Palestinians are so much poorer than Israelis as a slip of the tongue caused by a shortage of staff on his overseas trip, but the Republican presidential candidate makes the same point in his book, No Apology, which he claims to have written himself. While discussing his thoughts about world travel, he wrote, “I wondered how such vast differences could exist between countries that were literally next door to each other. How could Americans be so rich and Mexicans so poor? How could Israelis have created a highly developed, technology-based economy while their Palestinian neighbors had not yet even begun to move to an industrial economy?”

Macau probes Sands China over privacy breach  8/1/2012 AP: "The Chinese arm of U.S. billionaire Sheldon Adelson's gambling empire is being investigated by Macau privacy authorities over its handling of documents related to a lawsuit by its former CEO, who claims the company has links to crime bosses and encourages prostitution as part of its business strategy. Sands China Ltd. said Wednesday it was notified by Macau's privacy watchdog that an official investigation has been launched into the alleged transfer of "certain data" from the Asian gambling city to the U.S."

Romney’s Clueless Remark on Palestine  8/1/2012 Consortium News: "Conspicuously missing was any mention of the huge, elephant-in-the-room reason for the dismal state of the Palestinian economy: the systematic Israeli suppression of Palestinian economic activity. That suppression has included in the Gaza Strip a suffocating blockade and in the West Bank (the explicit subject of Romney’s comparison) a less all-encompassing but still pervasive system of restricting transportation, separating people’s homes from their livelihoods, denying access to natural markets, requiring and denying permission for the simplest transactions, and countless additional ways of turning into a struggle the daily task of earning a living. A recent World Bank report on the Palestinian economy stated, “The major constraints to private sector activity are the tight Israeli restrictions, and growth will not be sustainable until Palestinians have access to resources and are allowed to move freely.”

Romney Wraps Foreign Tour  7/30/2012 WSJ: "Earlier, before he departed Israel, Mr. Romney pointed out Israel's brighter economic prospects compared with its Palestinian neighbors and suggested culture may have something to do with Israel's success. "As you come here and you see the GDP per capita, for instance, in Israel which is about $21,000, and compare that with the GDP per capita just across the areas managed by the Palestinian Authority, which is more like $10,000 per capita, you notice such a dramatically stark difference in economic vitality," he told a group of donors gathered at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. He added: "And that is also between other countries that are near or next to each other: Chile and Ecuador, Mexico and the United States."

"US Media Ignore Netanyahu Nuclear Smuggling Files" Major News Release - Irmep  7/29/2012 Axis of Logic: "The following is being released by the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy -- The FBI partially declassified and released files linking Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a nuclear technology smuggling ring that targeted the United States. The declassified files are now publicly available online."

Romney Pleases Political Donor on Israel  7/28/2012 Consortium News: "Two things about Adelson’s role in this post-Citizens United world stand out. One is the sheer magnitude of the money involved. Adelson appears to be on track to be the single biggest individual donor in this U.S. election year... The other distinguishing characteristic of Adelson is the strength of his affinity to a foreign government — not just to a foreign country but to the policies of the current government of that country. It is appropriate that Adelson will be one of the greeters when Romney arrives in Israel because, although Adelson is a U.S. citizen, his declared primary allegiance is to Israel. Adelson once commented that when he did military service as a young man it “unfortunately” was in a U.S. uniform rather than an Israeli one and that all he and his Israeli wife “care about is being good Zionists, being good citizens of Israel, because even though I am not Israeli born, Israel is in my heart.”

US sees Israel, tight Mideast ally, as spy threat  7/28/2012 SF Chronicle: "In a separate episode, according to another two former U.S. officials, a CIA officer in Israel came home to find the food in the refrigerator had been rearranged. In all the cases, the U.S. government believes Israel's security services were responsible. Such meddling underscores what is widely known but rarely discussed outside intelligence circles: Despite inarguable ties between the U.S. and its closest ally in the Middle East and despite statements from U.S. politicians trumpeting the friendship, U.S. national security officials consider Israel to be, at times, a frustrating ally and a genuine counterintelligence threat."

Where’s the Netanyahu Scandal in the New York Times? Does It Matter What Israelis Do?  7/22/2012 Counterpunch 

FBI Documents Confirm Involvement of Hollywood Mogul in Israeli Nuclear Smuggling Ring  7/21/2012 Tikun Olam: "The gist is this: in the 1970s, Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan, who then worked for Israeli intelligence, recruited a U.S. engineer, Richard Smyth, to become an arms smuggler on Israel’s behalf. With the help of Israeli intelligence and Ministry of Defense (MOD) funding, the two establish a front company which began trading with an Israeli company, Heli Trading. At the time, according to FBI report, Bibi Netanyahu worked for the company and met Smyth frequently."

American Tourists Flock to Israeli Settlement Shooting School  7/20/2012 Common Dreams: "n an Israeli West Bank settlement bloc known as Gush Etzion, American tourists are flocking to Caliber 3 shooting school, a training camp for Israeli 'security professionals including soldiers and bodyguards', which has recently opened its services to Israeli and American civilians. The company says it offers "the values of Zionism with the excitement and enjoyment of shooting which makes the activity more meaningful."

FBI: Bibi Helped in Plot for U.S. Nuclear Equipment  7/6/2012 Israel National News 

Netanyahu Worked Inside Nuclear Smuggling Ring  7/4/2012 AntiWar: by Grant Smith

ADL Calls Russell Simmons Remark At Jerusalem Conference 'Divisive And Ugly'  6/21/2012 ADL: "The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today responded to an outrageous comment by hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, who in remarks at the presidential conference in Israel accused ADL leader Abraham Foxman of having "alienated blacks" in the same way Louis Farrakhan has antagonized the Jewish community."

Israel’s Dublin embassy planned to smear Palestine activists as sexual deviants and Mossad agents  6/12/2012 Electronic Intifada 

A Putsch Against War - The Man With Messianic Tendencies  5/4/2012 Counterpunch: The current Chief of Staff and the Mossad and Shin Bet chiefs let it be known that they share the views of the two on Iran. Almost all their predecessors, including all the recent military Chiefs of Staff, told the media that they agree, too. Suddenly there was a united front of experienced security leaders against a war with Iran."

Christianity around the World Is under Assault, but not from Muslims  4/30/2012 Strategic Culture: "This past Good Friday, as with all Good Fridays since the papacy of Pope John Paul II, saw Franciscan brothers the world over collect donations in Catholic churches around the world for the Holy Land's besieged Christians and their churches. It was not the actions of Muslims that prompted the appeal for help but the actions of the Jewish state of Israel. That fact was made very clear in the international appeal of the Franciscan order, named for St. Francis of Assisi, who was a sole voice of reason during the infamous Crusades and who earned the respect of the Muslim leader Saladin and his nephew, the Sultan of Egypt Malek al Kamil. The world is ready for religious leaders to emulate the peace-making of St. Francis, Saladin, and Sultan Malek and not the extremism of Zionists, Christian Zionists, and the catalysts for violence and intolerance endemic in the Soros movement and its agents provocateurs."

The Secret Service and the girls from Cartagena  4/19/2012 Milfuegos: "One major question remains, however. Why did the Colombian police, who have a history of covering up such incidents in order to protect VIP visitors and their staffs, decide to make the incident public? The answer to that question lies in the frosty pre-Summit interchanges between Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. ambassador to Colombia Michael McKinley over Santos's pre-summit trip to Havana to meet with Cuban President Raul Castro to apologize for Washington's and Ottawa's insistence that Cuba be barred from attending the Cartagena summit. Santos was also furious with pre-summit statements by U.S. officials flatly rejecting his and other Latin American leaders' proposals to legalize drugs and supporting Argentina's claims over the Malvinas or Falkland Islands, which are controlled by Britain."

Fraud Fit For A King: Israel, Zionism, And The Misuse Of MLK  3/1/2012 Znet: published 1/03

Israel's Chutzpah - Using a Black Icon to Sell Apartheid  3/1/2012 Counterpunch: "Anti-Semitism, the hatred of the Jewish people, has been and remains a blot on the soul of mankind. In this we are in full agreement. So know also this: anti-Zionist is inherently anti-Semitic, and ever will be so.” This quote even made its way into an excellent exposé of Israel’s deadly decades-long relationship with apartheid South Africa, Sasha Polakow-Suransky’s The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa. In fact, I repeated part of the quote in my own review of the book, much to my regret. Later I discovered that the MLK letter was a hoax."

The Israel Project: ‘American Hispanics are the most hostile toward Israel’  2/15/2012 Haaretz: "Americans of Hispanic origin, the fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States, are relatively hostile towards Israel because they are ignorant about Middle East affairs and are influenced by traditional anti-Israeli Catholic views, according to the Israel advocacy group, The Israel Project (TIP). In a media briefing in New York to mark the resignation of TIP’s founder, Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, the group’s Executive Director for the Americas, Allan Elsner, said that Israel is more popular among older Americans, Republicans, conservatives and Evangelicals and less popular among “liberal elites”, African-Americans and Democrats. Elsner said that the Israel Project was focusing its efforts on “groups where we have a problem.” "

Eliot Cohen and the Return of the Neocons Romney’s Man on Iran  2/7/2012 Counterpunch: "Cohen’s extensive web of foreign policy and military connections forms a seamless line to Tel Aviv. There, on the top floor of one of the office buildings known as “HaKirya,” is the office of one of Cohen’s former pupils,Aviv Kochavi. Kochavi is now the director of Israeli military intelligence, making him one of the most quietly influential figures in the country. In 2006, Kochavi, who also holds a philosophy degree, boasted to the Israeli architect and anti-occupation activist Eyal Weizmann about how he and his troops crushed Palestinian resistance cells in Nablus through the use of “inverse geometry” and “micro-tactical actions” inspired by the theories of post-structuralist philosophers like Deleuze and Guattari."

Yet Another War for Israel?  2/7/2012 Counterpunch: "Clearly Israel’s needs are not America’s needs if we mean by that more war in the mid-east. Have we pulled our troops from Iraq just to move them into Iran? Does any sensible person believe that the Iranians have a “need” or desire to attack the people of the United States? Our forces completely surround Iran. We are the nation with atomic weaponry, not Iran. What possible good would Iran achieve by having a nuclear weapon? Hasn’t Iran signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement while Israel, who damns Iran for its nuclear “ambitions,” has an arsenal of nuclear bombs and has refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement. Which of these nations is to be feared? Iran has never attacked a neighbor; Israel attacks and occupies its neighbors at will."

AIPAC Obtained Missile Secrets - Declassified State Department files newly relevant  2/6/2012 AntiWar: "Details of Dacey’s effort to have U.S. criminal statutes enforced are timely and relevant. On Feb. 14, 2012, former AIPAC employee Steven J. Rosen will present oral arguments in the D.C. Court of Appeals claiming that seeking, obtaining, and leveraging such classified data has long been standard practice at AIPAC. Rosen sued AIPAC for $20 million in damages after it fired him in 2005 and publicly claimed Rosen’s classified information gathering activities “did not comport with standards that AIPAC expects of its employees.” If AIPAC settles before the hearing, it will be seen as an attempt to pay off Rosen — as previously agreed — in order to keep his silence. If AIPAC loses in appeals court, Rosen will be able to air even more dirty laundry to a jury, which could divert attention and resources from AIPAC’s intense drive to force the Obama administration to attack Iran."

Black heroes, Red Tails and Jewish-dominated Hollywood  1/25/2012 Final Call: "In an interview with Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show,” Mr. Lucas talked about his over 20-year process of getting this film made, due in part to the lack of support for Black movies in Hollywood. It was because of this lack of support that Mr. Lucas had to finance the production and marketing of the film out of his own pocket. In the interview, Mr. Lucas stated he could not find any backers for his film in Hollywood. “It’s because it’s an all-Black movie. There are no major White roles in it at all ... I showed it to all of them and they said, ‘No. We don’t know how to market a movie like this,’ ” said Mr. Lucas. This is not an up and coming young movie producer trying to get into the door of Hollywood for the first time, this is George Lucas, producer of two of the most successful movie franchises of all time the “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” series."

Getting Rid of ‘Anti-Israel’ Presidents  1/21/2012 Consortium News: "And the notion of Israel participating in efforts to change American political leadership is not as far-fetched as it might seem. There is extensive evidence that Likud Prime Minister Menachem Begin intervened covertly more than three decades ago to undermine President Jimmy Carter’s reelection hopes because Begin feared that Carter would push Israel into accepting a Palestinian state. Despite strong evidence that Likud officials joined in Republican efforts in 1980 to stop Carter from gaining the release of 52 Americans then held hostage in Iran – a failure that sank Carter’s hopes for a second term – Israeli supporters in the United States have heatedly disputed these allegations and have sought to demonize anyone who takes them seriously."

Column One: Mainstreaming anti-Semitism  1/19/2012 Jerusalem Post: "Anti-Semitism may not yet be a litmus test for social acceptability in the US, but it has certainly become acceptable. Proof of this dismal state of affairs came this week with the publication of a supportive profile of University of Chicago professor John Mearsheimer in The Atlantic monthly written by the magazine’s in-house foreign policy guru Robert Kaplan."

Newt Gingrich super PAC sees $5-million boost from Vegas benefactors  1/10/2012 LA Times: "They gave the funds because they feel loyal Gingrich, who shares their concern for Israel, and whom they first met in Washington in 1995, at the time Congress was considering legislation important to Israel, the Jerusalem Embassy Act. The law would require the moving of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Israel has long claimed Jerusalem as the historic capital of the Jewish state. Palestinians also claim the city as their spiritual capital. Adelson's wife, whom he married in 1991, is an Israeli physician."

Yehuda Bauer: Israel's genocidal nationalists  1/8/2012 Al-Jazeera 

Parashat Vayechi, 5772, Peter Dale Scott  1/7/2012 Congregation Netivot Shalom: "In closing, I want to thank Art Braufman, Seymour Kessler, Rabbi Creditor, and my wife Ronna Kabatznick for their help in preparing this drash. I’d also like to acknowledge my deep gratitude to Congregation Netivot Shalom. As I approach my 83rd birthday I will also soon stand up and say kaddish for my own departed father. I cannot express how grateful I am to participate in these and other meaningful Jewish rituals, which have done so much to shape my own evolution, as well as those of the Jewish and other peoples."

Private security and 'the Israelites of Latin America'  1/6/2012 Al-Jazeera: "All of a sudden, the methods that proved efficient in Nablus and Hebron begin speaking Spanish."

Israeli intelligence agents on move in Latin America  1/4/2012 Deb Simon for Congress: "The nadir of the relationship appears to have been in February 2008, when national police reported that Argentine-born Israeli Shai Killman, a Global CST interpreter, copied classified Colombian documents surrounding military targets and attempted to sell them to the FARC. This attempt was ultimately prevented by Ziv and Killman was subsequently sent back to Israel. Relations between the the governments of Israel and Colombia are currently healthy, with Santos recently stating unequivocally that Colombia will not recognize a Palestinian state without Israeli agreement. The Colombian government is also seeking the extradition of Yair Klein, an Israeli national sentenced in absentia for training paramilitaries in Colombia."

COLOMBIAN DEFENSE MINISTRY SOURS ON ISRAELI DEFENSE FIRM  1/4/2012 Panama America: Wikileaks cable published 1/12/09 - "GOC officials have expressed security concerns about Global CST in the past, and found it difficult to work with a private firm on national security matters as they were prevented from sharing USG intelligence with them. In February 2008, CNP sources reported that a Global CST interpreter, Argentine-born Israeli national Shai Killman, had made copies of classified Colombian Defense Ministry documents in an unsuccessful attempt to sell them to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) through contacts in Ecuador and Argentina. The documents allegedly contained high value target (HVT) database information. Ziv denied this attempt and sent Killman back to Israel."

Secret CIA Documents on Mossad  1/3/2012 Serendipity: from US Embassy, Tehran

Iran seeking to expand influence in Latin America  12/30/2011 WaPo: "Iran has been actively working for years to expand its ties and influence in the Western Hemisphere, and it has found willing partners in the region’s anti-American despots,” said Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Ros-Lehtinen said she was disturbed by Ahmadinejad’s plans for what she called a “tour of tyrants,” saying it would bring “the Iranian threat closer to our shores.”

Israeli Scholar Disputes Founding Myth  12/13/2011 Consortium News: "Sand, himself a European Jew born in 1946 to Holocaust survivors in Austria, argues that until little more than a century ago, Jews thought of themselves as Jews because they shared a common religion, not because they possessed a direct lineage to the ancient tribes of Israel."

El capítulo peruano de la injerencia israelí en América Latina.  12/1/2011 Descubriendo Verdades: "El derechista gobierno del Perú acaba de realizar un cuestionable acto de acercamiento hacia Israel, luego de la reciente visita del canciller sionista, Avigdor Lieberman, a ese país, el pasado 27 de Julio de 2009. Dentro de las negociaciones secretas entre el Ministro de Relaciones de Israel con el presidente peruano Allan García y su Ministro de Defensa, Rafael Rey, estuvo la aprobación por el Ministerio de Defensa sionista para que Global CST, empresa pantalla del Mossad, penetrara abiertamente en la nación andina con vistas a fortalecer el aparato militar y los servicios de espionaje del Perú, entrenar a las FF AA en la lucha antisubversiva y en la creación de una sofisticada red de inteligencia electrónica. Con la justificación de adiestrar al ejército peruano para combatir el narcotráfico y el terrorismo, se dio a conocer el pasado 8 de noviembre que el gobierno de Perú había contratado, a un costo de 9 millones de USD anuales, los servicios de Global CST, la empresa israelí dedicada al entrenamiento a varios ejércitos latinoamericanos en técnicas de lucha anti subversiva y espionaje."

Firma contratada para agresión mediática contra Cuba bajo sospecha de espionaje en EEUU  10/19/2011 CubaDebate: "Shlomo Shamir, el presidente del Consejo de administración de la firma israelí RRsat Global Communications que Washington contrató para difundir una programación contra Cuba, dirigió durante años una empresa que el FBI y la Agencia de Seguridad Nacional (NSA), de EEUU, habían incluido en una lista de sospechosos de pertenecer a la Unidad 8200 de la inteligencia israelí. De acuerdo con James Bamford, autor del libro “La Fabrica en la Sombra: la ultrasecreta NSA, desde el 9/11 hasta las escuchas a escondidas contra Estados Unidos” (”The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America“), Shamir perteneció durante 24 años a las fuerzas armadas de Israel y se jubiló con rango de brigadier."

Shamai Leibowitz, a moral giant  10/14/2011 Mondoweiss: "Shamai Leibowitz is a 40-year-old lawyer, clearly intelligent, a family man with 2 small children. Something he heard coming out of the Israeli embassy must have clearly frightened him to the point where he had felt he had to act, despite the risk to himself and his family. So far, Shamai Leibowitz, who is still in federal custody, is declining to comment about the case. His right to move on with his life must be respected. But that does not mean we cannot salute him, and add him prominently to the long list of people who over the decades of conflict in the Middle East have put humanity first."

Why I Published US Intelligence Secrets About Israel's Anti-Iran Campaign  10/14/2011 Truth Out: "The material published included references to Israeli diplomats briefing President-elect Obama on Operation Cast Lead while the war was being prosecuted, presumably in an effort to persuade him of the importance of continuing it, despite the pressure the incoming president was under to speak out against it. They revealed private, late-night meetings between the Israeli ambassador and a key Obama operative at which they presumably discussed how and whether the war would end in relation to the president-elect's upcoming inauguration. Note that the war ended on January 18, and Obama was inaugurated on January 20. I'm certain this was no accident, but rather a carefully choreographed deal between the two sides. Obama never criticized the war publicly. Now we know why."

Canada’s Dirty Banks  10/5/2011 Dean Henderson: "Royal Bank of Canada has more off-shore subsidiaries than any other bank in the world. It bailed out the government of Guyana in 1976 after a CIA coup brought down the socialist government of Cheddi Jagan. Royal launched the business career of Venezuela’s most powerful Cisneros family, which overseas Rockefeller interests in that country. It has a joint venture in the Bahamas with National Westminster called RoyWest. Both the Bank of Nova Scotia and Royal Bank of Canada are controlled by Canada’s most influential family – the Bronfmans. The Bronfmans control DuPont, which spun off Conoco, as well as Seagrams, Vivendi and Eagle Star Insurance. Eagle Star is the Bronfman holding company and a joint venture with British powerhouses Barclays, Lloyds, Hill Samuel and N. M. Rothschild & Sons. Eagle Star combined with Allianz Versicherung – a German company controlled by the von Thurn and Taxis and Wittelsbach families – to become a global financial titan."

Tapping the Israeli Embassy  9/15/2011 American Conservative: "What the FBI uncovered was a massive and highly focused campaign referred to by the Israelis as “perception management,” but which the CIA would refer to as a covert action. Much of the activity was illegal or incompatible with the role of foreign diplomats in the United States, which is why Leibowitz took action after his supervisors refused to proceed with prosecution. The focus was on Iran, with Israeli officials intent on preparing the American public for war against the mullahs."

For the Love of Israel: Congresswoman’s Misguided War on the UN  9/8/2011 Dissident Voice: "The benefactor of a controversial Jewish development in eastern Jerusalem is a major donor to U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen,” reported the Jewish Telegraph Agency on January 11, shortly after the congresswoman claimed her new post. Moskowitz, the well-known American Jewish millionaire, made his fortunes as a ‘casino magnate’. A high proportion of the revenue he made from the gambling industry has been used to demolish Palestinian homes, raze ancient olive trees and fund Jewish settlements. It has also been used to finance Ros-Lehtinen’s campaigns."

Leak Offers Look at Efforts by U.S. to Spy on Israel  9/5/2011 NYT: "Now the reason for the extraordinary secrecy surrounding the Obama administration’s first prosecution for leaking information to the news media seems clear: Mr. Leibowitz, a contract Hebrew translator, passed on secret transcripts of conversations caught on F.B.I. wiretaps of the Israeli Embassy in Washington. Those overheard by the eavesdroppers included American supporters of Israel and at least one member of Congress, according to the blogger, Richard Silverstein."

Leak Offers Look at Efforts by U.S. to Spy on Israel  9/5/2011 NYT: Now the reason for the extraordinary secrecy surrounding the Obama administration’s first prosecution for leaking information to the news media seems clear: Mr. Leibowitz, a contract Hebrew translator, passed on secret transcripts of conversations caught on F.B.I. wiretaps of the Israeli Embassy in Washington. Those overheard by the eavesdroppers included American supporters of Israel and at least one member of Congress, according to the blogger, Richard Silverstein.

Classified Belgian police report on Nebula receives another look  9/2/2011 Wayne Madsen Report: "The ATLAS Report also identified who the Belgian police believed was a kingpin of Nebula. It is also noteworthy how Costa Rica is identified as a major nexus for the worldwide network. The information about Russian-Israeli Mafia control of Costa Rica has been verified by recent information obtained by WMR from Costa Rican sources. The ATLAS Report states: "We have been informed about a person who appears to be one of the mysterious top leaders in several countries, (including ours). This person is portrayed as being the ‘éminence grise’, the de facto director of most of the big multinational companies whose structures are being used to launder large amounts of capital. This person is: PRZEDBORSKI, Felix, born 12 December 1930, ‘stateless’, husband to Helène KRYGIER, formerly living in TERVUREN."

Mujahideen-e Khalq: Former U.S. Officials Make Millions Advocating For Terrorist Organization  8/8/2011 Huffington Post 

JFK Movie Executive Producer outed as Isreal Arms Dealer  7/18/2011 Education Forum - JFK 

New Book Recounts Tale of Israeli Agent at Home in Hollywood  7/17/2011 NYT: [Milchan is listed in IMDb as executive producer of Oliver Stone's JFK.] "Mr. Milchan supervised government-backed accounts and front companies that financed “the special needs of the entirety of Israel’s intelligence operations outside the country.” The “special needs” serviced by Mr. Milchan, who is now 66 years old, included buying components to build and maintain Israel’s nuclear arsenal. But with the indictment in 1985 of Richard Kelly Smyth, an aerospace executive who had made illegal shipments of nuclear triggers through Milchan companies, Mr. Milchan unexpectedly found his arms-dealing in the news even as he was wrangling with Universal Pictures over the near collapse of a movie, “Brazil,” directed by Terry Gilliam."

Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) Factsheet  7/8/2011 NIAC - Washington insights for the Iranian-American community: "In a matter of weeks, a terrorist group known as the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) may succeed in getting removed from the U.S. list of foreign terrorist organizations — not as a result of any change of heart — but as a result of an unprecedented and possibly illegal multi-million dollar media and lobbying blitz. Iranian Americans know the truth about the MEK, but high-priced public relations and lobbying firms are hard at work trying to whitewash the MEK’s violent and disturbing record. And while they’ve been remarkably successful, they can’t completely escape the truth. So, for the record, here are the facts about the MEK (you can find this and more at"

La verdad sobre el constante apoyo de Israel a las dictaduras en Argentina y Latinoamérica  7/4/2011 Contrainjerencia: "A fines de abril pasado se publicaron varios comentarios sobre la aparición del libro “Operación Israel: el rearme argentino durante dictadura (1976-1983)” del argentino Hernán Dobry. Allí se documenta que Tel Aviv vendió al general Leopoldo F. Galtieri material bélico durante el conflicto por Malvinas."

Why South Africa's academic boycott of Ben Gurion University took hold  6/30/2011 Pambazuka News 

What's Really Going On at the Israeli Institute for Biological Research? - Exposing Israel's Most Dangerous Secret  6/24/2011 Counterpunch: "Mossad obtained some of these special chocolates, coated them with a slow-acting poison, and had them delivered to Haddad, who was then living in Baghdad, by an Iraqi official who was a Mossad agent and who had struck up a friendship with Haddad. Klein relates that the deadly substance was first developed in the IIBR and that its slow-acting and undetectable properties ensured that the agent and the instrument of death would not be discovered. And indeed, following a gradual but severe deterioration in his health, Haddad was flown to a hospital in East Germany where he was diagnosed with leukaemia and eventually died on 28 March 1978. It was not until 32 years later that the truth came to light: that the real cause of death was a poison produced by IIBR. It is not unlikely that Mossad conducted many assassination operations in this way, so as not to leave its fingerprints. In other words, the seemingly accidental deaths of many individuals that Israel regarded as a threat may have actually been caused by substances produced by IIBR. Most likely, the poison that Mossad agents injected into Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in Dubai in February 2010 came from IIBR."

Negev Security, NED, the misuse of culture within the FNRP, & more  5/26/2011 Qotha: "NED was the organization that financed, organized, and sent the bulk of "observers" to legitimize the illegitimate and fraudulent 2009 elections — since the EU, UN, OAS and Carter Center had declared them illegal and thus prevented the legal possibility for the presence of international monitors."

WikiLeaks: U.S. saw Israeli firm's rise in Latin America as a threat  5/9/2011 McClatchy: "A security company led by the former head of operations for the Israeli military made such inroads into Latin America a few years ago that U.S. diplomats saw it as a security risk and moved to thwart the company's expansion, U.S. diplomatic cables show. The diplomats' efforts were made easier when an interpreter for the Israeli firm, Global CST, was caught peddling classified Colombian Defense Ministry documents to Marxist guerrillas seeking to topple the state, one cable said."

9/11 Responders To Be Warned They Will Be Screened By FBI's Terrorism Watch List  4/22/2011 Huffington Post: "The tens of thousands of cops, firefighters, construction workers and others who survived the worst terrorist assault in U.S. history and risked their lives in its wake will soon be informed that their names must be run through the FBI’s terrorism watch list, according to a letter obtained by HuffPost. Any of the responders who are not compared to the database of suspected terrorists would be barred from getting treatment for the numerous, worsening ailments that the James Zadroga 9/11 Health And Compensation Law was passed to address… The provision was added in an amendment by Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) during the heated debate over the bill in the House Energy and Commerce Committee last May."

Tbilisi Says Summoned Israeli Diplomat over Global CST Abkhaz Visit  4/18/2011 Does Ziv engage in a pattern of working with his client's enemies?

U.S. scuppered Israeli security firm's South American plans  4/13/2011 Haaretz: "The American administration moved aggressively to curb activities by Maj. Gen. (res. ) Israel Ziv in Latin America between 2008 and 2010, threatening to cut ties with governments if they hire the services of Ziv's security company, Global CST, according to two diplomatic cables recently published by WikiLeaks."

The1986 La Bella bombing was really done by Israel, not Libya  3/21/2011 Some Unknown US History: "Sixty US officers at the U.S. Army's School for Advanced Military Studies made a serious charge against the Israelis in their 68-page paper. Intelligence insiders believed that Israel's Mossad had concocted the phony "evidence" to "prove" Libyan responsibility. West Berlin police director Manfred Ganschow, who took charge of the investigation, cleared the Libyans, saying, "This is a highly political case. Some of the evidence cited in Washington may not be evidence at all, merely assumptions supplied for political reasons." US intelligence interests actively built a selective politically-motivated case against suspects without objective material proof; while ignoring and protecting a group of suspects with documented connections to western secret services."

Israel Ziv Talks About the Hamas in Gaza  3/16/2011 Metacafe: General Ziv holds forth on Hamas, in Hebrew, with subtitles.

Triumph of a monster in Libya  3/12/2011 Painful Truth: "Finally, there is something else that neither Shashank Joshi nor the mainstream media dare mention. That is, in contrast to the case of Iraq under Saddam, there is no Israeli interest in toppling Gaddafi. That means there will be no pressure from Israel via its stooges in Congress on the White House to take decisive measures against the Gaddafi regime. On the contrary, the continued existence of Gaddafi and the absence of democracy in Libya – just as was the case with the Ben Ali regime in Tunisia and the senile pharaoh Mubarak in Egypt – is highly desirable from Israel's point of view. Besides, Gaddafi's demented son, Saif al-Islam, has excellent personal relations with Israel's far-right settler foreign minister, the fascist Avigdor Lieberman, and was once (and maybe still is) romantically involved with an Israeli actress, Orly Weinerman. In a regime that is as highly personalized as Gaddafi's, that counts for a lot."

Qaddafi hits rebels with air power, tanks, tribal troops, opens way to Cyrenaica  3/8/2011 Debka, Israel: "Not a single Arab ruler or government is willing to dip a toe into the Libyan cauldron. In the last few hours, Egypt's military rulers have notified Washington that they have no intention of helping the Libyan opposition, even by sending arms. Qaddafi's commanders turned the tide of battle in their favor by the following tactic: At the start of the week, they concentrated around the key town of Sirte (Sidra) two armored battalions of T-72 tanks, three battalions of special forces, beefed up by an extra 3,000 tribal fighters flown in from the Sahara, and a fleet of dozens of helicopter gunships. Our sources report that Qaddafi paid out many millions of petrodollars to the heads of the Saharan tribal federation to hire fighting manpower form the various tribes. This force was split in two: One column advanced south along the Sidra Gulf coast towards the refinery town of Ras Lanuf and the second struck southeast toward the big oil town of Brega and Ajdabia. Both rolled forward behind a wall of fire of BM-21 Katyusha rockets and helicopters firing missiles and heavy machine guns as T-72 tanks mowed down everything in their path. Against the only rebel position west of Tripoli in the town of Zawiya, dozens of tanks crushed building after building before pulling out and then returning. At the same time, the reports of Libyan air force bombardments of rebels have been exaggerated. Our military sources report that the fighter jets were used to sow panic in rebel ranks."

Mercenary company CST Global and war criminal Israel Ziv write to Voltaire Network  3/7/2011 VoltaireNet: "Our information was derived from two different sources : on the one hand, a journalist working for the Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot and, on the other hand, the Hebrew-language news site Inyan Merkazi. It has been widely disseminated and expanded on by television media, such as Al Jazeera or the Iranian English language global news network Press TV."

Israel flies to the rescue of ally Khadafi, reaping millions  3/5/2011 VoltaireNet: "A former Nasser disciple, Colonel Khadafi has over recent years perfected the art of running with the hare and hunting with the hounds, at the risk of antagonizing both sides at the same time. He adopted a radical discourse against U.S. imperialism and Zionism, while often serving their interests, notably by eliminating on command some of their chief opponents (for example, the Iranian-Lebanese national Moussa Sadr or the Sudanese Abdel Khaleq Mahjoub). He never took any action against Israel and he officially mended fences with Washington in 2003."

Report: Israeli company recruits mercenaries to support Gadhafi  3/3/2011 Mondoweiss 

Israel provides henchmen for Gaddafi  3/2/2011 Press TV, Iran: "Israeli arms distribution company Global CST has reportedly, under the authorization of Tel Aviv, provided Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi with African mercenaries to clamp down on anti-government protesters. Egyptian sources have revealed that the Israeli company has so far provided Gaddafi's regime with 50,000 African mercenaries to attack the civilian anti-government protesters in Libya. The arms company was previously convicted in an African country over illegal deals, News-Israel website reported."

ISRAEL BEHIND AFRICAN MERCENARIES IN LIBYA  3/1/2011 ANSA, Italy: The journalist from Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot, who prefers to remain anonymous, said that according to speculation in the security sector, Israel looks at Libya from a strategic perspective and in terms of security. The fall of Gaddafi would open the door for an Islamic regime in Libya, according to speculation. In a meeting on February 18, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defence Minister Barak and Foreign Minister Lieberman decided to recruit African mercenaries to fight alongside Gaddafi, according to the journalist. During the meeting, they decided to let General Isarel Zef, the director of security firm Global CST, which is active in many African countries, to make a group of paramilitary mercenaries from Guinea, Nigeria, Central Africa, Mali, Senegal, Darfur and Southern Sudan available to Abdullah Assinousi, one of the heads of Libya's intelligence agency."

Hilllary appoints an alleged Israeil spy to replace Holbrooke  2/24/2011 Dick McManus 

Israel Ziv helps Colombia battle FARC  2/23/2011 Youtube: So helpful, they were caught selling info to the FARC in order to play both sides.

Dershowitz to advise WikiLeaks founder's lawyers  2/16/2011 Jerusalem Post: "Law School professor and prominent political commentator Alan Dershowitz said on Tuesday that he will join WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's legal team."

Obama Administration’s Neocon Easter  2/16/2011 Boiling Frogs 

A Marc Too Far  2/15/2011 The American Conservative: "Hillary Clinton has appointed Marc Grossman her special AfPak representative to replace Richard Holbrooke. Readers of TAC might well recall the Grossman saga as related by FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. Per Edmonds, Grossman was involved in suspected illegal activity connected to the Turkish and Israeli governments and was under investigation by the FBI."

'Anxious' Israel backs Egypt regime  1/31/2011 Al Jazeera: "Israel has called on the United States and Europe to curb their criticism of president Hosni Mubarak "in a bid to preserve stability in Egypt" and the wider Middle East, an Israeli newspaper reports. The Israeli daily Haaretz reported on Monday that the foreign ministry, in an urgent special cable, instructed its ambassadors to key countries, to "stress ... the importance of Egypt's stability"."

Netanyahu tries to play Egyptian military card - and gets Grad missiles: DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis  1/31/2011 Debka, Israel: "Netanyahu's first two reactions to events in Egypt were knee-jerk gestures to old friends in Cairo rather than part of a far-sighted, clear-eyed assessment of the fast-moving Egyptian epic. They were misplaced on five counts."

US behind Egypt internet crackdown  1/29/2011 Press TV, Iran: "Narus, now owned by Boeing, was founded in 1997 by Israeli security experts to create and sell mass surveillance systems for governments and large corporate clients."

College fires professor; views on Israel blamed  1/28/2011 Salon: "An adjunct political science professor was fired Wednesday by Brooklyn College following complaints by a student and a local politician about his pro-Palestinian political views."

Colombia asks Israel to extradite mercenary convicted of training drug assassins  1/27/2011 AP: "Colombia asked Israel on Thursday to extradite former Israeli army Lt. Col. Yair Klein, who was convicted by a Colombian court and sentenced in absentia to nearly 11 years in prison for training drug lords' assassins in the late 1980s. "The evidence (against Klein) is conclusive," Interior Minister German Vargas told a news conference, saying the formal request had been made in Tel Aviv by Colombia's embassy there. "For the Colombian government it is essential that this sentence is completed and that this citizen clarify his participation in the organization and training of these groups."

Tony Hayward in talks for Glencore job  1/23/2011 Guardian: "Glencore will need a new board if, as expected, it becomes a public company because the current five-person board is dominated by people who have an ownership stake. Hayward is not expected to be in the running for this although some believe he could become the senior non-executive on the board.The trading group has had its own share of controversy. It was formed in 1974 by Marc Rich, who faced up to 300 years in prison after having been the most wanted white-collar criminal in US history, but then won a pardon from President Bill Clinton on his last day in the Oval Office."

Silence is Complicity: The methodical shooting of boys at work in Gaza by snipers of the Israeli Occupation Force  1/20/2011 Global Research 

How Canada Subsidizes Illegal Israeli Settlements  1/14/2011 Counterpunch: "A few weeks ago Maitland received a reply from Keith Ashfield, Minister of National Revenue, who refused to discuss the particulars of the case but provided "general information about registered charities and the occupied territories." Ashfield wrote that "the fact that charitable activities take place in the occupied territories is not a barrier to acquiring or maintaining charitable status." This means Canadian organizations can openly fundraise for settlements Ottawa (officially) deems illegal under international law and get the government to pay up to a third of the cost through tax credits for donations. To justify the government's position, Ashfield cited a September 2002 Federal Court of Appeal case (Canadian Magen David Adom for Israel v. Minister of National Revenue), which reversed the Canadian Revenue Agency's previous position."

Sus captores hablaban en inglés e idioma que Juan Chinchilla no reconoció  1/11/2011 Dick Emanuelsson: "Según la primera declaración de Chinchilla, los secuestradores eran guardias de Miguel Facussé, que incluso hablaban en inglés y en un idioma que no reconoció, posiblemente israelita que son expertos tanto en “consultoría de terrorismo estatal” como en ejecutar “acciones especiales” al servicio a los Poderes Facticos del mundo, pero siempre por un buen precio."

Interview with Juan Ramón Chinchilla, MUCA  1/11/2011 Quotha: [Israeli Mercs] - "On the afternoon of Sunday the 9th. They got me up and showed me a table with torture instruments on it. They began talking among themselves. They said, “What are we going to do first? Are we going to pull out a fingernail or burn him? Then they began to strike me in the face. They burnt my hair. They told me they were going to pour gasoline on my head and burn me. They beat me on the back with a club. There were several foreigners. Some spoke English and another spoke a language that I was not able to understand."

Former AIPAC official confirms Lobby access to US secrets  1/5/2011 VoltaireNet: "Accidentally, computer equipment and files seized by the FBI disclosed that AIPAC, which defines itself as "a pro-Israeli lobby in America", had funded the career of French political leader Nicolas Sarkozy. At that time, the Israeli Ambassador in Paris had raced to the Elysée Palace to assure President Jacques Chirac that Israel was in no way involved in such interference, attributing it to certain over-zealous friends in the United States."

Leaks to AIPAC Said to be “Common”  1/3/2011 Federation of American Scientists 

House Committee on Foreign Affairs_Camp Ashraf  11/25/2010 Camp Ashraf: "Chairman of House Committee on Foreign Affairs ,Howard Berman, Ranking member Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, senior HCFA members Dana Rohrabacher, Sheila Jackson Lee and Ted Poe addressed the Issue of Camp Ashraf residents, member of the People Mujahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). Background: Camp Ashraf-Iraq, home to 3,400 members of Iranian opposition movement, the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI), continues to face a serious crisis demanding urgent action by the international community to avoid a human catastrophe."

Beck under fire over Soros comments  11/16/2010 JTA: "And George Soros used to go around with this anti-Semite and deliver papers to the Jews and confiscate their property and then ship them off," Beck said. "And George Soros was part of it. He would help confiscate the stuff. It was frightening. "Here's a Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps. And I am certainly not saying that George Soros enjoyed that, even had a choice. I mean, he's 14 years old. He was surviving. So I'm not making a judgment. That's between him and God. As a 14-year-old boy, I don't know what you would do." In fact Soros, then 13 and living under the protection of a non-Jewish Hungarian, on one occasion joined the older man when he was ordered by Nazis to inventory the estate of a Hungarian Jew who had fled. On another occasion, the local Jewish council had ordered Soros to deliver letters to local lawyers. Soros' father, Tivadar, realized the letters were to Jewish lawyers and meant to expedite their deportation. He told his son to warn the targets to flee and ended the boy's work with the council."

A Ray of Hope from Israel  11/1/2010 ZNET: "The question of who is really a Jew, moreover, keeps being redefined by the state of Israel and was never really answered by its ideologues. Many of the leading Zionists of the early 20th century, including the first prime minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, and the second and longest-serving president, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, both realized and wrote, during the first couple of decades of the century, that Palestinians were the main descendants of the ancient Jews, but after Palestinians started resisting Zionist efforts to make Palestine a Jewish state, the truth was buried by these and other Zionists and replaced with the myth of the ancient exile, still imparted today to Israeli schoolchildren, visiting tourists, and many others."

Israel's right wing starts its own Tea Party  10/27/2010 Telegraph 

Tissue, Skin, Bone and Organ Harvesting at Israel's National Forensic Institute - Body Parts and Bio-Piracy  10/25/2010 Counterpunch: by an anthropologist who has studied this extensively - "In fact, according to Kugel, “Organs were sold to anyone; anyone that wanted organs just had to pay for them.” While skin, heart valves, bones, and corneas were removed and used for transplants, solid organs – hearts, brains, livers – “were sold for research, for presentations, for drills for medical students and surgeons.” There was a price for these organs, low – $ 300 for a femur, for example – and should a client want all the organs from a body, that could be arranged, not the body itself, but all the organs removed and sold, Kugel said, for about $2,500. Amid the uproar prompted by the whistle-blowers, Hiss waged his own media campaign and tried to convince the public that everything that was done was to serve a noble end, to help the war-wounded victims of terrorist attacks, and the sick. He presented his conduct, in Dr. Kugel’s descripton, “as something sublime or even heroic, as a modern-day Robin Hood. Taking from the dead and giving to the innocent victims.”

PHILIP GIRALDI: LIAR, LIAR  10/18/2010 Veterans Today: "But more importantly, the Strategic Dialogue is just one of many, ongoing, and high-level exchanges that occur regularly between the United States in Israel. I’m not aware of another country that we engage more regularly on such a wide range of issues. These types of exchanges not only provide opportunities for discussion of ideas on policy, but they also help solidify connections between our two governments. Over the last two years, I have seen four-star generals, intelligence officers, and high-ranking diplomats all develop personal relationships with their Israeli counterparts. Frankly, this degree of coordination is unprecedented. I have participated in these types of discussions for the last 30 years, and they have never been as intense or focused, reflecting the serious cooperation that we have today with Israel. But our commitment to Israel’s security is defined not by talk. It is defined by the kinds of actions and deeds that help make both of our countries safer and stronger in the face of common threats.” -- Dennis Ross

Feds: Akamai worker offered Israel info  10/6/2010 Boston Business Journal: "The foreign country’s representatives, according to U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz’s office, cooperated with U.S. authorities instead of taking Doxer up on his offer. Beginning in the summer of 2006, Doxer provided documents such as contracts, employee lists and employee contact information to the agent."

Finally, Israel Lobby Gets Challenged  10/1/2010 Consortium News 

Soros secretly funded J Street  9/30/2010 VoltaireNet: "Thus far, Mr. Soros has denied the existence of such donations. But, J Street has recognized that it received 750 000 dollars from Soros since it was created three years ago. J Street’s chief donor is a mysterious shell company registered in Hong Kong, Consolacion Esdicul."

UN: Israel Executed Flotilla Activists Gareth Porter: UN Fact-Finding Mission Says Israelis "Executed" US Citizen Furkan Dogan  9/30/2010 Common Dreams 

Israeli Commandos Accused of Murder  9/29/2010 Consortium News 

Door-to-door spies in Utah County?  9/29/2010 ABC4, Salt Lake City: "Folks are reporting that they're asking about the new National Security Agency's data center that is being built at Camp Williams… Officer Schauerhamer cited the group for soliciting without a city business license and then passed along their information to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He said ICE is investigating. ABC 4 also contacted other agencies that might have interest in possible door-to-door spies. We were told by a spokesman for Utah Homeland Security that they were unaware of the Israeli artists and the FBI had no comment."

Israeli leaders praise Fidel Castro  9/25/2010 AP: "Israeli President Shimon Peres' office says Peres sent Castro a personal letter Saturday thanking him for his remarks. And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent reporters text messages drawing attention to a series of interviews published in the Atlantic magazine early this month. The Israeli praise is highly unusual, as Castro has traditionally supported the Palestinians and has been highly critical of the Jewish state in the past."

Netanyahu: Fidel Castro has a deep understanding of Jewish history  9/25/2010 Haaretz: "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his appreciation on Saturday over remarks by Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who said that Israel has a right to exist in an interview earlier this month. "The remarks attributed to Castro demonstrate his deep understanding of the history of the Jewish people and the State of Israel," Netanyahu said."

Israeli leaders condemn Clinton immigrant comments  9/24/2010 AP: "Israeli leaders have sharply criticized Bill Clinton over comments the former U.S. president made this week calling Russian immigrants in Israel an obstacle to peace. Clinton, who is generally a well-loved figure in Israel for his efforts to broker a Mideast peace deal in the 1990s, also said at a round-table group this week in New York that the most recent arrivals in Israel have the hardest time agreeing to share the land with the Palestinians."

Soros revealed as funder of liberal Jewish-American lobby  9/24/2010 Washington Times: "The Jewish-American advocacy group J Street, which bills itself as the dovish alternative to the influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) lobby, has secretly received funding from billionaire George Soros despite previous denials that it accepted funds from the Hungarian-born financier and liberal political activist."

Congress requests extradition of Israeli mercenary  9/23/2010 Colombia Reports: "Colombia has previously requested that Klein be extradited to the South American country, where he is accused of creating training camps for private armies that worked for drug lords, including the infamous Pablo Escobar. These groups later developed into Colombia's right-wing paramilitary groups. Colombia's request was denied in April, with the European Court citing human rights concerns as the reason Klein would not be delivered to Colombian authorities. The former Israeli army lieutenant colonel was convicted in absentia by a Colombian court in 2001 for training illegal armed groups in the 1980s. He was sentenced to ten years and eight months in a Colombian jail. Klein was arrested at Moscow's Domodedovo airport in August 2007 on an arrest warrant issued by Colombia through international police agency Interpol. The Israeli remains in detention in Russia."

Castro’s Change of Heart: The Implications for Cuba, Venezuela, and The United States  9/21/2010 COHA 

Israel seeks release of spy in exchange for extending settlement freeze  9/20/2010 Guardian: "However, any deal is likely to meet stiff resistance from US intelligence which has previously scuppered plans to free Pollard."

Hiring Foreign Spies and Bringing Israeli Military Values to America  9/19/2010 Pacific Free Press: "But ITRR does much more than just monitor terrorists. Indeed, it seems to be far too busy monitoring legitimate, non-violent and completely legal protest organizations and other political groups to do much real anti-terror work. According to news reports on ITRR’s work for the Pennsylvania Homeland Security Agency and also the Pittsburgh Police Department, it would appear that ITRR was spying on and providing Pennsylvania State Police and Homeland Security with reports on everything from anti-war groups and anti-oil-shale-fracking groups to gay rights groups, animal rights groups, environmental organizations and even Good Schools Pennsylvania, a citizens association formed to back Gov. Ed Rendell’s school reform initiatives. Even a Harrisburg, PA man who likes to bring a 25-foot inflatable pig to demonstrations to symbolize government waste was targeted. While local news media reports in Philadelphia have suggested that ITRR is just composed of two people, Aaron Richman, an Israeli police captain and security consultant and Michael Perelman, a retired New York City police commander, the website makes it clear that the company actually employs a large number of people in Israel, and may have as many as 15 people working “in the field” in the US."

South African hospital chain charged in organ trafficking case  9/16/2010 Toronto Star: "A major South African hospital chain and its chief executive have been charged after years of investigation into a human organ trafficking case that stretched from Israel to South Africa to Brazil, hospital officials and police said Thursday."

Los Angeles Launches Nation’s First Israel Divestment Campaign  9/10/2010 Alternet: "On Wednesday, September 8th, at a noon press conference in Los Angeles in front of the Israeli Consulate, the California Israel Divestment Campaign, a culturally diverse group of compassionate Americans announced the launch of California ballot initiative 10-0020 to require public employee systems to divest from certain business activities in Israel."

Fidel to Ahmadinejad: 'Stop Slandering the Jews'  9/7/2010 Atlantic: "Over the course of this first, five-hour discussion, Castro repeatedly returned to his excoriation of anti-Semitism. He criticized Ahmadinejad for denying the Holocaust and explained why the Iranian government would better serve the cause of peace by acknowledging the "unique" history of anti-Semitism and trying to understand why Israelis fear for their existence."

Israeli spies wooing U.S. Muslims, sources say  9/2/2010 WaPo: "The CIA took an internal poll not long ago about friendly foreign intelligence agencies. The question, mostly directed to employees of the clandestine service branch, was: Which are the best allies among friendly spy services, in terms of liaison with the CIA, and which are the worst? In other words, who acts like, well, friends? “Israel came in dead last,” a recently retired CIA official told me the other day."

Saratoga Springs Police Dept Blotter  8/30/2010 Saratoga Springs, UT: "Several residents have contacted our offices in regards to recent door-to-door solicitations of supposed Israeli students selling “authentic” artworks. After a resident complained on August 18th, it was reported the four Israeli students were eventually contacted by officers in a local restaurant. The solicitors were identified as being Israeli residents, and were not, in fact, art students. One of the women conducting the door-to-door sales admitted to being involved in a “scam”. She said the artwork being presented as ‘original’ paintings were actually copies. Their information was gathered and forwarded to US Immigration officials."

Mr. Crown and the President - Israel, Big Money and Obama  8/20/2010 Counterpunch 

Israel & The Anti-Muslim Blow-Up  8/18/2010 Political Correction: "Bottom line: it's a witches' brew that is being stirred up, and it is one that will no doubt produce violence. But the witches are not all on the right. Just as many liberals are stirring the pot to please some of their donors. I'm not saying you should not blame Beck and Limbaugh for all this hate. But don't forget to blame your favorite liberal and progressive politicians. With a few (very few) exceptions, they are just as bad."

Mr. Erdogan: Please Say No to Uribe  8/17/2010 Uruknet: "We are writing to you from under a brutal, hermetic siege now entering its fourth year to express our outrage against the nomination of the notorious former president of Columbia, Álvaro Uribe Vélez to the Panel of Inquiry into the May 31, 2010 Israeli brutal attack on the humanitarian flotilla to Gaza. Mr. Prime Minister, it is an insult to the memory of those killed in the Israeli massacre against peace activists aboard the Mavi Marmara to have their blood "redeemed" by a man who has a record of violations against human rights and international law. Uribe Vélez was an accomplice in corruption and crimes against humanity in Columbia. Lately, he supported the displacement of Afro-Colombian families from their ancestral territories in La Toma, Suarez and kept silent against the denial of their economic and territorial rights. Not only so, but is a devoted Zionist, committed to the myth and fabrication of "Israel’s security."

The Man With The Israeli Accent–USS LIBERTY Survivor’s Life Threatened by Mossad on American Soil While Uncle Sam Yawns  8/16/2010 the ugly truth 

How the "ground zero mosque" fear mongering began  8/16/2010 Salon: "To a remarkable extent, a Salon review of the origins of the story found, the controversy was kicked up and driven by Pamela Geller, a right-wing, viciously anti-Muslim, conspiracy-mongering blogger, whose sinister portrayal of the project was embraced by Rupert Murdoch's New York Post… (To get an idea of where Geller is coming from, she once suggested that Malcolm X was Obama's real father. Seriously.)"

More Double Standards on Cuba - Gross Media Negligence  8/6/2010 Counterpunch: "Gross, arrested in Cuba last December, worked for a company paid by AID (part of the State Department), but used a tourist visa for five consecutive visits to disguise his intention: distribute forbidden satellite phones to government opponents. Several Jewish organizations already provide their Cuban brethren with modern communication technology. Most media failed to report that fact, which would have raised another obvious question: why did Gross distribute expensive satellite technology to a well-supplied community? Jewish leaders in Havana interviewed by non-Cuban Juan Tamayo of the Miami Herald don’t remember meeting Alan Gross. Perhaps only dissident Jews got his goodies, those who don’t associate with the mainstream Jewish community! Ironically, as Hillary defended Gross' technology-sharing mission, U.S. Homeland Security seized computers bound for Cuba from U.S. religious groups also claiming desires to upgrade communication technology for non-Jewish religious groups."

Israeli Rabbi Preaches "Slaughter" of Gentile Babies  8/2/2010 Counterpunch: "In the 230-page book, Shapira and his co-author, Rabbi Yosef Elitzur, also from Yitzhar, argue that Jewish law permits the killing of non-Jews in a wide variety of circumstances. The terms “gentiles” and “non-Jews” in the book are widely understood as references to Palestinians. They write that Jews have the right to kill gentiles in any situation in which “a non-Jew’s presence endangers Jewish lives” even if the gentile is “not at all guilty for the situation that has been created”. The book sanctions the killing of non-Jewish children and babies: “There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us, and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.” The rabbis suggest that harming the children of non-Jewish leaders is justified if it is likely to bring pressure to bear on them to change policy."

Settlers Wage Vendetta on Israeli Secret Police - Shin Bet Exposed  7/28/2010 Counterpunch: "In another blow to the Shin Bet, Pearlman’s supporters have released a video secretly filmed of the head of the Shin Bet’s Jewish division, which arrested Pearlman, both naming him and identifying where he lives. Although he is in charge of handling “Jewish terror” cases for the Shin Bet, the video states that he lives in Kfar Adumim, a West Bank settlement. It is a criminal offence to identify any employee of the Shin Bet. Pearlman’s allies, who posted the video on overseas websites so they could not be removed, appear to hope that the Shin Bet will be intimidated by their move. Identification of such a senior figure will prompt fears that he may be in danger either of revenge attacks or future prosecution in an international tribunal."

Bias by CNN Correspondent Ben Wedeman More than Just a Tweet  7/21/2010 Camera: "Not so with CNN's Senior International Correspondent Ben Wedeman. As with Nasr, a post on the Cairo-based correspondent's Twitter page raises serious questions about his objectivity. But in this case, the journalist's contributions to CNN seem to answer those questions in a way that should deeply trouble the network, as they suggest that his biases excessively influence his reporting. In a June 29, 2010 tweet, Wedeman directed his followers to an "excellent" article, as he put it, by the harshly anti-Israel professor/blogger Juan Cole. Judging by that warm praise, Wedeman embraces, and thinks his readers should likewise subscribe to, the radical and facile narrative put forth by Cole in the recommended piece. Cole's article claimed: [Israel's] isolation derives from Israeli policies, of illegal blockades ... and systematic land theft and displacement of occupied civilians under its control, along with aggressive wars on neighbors, which target infrastructure and civilians and are clearly intended to keep neighbors poor and backward."

U.S. Government Considers Listing Turkish Charity As ‘Terrorists’  7/15/2010 Aletho News: "The US State Department is considering whether to designate a Turkish charity as a ‘terrorist group’ after the organization sent a ship of medical and school supplies to the Gaza Strip in May. The aid ship was attacked in international waters by the Israeli navy, and nine aid workers, including one US citizen, were killed."

Clinton asks Jewish support to free worker in Cuba  7/13/2010 AP: "Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday urged Jewish groups to join the campaign to persuade Cuba to release a U.S. government contractor detained on the communist island for seven months without charge. Clinton told representatives of the American Jewish community that they should add their voices to calls for Cuba to release Alan P. Gross, a U.S. Agency for International Development contractor who was helping members of Cuba's small Jewish community use the Internet to stay in contact with each other and with similar groups abroad."

The Unchallenged Power of the Israel Lobby  7/12/2010 Counterpunch: By JAMES ABOUREZK

Guns of August in the Middle East?  7/1/2010 Counterpunch 

Why Charles Rangle Sold Himself Too Cheaply - The Death of Black Politics  6/25/2010 Counterpunch: "It doesn’t matter that Rangel’s constituents do not support Israel’s human rights violations. As pointed out in Black Agenda Report, Rangel and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus are terrified of facing an onslaught of Zionist fundraising, and with good reason. In the past their colleagues who dared to step out of line and defy the pro-Israel lobby were defeated by suddenly well-funded opponents. Rangel can easily put two and two together and chose to speak words that will gain him additional campaign dollars. That degree of support is yet unknown, but shame would be added on top of shame if Rangel sold himself too cheaply."

Intimidating Supporters of Palestine - US Fear Factory Kills Free Speech  6/22/2010 Counterpunch: "The Los Angeles Times reveals that UC Irvine has told its university students that the Muslim Student Union will be suspended for one year because it dared to criticize Israel and protested during a speech given by the Israeli Ambassador. So there you have it – freedom of speech is now banned. The unprecedented action also sends out a chilling message to students across the USA who might consider demonstrating, rallying or protesting against the Zionist state and its supporters. Free speech, it seems, is a thing of the past in Barack Obama’s America. And should you be in any doubt, read a story about the latest decision to emerge from the US Supreme Court. In a majority 6-3 ruling it becomes virtually impossible for anyone to put food into the mouths of malnourished babies in Gaza or to give money to a charity to do the humanitarian act for you."

What is the work of the IJAN academic network? Why are we organizing as anti-Zionist Jewish academics?  6/22/2010 Jews Confront Apartheid 

Hundreds in Oakland protest Gaza blockade  6/21/2010 SF Chronicle: "Hundreds of demonstrators, condemning Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip, picketed at the Port of Oakland on Sunday and may have prevented an Israeli cargo ship from unloading for the day. Two shifts of longshoremen agreed not to cross the picket line, leaving nobody to unload the vessel."

Anti-Zionist Jews and Palestine Solidarity at the US Social Forum: The Most Anti-Zionist Ever  6/21/2010 Jewschool: "The International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network is hosting the 2010 U.S. Assembly of Jews: Confronting Racism & Israeli Apartheid. They are acutely aware that some folks use anti-Zionist rhetoric to mask some nasty anti-Semitism, and so made the effort to say that “We believe that supporting Palestinian self-determination requires challenging Zionist ideas, policies and practice, not the practice of Judaism.”

American Media Failure Again - Israeli Raid Coverage  6/15/2010 Counterpunch 

The Re-Education of Helen Thomas  6/14/2010 Counterpunch 

Israel denounces Castro "swastika" remarks  6/14/2010 Reuters 

Eyewitness Contests Israeli Account  6/13/2010 Consortium News: "One of the most haunting parts of the experience for Mohammadi was the fact that six people are still missing, and she is sure that the commandos threw several people over board—she wasn't sure if they were dead or alive. “I heard splashes while I was going between the decks … and there are others who would corroborate that bags were placed over people’s heads and they were not sure whether they were dead or alive, and then they were thrown overboard.” Many of the horrid images drawn by Mohammadi were corroborated by an hour-long video, released on Wednesday."

Israeli Disinformation Challenged: New Smuggled Clip Shows IDF Commandos Kicking and Apparently Shooting Victim  6/12/2010 This can't be happening: "There are claims from Turkish sources that this clip depicts the 19-year-old American-born Furkan Dogan being executed. Dogan's autopsy showed he was shot four times in the face, and at least once in the back. IDF defenders are claiming that the video doesn't actually show the victim, but unless you think the first commando is kicking soccer goals on the deck, and the shooter is firing at the deck for sport, there can be no doubt that the target of both acts of violence is being first pummeled with kicks, and then peppered with bullets." [Dogan was an American citizen, and not a dual Turkish American national, as the corporate media has claimed.]

American Jewish Student Loses Eye During West Bank Protest of Israel  6/9/2010 Forward: "Overshadowed by the events of the Gaza-bound flotilla, the May 31 incident at Kalandia crossing near Ramallah went almost unnoticed. Little was reported on the injury of Emily Henochowicz, a 21-year-old American Jewish student who lost her left eye after being hit by a tear gas canister shot by Israeli soldiers during a pro-Palestinian protest."

Israel Threatens War if Turkish PM Tries to Deliver Gaza Aid - Israeli Official Warns of Casus Belli on Israeli Army Radio  6/9/2010 AntiWar 

Helen Thomas, veteran reporter: why she had to resign  6/9/2010 Guardian: "Thomas joined United Press International in 1943 when it was still a major force in American journalism. She was 23 and had not long left Detroit, where she grew up to Lebanese immigrant parents."

Standing Up for Helen Thomas  6/8/2010 Consortium News 

Venezuela’s Chavez attacks Israel in speech  6/7/2010 JTA: "He also accused Israel of supporting the local opposition against his government. “Israel is financing the Venezuelan opposition. There are even groups of Israeli terrorists, of the Mossad, who are after me trying to kill me,” he said. In response, the American Jewish Committee said in a news release last Friday that the Organization of American States should condemn the comments in the “strongest possible terms.”

Passengers grabbed Israeli weapons to stop the killing  6/6/2010 YouTube: Interview with Kenneth Nichols O'Keefe.

Israel killed more than 9, threw wounded into sea, witnesses say  6/4/2010 Today's Zaman, Turkey: “Until now they have returned nine dead bodies, but our list is bigger. There are people missing.” Speaking to journalists at Atatürk International Airport shortly after his return, Yildirim said: “We saw 38 injured who were brought back to us by doctors after the attack. Now they are saying there are 21 people who have been injured.”

Pariah Nation  6/4/2010 Counterpunch: “I think,” he wrote to me, “that matters are close to the point where if Hillary Clinton and a group of senior American officials were meeting the Israeli leaders for negotiations, and Netanyahu expressed his displeasure at the American positions by pulling out a gun and shooting her dead, then having the entire American delegation beaten to death by his security guards, there would probably be a small item buried in the next days' American newspapers that due to conflict with the Israelis, Obama had decided to nominate a new Secretary of State.”

Erasing International Law in Israel's Gaza Flotilla Attack - Rogue State Politics  6/4/2010 Counterpunch 

"Mad Dog" Diplomacy - A Cornered Israel is Baring Its Teeth  6/3/2010 Counterpunch 

Israeli MP's Night of Terror on Aid Ship  6/2/2010 Counterpunch: "Terrified passengers had been forced off the deck when water was sprayed at them. She said she was not aware of any provocation or resistance by the passengers, who were all unarmed. She added that within minutes of the raid beginning, three bodies had been brought to the main room on the upper deck in which she and most other passengers were confined. Two had gunshot wounds to the head, in what she suggested had been executions. Two other passengers slowly bled to death in the room after Israeli soldiers ignored messages in Hebrew she had held up at the window calling for medical help to save them. She said she saw seven other passengers seriously wounded."

Mossad in South America  6/1/2010 Wayne Madsen: "According to ALAI (Latin America Information Agency), the Mossad is using at least 40 Israeli companies (as well as embassies and other official institutions of the state of Israel) as fronts for its activity. The total number of the Mossad operatives in Latin America is not greater than 100-110, but an extensive network of agents and the cooperation with Jewish organizations and communities ensure the Mossad’s presence across Latin America and the Caribbean. The Mossad’s interests gravitate to the regions south of the Rio Grande which are densely populated by Arab immigrants. The Mossad analysts believe that the epicenter of the potential «Muslim terrorism» in Latin America is located in the Zone of Three Borders between Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. Venezuela’s Isla Margarita, a place where Lebanese and Syrian immigrants hunting for pearls started to settle down in the early XX century, is viewed similarly. When a free trade zone was opened on Margarita Island, the Arab populations switched to selling shoes, textile, and bijouterie. The Venezuelan government was a number of times forced to disprove allegations that Chavez hosts Muslim terrorists. In reality, Margarita is a small island where more or less everybody knows everybody else and no secret activity — least the operation of Hezbollah training camps — is possible. Over the years of spying on the above «terrorist centers» Mossad never discovered the networks that could present a threat to Israel. Nevertheless, the Mossad’s efforts were not wasted, at least since the Israeli «reliable» data were invariably used by Washington in planning its struggle against terrorism in Latin America. This is the mechanism of ideological support for the establishment of increasing numbers of US military bases on the continent in the proximity of the Latin American countries with «populist» regimes."

Politicians from Both Parties Rally Behind Israel Following Raid  6/1/2010 CBS 

Former Mossad agent ridicules Gaza ship raid  6/1/2010 WaPo 


The Mossad in South America  5/10/2010 Tiwy: "International Security Agency (ISA) mainly staffed by former Israeli special forces officers and intelligence operatives is also active in Latin America. The agency (in tight cooperation with the CIA and the Mossad) took part in the coup that displaced M. Zelaya, the legitimate President of Honduras. Currently ISA specialists are working in the security service of the current President of Honduras P. Lobo, who was propelled to presidency as the result of an imitation of free elections like those Washington realized in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Shin Bet deports Spain’s most famous clown upon arrival in Israel  5/9/2010 Aletho News 

Israeli police uncover organ trafficking ring in north  4/7/2010 Aletho News: "Police on Tuesday arrested six men suspected of being involved in an organ trafficking ring in northern Israel. Among the suspects are an IDF reserves brigadier-general and two lawyers. The department for fraud and misappropriation in northern Israel has been conducting an undercover investigation which began following a complaint by a 50-year-old woman from Nazareth, who replied to an advertisement in Arabic offering 100,000 dollars for a kidney."

Protesters silence Israeli musicians in London  4/1/2010 Independent: "Within the first 10 minutes of the performance by the Jerusalem Quartet at the Wigmore Hall a woman stood up to "sing out" her condemnation of Israeli policy, setting the pattern for interruptions by people strategically positioned among the audience. The result was that BBC Radio 3's live recording of the concert had to be broken off under extraordinary scenes with the musicians engaged in a debate on stage with the protesters over the conduct of Israel in the Occupied Territories."

Peace for Israelis and Palestinians? Not without America's tough love.  4/1/2010 CSM: "Both my grandfathers fled the Nazis and came to Palestine. Both were subsequently injured in the 1948 Arab-Israli War. My mother’s only brother was a paratrooper killed in combat in 1968. All of my relatives served in the Israeli military for extensive periods of time, some of them in units most people don’t even know exist. In Israel, military service for both men and women is compulsory. When my time to serve came, I refused, because I realized I was obliged to do something about these acts of segregation. I was denied conscientious objector status, like the majority of 18-year-old males who seek this status. Because I refused to serve, I spent a year and a half in military prison."

Who’s Afraid of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories?  4/1/2010 Aletho News: "The story of the five Israelis who were seen celebrating and filming as the Twin Towers burned and collapsed was investigated by Neil Mackay in Scotland’s Sunday Herald. The so-called “dancing Israelis” worked for Urban Moving Systems, later deemed to be a Mossad front by the FBI. Despite failing numerous polygraph tests, the young men were deported to Israel two months later. Back home, several of the men appeared on a TV chat show, in which one of them amazingly said, “Our purpose was to document the event.”"

US Department of Justice Asked to Regulate AIPAC as a Foreign Agent of the Israeli Government  3/17/2010 IRMEP: "The US Department of Justice has been formally asked to begin regulating the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) as the foreign agent of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A 392 page legal filing presented by a four person IRmep delegation in a two hour meeting with top officials of the Internal Security Section substantiated the following case for AIPAC's immediate registration."

When Victims Become Victimisers: Zionism´s Angry Xenophobic War Against Itself and the Rest of the World  3/6/2010 Aboriginal Press News Service: "Occupied Palestine's Indigenous Arab population cannot be removed from this list. In fact, they currently stand at the head of this roster due to the ironic fact that their oppressors are European Jews, themselves historical victims of xenophobia and selective ethnic removal. This writer finds this paradox to be the question of the age: 'How does a victim of genocide excuse their own practise of genocide'? At what point is it deemed irresponsible if not downright despicable to misuse the memory of your own experience with genocide as a political and theological tool to silence criticism of the hypocrisy?

A Wrench in the Israeli Gears  3/5/2010 Counterpunch: "David Ben Gurion, who later became Israel’s first prime minister, infamously stated: “If I knew that it was possible to save all the [Jewish] children of Germany by transporting them to England, and only half by transferring them to the Land of Israel, I would choose the latter...”

MPs' verdict on News of the World phone-hacking scandal: Amnesia, obfuscation and hush money  2/24/2010 Guardian: "Rupert Murdoch's media giant News International could face a judicial inquiry after a highly critical parliamentary report today accuses senior executives at its top-selling newspaper of concealing the truth about the extent of illegal phone hacking by its journalists. The 167-page report by a cross-party select committee is withering about the conduct of the News of the World, with one MP saying its crimes "went to the heart of the British establishment, in which police, military royals and government ministers were hacked on a near industrial scale"."

Think tank: Israel faces global delegitimization campaign  2/17/2010 Haaretz: "Reut lists the network's major hubs - London, Brussels, Madrid, Toronto, San Francisco and the University of California, Berkeley. The network's activists - "delegitimizers" the report dubs them - are relatively marginal: young people, anarchists, migrants and radical political activists. Although they are not many, they raise their profile using public campaigns and media coverage, the report says"

Alleged Kidnap Plot Shows Intel Chief's Hostile Intent,  2/9/2010 "On February 2, Vice President Varela told Ambassador that Alfaro had complained to Martinelli that the Embassy had not provided any help in the kidnap investigations. Alfaro believed this demonstrated that the USG is not a reliable security partner. As a result, Varela said, Alfaro had moved to bring in Israeli security consulting firm GLOBAL CST to advise on setting up a new protective detail for Martinelli. Senior GOP leaders had previously engaged GLOBAL CST in late 2009 to conduct a security study, but disengaged from the company after being advised of the USG's experience with GLOBAL CST in Colombia and Ecuador (ref B). "

Carleton University (Canada) Student Group Launches Israel Divestment Drive  1/28/2010 Creative-I 

Israeli hospital in Haiti ends operations  1/26/2010 Ynet: "sraeli team preparing to go home: After performing 316 surgeries and delivering 16 babies, IDF field hospital in Haiti closes its doors Monday as doctors bid patients farewell; Haitian government says quake death toll reaches 150,000 … Meanwhile, local gangs are continuing the looting in the capital, while Haitians in more remote regions are trying to revert to their routine." [Had to get that dig in about looting!]

Accusations of Israeli IDF theft of organs of Haiti victims  1/25/2010 Anggia for Palestine 

Anti-Semitic video against Israel team in Haiti  1/20/2010 Ynet: "According to him, he is taking action "to promote positive change among Afro-Americans and in Africa. I am not a politician. I do a talk show and journalism and volunteer for a few non-profit organizations." And what of the Israeli aid currently being provided in Haiti? "It is good that the IDF and others are helping there, but everywhere there is death, there are exploiters. There needs to be transparency in Haiti."

Who Was The First Hospital Responder for the January 12th Haiti Earthquake? The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) Medical Corps Delegation  1/18/2010 Expert Click: "Israel flew 2 giant planes in Thursday night Jan.14th, - self-sustained, meaning they had a full operating theater set up by Saturday - the only hospital in Haiti. The Israeli military team of 250 is working flat out in the city's Antoine Izmery soccer field, in 2 fully-equipped operating rooms, intensive care units, children and maternity wards, laboratories, an X-ray facility and a pharmacy, plus 50 metric tons of aid. One-third of the medical team of 40 doctors, 20 paramedics and 25 nurses plus technical staff are reservists who volunteered for the Haiti disaster relief team. They are treating 500 patients a day. Israel had the first mobile hospital on the ground in Haiti after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake Tuesday January 12th. They also brought units from Israel's Search-and-Rescue Team and the Oketz Unit dogs, trained in locating trapped persons. They have already rescued a 52 year-old Haitian, a 69-year old Frenchman and a Danish man in the capital Port-au-Prince."

Israel's Central Role in JFK Assassination  1/8/2010 Rense: "After the assassination, an informer for the Secret Service and the FBI who had infiltrated a Cuban exile group and was in the process of selling them machine guns, reported that on November 21, 1963 he was told, 'We now have plenty of money-our new backers are the Jews-as soon as they take care of JFK.' This man had furnished reliable information in the past."

Ambassador's November 25 Meetings with President, Vice  12/17/2009 "The Ambassador expressed concerns about the proposals made by Israeli security company GLOBAL CST, citing negative experiences in Colombia and the difficulty of working with Israeli presence in GOP ministries (ref C and D). Varela said the GOP could solve its own problems without relying on contractors. Papadimitriu expressed surprise at the reports from Colombia, as he believed CST had been hired with Plan Colombia funds with the USG's blessing. He said he did not want to do anything to harm Panama's relationship with the U.S. and would ask CST president Ziv to stand down, though he later admitted it would be difficult since CST had spent its own money sending a large team to Panama to complete a survey. In particular, Papadimitriu was receptive to the argument that Panama did not need to buy expensive coastal radars or other hardware recommended by CST. However, he liked CST's ideas about creating a ministry of security and reorganizing the GOP security structure, as well as their suggestion to recruit management talent from the private sector. To sum up, Papadimitriu said he was shocked by the conversation, and would not let Israeli influence damage the U.S.-Panama relationship. Martinelli was similarly taken aback, and emphasized that he did not want to endanger relations with the USG, saying "We don't want to change friends." He said he would call Colombian President Uribe to get the straight scoop on CST."

GOP [Gov of Panama] Suspends Discussions with Security Firm GLOBAL CST  12/15/2009 "Post appreciates Embassy Bogota's frank assessment of GLOBAL CST's performance and its relationships with key GOC officials (refs C, D). The information that Bogota provided helped us formulate a demarche that delivered our desired result."

RESPONSE TO BLUE LANTERN PRE-LICENSE END-USE  12/8/2009 "On December 3, poloff spoke by phone to Global Law Enforcement and Security CEO David Tsur, who was overseas on a business trip. Poloff attempted to arrange a site visit to Global Law Enforcement and Security on multiple occasions, but was told by company representatives that a visit was not possible due to the fact that Tsur was abroad. Tsur said that Global Law Enforcement and Security was established in 2008, and is a subsidiary of GLOBAL CST and the Mikal Group, with offices located in Petah Tikvah."

COLOMBIAN DEFENSE MINISTRY SOURS ON ISRAELI DEFENSE FIRM  12/1/2009 "GOC officials have expressed security concerns about Global CST in the past, and found it difficult to work with a private firm on national security matters as they were prevented from sharing USG intelligence with them. In February 2008, CNP sources reported that a GLOBAL CST interpreter, Argentine-born Israeli national Shai Killman, had made copies of classified Colombian Defense Ministry documents in an unsuccessful attempt to sell them to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) through contacts in Ecuador and Argentina. The documents allegedly contained high value target (HVT) database information. Ziv denied this attempt and sent Killman back to Israel."

Porfirio Lobo es protegido por el Mossad israelí  12/1/2009 Aporrea: "De acuerdo con varias investigaciones, se ha comprobado la asesoría israelí en Perú y Colombia para fortalecer la actividad exterior de los servicios de inteligencia de Perú y Colombia, sobre todo en el campo del espionaje técnico (Techint), basado en el empleo de medios sofisticados de intercepción y escuchas telefónicas y vigilancia satelital. Una de las principales compañías israelíes es Global CST, dirigidas por Israel Ziv, e integrada por ex militares israelíes de alta jerarquía en el Mossad y el Tzahal, quien opera en Colombia brindando asesoría al ejército colombiano y al DAS colombiano. La participación de Global CST en los planes desestabilizadores contra Venezuela ha sido reportada en varias ocasiones, complementando la actividad injerencista de Israel por parte de la actividad contrarrevolucionaria de la Fraternidad Hebrea y de su jefe Sammy Eppel."

Israel to recognize elections in Honduras  11/29/2009 RIA Novosti: "Israel became the fifth country to officially announce that it would recognize the results of Sunday's elections in Honduras, the Honduran TV has said. Many countries and international bodies have warned they would not recognize election results if the Honduran polls are held under Roberto Micheletti's presidency."

Competency hearing for accused Maui spy to begin  11/20/2009 AP: "The charges against Gowadia also assert that he offered to sell classified stealth technology to foreign business people in Israel, Germany and Switzerland."

The agony of the Ecstasy  11/19/2009 Haaretz, Israel: "The most commonly heard estimate is that Israeli criminals control no less than 75 percent of the Ecstasy market in the U.S. How did Israel become a central player in this dubious game?"

Congressmen Denouncing U.N. Inquiry Receive Handsome Donations from Pro-Israel Lobby  11/5/2009 Open Secrets: "What is happening to the Palestinians today is the same thing that happened to my people, the Nowampanoag tribe . My father and six of his braves brought venison meat to the colonist's first thanksgiving. The next generation of colonists did not remember my father's kindness to their people but instead became greedy for more land and demanded that we give it to them. When I resisted and tried to drive them off of our land the colonists killed me, quarted my body and put my head on a pole in the public square for all to see. Colonists haven't changed much in 350 years. King Philip"

Ros-Lehtinen, máxima representante del lobby israelí contra un informe de la ONU  11/5/2009 Honduras en Resistencia: "Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, la politiquera yanqui de origen cubano que salió a defender el dictador hondureño Roberto Micheletti y que se hizo una carrera denigrando a Cuba, se convirtió en máxima representante del lobby israeli en el Congreso al obtener la condena del Informe Goldstone presentado en la ONU que reconoce el carácter genocida de de los crímenes de Israel."

Israël accroît sa présence militaire en Amérique latine  11/2/2009 Voltaire Net: "Global CST, qui dément tout lien de subordination au gouvernement de Tel-Aviv, est une pièce essentielle du complexe militaro-industriel israélien. Il s’agit d’une structure légère, n’employant qu’une poignée d’individus, mais rattachée au groupe Mikal (marques : Soltam, ITL, Saymar), la seconde compagnie privée israélienne d’armement. Présidé par Avraham (Miko) Gilat, Mikal vend toute une gamme de produits allant des pièces d’artillerie aux blindés légers en passant par l’optronique. Global CST est dirigé par le généra Israël Ziv (ancien chef des opérations de l’armée israélienne), qui échoua face au Hezbollah en 2006. En 2008, Global CST a réalisé le sauvetage d’Ingrid Betancourt en Colombie (Operation Jaques) et, simultanément, la planification de l’attaque géorgienne contre l’Ossétie du Sud (une opération qui fit plus d’un millier de morts)."

Israeli Organ Trafficking and Theft: From Moldova to Palestine  11/1/2009 WRMEA: "While Scheper-Hughes emphasizes that traffickers and procurers come from numerous nations and ethnicities, including Americans and Arabs, she is unflinchingly honest in speaking about the Israeli connection: “Israel is at the top,” she states. “It has tentacles reaching out worldwide.”6 In a lecture last year sponsored by New York’s PBS 13 Forum, Scheper-Hughes explained that Israeli organ traffickers, “had and still have a pyramid system at work that’s awesome…they have brokers everywhere, bank accounts everywhere; they’ve got recruiters, they’ve got translators, they’ve got travel agents who set up the visas.” "

The Dealmakers Behind the Chicago Mob  10/28/2009 The Chicago Syndicate: "As the schemes got more complicated, the mobsters needed the help of lawyers, politicians and frontmen with relatively clean criminal records. It was a Faustian bargain, but it helped launch some of the most prominent names in Chicago's Jewish community. For example, according to Russo, Outfit funds and connections formed the foundation on which lawyer Abe Pritzker's family built the Hyatt hotel chain."

Un abogado israeli de Nueva York es dueño del voto de Palau en la ONU  10/28/2009 Aporrea 

El espía Larry Franklin, condenado a 10 meses, explica su plan para derrocar al Gobierno iraní  10/22/2009 CubaDebate: "Larry Frankin, el espía condenado a 10 meses de prisión domiciliaria por haber entregado a Israel miles de documentos secretos del Pentágono, explica en la última edición de la conocida revista Foreign Policy su plan para derrocar el gobierno de Iran. Lawrence “Larry” Franklin es uno de los espías más devastadores de la historia de Estados Unidos. Regaló al gobierno sionista de Israel miles de documentos ultra-secretos sacados directamente del sistema informático del Pentágono."

US scientist charged with attempted spying for Israel  10/20/2009 Channel News Asia: "The US authorities on Monday arrested a leading American scientist who had worked for the Pentagon and NASA and charged him with attempted spying for Israel. Stewart Nozette, 52, was apprehended after a sting operation involving an undercover FBI agent, the Department of Justice said, adding that there was no wrongdoing by Israel. He is charged with "attempted espionage for knowingly and wilfully attempting to communicate, deliver, and transmit classified information relating to the national defence of the United States to an individual that Nozette believed to be an Israeli intelligence officer."

DANCING TO OUR ISRAELI MASTERS  10/16/2009 Opinion Maker: "Bundlers raise funds from the Diaspora and bundle those contributions to present them to the candidate. No quid pro quo need be mentioned. After McCain-Feingold became law in 2003, AIPAC-identified bundlers could raise $1 million-plus for AIPAC-approved candidates simply by contacting 10 like-minded supporters. Here’s the math: The bundler and spouse “max out” for $9,200 and call 10 others, say in Manhattan, Miami, and Beverly Hills. Each of them max out ($10 x $9,200) and call 10 others for a total of 11. (111 x $9,200 = $1,021,200.) Imagine the incentive to do well in the AIPAC interview. One call from the lobby and a candidate can collect enough cash to mount a credible campaign in most congressional districts. From Tel Aviv’s perspective, that political leverage is leveraged yet again because fewer than 10 percent of the 435 House races are competitive in any election cycle (typically 35 to 50)."

Israel's export of occupation police tactics  10/9/2009 The Rebel: "Israel's specialized policing and fighting capacity, which it is currently exporting to other countries, including the US, began to take shape after the June 1967 Arab-Israeli war. In the territories it occupied during the conflict, especially the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip, the Israeli government wanted to lay claim, permanently, to specific parts of the occupied area. This desire ran into Zionism's longest-running problem, the presence of Palestinians. As Zionist leader Ze'ev Jabotinsky wrote in 1923 about indigenous resistance to colonial projects, "The native populations ... have always stubbornly resisted the colonists.""

Open Letter from President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales in Relation to the Jewish Community in Honduras  10/5/2009 NarcoNews: "It would be worthwhile to consult the Government Secretaries of my cabinet about the accusations that I have anti-Semitic positions. When the Honduran people elected me President, I received criticism from some anti-Semites, because I named, among other religions, some very talented and qualified Hondurans who practice Judaism, as members of the Government Cabinet. I named as Government Secretary in the Offices of the Presidency, the one who would be my right hand in the government, Yani Benjamin Rosenthal; who gave me strong support in managing the Economic sector, this close collaborator invited me to the Bat Mitzvah ceremony of his daughter. I also named Mr. Leo Starkman as Minister of Foreign Investment and on another occasion, Minister of Energy. I also named Engineer Moises Starkman as Minister in charge of Bio-Fuels. He reminded me on one occasion of the suffering of the Jewish people in the Nazi concentration camps. This close collaborator also informed me of the significance of the expression Shabat Shalom, a greeting used by Jews to honor their sacred day of the week. Also in my government I named Mr. Jacobo Regalado Weitzembluth General Manager of the telecommunications company."

Anti-Jewish statements raise concern on Honduras  10/5/2009 AP: "The U.S.-based Anti-Defamation League cited statements made by ousted President Manuel Zelaya as well as the news director of a radio station that was closed by the interim government in Honduras and by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, among others." [ADL granted an award in 1985 to Purple Gang leader Moe Dalitz for his substantial contributions to ADL.]

Fascism, (counter-)fascism, lobbyists, anti-semitism and the State  10/5/2009 Quotha: "So on the one hand, there is anti-Semitism (though primarily in the old-school sense of anti-Levantism, not tied solely to Jewishness) among the resistance. And that is Bad. Members of the resistance are actively struggling to figure out how to create a unifying narrative and practice that does not replicate the racist rhetoric and practices of the de facto government. Although the physical, structural and everyday violence in Honduras today is overwhelmingly directed toward the racialized poor, the coup financiers' newly-hired Zionist lobbying firm, Chlopak, Leonard, Schechter and Associates (Lanny Davis is also from a big Zionist firm) has decided to go Horowitz on Zelaya because a)he has denounced the golpistas use (which, as you saw above, they themselves celebrate) of Israeli mercenaries in the violent crackdowns on peaceful Honduran protesters and on himself and his family, and b)some of the people who are wrongly labeled as his "followers" are anti-Semitic."

Against Anti-Semitism: Right, Left, or Media-Induced  10/4/2009 NarcoNews: The normally informative Al Giordano vents against reprehensible anti-semitic comments by Radio Globo station manager Romero, who himself has a Jewish grandfather. However, he ignores the documentation on Israeli activities in Honduras and even articles on his own site delineating the Israeli role in creating, training, and arming the viciously genocidal Colombian paramilitaries, including the AUC. See "Doing the US's Dirty Work - The Colombian Paramilitaries and Israel" on NarcoNews, April, 2003.

Israel entrega a Micheletti su "arma secreta para revoltosos”  10/2/2009 Aporrea: "Era nada menos que este Screamer cuyos sonidos, efectivamente, provocaron un grave malestar, entonces inexplicable, a todas las personas presentes en la representación diplomática de Brasil, una violación evidente de todos los convenios internacionales en materia del respeto y de la protección que deben otorgar las naciones a las embajadas en su territorio. El propio presidente Zelaya acusó en varias entrevistas las tropas de la dictadura de usar tales instrumentos de represión. La prensa internacional, en mayor parte propiedad de grandes monopolios, dio poca difusión a estas informaciones…. Elemento nuevo: el contrabandista Latchinian fue liberado en el 2002 por la justicia de Bush, después de cumplir solo 18 años de la sentencia de 30 a la cual había sido condenado una gigantesca operación de narcotráfico a favor de la Contra nicaragüense."

The Judeo-Russian Mafia: the “Cosa Nostra” - From the Gulag to Brooklyn to World Dominion  10/1/2009 M. Raphael Johnson, Ph.D: "On April 28, 2002, a military helicopter went down in the southern part of the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia. On board was a major Russian dignitary, Gen. Alexander Lebed, governor of the region. Lebed was pronounced dead at the scene. Almost immediately, the international press blamed “heavy fog” for the incident. However, at the time, every member of the Russian military was convinced the death of Lebed was no accident, but rather another hit by the international Jewish mafia, an organization that had long since taken control over much of Russia’s economy. Lebed, likely the most popular man in Russia at the time, was going to build a national socialist empire—possibly with Chinese assistance—based on the massive oil and mineral wealth of the region. Had he succeeded, world history could have changed, and the 21st century would look very different. Prior to that, dozens of anti-Zionists in Russia had been murdered by car bombs or other devices, while none of the cases was ever solved. Only a handful was even investigated."

W.E.B. DuBois' Classic Souls of Black Folk CENSORED!  9/30/2009 Islam Online: Published 4/01 - "But there is a patent defense at hand - the defense of deception and flattery, of cajoling and lying. It is the same defense which the Jews of the Middle Age used and which left its stamp on their character for centuries." In the 1953 rendition, the phrase "the Jews of the Middle Age," was changed to read, "the peasants of the Middle Age" (Aptheker, pp. 15-17). Aptheker said that the pressure for Du Bois to make the alterations came initially from a close confidant, Jacob Schiff, but later from Rabbi Stephen Wise and Morris Schappes, an editor and historian tied closely to the publishing industry. Some sources indicate that Du Bois was politely threatened with the prospects of being charged with anti-Semitism and boycotted by the publishing industry should he not make the changes in his book."

Former FBI Agent Confirms: Bush State Official Was Target of 'Decade-Long' Espionage Probe  9/28/2009 Brad Blog: "George W. Bush's third-highest ranking State Department official, Marc Grossman, who became the Under Secretary of State after previously serving as Ambassador to Turkey, was targeted as part of a "decade-long investigation" by the FBI, according to an 18-year veteran manager of the agency's Counterintelligence and Counterespionage departments. For still-unknown reasons, the investigation which also involved a multitude of cases involving Israeli espionage, was ultimately "buried and covered up", according to the official. The comment from the former FBI official John M. Cole, in response to recent, stunning disclosures made by former FBI translator turned whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, helps to shore up a key aspect of her allegations. Cole is now calling for an investigation to help "bring about accountability" in the matter."

Newsbytes and comments  9/28/2009 Wayne Madsen Report: "The Israeli weapons firm that funneled the weapons for Leitner was International Security and Defence Systems (ISDS), started in 1982 by Leo Gleser, an Israel Defense Force and Mossad veteran. ISDS specialized in interrogations and supervision of prisoners in Latin America, that is torture and illegal detention. ISDS also, curiously, provided security services to Venezuelan oil companies shortly before the 2002 abortive coup against President Hugo Chavez. The CIA and U.S. Special Operations Forces fomented anti-Chavez labor strikes and protests among the oil workers' unions prior to the coup. ISDS benefited greatly from security contracts with U.S. firms in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks… The cell phone jammers used by the Honduran military on the Brazilian embassy are C-Guard units made by NetLine Communications Inc. of Tel Aviv. One was found on the roof of a home next to the Brazilian embassy and confiscated by Zelaya supporters and taken into the Brazilian embassy as proof of Israeli involvement with the Honduran junta."

And It’s Not Only Sibel Edmonds Who Says So  9/28/2009 American Conservative: “John M. Cole, an FBI spy catcher who retired in 2004, says that from 1993 to 1995 alone, he had “125 open cases” of Israeli espionage, representing nearly half of all the investigations carried on in his Global Unit, part of the now-defunct National Security division.” Inside the FBI itself, Cole said, tracking suspected Israeli spies was hush-hush.In a sharp break with FBI procedures, he was prohibited from notifying field offices when an investigation crept into their jurisdictions. “No one was supposed to know we were investigating the Israelis,” Cole said.”

Israeli Firms Sell Toxins to Honduras Putschists  9/27/2009 Inside Costa Rica: "Honduran Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas denounced that two Israeli companies supplied putschists with the toxic gases thrown inside the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, where President Manuel Zelaya is staying. "We have received information that the chemicals and arms have been supplied by Alfacom and Intercom companies, owned by Israeli Yehuda Leitner," Rodas said in press conference in thit city. After putschists soldiers threw gases inside the embassy, nearly 80 people have had headaches, vomiting, diarrhoeas, and nose bleeding over the last hours."

“Israel” in Africa  9/27/2009 Voltaire Net: "Israel has long been keen to capitalise on Africa’s mineral wealth. It plans to appropriate African diamonds and process them in Israel which is already the world’s second largest processor of diamonds. And if the composition of Lieberman’s entourage is anything to go by, Israel is also interested in African uranium, thorium and other radioactive elements used to manufacture nuclear fuel. In addition it is looking for new markets for its range of lightweight weapons. It also appears that not a few Israeli military pensioners are on the lookout for job opportunities as trainers of African militias, while other members of Lieberman’s delegation are facilitating contracts for Israelis to train various militias. The huge oil reserves in a number of African countries are also high on Israel’s agenda, with Tel Aviv seeking a share in exploration, extraction and export operations."

Honduras: el proveedor de gases israelíes, un viejo socio de la conexión Bush-Posada  9/26/2009 Cuba Debate: "Yehuda Leitner radicado en Honduras, denunciado como proveedor de armas y gases tóxicos a la dictadura hondureña de Roberto Micheletti, es un ex oficial del ejercito israelí quién perteneció en los años 80 a la red de contrabando del multimillonario Gerard Latchinian, que abastecía en armas a los cubanoamericanos Felix Rodriguez y Luis Posada Carriles en sus operaciones luego conocidas cómo escandalo Iran-Contra. Rodriguez y Posada manejaban entonces la escandalosa operación de venta de droga contra armas, encubierta por Bush George padre, vicepresidente de la administración ultraderechista de Ronald Reagan. La Canciller del gobierno constitucional de Honduras Patricia Rodas, denunció este viernes 25 de septiembre en Wastington como “fuentes de la inteligencia militar leales a Zelaya” informaron que “los químicos y armas del asedio (de Brasil en Tegucigalpa) han sido proporcionadas por las empresas Alfacom e Intercom”, propiedad del ciudadano israelí Yehuda Leitner, que “sirvió de intermediario con Israel”."

Micheletti’s newest U.S./Israeli toy  9/25/2009 Machetera: "Photo Confirms the Use of Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) by Micheletti’s Troops, Against Zelaya. By Jean-Guy Allard"

Deposed Honduran president accuses ‘Israeli mercenaries’  9/25/2009 Jewish Telegraph Agency: "Deposed Honduran president Manuel Zelaya said he is being tortured by "Israeli mercenaries." The politician, who currently is holed up in the Brazilian embassy in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa, said the "mercenaries" had used a device emitting high-frequency radiation, which affected his mental and physical health. He also said they were likely to storm the building and kill him, the Miami Herald reported. Witnesses earlier had reportedly said that they saw police, who are surrounding the compound, use a satellite dish-like device nearby to emit a shrill noise, according to the Herald. A Honduran police spokesman denied any kind of radition device was being used."

"Sonic gun" used by police in Honduras now used against G-20 protesters?  9/25/2009 Democratic Underground: "WHY are the Israelis interferring in Honduras? Are they from the Israeli government or hired mercs? Does anybody know?"

Brazilian Parliament Recommends Freezing Out Israelis from Third Largest Export Market  9/24/2009 Uruknet: "The Brazilian Parliamentary Commission on Foreign Relations and National Defense has recommended that the parliament should not ratify the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Mercosur and the State of Israel until "Israel accepts the creation of the Palestinian state on the 1967 borders". This decision is an explicit act of pressure on the Israeli government to comply with international law, and a rejection of years of incessant Israeli lobbying, pressuring for a vote to ratify the agreement… The Mercosur is one of the world's most quickly expanding markets and the fifth largest economy in the world. Israeli exports to the Mercosur amounted nearly 600 million dollars in 2006."

“Cañón sónico” para revoltosos  9/24/2009 La Tribuna, Honduras: "Pocos segundos después emite un sonido que corta el aire: La multitud agitada, cae en pánico, se tapa los oídos y se contuerce del dolor. Es la última arma secreta en dotación desde hace tiempo por el ejército de Israel, usada públicamente sólo ahora después de muchos años de experimentación."

Ejército de Honduras usa armas electrónicas de última generación  9/24/2009 ADITAL: "Uno de ellos es el llamado "cañón de dolor" o "rayo de dolor" fabricado por la corporación ‘Raytheon’, una de las principales contratistas militares de varios ejércitos del mundo, especialmente del estadounidense, es solo un ejemplo. Cito de un sitio en Internet que nos explica mejor lo que es y cómo funciona este dispositivo. "Este es un VMADS (Sistema Activo de Negación Montado sobre Vehículo, según sus siglas en ingles) no es un arma letal, pero sí muy eficaz. Su munición consiste en haces de radiación electromagnética de 95 gigaherzios, frente a los 2.45 de un horno domestico de microondas, la persona que recibe el trallazo de energía nota una quemazón similar a la que sentiría si se aplicara una bombita sobre la piel, ya que las moléculas de agua de la epidermis impactada alcanzan una temperatura de 55ºC". "Desarrollado por el ejercicio estadounidense, el cañón sirve en teoría para dispersar multitudes, aunque las voces críticas denuncias que todavía no se conocen del todo bien sus efectos secundarios""

Cover Story on Edmonds 'Outs' Video-taped, 'Blackmailed' Dem Congresswoman; Alleges State Dept. Mole at NYTimes; MUCH MORE…  9/21/2009 Brad Blog 

It is right to expose Wiesenthal  9/20/2009 Jewish Community Online: "Walters’s documentary evidence on Wiesenthal’s inconsistencies and lies is impeccable. He shows how the Nazi hunter’s accounts of his wartime experiences are contradictory and implausible. He demonstrates that he had no role, contrary to his own assertion, in the capture of Adolf Eichmann. He pitilessly dissects Wiesenthal’s overblown claims about the numbers he brought to justice, suggesting it was not much more than a handful. When you read Hunting Evil, you know its author is telling the truth. And, above all — above everything — the truth matters. The truth however painful, the truth however embarrassing, the truth wherever it takes you. Jews can never be hurt by the truth about the Holocaust and must never fear it, never run away from it. Ben Barkow, the director of the Wiener Library, the institution that my grandfather established to document the truth, has lent his voice to that of Walters, agreeing that a revaluation of Wiesenthal’s contribution was in order."

Israelis Now Taps ALL US Telephones And Faxes  9/19/2009 Palakert: All your base are belong to us.

TIAA-CREF confirms Africa Israel divestment  9/13/2009 Haaretz: "The U.S. pension fund giant, TIAA-CREF, confirmed in statements to the media on Friday that it divested from Africa Israel Investments, owned by Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev, earlier this year. The statements came in response to a letter initiated by a pro-Palestinian group, Adalah-NY, and signed by TIAA-CREF clients. The fund's investment in Africa Israel amounted to only $257,000, so the financial effect of the divestment is minimal. The news of the divestment came as the Israeli firm was suffering a deep financial crisis, having recently announced that is unable to meet its liabilities to its bondholders. Advertisement Adalah NY noted in its press release that "Despite the recent divestment from Africa-Israel, the new June 30th TIAA-CREF report indicates that the fund continues to invest clients' money in a number of companies supporting Israeli settlement activity including Israel Discount Bank, Cellcom Israel, Bezeq Israeli Telecommunications Corp, Bank Leumi, and Motorola, among others."

New Jewish organ theft gang busted  9/9/2009 Press TV 

New York police arrest Jewish gang trafficking organs of Algerian children  9/8/2009 Watan: "An Algerian official revealed Sunday the New York city police were able to catch a Jewish gang involved in the abduction of children from Algeria and trafficking of their organs headed by Levy Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum was directly involved in the recent case of trading human organs which raised a storm of reactions in the US and Israel. Dr. Mustafa Khayatti, the head of the Algerian national committee for the development of health and research, said that the arrest of the gang came after Interpol investigations showed that Algerian children were abducted from cities in western Algeria and taken to Morocco in order to harvest their kidneys and traffic them in Israel and the US for $20,000 and $100,000 dollars each."

FBI Whistleblower: Hastert, Burton, Blunt, Other Members of Congress 'Bribed, Blackmailed'  9/5/2009 Huffington Post: "The under-oath, detailed allegations include bribery, blackmail, espionage and infiltration of the U.S. government of, and by current and former members of the U.S. Congress, high-ranking State and Defense Department officials and agents of the government of Turkey. The broad criminal conspiracy is said to have resulted in, among other things, the sale of nuclear weapons technology to black market interests including Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, Libya and others. Even as many of these allegations had been previously corroborated to varying extents, by a number of official government reports, documents and independent media outlets (largely overseas), not a single major mainstream media outlet in the U.S. has picked up on Edmonds' startling claims since her deposition has been made fully available."

The Missing Link in Israeli Organ Theft? The Autopsy Surgeon Aftonbladet Forgot  9/4/2009 Counterpunch: "Of even greater concern for the Palestinian families is the fact that at around the time the bodies of their loved ones were whisked off by the army for autopsy, the only institute in Israel that conducts such autopsies, Abu Kabir, near Tel Aviv, was almost certainly at the centre of a trade in organs that later became a scandal inside Israel. Equally disturbing, the doctor behind the plunder of body parts, Prof Yehuda Hiss, appointed director of the Abu Kabir institute in the late 1980s, has never been jailed despite admitting to the organ theft and he continues to be the state’s chief pathologist at the institute. Hiss was in charge of the autopsies of Palestinians when Bostrom was listening to the families’ claims in 1992. Hiss was subsequently investigated twice, in 2002 and 2005, over the theft of body parts on a large scale. Allegations of Hiss’ illegal trade in organs was first revealed in 2000 by investigative reporters at the Yediot Aharonot newspaper, which reported that he had “price listings” for body parts and that he sold mainly to Israeli universities and medical schools. [6]"

Scaremongering About Bolivia and Islam  9/4/2009 Counterpunch: "The head of the Islamic Center, Mahmud Amer Abusharar, an elderly grey haired Palestinian refugee sitting in his front office appeared humorously bewildered when presented with recent US intelligence and media reports detailing him among others in a study of “extremist threats” in Bolivia. “The Islamic center is a Bolivian institution, which has no discrimination, whatsoever, against anyone… white like the Europeans, or brown like the Bolivians… Thank God we call on the people to be good to be universal and honest, not to be aggressive,” Abusharar told me. “I never thought that the Islamic Center forms danger to the United States, but who is introducing this idea to the United States public; he must be the one looking to harm the North American people.”

Ros-Lehtinen en tierra sionista  9/3/2009 Granma: por Jean Guy Allard -- "En una entrevista con el diario web Forward, el 14 de octubre del 2005, Ros-Lehtinen habló por primera vez de su ascendencia judía que, dijo, pocos de sus electores conocen. Sus abuelos maternales eran judíos sefaraditas procedentes de Turquía que se radicaron en La Habana en los años 50. Su abuelo Jacobo Adato Levy fue un respetado líder religioso de la comunidad judía habanera, fundo sinagogas, y se quedo en Cuba después de la Revolución hasta su fallecimiento."

Playing the ‘Anti-Semitism’ Card Against Venezuela  9/3/2009 NACLA: " Authorities quickly realized that the synagogue’s security fence had been cut from the inside, prompting detectives to investigate the break-in as an inside job. Within the week it became clear that the attack had in fact been a robbery disguised as anti-Semitic vandalism, carried out by the synagogue’s privately contracted security team. Eleven men were arrested for their role in the plot, and their statements to the police indicated that the graffiti and desecration were intended to throw off investigators.3 Although the arrests helped ease the anxieties of Venezuela’s Jewish community, the international media pressed on with the storyline of a politically motivated attack. The very week that the Venezuelan Israelite Association issued a statement praising the swift and successful investigation, The Washington Post ran an editorial titled “Mr. Chavez vs. the Jews,” which again blamed the robbery on the government, or, more specifically, on an ugly comment left on a “pro-government Web site,” demanding “that citizens ‘publicly challenge every Jew that you find in the street, shopping center or park’ and called for a boycott of Jewish-owned businesses, seizures of Jewish-owned property and a demonstration at Caracas’s largest synagogue.”4 The editorial concluded that the synagogue was then “duly attacked.”5 The idea that the sacking of the Caracas synagogue was based purely on anti-Semitism has persisted, even showing up in a recent piece authored by two academics in the high-brow Boston Review. The authors claim the attack is a sign of “state-directed anti-Semitism.”6"

Israel war on Gaza: Gilad Atzmon - Organ Donation and Theft in Contemporary Jewish Folklore  8/30/2009 Palestine Think Tank 

The Kennedys vs Israel’s Lobby  8/28/2009 Pulse Media: by Grant Smith

Israeli Organ Harvesting  8/28/2009 Counterpunch: Places the article from Sweden's Aftonbladet, their largest daily, in the context of numerous widely documented related events.

Israel: A Stalemated Action of History By Gabriel Kolko  8/25/2009 Counterpunch: "The Israeli military is the most powerful in the region because it has been deluged with American equipment, which it has learned to service. But US forces need repairmen to service the very same equipment, more than ever because recruitment into the American military is now lower than it has been in a quarter-century (not to mention its astronomical suicide rate), and skilled Israelis can take jobs with America’s armed forces that they are eminently qualified to fill. Moreover, Iran and the other Arab states will eventually develop or acquire nuclear weapons, making Israel incredibly insecure for its highly mobile Jewish population – one exhausted by regular service in compulsory reserves. And as already suggested, destroying Dimona with conventional missiles or mortars would be a cheap way to radioactivate a good part of Israel. Even worse, Osama bin Laden, or someone like him, may acquire a nuclear device, and one nuclear bomb detonated in or near Israel will effectively destroy what is a tiny area. Whoever destroys Israel will be proclaimed a hero in the Arab world. To those with skills, the answer is clear: get out. And getting out they are."


Murdering Palestinians for their organs: "All facts on the ground prove Swedish report correct"  8/23/2009 Global Research: "Farwana added that one of the illegal acts carried out by Israel is having secret detention facilities in which dozens of detainees were imprisoned and never heard of anymore. This is in addition to the “Numbers Graveyard” in which “unknown” Palestinian and Arab fighters are buried. He said that Israel still denies it is holding hundreds of Palestinian and Arab fighter, and refuses to cooperate with the Red Cross on the issue. The researcher added that Israel is the only state that had a policy of detaining the bodies of slain Arab and Palestinian fighters, and that some 300 fighters are buried in the numbers graveyard. Hundreds of bodies were returned during prisoner-swap deals, including the latest swap-deal between Hezbollah and Israel in which some 200 bodies were moved to Lebanon. Farwana further said that dozens of detainees died in Israeli prisons, some due to torture, and their bodies were not immediately sent to their families, but instead were moved to forensic center, and some of their body parts were removed before bodies were sent back to the Palestinians."

The lost Palestinian Jews  8/20/2009 Jerusalem Post: "Close to nine out of 10 Palestinians in the Land of Israel - Israel proper, Judea, Samaria and Gaza - have Jewish roots. In fact, he says, the percentage in Gaza is somewhat higher than 90 percent. Misinai is far from the first researcher to have stumbled upon this historical find. The first president of Israel, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, and the first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, wrote several books and articles on the subject. In fact, Ben-Gurion believed so strongly in the idea that in 1956 he set up a task force headed by Moshe Dayan and Haim Levkov (the Palmah's "point man" among the Arabs of Israel, he worked with Yigal Allon to set up the Trackers' Unit, traditionally the domain of Negev Beduin), that was supposed to develop ways to "Judaize" the Beduin, teaching them something about modern Jewish life and tradition to integrate them with the Israeli people, ethnically if not religiously. The Beduin were willing enough, but the teachers who were supposed to live and work with them dropped out of the program because of the rough living conditions. In the end, Dayan convinced Ben-Gurion that the idea would upset "the Islamic world," and the program was dropped."

Honduras regime breaks ties with Argentina  8/19/2009 AFP: "The de facto leaders said they were breaking off relations on the basis of "strict reciprocity" after Argentina last week expelled the Honduran ambassador over her support for the military coup. Diplomatic relations would now pass through the Israeli embassy in Argentina, they said in a statement."

Swedish daily: IDF killed Palestinians for organs  8/18/2009 Ynet: "According to Bostrom, a Palestinian from Nablus who for a number of years headed stone-throwing attacks against IDF soldiers was shot to death in May because he interfered with the activity of the "Israeli conquering forces." The reporter quoted Palestinian witnesses as saying that Bilal Ahmad Ranian was shot in the chest, leg and stomach and then evacuated in serious condition by helicopter to an unknown location. Five days later, Bostrom said, Ranian's body was returned to his village, wrapped in hospital bandages. Aftonbladet published a photo of the body, which had a scar running from the face down to the stomach."

Israeli commandos in Honduras  8/13/2009 Machetera: "We’re facing the COPEMH building, which is the professional association for middle education, and we also are speaking with Dr. René Andrés Pavón, who is the President of the Honduran Human Rights Commission (CODEH). Dick Emanuelsson (DE): Yesterday CODEH put out a news release denouncing a variety of things, among them that Micheletti’s de facto government has contracted with Israeli commandos or people to train the Honduran military/police forces. What we know from the civil war in Colombia is that these commandos have also been advising the Colombian military forces. What are the Israelis doing here?"

Arabs of Jewish Descent in Israel  8/9/2009 Israell National News: "“In our search for the lost Ten Tribes in India and Afghanistan, we seem to have forgotten to look for their descendants in our very own backyard.” So says the narrator in a new film about the efforts of a former hi-tech pioneer named Tzvi MiSinai to search out the Jewish roots of Israel's Arab enemies – and to inform them of their Judaic heritage."

Coup regime steps up repression in Honduras  8/6/2009 World Socialist Web Site: "CODEH further charges that the Micheletti regime is receiving advice from an Israeli private security company on what level of violence to use against the demonstrators. It is also evident that Micheletti is surrounding himself with people who were associated with the dictatorship including the infamous Billy Joya, who is now an advisor to the de facto regime. Joya, an architect of the death squads of the 1970s, was trained by the American CIA and the Chilean fascist dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, Another human rights group, the Committee of Relatives of the Detained and Disappeared in Honduras (COFADEH), has reported that the regime has assembled a death squad of 120 individuals, which trains on private ranches and includes elements associated with the Pinochet dictatorship."

Soros's pro-junta "colored revolution" in Honduras  8/4/2009 Wayne Madsen Report: "...the country's military-backed junta is supported by throngs of wealthy elites in the streets who have adopted the color white in support of the junta and its acting president Roberto Micheletti. The selection of the color white is perhaps fitting for a nation where the capitalist elite that supported the coup is practically 100 percent white and of European ancestry. The "white" nature of the coup leaders was best spelled out by the junta's first "Foreign Minister" Enrique Ortez Colindres who said of President Barack Obama: "that little black boy who knows nothing about anything . . . a little black man who doesn’t know where Tegucigalpa is." The use of white flags in pro-junta demonstrations and the wearing of white shirts by junta supporters is reminiscent of the themed "color revolutions" fomented and financed by global troublemaker and crisis financial speculator George Soros. At the same time white flags and shirts appeared on the streets of Honduras, green flags and clothing were being worn by anti-government demonstrators in Iran. The involvement of the Soros-linked National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which has worked with Soros's Open Society Institute (OSI) in organizing opposition movements and demonstrations in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Myanmar, Tibet, Serbia, and Sinkiang province in China, in the street demonstrations in both Honduras and Iran is clear."

Comandos israelitas con experiencias de Palestina y Colombia capacitan a las FF.AA. de Honduras  8/4/2009 CubaDebate: “Hasta ahora lo que nosotros tenemos nos indica que la misión que ellos tienen es preparar a la Fuerzas Armadas y la policía para disuadir manifestaciones de manera agresiva y violenta, tratando de cometer crímenes de naturaleza selectiva con el fin de construir miedo, construir escenarios de terror y lograr la desmovilización de la resistencia. Otras acciones que están haciendo es lograr que algunos empleados de la empresa de seguridad privada se pongan el uniforme de la policía y cometan actos de agresión directa contra los manifestantes. Ya que el policía de alguna manera ha tenido formación para disuadir movilizaciones y es un poco temeroso al momento de agredir a los manifestantes de alguna manera algo se le ha quedado en materia de formación en derechos humanos. En cambio los guardias de seguridad son doblemente pagados y se les garantiza la impunidad. Estas son prácticas que están desarrollando utilizando la experiencia del conflicto palestino y haber puesto en práctica algunas de estas acciones en Colombia”.

Israel, Honduras and Costa Rica  8/4/2009 Third World Traveler: "Honduras was one of Israel's first arms customers in Central America. Between 1975 and 1977, this second poorest of all countries in the Western Hemisphere bought 20 French super-Mystere fighter planes from Israel. Delivered at a time when it was U.S. policy to discourage the acquisition of sophisticated weaponry in Central America, these were the first supersonic aircraft in the region; some were equipped with Israeli-made Shafrir heat-seeking missiles. The Hondurans bought a range of other Israeli arms: Arava STOL aircraft, a fleet of armored vehicles mounted with recoilless rifles, and Galil rifles and Uzi submachine guns. For all its poverty, when Ariel Sharon visited Honduras, he was calling on one of Israel's three biggest clients. In the wake of Sharon's visit came more arms and training-both in Israel and Honduras for officers, pilots and troops."

10 indicted in $35 million tax fraud scheme  8/3/2009 WGN: "A federal tax fraud ring stretching from Chicago to Israel sought to bring in more than $35 million in tax refunds using the identities of thousands of federal prisoners, authorities here announced today… Yair Berkowitz, 26, of Chicago, the son of the alleged leader, was to appear in court today, along with Eric Berkowitz, 33, of Chicago, Marvin Berkowitz's son-in-law. Berkowitz is a former Chicago rabbi who had lived in Israel since 2003 after alleged involvement in another tax fraud."

Israel: The Hijack State  8/3/2009 Reds - Die Roten: [published prior to 2001] - "The new Israeli-Honduras agreement involved sophisticated jet fighters, tanks, and Galil assault rifles (a specifically anti-guerrilla weapon). Sharon’s entourage during his visit included the head of the Israeli Air Force and the Director-General of the Defence Ministry. A Honduras government spokesman said that Sharon’s visit was more positive than an earlier one from President Reagan since Sharon “sold US arms” while “Reagan only uttered platitudes, explaining that Congress was preventing him doing more.” [20] In neighbouring Guatemala an even more bloody dictator, General Rios Montt, actually boasted to an ABC television reporter that the coup which brought him to power had been so successful, “because many of our soldiers were trained by the Israelis.” [21] In the summer of 1982, as Sharon was slaughtering Palestinians in Lebanon, Montt was slaughtering 5,000 Indians in the Guatemalan countryside as part of a “counter-insurgency” campaign – aided and abetted with Israeli weaponry and Israeli-trained expertise. [22]"

Comandos israelitas con experiencias de Palestina y Colombia capacitan a las FF.AA. de Honduras  8/3/2009 Dick Emanuelsson: “Hasta ahora lo que nosotros tenemos nos indica que la misión que ellos tienen es preparar a la Fuerzas Armadas y la policía para disuadir manifestaciones de manera agresiva y violenta, tratando de cometer crímenes de naturaleza selectiva con el fin de construir miedo, construir escenarios de terror y lograr la desmovilización de la resistencia. Otras acciones que están haciendo es lograr que algunos empleados de la empresa de seguridad privada se pongan el uniforme de la policía y cometan actos de agresión directa contra los manifestantes. Ya que el policía de alguna manera ha tenido formación para disuadir movilizaciones y es un poco temeroso al momento de agredir a los manifestantes de alguna manera algo se le ha quedado en materia de formación en derechos humanos. En cambio los guardias de seguridad son doblemente pagados y se les garantiza la impunidad. Estas son prácticas que están desarrollando utilizando la experiencia del conflicto palestino y haber puesto en práctica algunas de estas acciones en Colombia”.

Zionists "Israelis" advise the Honduran dictatorship  8/3/2009 Palestine Telegraph: "In a prense conference, Pavon accused the de facto government of hiring an Israeli private security group to advise Police about the agressive attitude that they need to have against the protesters. Pavon announced that all these illegal and violent actions are being documented by CODEH in order to denounce them in an international level."

Israel pulls anti-Semitism card on Venezuela  7/31/2009 Press TV, Iran: "On Saturday, Lieberman attacked Chavez for his comments warning Washington against changing Colombia into the "Israel of Latin America" by building a military platform there from which to "attack" its neighbors. "It is regrettable that it exists in the 21st century after the Holocaust: terrorism against the people of Israel, and the use of such anti-Semitic language," he said."

The Biden and Clinton Mutinies  7/31/2009 Counterpunch: "The great danger to Obama posed by Biden's and Clinton's "time bombs" (a precisely correct description if we call them political, not diplomatic time bombs) is not international confusion and ridicule over what precisely are the US government’s policies, but a direct onslaught on his presidency by a domestic Israeli lobby that is so out of control that it renders ridiculous Obama’s puny attempt to stop settlements--or to curb Israeli aggression in any other way."

Jack Shaw: The Accused Consultant Found Dead  7/29/2009 Thaindian: "The circumstances surrounding the death of Mr.Shaw are “suspicious”, said Edward DeFazio, the Hudson county prosecutor. He also said that the death did not apparently seemed to be a homicide. “It could be natural, it could be accidental, it could be suicide,” said Mr.DeFazio, resenting to comment more on the issue revolving around the mysterious death of Shaw. According to the inside sources, an autopsy is supposed to be carried out on Wednesday. Shaw’s death which was reported by a companion to the authorities at 5.17 p.m., came hours after Dennis Elwell, the mayor of Secaucus stepped down from his post after being charged in the sprawling political corruption case."

STOOLIE IS 'DEAD' TO HIS DADDY - GETTING GRIEF FOR BUSTING 'CORRUPT' JEWS  7/28/2009 NY Post: "Israel Dwek -- the father of Solomon "Shlomo" Dwek, who helped the feds nail three New Jersey mayors and several rabbis in Brooklyn last week -- plans to sit shiva for his son because he is so disgusted with his turning on other Jews, reported the Web site Shiva is the traditional Jewish mourning period held after a family member dies. The father -- citing "the Talmudic Law of Moser that prohibits a Jew from informing on another Jew to a non-Jew" -- renounced his son from the pulpit at his synagogue in Deal, NJ, on Saturday, the site said. Israel Dwek is a revered leader of the Sephardic Jewish community in the wealthy enclave."

Ahora Israel acusa a Venezuela de entregar documentos falsos a iraníes  7/24/2009 Aporrea: "La directora general de la cancillería israelí para América Latina, Dorit Shavit, esta vez acusó a Venezuela de ofrecer documentos falsos a iraníes para que puedan circular por la región. Esta información la aportó la agencia de prensa de la colectividad judía en Argentina."

N.J. officials, N.Y. rabbis caught in federal money laundering, corruption sweep  7/23/2009 NJ Star Ledger: "The Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office and the IRS took out at least three boxes from the Deal Yeshiva, as students were arriving at school. The Deal Yeshiva, on the corner of Brighton and Norwood avenues, is a prestigious religious school in town. Authorities also searched the Ohel Yaacob synagogue on Ocean Avenue in Deal and removed several boxes."

Israeli art students show up at interesting times  7/17/2009 Wayne Madsen Report: "The reported involvement of Israeli security advisers in the coup d’état in Honduras also puts into another perspective the following report from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on the espionage activities involving Israeli art students in the months prior to 9/11."

Obama's first meeting with Jewish leaders includes more left-wing groups  7/14/2009 Jerusalem Post: "The new J Street lobby and Americans for Peace Now made the final cut of a pared-down list that kept off traditional participants Zionist Organization of America, the Lubavitch movement and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, all of which are on the more conservative part of the spectrum."

How the Israel Lobby Took Control of U.S. Foreign Policy  7/14/2009 Criminal State 

Jewish Defense League attacks Arab-owned store in France  7/9/2009 IMEMC: "Olivia and Nicholas Zamour, who own the bookstore that was vandalized, told the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahranoth, "We saw here today for the first time solidarity of hundreds of people for the Palestinian nation, against the pro-Israeli French government." They also said, about the JDL, "This is a fascist organization that does not hesitate to attack people and places. They have no fear because, until today, no steps have been taken against them. However, all of this is going to change. Three years ago, they attacked our bookstore in the middle of the night and broke windows. This time they did it in the middle of the day, fearlessly.""

Zionism and books  7/6/2009 Jews Sans Frontiere: "French Zionist thugs assaulted a radical bookstore in Paris, smashing computers and destroying books."

Patterns of Boston Jewish Power  7/3/2009 Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel: "...the top-down Ashbrook conspiracy hypothesis requires a degree of interest and involvement on the parts of Ashbrook, Cheney, and Bush in local Boston politics that seems implausible outside of the small circle that considers Boston to be the hub of the universe. A more likely theory of the reasoning behind the investigation of Wilkerson and Turner can be developed in a more bottom-up approach that looks at the record of prosecution or persecution of those offending the organized Boston Jewish community and its members in some way. The nastiness of this group is legendary and probably developed in response to Fathers Coughlin and Feeney. As Boston Jewish wealth, power, and influence has increased so has its ability to punish those running afoul of it."

Honduras: the Israeli Connection  7/3/2009 Middle East Reality Check: "That was then. This is right now: "A Latin American expert sent me this from a major newspaper in Honduras: "Buena noticia. Embajadas de Taiwan e Israel reconocen al nuevo gobierno de Roberto Micheletti." (Good news. The embassies of Taiwan and Israel recognize the new government of Roberto Micheletti.) ...Will death squads be roaming the land once more?"

Why American Jews Should Resist the US's Blind Support of Israel - Israel's Angels in America  6/16/2009 Counterpunch: "A national organizing effort spreading across America’s Jewish Diaspora is approaching critical mass, still underappreciated by reporters and bloggers. I was asked to facilitate the public discussion following a recent rollout of a local organizing effort in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I live. The new group, comprised mainly of New Mexico Jews, named itself “Another Jewish Voice.” It promotes an unapologetic mission that goes beyond the common vision shared by innumerable “peace” organizations around the world to end the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem and affirm the national aspirations and human rights of the Palestinian people. AJV states that it “recognizes the powerful role of U.S. policy in the region and believes that the United States’ unconditional support of Israeli government policy is profoundly harmful to the cause of peace with justice."

Proof: Israeli Effort to Destabilize Iran Via Twitter #IranElection  6/15/2009 Charting Stocks: "Were these legitimate Iranian people or the works of a propaganda machine? I became curious and decided to investigate the origins of the information. In doing so, I narrowed it down to a handful of people who have accounted for 30,000 Iran related tweets in the past few days. Each of them had some striking similarities - 1. They each created their twitter accounts on Saturday June 13th. 2. Each had extremely high number of Tweets since creating their profiles. 3. “IranElection” was each of their most popular keyword 4. With some very small exceptions, each were posting in ENGLISH. 5. Half of them had the exact same profile photo 6. Each had thousands of followers, with only a few friends. Most of their friends were EACH OTHER."

Jones vs. Ross - Knock Out In The Third Round  6/15/2009 Moon of Alabama: "Haaretz is reporting that Dennis Ross will be fired from his position as the Iran coordinator of the Obama government: "Dennis Ross, who most recently served as a special State Department envoy to Iran, will abruptly be relieved of his duties, sources in Washington told Haaretz. An official announcement is expected in the coming days."

Turning Point? by Noam Chomsky  6/8/2009 Znet: "The Obama-Netanyahu-Abbas meetings in May, followed by Obama's speech in Cairo, have been widely interpreted as a turning point in US Middle East policy, leading to consternation in some quarters, exuberance in others... A closer look, however, suggests considerable caution."

Navy Vet Honored, Foiled Israeli Attack  6/1/2009 Consortium News 

State Dept.: Obama’s Demands To Stop West Bank Expansion Includes Jerusalem  5/29/2009 Philadelphia Bulletin: "Ms. Clinton’s press spokesman was asked if President Obama’s demand to halt expansion of “West Bank Jewish communities” included a demand to stop expansion of Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem. The answer was affirmative. The U.S. State Department demands that Israel limit Jewish growth in these areas of Jerusalem, “whose status remains to be determined” in negotiations. Israeli Government Press Director Daniel Seamen reacted to this Obama administration statement by saying: “I have to admire the residents of Iroquois territory for assuming that they have a right to determine where Jews should live in Jerusalem.”

Support for Israel Feeds Terrorism: Cheney Breaks the Taboo  5/23/2009 Counterpunch: "Cheney’s explanation of a motive mostly reprised George W. Bush’s old “the terrorists hate our freedoms” canard. Cheney said the terrorists hate “all the things that make us a force for good in the world — for liberty, for human rights, for the rational, peaceful resolution of differences,” an odd set of qualities for Cheney to cite given his roles in violating constitutional rights, torturing captives and spreading falsehoods to justify invading Iraq. But that’s also where Cheney slipped up. You didn’t notice? Well, Cheney couldn’t resist expanding on the complaints of the terrorists: “They have never lacked for grievances against the United States. Our belief in freedom of speech and religion…our belief in equal rights for women…our support for Israel… — these are the true sources of resentment…”

Pro-Israel Mouthpiece Says Freedom of Speech Dangerous ‘JINSA’ article says outlets who oppose future wars should be silenced—killed if necessary—by military strike  5/20/2009 Atheo News: "In the spring 2009 issue of its Journal of International Security Affairs, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), a particularly vocal force of the Jewish lobby, published a series of articles devoted to the subject: “The U.S. Military Faces the Future.” One article, entitled “Wishful Thinking and Indecisive Wars,” written by Ralph Peters (described as “a retired U.S. Army officer”) states flatly that “Although it seems unthinkable now, future wars may require censorship, news blackouts and, ultimately, military attacks on the partisan media.” The JINSA essay says “Freedom of the press stops when its abuse kills our soldiers and strengthens our enemies. Such a view arouses disdain today, but a media establishment that has forgotten any sense of sober patriotism may find that it has become tomorrow’s conventional wisdom.”

Wishful Thinking and Indecisive Wars  5/20/2009 JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs): "Of course, the media have shaped the outcome of conflicts for centuries, from the European wars of religion through Vietnam. More recently, though, the media have determined the outcomes of conflicts. While journalists and editors ultimately failed to defeat the U.S. government in Iraq, video cameras and biased reporting guaranteed that Hezbollah would survive the 2006 war with Israel and, as of this writing, they appear to have saved Hamas from destruction in Gaza. Pretending to be impartial, the self-segregating personalities drawn to media careers overwhelmingly take a side, and that side is rarely ours. Although it seems unthinkable now, future wars may require censorship, news blackouts and, ultimately, military attacks on the partisan media. Perceiving themselves as superior beings, journalists have positioned themselves as protected-species combatants. But freedom of the press stops when its abuse kills our soldiers and strengthens our enemies. Such a view arouses disdain today, but a media establishment that has forgotten any sense of sober patriotism may find that it has become tomorrow’s conventional wisdom. The point of all this is simple: Win. In warfare, nothing else matters. If you cannot win clean, win dirty. But win. Our victories are ultimately in humanity’s interests, while our failures nourish monsters."

Panetta’s ‘Secret Mission’ to Stop Israeli Attack on Iran  5/15/2009 AntiWar 

Leon Panetta's mission to stop Israel bombing Iranian nuclear plant  5/15/2009 Times: "America’s spy chief was sent on a secret mission to Israel to warn its leaders not to launch a surprise attack on Iran without notifying the US Administration. As Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, prepares to visit Washington, it emerged yesterday that Leon Panetta, the head of the CIA, went to Israel two weeks ago. He sought assurances from Mr Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, the Defence Minister, that their hawkish new Government would not attack Iran without alerting Washington."

Lieberman's party proposes ban on Arab Nakba  5/15/2009 Reuters: "Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman's party wants to ban Israeli Arabs from marking the anniversary of what they term "the Catastrophe" or Nakba, when in 1948 some 700,000 Arabs lost their homes in the war that led to the establishment of the state of Israel. The ultranationalist Yisrael Beitenu party said it would propose legislation next week for a ban on the practice and a jail term of up to three years for violators."

An invention called 'the Jewish people'  5/8/2009 Haaretz: published 2/08 - "On March 27, 1948, a meeting was held in Hiafa concerning the fate of the Bedouin of Arab al-Ghawarina in the Haifa area. "They must be removed from there, so that they, too, will not add to our troubles," Yosef Weitz, of the Keren Kayemeth (Jewish National Fund), wrote in his personal diary. Two months later, Weitz reported to the organization's director, "Our Haifa Bay has been evacuated completely and there is hardly a remnant of those who encroached our border." They were probably expelled to Jordan; some were allowed to remain in the village of Jisr al-Zarqa. The fate of the Arab al-Ghawarina Bedouin has recently made the headlines thanks to Shmuel Sisso, mayor of the Haifa suburb of Kiryat Yam. He has filed a complaint with the police against Google. The reason is the addition that one of the site's surfers, a resident of Nablus, attached to the center of Kiryat Yam in the world satellite photo, stating that the city is built on the ruins of a village that was destroyed in 1948, Arab al-Ghawarina. Sisso's complaint says that this is slanderous."

'The USS Liberty': America's Most Shameful Secret  5/8/2009 Lew Rockwell: " US Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, and Joint Chiefs of Staff head, Admiral Thomas Moorer, insisted the Israeli attack was deliberate and designed to sink "Liberty." So did three CIA reports; one asserted Israel's Defense Minister, Gen. Moshe Dayan, had personally ordered the attack."

Criminalizing Criticism of Israel  5/8/2009 Counterpunch: "On October 16, 2004, President George W. Bush signed the Israel Lobby’s bill, the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act. This legislation requires the US Department of State to monitor anti-semitism world wide. To monitor anti-semitism, it has to be defined. What is the definition? Basically, as defined by the Israel Lobby and Abe Foxman, it boils down to any criticism of Israel or Jews. Rahm Israel Emanuel hasn’t been mopping floors at the White House. As soon as he gets the Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 passed, it will become a crime for any American to tell the truth about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and theft of their lands. It will be a crime for Christians to acknowledge the New Testament’s account of Jews demanding the crucifixion of Jesus. It will be a crime to report the extraordinary influence of the Israel Lobby on the White House and Congress, such as the AIPAC-written resolutions praising Israel for its war crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza that were endorsed by 100 per cent of the US Senate and 99 per cent of the House of Representatives, while the rest of the world condemned Israel for its barbarity. It will be a crime to doubt the Holocaust. It will become a crime to note the disproportionate representation of Jews in the media, finance, and foreign policy. In other words, it means the end of free speech, free inquiry, and the First Amendment to the Constitution. Any facts or truths that cast aspersion upon Israel will simply be banned."

Where's the Justice at the Justice Department? The AIPAC Spy Case  5/4/2009 Counterpunch: by former Senator JAMES G. ABOUREZK

Lawyers credit Obama team for dismissing AIPAC case  5/1/2009 JTA: "Lawyers for the two former AIPAC staffers charged four years ago with dealing in government secrets credited the Obama administration for dropping the case. “We are extremely grateful that this new Administration, in coordination with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Virginia, has taken seriously their obligation to evaluate cases on the merits and not to allow an unjust prosecution to continue solely due to momentum,” said the joint statement by lawyers for Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman issued Friday, hours after the government filed for a dismissal of the charges against the two former senior staffers for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. “This Administration truly shows that theirs is a Department of Justice, where the justice of any case can be re-evaluated and the government can admit that a case should not be pursued.”"

Professor's comparison of Israelis to Nazis stirs furor  4/30/2009 LA Times 

Obama's America Joins White Walkout From UN Conference on Racism  4/29/2009 Black Agenda Report: "What a spectacle it was! Diplomats from the colonizing countries of Europe and the white settler regimes they founded rose in indignation in Geneva, Switzerland, last week, to denounce a Persian leader for racism. Envoys from France, Britain, Spain and Denmark, whose nations are responsible for orgies of rape and pillage that killed untold millions in the centuries-long European war against the darker regions of the planet, pretended that their sensibilities had been assaulted by a speech from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The irate Europeans joined with their brothers and sisters in historical genocide and mass murder, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden – kidnappers of nations, invaders, enslavers of whole peoples – who had boycotted the Geneva conference on racism, commonly known as Durban II. The world is stained with oceans of blood because of these Europeans, yet they have the nerve, the gall, to attempt to demonize the Iranian president for the words he spoke about Israel. Leading the sabotage of the conference was the United States, along with Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and, of course, Israel – the European settler colonies that became nations on the bones and stolen land of previous inhabitants."

Committee to Defend Academic Freedom at UCSB  4/29/2009 WordPress 

An Interview with William Robinson - Zionist Lobby Targets Another Tenured Professor  4/29/2009 Counterpunch: "I included some material which was highly critical of the Israeli invasion of Gaza as part of the reading material for a course on globalization and global affairs, and this was in January. And I am now facing charges, here at the university, of anti-semitism and violating the faculty code of conduct because two students in the course - there were eighty students - these two submitted a formal letter of complaint that they found offensive the material condemning the invasion of Gaza. The students immediately withdrew from the course, I don't even know them personally. And what is particularly egregious about this case is not that the students submitted a complaint - any student is allowed to do that - but rather that the university took the complaint seriously and is actually prosecuting me…"

Bolivia police raid Jewish center  4/23/2009 JTA: "The reason for the raid was not clear. Users of the outreach center, which claims to be affiliated with Chabad but whose director is not recognized by the Chabad-Lubavitch organization, have been at odds with the proprietor of a local restaurant and neighbors, some of whom have complained of noise. However, Freiman told JTA he could not rule out the possibility of nationalist motives… In recent days, two Israelis have been arrested in Bolivia on drug charges, Freiman said. The rabbi did not identify the outreach worker who was arrested, but said police confiscated his passport during the raid in Rurrenabaque and arrested him when he tried to retrieve his passport in the capital city of La Paz."

Zionism in Boston  4/16/2009 Dissident Voice: "A final example is Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner. In October 2005, speaking at a rally for the renewal of the Voting Rights Act, Turner pointed out the irony of people supporting voting rights in the US while the US provides generous funding to Israel, which openly deprives Palestinians of voting rights. Turner was immediately called on the carpet for this by a local newspaper, The Jewish Advocate, and by the New England Anti-Defamation League (ADL). In a letter responding to the ADL, Turner said, "a great injustice is being perpetrated against the Palestinians. I believe that all human beings of conscience have a responsibility to speak out and demand an end of our federal government's support of its perpetuation." He included a postscript to his letter, stating flatly: "you have no right to label someone as prejudiced or Anti Semitic because you disagree with their views on Israel's treatment of the Palestinians." This sentiment expresses the feelings of many, many people concerned about the oppression of Palestine who are fed up with being intimidated by this one cheap argument over and over again when they express this concern."

Obama team readying for confrontation with Netanyahu  4/9/2009 Haaretz: "In recent weeks, American officials have briefed senior Democratic congressmen and prepared the ground for the possibility of disagreements with Israel over the peace process, according to information recently received. The administration's efforts are focused on President Barack Obama's Democratic Party, which now holds a majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Advertisement The preemptive briefing is meant to foil the possibility that Netanyahu may try to bypass the administration by rallying support in Congress."

Israel planned to kill Erdogan: Report  3/29/2009 Press TV, Iran: "Turkish media sources detail information implicating the Israeli Mossad in a plot to assassinate Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan."

Strike reportedly obliterates Iranian ship at sea  3/26/2009 Jerusalem Post: "Following unconfirmed reports that the US or Israel attacked a convoy of trucks carrying weapons headed for the Gaza Strip in Sudan, a new report by Sudanese sources cited an additional strike on a ship possibly making its way to Sudan from Iran."

IDF soldiers ordered to shoot at Gaza rescuers, note says  3/22/2009 Haaretz 

Israel's dirty secrets in Gaza  3/20/2009 Independent, UK: "Israel was last night confronting a major challenge over the conduct of its 22-day military offensive in Gaza after testimonies by its own soldiers revealed that troops were allowed and, in some cases, even ordered to shoot unarmed Palestinian civilians. The testimonies – the first of their kind to emerge from inside the military – are at marked variance with official claims that the military made strenuous efforts to avoid civilian casualties and tend to corroborate Palestinian accusations that troops used indiscriminate and disproportionate firepower in civilian areas during the operation. In one of the testimonies shedding harsh new light on what the soldiers say were the permissive rules of engagement for Operation Cast Lead, one soldier describes how an officer ordered the shooting of an elderly woman 100 metres from a house commandeered by troops."

Israel troops admit Gaza abuses  3/19/2009 BBC: "An Israeli military college has printed damning soldiers' accounts of the killing of civilians and vandalism during recent operations in Gaza. One account tells of a sniper killing a mother and children at close range whom troops had told to leave their home. Another speaker at the seminar described what he saw as the "cold blooded murder" of a Palestinian woman."

CIA report: Israel will fall in 20 years  3/13/2009 Press TV, Iran 

Israeli Spying in the United States  3/12/2009 Counterpunch 

Chas Freeman Walks the Plank - Obama Caves to the Lobby  3/12/2009 Counterpunch 

Obama Intelligence Nominee Withdraws  3/12/2009 Daily Beast: "Steven Rosen, a former director of the American Israel Political Affairs Committee due to stand trial this April for espionage for Israel, is the leader of the campaign against Freeman’s appointment."

Nationalist Rising Fast in Israeli Politics  3/12/2009 AP: "Lieberman, a 50-year-old immigrant from the former Soviet Union, has said Palestinian prisoners should be drowned in the Dead Sea, that Israeli-Arab lawmakers who meet Palestinian militants should be executed and that the president of Egypt could "go to hell.""

Intelligence Pick Blames 'Israel Lobby' For Withdrawal  3/12/2009 WaPo 

Freeman hits 'Israel lobby' on way out  3/11/2009 Politico 

The Israeli Lobby Knocks Down Charles Freeman  3/11/2009 The Public Record 

Washington Post: Drop AIPAC staffers’ case  3/11/2009 JTA 

Israel's Ugly Face - Pure and Unadulterated Racism  3/10/2009 Counterpunch: "It should be clear to any objective observer that Lieberman’s program is a declaration of war against Israel’s Palestinian minority which comprises a fifth of the population. In our society, which lives on from one war to the next, in a sickening atmosphere of seething hatred and hostility one can, it has been proven, win many votes by calling for the disenfranchisement of 1.5 million Israeli Palestinians. It should be clear that what comes after disenfranchisement is ethnic cleansing… "

Mossad linked to 9/11 attacks: Report  3/9/2009 Press TV, Iran: "Israeli connections to 9/11, according to the New York Times, can be traced back to the five 'dancing Israelis' who were witnessed jumping and high-fiving with shouts of 'joy and mockery' as Flight 11 and Flight 175 slammed into the World Trade Center in New York. The Israelis were reportedly held in custody for 71 days before being quietly released after they were suspected of being Mossad agents. Citing two former CIA operatives, the Forward weekly then reported that at least two of the detained Israelis were found to be members of a Mossad surveillance team. "There was no question but that [the order to close down the investigation] came from the White House. It was immediately assumed at CIA headquarters that this basically was going to be a cover-up so that the Israelis would not be implicated in any way in 9/11," the weekly stated."

PRESIDENT URIBE APPROVES THE "STRATEGIC LEAP"  3/2/2009 "Working groups met regularly in 2007-2008 to develop policies in these areas. The MOD considered USG participation critical to this effort and included Embassy officials in the meetings--despite initial resistance by GLOBAL CST to the USG presence."

Natan Sharansky THE LIAR  2/27/2009 [Bibi is considering Natan Sharansky for Foreign Minister of Israel] - "In 1999 he released a book in Hebrew and Russian called, Natan Sharansky Unmasked. Within, he claimed that Natan Sharansky, then Housing Minister, was a longtime KGB agent with deep ties to the worldwide Russian mafia. Soon after its release, Natan Sharansky sued Dr. Nudelman for libel and the Jerusalem district court ruled that he had to pay Natan Sharansky the unheard of compensation of nearly $200,000. This was widely acknowledged as a precedent aimed at restricting the most basic rights of freedom of expression. Dr. Nudelman's brother Boris was also his partner in the Natan Sharansky research project and he died, overcome by the injustice of the trial. On Jan. 20, Dr. Nudelman met me at my home for an intense interview. He also gave me his book on Natan Sharansky and a thick stack of evidence which left me convinced of the veracity of his claims."

The Most Influential (and Self-Promotional) Christian Zionist You've Never Heard Of  2/24/2009 IPS News 

ZIONIST DOG ATTACKS 100 YEAR OLD PALESTINIAN  2/23/2009 Desert Peace: on an Israeli peace blog

Reports from Israeli Human Rights Groups  2/23/2009 Human Rights in Gaza and Israel 

"Israeli Apartheid Week": Carleton University Administration violates free expression - bans and confiscates posters  2/22/2009 Global Research: "On February 8, Students Against Israeli Apartheid at Carleton University put up 100 posters for "Israeli Apartheid Week", a series of lectures and public events that will occur on campuses in over 40 cities around the world. On February 9, these posters were taken down at the request of Carleton's Equity Services, under the rationale that the posters "could be seen to incite others to infringe rights protected in the Ontario Human Rights code" and are "insensitive to the norms of civil discourse in a free and democratic society" The poster was created by noted cartoonist Carlos Latuff and depicts a situation - a child being killed by aerial bombardment ? that occurred over 430 times in Israel's latest attack on Gaza according to United Nations reports. We encourage everyone to view the poster. Since it depicts a situation that has a factual basis and its intention is clearly to invite people to a lecture series, the notion that it is an incitement or a violation to norms of civil discourse is preposterous."

IDF confirms army dog bit Palestinian during West Bank raid  2/22/2009 AP 

Brooklyn Co-Op May Boycott Israeli Products  2/20/2009 CBS 

Remove Our Grandmother's Name from the Wall at Yad Vashem  2/20/2009 Countepunch: "Following the example of Jean-Moise Braitberg, we ask that our grandmother's name be removed from the wall at Yad Vashem. Her name is Gertrud Neumann. Your records state that she was born in Kattowitz on June 6, 1875 and died in Theresienstadt. M. Braitberg delivers his request with excellent reasons and eloquent personal testimony. His words are inspiring, but they give you – and those who stand with you - too much credit. I will instead be brief. Please take this as an expression of my disgust and contempt for your state and all it represents. Our grandmother was a victim of that very ideal of ethnic sovereignty in whose cause Israel has shed so much blood for so long. I was among the many Jews who thought nothing of embracing that ideal, despite the sufferings it had inflicted on our own race. It took thousands of Palestinian lives before, finally, I realized how foolish we had been."

Israel launches covert war against Iran  2/16/2009 Telegraph, UK: "It is using hitmen, sabotage, front companies and double agents to disrupt the regime's illicit weapons project, the experts say. The most dramatic element of the "decapitation" programme is the planned assassination of top figures involved in Iran's atomic operations."

Church of England: Dumping Caterpillar  2/11/2009 Uruknet: "At the Jenin refugee camp in March/April 2002 Israel's massive, armoured D-9 Caterpillar bulldozers - driven by army reservists - worked non-stop for three days and nights. More than 300 homes in the densely packed camp were flattened. The bulldozer drivers were instant heroes and showered with medals for valour. One such driver did not get down from the cab of his Caterpillar for 75 hours straight. "For three days I just erased and erased... the entire area. I took down any house from which there was shooting. To take it down, I would take down several more. The soldiers warned with a speaker, that the tenants must leave before I came in, but I did not give anyone a chance. I did not wait… I would just ram the house with full power, to bring it down as fast as possible. I wanted to get to the other houses. To get as many as possible. Others may have restrained themselves, or so they say. Who are they kidding? Anyone who was there, and saw our soldiers in the houses, would understand they were in a death trap… I didn’t give a damn about the Palestinians, but I didn’t just ruin with no reason. It was all under orders."

The Implications of Recognizing Israel's "Right to Exist"  2/10/2009 Counterpunch: "Has Khaled Abed Raboo not acknowledged Israel’s ‘existence’ when he stood outside what remained of his home in Jabaliya and a tank with Israeli soldiers ordered him, his mother, his wife and their three children to evacuate? And when they did so waving white flags, all three of his children shot? Had Mr. Abed Raboo not recognized Israel ‘existence’ when he saw Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers, only 15 meters away, shoot dead two of his daughters, age two and seven, and critically injure the third? Does witnessing one’s defenseless children being gunned down at close range, before one’s very eyes, not meet the standard of having accepted that Israel ‘exist'?"

Interdit de Publication  2/7/2009 - La Voix des Opprimes: Same set of pics, in stills - "Les photos qui suivent sont interdites de publication car elles montrent la déroute de l'armée de terre sioniste à GAZA. En effet à part les bombardements laches & aveugles des avions, chars et de la marine au sol ils ont recu une lecon de la part des combattants Palestiniens; les soldats sionistes ne sont JAMAIS arrivé à rentrer dans la ville."

Qassami Lion - Falastiness  2/7/2009 Daily Motion: Unusually detailed video of pics of wounded and dead Israelis in Gaza, set to Islamic music.

Rahm Emanuel’s “other adversary” sidelined by top job  2/6/2009 Online Journal: "Taking Mrs. Clinton’s place in the Senate is Kirsten Gillibrand, a pro-business and centrist Democrat more to Emanuel’s liking than Caroline Kennedy. A dirty tricks campaign against the daughter of America’s 35th President helped to derail her candidacy and it is suspected by Beltway insiders that Emanuel held the “sins” of the father and grandfather of Kennedy against her. Those sins included President John Kennedy’s opposition to Israel having nuclear weapons and Joseph Kennedy’s dalliances with Hitler’s Germany while U.S. ambassador to London. Although he is ill from a malignant brain tumor, Senator Edward Kennedy is fighting mad over the political trashing of his niece and is aware that Emanuel may be behind it."

Erase my grandfather's name at Yad Vashem  1/31/2009 Bil'in: "Mr. President of the State of Israel, I am writing to you to intervene with the appropriate authorities to withdraw, from the Yad Vashem memorial dedicated to the memory of Jewish victims of Nazism, the name of my grandfather, Moshe Brajtberg, gassed at Treblinka in 1943, and those of other members of my who family died during deportation to various Nazi camps during World War II. I ask you to honor my request, Mr. Chairman, because what took place in Gaza, and more generally, the injustices to the Arab people of Palestine for sixty years, disqualifies Israel to be the center of the memory of the harm done to Jews, and thus to all humanity."

For first time, U.S. professors call for academic and cultural boycott of Israel  1/29/2009 Haaretz 

Gaza: The Lies of War by Rabbi Henry Siegman  1/29/2009 London Review of Books: "Western governments and most of the Western media have accepted a number of Israeli claims justifying the military assault on Gaza: that Hamas consistently violated the six-month truce that Israel observed and then refused to extend it; that Israel therefore had no choice but to destroy Hamas’s capacity to launch missiles into Israeli towns; that Hamas is a terrorist organisation, part of a global jihadi network; and that Israel has acted not only in its own defence but on behalf of an international struggle by Western democracies against this network. I am not aware of a single major American newspaper, radio station or TV channel whose coverage of the assault on Gaza questions this version of events. Criticism of Israel’s actions, if any (and there has been none from the Bush administration), has focused instead on whether the IDF’s carnage is proportional to the threat it sought to counter, and whether it is taking adequate measures to prevent civilian casualties. Middle East peacemaking has been smothered in deceptive euphemisms, so let me state bluntly that each of these claims is a lie. Israel, not Hamas, violated the truce: Hamas undertook to stop firing rockets into Israel; in return, Israel was to ease its throttlehold on Gaza. In fact, during the truce, it tightened it further."

Controversial Bestseller Shakes the Foundation of the Israeli State  1/28/2009 Alternet: "What if the Palestinian Arabs who have lived for decades under the heel of the modern Israeli state are in fact descended from the very same "children of Israel" described in the Old Testament?"

Norman Finkelstein: Israel is committing a holocaust in Gaza  1/25/2009 Todays Zaman: "Why do you think US media is so one-sided and so pro-Israeli? Finkelstein: I think it has two components. First of all, Israel serves American interests in the region and American media always give a free pass to those states that serve American interests. That is the overall picture and not much different from other parts of the world. The horrendous governments like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, they also get free passes in the American media. This is the larger context. And there is, of course, the secondary factor, which is the ethnic element. In many of these newspapers and the media in general, there is a large Jewish presence, and there is a sense of Jewish ethnic solidarity, which plays a role. But I think we have to qualify the secondary factor in two ways. We should not lose sight of the primary factor, which is Israel is the client state of US. No. 2: In this past war, the liberal Jewish population mostly under the age of 40 completely defected from the war, the massacre. They have been opposed to the massacres from the first day."

Israeli human rights activists: Arrest Olmert, Livni, and Barak for war crimes  1/21/2009 Haaretz 

New Israel phosphorus accusation  1/20/2009 BBC 

US Jewish Peace Lobby Isolated on Gaza  1/19/2009 AntiWar: "Perhaps the most important aspect of this split, however, has been the reaction of organizations commonly viewed as representative of "moderate" and "liberal" Jewish public opinion. These groups have overwhelmingly lined up in support of Israeli military action. In the process, participants and observers say, they may have driven a firmer wedge between the so-called "peace lobby" and the remainder of the constellation of Jewish groups."

Photo of Israel's use of White Phosphorous chemical weapons  1/18/2009 World Press Network 

'Tungsten bombs' leave Israel's victims with mystery wounds  1/18/2009 Independent 

Israel accused of war crimes over 12-hour assault on Gaza village  1/18/2009 Guardian: "In testimony collected from residents of the village of Khuza'a by the Observer, it is claimed that Israeli soldiers entering the village: • attempted to bulldoze houses with civilians inside; • killed civilians trying to escape under the protection of white flags; • opened fire on an ambulance attempting to reach the wounded; • used indiscriminate force in a civilian area and fired white phosphorus shells. If the allegations are upheld, all the incidents would constitute breaches of the Geneva conventions."

Statement in the British House of Commons of Sir Gerald Kaufmann  1/17/2009 Global Research: "I was brought up as an orthodox Jew and a Zionist. On a shelf in our kitchen, there was a tin box for the Jewish National Fund, into which we put coins to help the pioneers building a Jewish presence in Palestine. I first went to Israel in 1961 and I have been there since more times than I can count. I had family in Israel and have friends in Israel. One of them fought in the wars of 1956, 1967 and 1973 and was wounded in two of them. The tie clip that I am wearing is made from a campaign decoration awarded to him, which he presented to me… My parents came to Britain as refugees from Poland. Most of their families were subsequently murdered by the Nazis in the holocaust. My grandmother was ill in bed when the Nazis came to her home town of Staszow. A German soldier shot her dead in her bed. My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza. The current Israeli Government ruthlessly and cynically exploit the continuing guilt among gentiles over the slaughter of Jews in the holocaust as justification for their murder of Palestinians. The implication is that Jewish lives are precious, but the lives of Palestinians do not count."

Noam Chomsky On Gaza  1/16/2009 Information Clearinghouse: "There's a theme that goes way back to the origins of Zionism. And it's a very rational theme: "Let's delay negotiations and diplomacy as long as possible, and meanwhile we'll 'build facts on the ground.'" So Israel will create the basis for what some eventual agreement will ratify, but the more they create, the more they construct, the better the agreement will be for their purposes. Those purposes are essentially to take over everything of value in the former Palestine and to undermine what's left of the indigenous population. I think one of the reasons for popular support for this in the United States is that it resonates very well with American history. How did the United States get established? The themes are similar." [Observers have commented in the past how it is impossible to understand US foreign policy without looking at the history of the US relationship with Native Americans.]

Avanza el frente de boicot mundial contra Israel: Varios gobiernos siguen el ejemplo de Venezuela y Bolivia  1/16/2009 Aporrea 

Venezuela breaks off Israel ties  1/15/2009 Al Jazeera 

The IDF has no mercy for the children in Gaza nursery schools  1/15/2009 Haaretz, Israel: "The fighting in Gaza is "war deluxe." Compared with previous wars, it is child's play - pilots bombing unimpeded as if on practice runs, tank and artillery soldiers shelling houses and civilians from their armored vehicles, combat engineering troops destroying entire streets in their ominous protected vehicles without facing serious opposition. A large, broad army is fighting against a helpless population and a weak, ragged organization that has fled the conflict zones and is barely putting up a fight. All this must be said openly, before we begin exulting in our heroism and victory. This war is also child's play because of its victims. About a third of those killed in Gaza have been children - 311, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry, 270 according to the B'Tselem human rights group - out of the 1,000 total killed as of Wednesday. Around 1,550 of the 4,500 wounded have also been children according to figures from the UN, which says the number of children killed has tripled since the ground operation began. This is too large a proportion by any humanitarian or ethical standard."

Obama’s Partisan, Profane Confidant Reins It In  1/14/2009 NYT: "Early this month, Barack Obama was meeting with the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and other lawmakers when Rahm Emanuel, his chief of staff, began nervously cracking a knuckle. The latest on President Obama, the new administration and other news from Washington and around the nation. Join the discussion. Mr. Obama then turned to complain to Mr. Emanuel about his noisy habit. At which point, Mr. Emanuel held the offending knuckle up to Mr. Obama’s left ear and, like an annoying little brother, snapped off a few special cracks." [More like a man secure in his blackmail.]

U.S. rabbis urge Obama to push for immediate Gaza truce  1/14/2009 Haaretz: "Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun magazine, who convened the group, said the group had to buy the advertising space because the national newspapers would not make room for their perspective. "They feel that AIPAC's choice is overwhelming, and there's no space left for empathy or objective coverage - the media, according to the group, simply ignored the voice of the Jewish opposition to war in Gaza," Rabbi Lerner said."

Israeli Sightseers Flock to Border to Watch Gaza Killings  1/14/2009 Effedieffe: "They come with binoculars. They bring their families and take pictures. They rationalize away the deaths of hundreds of children by reasoning that “when they grow up they’ll also probably be terrorists.” Its like the fourth of July, only instead of watching fireworks and listening to crappy instrumental music on the radio they watch with barely restrained jubilation as their neighbors are killed under a heavy military bombardment and ground forces continue to pour deeper into the Gaza Strip. The obsession with watching the violence unfold in the Gaza Strip is creeping-out even some of their fellow Israelis, who have dubbed the site “The Hill of Shame” and watch disapprovingly as others participate in Israel’s newest spectator sport."

DOJ orders the AZC to Register as a Foreign Agent  1/11/2009 Institute for Research, Middle East Policy:  Documents from the period 1963-64, the change from the Kennedys who wanted the American Zionist Council listed, to Johnson, with implications for assassination research.

Jews Against Zionism - The American Council for Judaism, 1942-1948  1/11/2009 Questia 

In U.S., war of words over Gaza  1/10/2009 SF Chronicle: "Hugely popular comedian Jon Stewart, who is Jewish - birth name, Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz - was lauded by the Muslim Public Affairs Council this week for a scathing "Daily Show" segment entitled, "Israel Invades Gaza ... Missile Tov!" The Comedy Central host, noting that rockets lobbed from Hamas into Israel are not new, posed the question, "Why does Israel feel that they have to react so strongly right now?" Answer: the Obama inauguration. "I get it. ... Israel gets their bombing in before the Jan. 20 'hope and change' deadline ... it's like a civilian carnage Toyota-thon!" he said to roars of approval from his audience."

Google's censors: The cat is out of the bag  1/10/2009 Uruknet: "Anyhow, we needed a proof, and we achieved it easily: we arranged two new websites, one in Italian and the other in English, respectively Notizie dal Medio Oriente and News from Middle East, that are in fact perfect mirrorings of uruknet, with a few graphic changes, and we put them directly on the same server where uruknet is located. After that we requested to index them and after they analysed both websites, we obtained it without the least problem. Of course when the guys will read this article, they will stop indexing Notizie dal Medio Oriente and News from Middle East, but we have saved a copy of google news pages: News from Middle East on and Notizie dal Medio Oriente on . So, it was so clear since the very first moment, all the despicable excuses pleaded by for having removed uruknet were lies google came up with in order to account for the censorship obviously pressed for by someone who didn't like our website. All we needed was to change the name of the website leaving untouched form and substance and every problem was gone."

Want to End the Violence in Gaza? Boycott Israel.  1/9/2009 The Nation 

What You'd Know About Israel If You Watched Al Jazeera TV  1/9/2009 New American Media: "Take Israel's claim that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. After showing an Israeli politician writing off the assertion of the existence of a humanitarian disaster, Al Jazeera cut to the Al Shifa hospital, the largest in all of Gaza. There, we saw that there were not enough medical supplies and civilians lying on bloody hospital beds told us that their lives were not only being crippled by bombs falling on their houses, but by the extreme lack of water and food for the people cowering inside them."

The Gaza Bombshell  1/9/2009 Vanity Fair: "Vanity Fair has obtained confidential documents, since corroborated by sources in the U.S. and Palestine, which lay bare a covert initiative, approved by Bush and implemented by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Deputy National Security Adviser Elliott Abrams, to provoke a Palestinian civil war. The plan was for forces led by Dahlan, and armed with new weapons supplied at America’s behest, to give Fatah the muscle it needed to remove the democratically elected Hamas-led government from power. (The State Department declined to comment.) But the secret plan backfired, resulting in a further setback for American foreign policy under Bush. Instead of driving its enemies out of power, the U.S.-backed Fatah fighters inadvertently provoked Hamas to seize total control of Gaza."

Israeli strike on civilian house may be 'war crime' says UN  1/9/2009 Telegraph, UK 

Venezuela Expels Israeli Ambassador in Solidarity with Palestinian People  1/7/2009 Venezuela Analysis: "To express solidarity with the Palestinian people, Venezuela expelled Israel’s ambassador, is organizing humanitarian aid, and has called on the international community to protest. In response, the Israeli government called Venezuela a terrorist state."

Unconventional Weapons against The People of Gaza  1/6/2009 Global Research: Interview of Dr. Mads Gilbert, Norway - "The Israelis are using a new type of very high explosive weapons which are called Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME) and are made out of a tungsten alloy. These weapons have an enormous power to explode… these weapons will have a cancer effect on those who survive. They will develop cancer we suspect."

CNN Confirms Israel Broke Ceasefire First  1/5/2009 CNN 

Israel's Looming Catastrophe  1/4/2009 Consortium News: "If Israel continues to engender hatred across the Muslim world – and thus feeds the growth of Islamic extremism – eventually some radical government or group will get hold of a missile or some other means of delivering a payload against Tel Aviv that would wreak mass devastation. In that event, Israel would almost surely turn to its sophisticated nuclear arsenal and launch a massive retaliatory strike. But to what end? Whatever counter-devastation could be delivered, it would not solve the strategic dilemma facing Israel."

We Lived to Tell the Story: Lebanon Rescued Us  1/2/2009 Cynthia McKinney: "One of those Al Jazeera reporters with us was Sami El-Haj, who was detained in Guantanamo by the United States for six incredibly long years. What an honor to even exchange glances with such a humble man who had endured so much pain at the hands of the U.S. government. I apologized to him that my tax dollars were being used in such a despicable way. And Sami's crime according to the U.S.? Born in Sudan, and reporting for Al Jazeera in Afghanistan, Sami was the wrong color, the wrong nationality, the wrong religion, reporting for the wrong news outfit, telling us the truth about a wrong war. And for that he survived incarceration for six long years. Sami El-Haj, Guantanamo prisoner number 345."

The Paradox of Israel: Regional Super Power and the Largest Jewish Ghetto Ever Created  1/2/2009 Alternet: "Fortunately there are plenty of Jews who understand this. Their numbers are growing. And they hold the key to peace and security for Israel. People who are trapped in the great disconnect are not likely to listen to anyone on the other side of the wall. Only when voices within their own community offer a new, more realistic view can they have a chance to hear it."

RAW (Graphic): Scene After IDF Attack In Gaza 1/1/09  1/1/2009 LiveLeak: Gruesome realities

Starhawk on Gaza: “I Just Don’t Get It…Or Rather, I Do.”  12/31/2008 Feminist Peace Network 

Our pilots did not return safely  12/31/2008 Haaretz: "They set out to bomb the graduation ceremony for young police officers who had found that rare Gaza commodity, a job, massacring them by the dozen. They bombed a mosque, killing five sisters of the Balousha family, the youngest of whom was 4. They bombed a police station, hitting a doctor nearby; she lies in a vegetative state in Shifa Hospital, which is bursting with wounded and dead. They bombed a university that we in Israel call the Palestinian Rafael, the equivalent of Israel's weapons developer, and destroyed student dormitories. They dropped hundreds of bombs out of blue skies free of all resistance."

Gaza relief boat damaged in encounter with Israeli vessel  12/30/2008 CNN: video version

Gaza relief boat damaged in encounter with Israeli vessel  12/30/2008 CNN: "CNN correspondent Karl Penhaul was aboard the 60-foot pleasure boat Dignity when the contact occurred. When the boat later docked in the Lebanese port city of Tyre, severe damage was visible to the forward port side of the boat, and the front left window and part of the roof had collapsed. It was flying the flag of Gibraltar. The Dignity was carrying crew and 16 passengers -- physicians from Britain, Germany and Cyprus and human rights activists from the Free Gaza Solidarity Movement -- who were trying to reach Gaza through an Israeli blockade of the territory. Also on board was former U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney… One patrol boat "very severely rammed" the Dignity, Penhaul said. The captain of the Dignity told Penhaul he received no warning. Only after the collision did the Israelis come on the radio to say they struck the boat because they believed it was involved in terrorist activities, the captain said."

'I didn't see any of my girls, just a pile of bricks'  12/30/2008 Guardian: "An Israeli bomb struck the refugee camp's Imad Aqil mosque around midnight, destroying the building and collapsing several shops and a pharmacy nearby. The force of the blast was so massive it also brought down the Balousha family's house, which yesterday lay in ruins. The seven eldest girls were asleep together on mattresses in one bedroom and they bore the brunt of the explosion. Five were killed where they lay: Tahrir, 17, Ikram 15, Samer, 13, Dina, eight and Jawahar, four."

McKinney Calls On Obama To Speak Out About Humanitarian Crisis In Gaza  12/30/2008 Black Agenda Report 

5 sisters killed in IAF strike  12/29/2008 Jerusalem Post: "They said the five sisters were from the Ba'lousheh family. They were identified as Jawaher, four; Dina, eight; Samar, two; Ikram, 14; and Tahrir, 17. Their mother, Samira Abu Bakr, was lightly wounded during the raid."

Mossad link to 9/11 hijackers established  12/29/2008 Muslim Media 

Five Gaza Sisters Killed in Their Beds in Israeli Attack  12/29/2008 AntiWar: "The Israeli military defended the attack, saying the mosque was a “known gathering place” for Hamas supporters. The uncle of the slain girls insisted that his family has had nothing to do with the rocket attacks coming from the strip."

Mercenaries Playing Increasingly Prominent Role in Latin America  12/26/2008 Alternet: "Assistance provided by a commando made up of former Israeli military intelligence experts has also helped the Colombian government deal heavy blows to the left-wing guerrillas, said Amada Benavídes de Pérez from Colombia, one of the five members of the U.N. Working Group on the use of mercenaries as a means of violating human rights and impeding the exercise of the right of peoples to self-determination."

Wikipedia, Ziopedia, or Judeopedia  12/24/2008 Robert Lindsay: [updated 2/08]

Judeopedia redux  12/24/2008 Robert Lindsay 

Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America  12/21/2008 Robert Friedman: [An entire book on-line, the author had 4 Russian Jewish grandparents. This book is considered the foundation of investigative work on the Russian Israeli Mafia.]

My expulsion from Israel  12/19/2008 Guardian: "When I arrived in Israel as a UN representative I knew there might be problems at the airport. And there were."

Australia target of Israeli ecstasy  12/13/2008 The Age, Australia: "Israeli crime syndicates control a significant share of the global ecstasy trade and have a long history of supplying the Australian market."

Israeli mineral water company closes site due to Scottish boycott  12/4/2008 Haaretz 

The Case Against Alan Dershowitz  12/2/2008 Counterpunch 

Hillary plays hardball  11/23/2008 Independent: More neocon victories.

Netanyahu hires 2 of Obama's advisors  11/21/2008 Ynet: "On Thursday the opposition leader finalized the employment of Bill Knapp and Josh Isay, who have worked in recent years with candidates of the Democratic Party in the United States, as well as former President Bill Clinton, Senator Joe Lieberman, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and president-elect Obama."

Obama's Hawks and Ziocons  11/20/2008 Wake Up From Your Slumber 

Center for American Progress  11/18/2008 CAP: Funded by George Soros, made man in the Russian Mafiya.

Soros-Funded Democratic Idea Factory Becomes Obama Policy Font  11/18/2008 Bloomberg: "Thanks in part to funding from benefactors such as billionaire George Soros, the Center for American Progress has become in just five years an intellectual wellspring for Democratic policy proposals, including many that are shaping the agenda of the new Obama administration. Much as the Heritage Foundation provided intellectual heft for the Republican Party in the 1980s, CAP has been an incubator for liberal thought and helped build the platform that triumphed in the 2008 campaign… CAP's president and founder, John Podesta, 59, former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, is one of three people running the transition team for president-elect Barack Obama, 47. A squadron of CAP experts is working with them."

Pakis Know More About Rahm Than Americans  11/15/2008 Rense: "Emanuel is a close friend of fellow Chicagoan David Axelrod, chief strategist for the 2008 Barack Obama presidential campaign. Axelrod signed the ketubaa Jewish marriage contract at Emanuel's wedding to Amy Rule. Emanuel and his wife are members of Anshe Sholom B'nai Israel, a Modern Orthodox Jewish congregation in Chicago, Emanuel has said of his Judaism: "I am proud of my heritage" That heritage, presumably, includes his father's stint as a member of the Irgun."

An Obama Presidency: More of the Same Only Worse  11/13/2008 Black Commentator: "The recent selection by Barack Obama of the war mongering, apartheid Zionist, Wall Street-backed, infamous Mossad-connected Rahm Israel Emanuel to the powerful position of White House Chief of Staff came as no surprise to politically conscious and discerning people; and its going to get worse—a lot worse, on so very many levels. First and foremost it should be clearly understood by Black, White, Brown, Red and Yellow peoples everywhere that Zionism is the Israeli version of the racist, murderous, and hypocritical U.S. ‘Manifest Destiny,’ which despicable ideology supported and rationalized the wholesale thievery of indigenous people’s lands, genocide, and slavery on this so-called North American continent. Zionism has become the 21st Century reality of apartheid, especially as it is practiced towards the Palestinian peoples in particular and Arab peoples in general, in what is known geographically as the Middle East."

COLOMBIA'S RELATIONS WITH ISRAEL  11/7/2008 "Colombia's Ministry of Defense (MOD) has also engaged an Israeli company, Global Comprehensive Security Transformation (GLOBAL CST), to help the Colombian government conduct a strategic assessment of the internal conflict. GLOBAL CST is a security company run by Major Gen (reserve) Yisrael Ziv, former Director of Operations for the Israel Defense Forces and a personal acquaintance of Colombian Minister of Defense Juan Manuel Santos. The assessment is focused primarily on defeating the FARC and other internal terrorist and criminal organizations, but also includes an evaluation of external threats including Venezuela and Ecuador. The MOD is spearheading the exercise and has named it the "Salto Estrategico" (Strategic Leap)."

President-Elect Obama and the Future of US Foreign Policy: A Roundtable Discussion  11/6/2008 Democracy Now: Emanuel is one of the most hard-line supporters of Israel in the Congress and has been for many years. He’s the son of Benjamin Emanuel, who actually was a gun runner for the Irgun, the Zionist, pre-Israel Zionist, militia that carried out numerous terrorist attacks on Palestinian civilians, including the bombing of the King David Hotel. Of course, Rahm Emanuel himself is not responsible for any of that, but his record is sometimes far to the right of President Bush when it comes to supporting Israel.

Obama's first pick: Israeli Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff  11/6/2008 Haaretz, Israel: Emanuel, a former Bill Clinton adviser, is the son of a Jerusalem-born pediatrician who was a member of the Irgun (Etzel or IZL), a militant Zionist group that operated in Palestine between 1931 and 1948.

Obama's Priority: Chief of Staff, Treasury Secretary  11/5/2008 ABC: "Obama offered the job of chief of staff to Rep. Rahm Emanuel, ABC News' Jake Tapper reported today. Emanuel, a veteran of President Clinton's administration and a close political ally of Obama's from Chicago, hasn't immediately given his answer… Obama intends to quickly settle on a secretary of treasury to help bring stability to the country's shaky economy. "If people think there is a direction, a vision, a plan that we're moving forward, you can change the psychology, help the markets to settle down," Clinton's former chief of staff Mack McLarty told "Good Morning America." Timothy Geithner, president of New York's Federal Reserve Bank, and Larry Summers, the former treasury secretary in the Clinton administration, are believed to be the leading contenders." [Emmanuel, an Israeli Defense Force Officer, and Larry Summers, who gave cover to his friend Andrei Shleifer in the looting of Russia, have both aided the Russian Israeli mafia.]

Obama picks pro-Israel hardliner for top post  11/5/2008 Electronic Intifada 

Members of Israeli spy ring 'related to 9/11 hijacker'  11/3/2008 Daily Star, Lebanaon 

3 arrested after anti-Semitic messages found in Pikesville  10/7/2008 Baltimore Sun: "Two men and a boy were arrested today after anti-Semitic spray-painted messages were discovered on the exterior signs of two Jewish institutions in Pikesville over the weekend, Baltimore County police said. One of the men is a member of Baltimore Hebrew Congregation in the 5500 block of Slade Ave,. where the word Nazi and a swastika were spray-painted on signs, said Cpl. Michael Hill, a police spokesman. Signs at Beth Tfiloh Community School in the 3300 block of Old Court Road were similarly defaced. The incidents are not being treated as hate crimes, Hill said, but he would not discuss a motive for the vandalism."

Shattering a 'national mythology'  10/6/2008 Haaretz: published 3/08 - "According to the Tel Aviv University historian, Prof. Shlomo Sand, author of "Matai ve'ech humtza ha'am hayehudi?" ("When and How the Jewish People Was Invented?"; Resling, in Hebrew), the queen's tribe and other local tribes that converted to Judaism are the main sources from which Spanish Jewry sprang. This claim that the Jews of North Africa originated in indigenous tribes that became Jewish - and not in communities exiled from Jerusalem - is just one element of the far- reaching argument set forth in Sand's new book."

Israeli best seller breaks national taboo  10/6/2008 The National, Abu Dhabi: "Dr Sand said that, in the centuries immediately preceding and following the Christian era, Judaism was a proselytising religion, desperate for converts. “This is mentioned in the Roman literature of the time.” Jews travelled to other regions seeking converts, particularly in Yemen and among the Berber tribes of North Africa. Centuries later, the people of the Khazar kingdom in what is today south Russia, would convert en masse to Judaism, becoming the genesis of the Ashkenazi Jews of central and eastern Europe... One further question is prompted by Dr Sand’s account, as he himself notes: if most Jews never left the Holy Land, what became of them? “It is not taught in Israeli schools but most of the early Zionist leaders, including David Ben Gurion [Israel’s first prime minister], believed that the Palestinians were the descendants of the area’s original Jews. They believed the Jews had later converted to Islam.” Dr Sand attributed his colleagues’ reticence to engage with him to an implicit acknowledgement by many that the whole edifice of “Jewish history” taught at Israeli universities is built like a house of cards."

Inventing an invention  10/6/2008 Haaretz: "According to Shlomo Sand, everything you ever thought you knew about the Jewish people as a nation with ethno-biological origins is false."

Judeo Christian conclave to be held in Grand Bahama  10/3/2008 Freeport News, Bahamas: "He noted that the economy of the Caribbean has benefited from Israel with the introduction of the sugar cane, Jewish influences and pioneers of national development. "Solomon Kerzner who is the biggest employer in The Bahamas has parents who are Russian Jews and Mick Harrison of Carnival Cruise Lines has also descended from Israel," Wallace said. Tony Gee, president of the Freeport Hebrew Congrega-tion, has welcomed the message of SCI and is focused on fostering a positive relationship with the Hebrew community."

Neo-cons, ex-Israeli diplomats push Islamophobic video  9/28/2008 Electronic Intifada: "A group of hard-line United States neo-conservatives and former Israeli diplomats, among others, are behind the mass distribution, ahead of the November US presidential election, of a controversial DVD that critics have denounced as Islamophobic. The group, the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET), is working with another organization called the Clarion Fund, which produced the 60-minute video and is itself tied closely to an Israeli organization called Aish Hatorah. The Fund is currently distributing some 28 million copies of the DVD through newspaper inserts in key electoral "swing" states -- states like Michigan, Ohio, and Florida that, according to recent polling, could go either way in November's presidential election."

How Israeli Backdoor Technology Penetrated the U.S. Government's Telecom System and Compromised National Security - An Israeli Trojan Horse  9/27/2008 Counterpunch 

The American Left (Dailykos) Also Is Claimed by the Israel Lobby'  9/21/2008 MondoWeiss: "It shows that, as Mary-Kay Wilmers of the London Review of Books said to me so sagaciously 2 years ago, The American left is also claimed by the Israel lobby. It means that the burden of waging Israel's p.r. war falls so heavily even on liberal Democrats that you cannot broach the subject in good lefty circles without fear of ending the dinner party. It means that Jews are a tremendously important part of the Democratic base, left (Dailykos) or lib (Huffpo) it makes no difference. It explains why Peace Now never left AIPAC's constituent body and why brave J Street must be careful about how it attacks McCain on Jerusalem. It explains Mel Levine and Steve Grossman and the other Lieberman hawks who remain good bedfellows in the Democratic base and are Atilla the Hun when it comes to Israel, and explains why Dershowitz can call himself a "liberal Democrat" without demurral, and Jimmy Carter is PNG."

Biden quoted as saying that Israel will have to reconcile itself to a nuclear Iran  9/1/2008 Haaretz: "Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden was quoted Monday as telling senior Israeli officials behind closed doors that the Jewish state will have to reconcile itself to a nuclear Iran. In the unsourced report, Army Radio also quoted Biden as saying that he opposed "opening a additional military and diplomatic front." Biden, chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has long been considered strongly pro-Israel. His nomination as Barack Obama's running mate had been expected to shore up the Democrats' strength with U.S. Jewish voters. Advertisement Army Radio said Israeli officials expressed "amazement" over the remarks attributed to him."

Biden: Israel should accept 'nuclear' Iran  9/1/2008 Press TV, Iran 

Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.?  8/27/2008 Fox News: In 4 parts with transcript, from 2002.

Israeli Amdocs wiretapping spy on the United States  8/27/2008 Fox News: The famous Fox story that was removed from their web site, 2002.

Jewish Georgian minister: Thanks to Israeli training, we're fending off Russia  8/11/2008 Haaretz: "Jewish Georgian Minister Temur Yakobshvili on Sunday praised the Israel Defense Forces for its role in training Georgian troops and said Israel should be proud of its military might, in an interview with Army Radio. "Israel should be proud of its military which trained Georgian soldiers," Yakobashvili told Army Radio in Hebrew, referring to a private Israeli group Georgia had hired."

War in Georgia: The Israeli connection  8/10/2008 Ynet News, Israel: "For past seven years, Israeli companies have been helping Georgian army to preparer for war against Russia through arms deals, training of infantry units and security advice… The fact that Georgia's defense minister, Davit Kezerashvili, is a former Israeli who is fluent in Hebrew contributed to this cooperation."

Former CIA Director George Tenet Presented With ADL'S Highest Honor  8/4/2008 ADL: published 2/05

Neocon Flap Highlights Jewish Divide  7/31/2008 AntiWar 

When Extremists Attack - Joe Klein  7/29/2008 Time: "I have now been called antisemitic and intellectually unstable and a whole bunch of other silly things by the folks over at the Commentary blog. They want Time Magazine to fire or silence me. This is happening because I said something that is palpably true, but unspoken in polite society: There is a small group of Jewish neoconservatives who unsuccessfully tried to get Benjamin Netanyahu to attack Saddam Hussein in the 1990s, and then successfully helped provide the intellectual rationale for George Bush to do it in 2003. Their motivations involve a confused conflation of what they think are Israel's best interests with those of the United States. They are now leading the charge for war with Iran."

Billions: The Politics of Influence in the United States, China and Israel  7/28/2008 Japan Focus: by Peter Dale Scott and Connie Bruck, on billionaire Sheldon Adelson, Gingrich benefactor.

Obama against Iranian air strikes  7/24/2008 AFP 

Obama: air strike on Iran useless  7/24/2008 Press TV, Iran 

From the Rivers of Babylon to the Whangpoo: A Century of Sephardi Jewish Life in Shanghai  7/23/2008 Sino Judaic Institute: "While at an early stage in the book Meyer mentions Baghdad's long-serving [1859-1909] ecclesiastical authority Hacham Yoseph Hayim, she does not involve him in her discussion of Shanghai Zionism [pp. 171-90]. She sees that phenomenon as largely the creation of N.E.B. Ezra between 1903 and 1936, when Ezra led the Shanghai Zionist Association [SZA] and edited Israel's Messenger. However, prior to Ezra, Hayyim was a powerful force inculcating pre-Herzlian Zionism among Baghdadis in India, Burma, the Straits Settlements, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and elsewhere. He urged his brethren to visit and settle the Land of Israel long before Herzl's establishment of the World Zionist Organization [WZO] in 1896, with which the SZA affiliated, and even before the founding of the WZO's predecessor organizations, Hovevei Zion and BILU. [See David Sassoon, History of the Jews in Baghdad (1949)]."

Book: Iraq was invaded to help secure Israel  7/13/2008 Indianapolis Star: "Hostettler, who lost his bid for a seventh term last year, was one of only six House Republicans to vote in 2002 against authorizing the use of force in Iraq. He is not, however, the first lawmaker to make controversial remarks about the role Jewish leaders played in the Iraq war. Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., was criticized by House Democratic leaders and Jewish groups for saying influential Jewish groups pushed for the war. Hostettler, a conservative Republican known for going his own way while in Congress, said he wrote his book because conservatives have to acknowledge that the invasion was inconsistent with the nation's long-standing foreign policy principles."

LESNIK, Abraham  7/10/2008 CI Centre: [details of his spying, country marked "Israel?"]

Secrets Case Called a Puzzle  7/10/2008 NY Sun: "Abraham Lesnik, 62, of Los Angeles, pleaded guilty last week to a single felony count of unauthorized possession of classified information, which he took home from his job at a Boeing facility in El Segundo, Calif. Lawyers and other experts who track the government's actions in such cases were taken aback by the prosecution's indication that it may seek a prison term of more than five years for Lesnik, who held a top secret clearance and specialized in anti-missile technology." [The foreign government in the background of this case is Israel.]

ISRAEL LOBBY SAYS PENTAGON ‘INFILTRATED’  6/15/2008 American Free Press: published 11/06 - "It is ironic that JINSA should be the source of a demand for an investigation of foreign agents and sympathizers inside the American government. The founder of JINSA, Stephen Bryen, a former Senate aide on Capitol Hill, faced certain indictment on charges of espionage for Israel until pressure on the Justice Department forced Justice to back off. Not only Bryen, but several others in the JINSA sphere were under FBI investigation on similar charges relating to their possible misuse of American defense and intelligence information on Israel?s behalf."

Profile: “Israeli art students”  6/10/2008 Cooperative Research History Commons: “Israeli art students” was a participant or observer in the following events: [long list]

Group demands Venezuela envoy recall over Jewish conspiracy remark  6/7/2008 Haaretz: "The Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center says Ambassador Alexis Navarro made anti-Semitic comments. Navarro was quoted by the daily Moscow News as saying that a failed 2002 coup that briefly ousted President Hugo Chavez involved Israeli Mossad intelligence snipers "who were Venezuelan citizens, but Jews." The remarks appeared in an interview the newspaper published on May 15. Advertisement The group said in a statement Friday that it wrote a letter to Venezuela's foreign minister saying the comments were racist and incite violence against Jews."

American Jews Favor Israel-Syria Talks, Secure Independent Palestinian State  6/6/2008 Tikun 

Limited US attack on Iranian Revolutionary Guards bases in sight  6/3/2008 Debka, Israel: "Iran is geared up for counteraction. US intelligence estimates that Tehran’s counteraction will likewise be on a limited scale and therefore any US-Iranian military encounter will not be allowed to explode into a major confrontation. Because this US assault is not planned to extend to Iran’s nuclear installations, Tehran is not expected to hit back at distant American targets in the Persian Gulf or at Israel. DEBKAfile’s Iranian sources report, however, that Iran’s military preparations for countering an American attack are far broader than envisaged in Washington. Tehran would view a US attack on the IRGC bases as a casus belli and might react in ways and on a scale unanticipated in Washington."

McCain's Attack On Obama Gets Standing Ovation At AIPAC  6/2/2008 Huffington Post: "We must apply the full force of law to prevent business dealings with Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps. I was pleased to join Senators Lieberman and Kyl in backing an amendment calling for the designation of the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization responsible for killing American troops in Iraq. Over three quarters of the Senate supported this obvious step, but not Senator Obama. He opposed this resolution because its support for countering Iranian influence in Iraq was, he said, a 'wrong message not only to the world, but also to the region.' But here, too, he is mistaken. Holding Iran's influence in check, and holding a terrorist organization accountable, sends exactly the right message -- to Iran, to the region and to the world." Many cheers and whistles accompanied that part of McCain's address, followed by a convention-wide standing ovation."

Neo-Cons Silent on Hagee Repudiation by McCain  5/29/2008 Lobe Log: "Virtually nothing has appeared in the National Review Online, and nothing at all in Bill’s Kristol’s Weekly or Daily Standard. Most remarkably, Commentary’s hyper-active on-line blog, ‘Contentions’ — which, like the other two publications, has been obsessed with Obama and the Rev. Wright — has simply ignored the event, as if it never happened. Is it because any comment at all is seen as too politically risky? Criticizing McCain for so peremptorily rejecting the man who, after all, was the keynote speaker at last year’s AIPAC convention could undermine his courtship of Jewish voters and funders. Agreement with McCain’s decision, on the other hand, could be taken badly by the Christian Right, a strategic ally of the neo-cons since before the 1980 election campaign."

Fixers Indicated That Hillary Was a Key Player in the Marc Rich Pardon Deal - Bill Clinton and the Rich Women  5/29/2008 Counterpunch: "Meanwhile, back in Lucerne, Rich was beginning to cultivate the Israeli government. He established the Rich Foundation in Tel Aviv, which would distribute more than $100 million to Israeli causes over the next decade. To oversee the foundation, Rich selected a former high-ranking Mossad official named Avner Azulay, whose ties to the intelligence agency probably never totally evaporated. Azulay was a useful conduit to Israel’s political elite. He was close to Yitzak Rabin, Ehud Barak, Shimon Peres and Ehud Olmert. A decade later, Azulay would play a key role in securing Rich’s pardon from the Clintons. Through Azulay, Rich offered his services to the Israeli government, especially the Mossad. Indeed, according to letters from Israeli officials, Rich played the role of a “Say-Ayon,” or unpaid asset of the Mossad. In fact, Rich was subsidizing Israeli intelligence operations. He financed numerous covert missions and allowed Mossad operatives to work covertly in his offices around the world. With experience as an international spook now added to his C.V., Rich reached out through intermediaries to both the FBI and the CIA. He offered his services to both agencies in exchange for dropping the charges against him. The CIA’s response is unknown, but the FBI was intrigued and sent the request to the Justice Department, where it was quashed."

US Academic Deported and Banned for Criticizing Israel  5/27/2008 Guardian: "Norman Finkelstein, the controversial Jewish American academic and fierce critic of Israel, has been deported from the country and banned from the Jewish state for 10 years, it emerged yesterday. Finkelstein, the son of a Holocaust survivor who has accused Israel of using the genocidal Nazi campaign against Jews to justify its actions against the Palestinians, was detained by the Israeli security service, Shin Bet, when he landed at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport on Friday."

Memorial service for Palestinian activist reveals more layers  5/23/2008 Statesman:  published 5/11/08 - "But Hamad's brother-in-law denied Saturday that the family had described him as suicidal. And the circumstances have fueled online theories that Hamad was killed by the U.S. government or Israeli operatives. Roberta Clark, a spokeswoman for the Austin chapter of the Anti-Defamation League, referred to Hamad's death as a tragedy but said that rumors pointing the finger at Israel "are hateful and hurtful and they fuel the flames of those who are anti-Semitic and/or anti-Israel." "

Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiers  5/21/2008 Times, London: published 7/06, now has an odd blank pop-up - "Israel’s Government has thrown its weight behind efforts by supporters to counter what it believes to be negative bias and a tide of pro-Arab propaganda. The Foreign Ministry has ordered trainee diplomats to track websites and chatrooms so that networks of US and European groups with hundreds of thousands of Jewish activists can place supportive messages. In the past week nearly 5,000 members of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) have downloaded special “megaphone” software that alerts them to anti-Israeli chatrooms or internet polls to enable them to post contrary viewpoints. A student team in Jerusalem combs the web in a host of different languages to flag the sites so that those who have signed up can influence an opinion survey or the course of a debate."

Megaphone desktop tool  5/21/2008 Wikipedia: "The Megaphone desktop tool is a Microsoft Windows application distributed by the World Union of Jewish Students and other pro-Israel organizations, through the website. Released on July 19, 2006, it delivers real-time alerts about key articles, videos, blogs, and surveys to subscribers so that they can voice their opinions and work together to support Israel on the public opinion front."

GIYUS calls Jews of world to web duty  5/21/2008 Ynet 

Israel ups the stakes in the propaganda war  5/21/2008 Guardian: published 11/06 - "He declared there to be a "war on the web" in which Israel had a new weapon, a piece of computer software called the "internet megaphone". "During the war we had the opportunity to do some very nice things with the megaphone community," he revealed at the conference. Among them, he claimed, was a role in getting an admission from Reuters that a photograph of damage to Beirut had been doctored by a Lebanese photographer to increase the amount of smoke in the picture. This was first spotted by American blogger Charles Johnson, who has won an award for "promoting Israel and Zionism". To check out the power of the megaphone, I logged onto a website called GIYUS (Give Israel Your United Support) last Wednesday afternoon. More than 25,000 registered users of have downloaded the megaphone software, which enables them to receive alerts asking them to get active online."

Superdelegates Turned Down $1 Million Offer From Clinton Donor  5/19/2008 Huffington Post: "One of Sen. Hillary Clinton's top financial supporters offered $1 million to the Young Democrats of America during a phone conversation in which he also pressed for the organization's two uncommitted superdelegates to endorse the New York Democrat, a high-ranking official with YDA told The Huffington Post. Haim Saban, the billionaire entertainment magnate and longtime Clinton supporter, denied the allegation. But four independent sources said that just before the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, Saban called YDA President David Hardt and offered what was perceived as a lucrative proposal: $1 million would be made available for the group if Hardt and the organization's other uncommitted superdelegate backed Clinton."

Haim Saban  5/19/2008 Source Watch: the owner of Univision and superdelegate briber - "Haim Saban is an Israeli-American media-mogul, one of the biggest contributors to the campaigns of pro-Israel politicans in the U.S. and has been described by a New York Times reporter as a "tireless cheerleader for Israel." He has also founded various centers and institutions to produce policy research favorable to Israel. He is a financial donor and founder of the Saban Institute for the Study of the American Political System at the University of Tel Aviv. He is a member of the Board of Trustees at the Brookings Institution. In 2002 he pledged $13 million to found the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution."[1] Saban is the founder of Saban Entertainment and Fox Family Worldwide. More recently, he has made significant new gains. In 2003 he bought ProSiebenSat.1, Germany's largest privately-owned television network. [2] In 2006, he acquired Univision Communications, the largest Spanish-broadcasting television company in the US for the price of USD 12.3 billion. [3] "

WAYNE MADSEN ON MURDER OF CIA AGENT IN HOUSTON  5/16/2008 Site has numerous (not all) Wayne Madsen Reports on Roland Carnaby - May 15, 2008 -- CIA agent was monitoring Israeli finances - May 14, 2008 -- SPECIAL REPORT. CIA agent kept Mossad "close" - May 13, 2008 -- Carnaby subjected to character assassination campaign - May 5, 2008 -- Carnaby CIA status confirmed - April 30, 2008 -- BREAKING NEWS. UPDATED 4X. CIA agent gunned down by Houston police

Last gasp for Olmert's political career?  5/9/2008 IHT 

Poll: Most Jewish voters want Obama to win  5/9/2008 Jerusalem Post: "A new Gallup survey found that 61% of Jewish voters prefer Obama to McCain, who got 32% of the Jewish support. That number is far greater than the rate found for the general population, who only preferred Obama to McCain 45-43, according to the poll. Obama also still trails Clinton in Jewish support, according to the survey, with Clinton winning against Obama in the Jewish community 50%-43%. Though the results showed Obama is favored by the Jewish community, the Republican Jewish Coalition pounced on them to attack Obama. "In 2004, John Kerry received 75% of the Jewish vote and George W. Bush received 25%. The recent polling numbers demonstrate Obama's weakness among Jewish voters. This data comes on the heels of the exit poll data from the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania. Hillary Clinton beat Obama among Jewish voters 62%-38%," said RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks. But the Obama campaign dismissed his comments, with one adviser calling it, "a desperate attempt to squeeze one drop of lemonade out of a mountain of lemons."

Diamonds, Dubai, the Russian-Israeli Mafia and bin Laden  5/6/2008 Wayne Madsen: published 3/06 - "Osama was a rich man, a millionaire, but spend a lot on the Afghan war and reconstruction. While he was in Africa in exile, the Israelis approached him to take over the diamond business from the Lebanese in West Africa. (background: Muslims provide the strong arm for the raw diamond trade in West Africa, and it required a respected and tough Muslim like Osama to wrestle the trade away from the Shi'ites from southern Lebanon. The Israelis could not stand the thought of their Antwerp diamond industry financing suicide bombers in south Lebanon)." "With the diamond trade under his control, Osama became a billionaire (repeat), a billionaire . . . The diamonds were sent to the Russian mafiyah, who then sold to Antwerp."

John Mearsheimer Eviscerates the 'Times' Review of '1948'  5/4/2008 MondoWeiss: Mearsheimer co-wrote the Israeli Lobby - "Fifth, he clearly implies that the expulsion was the Arab's own fault. He writes: "The Arabs, it was said, had only themselves to blame for the upheaval: they’d started it. And, Morris notes, the Jews were only emulating the Arabs, who’d always envisioned a virtually Judenrein Palestine." This is an outrageous argument. The Zionist came to Palestine knowing full well that there were an indigenous people there and that they would have to steal their land. Margolick, to his credit, quotes Ben-Gurion saying that the Zionists stole their land. Of course, the Palestinians resisted the Jews. Who could blame them? Again, Ben-Gurion is worth quoting: “Were I an Arab, I would rebel even more vigorously, bitterly, and desperately against the immigration that will one day turn Palestine and all its Arab residents over to Jewish rule."

Roland Carnaby: Man shot by Houston Police, Attorney Says it was an "Assassination"  5/3/2008 JBlog Central: The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network: [This is the second such entry on Carnaby on "The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network," both casting doubt on Carnaby.]

Tie in with May 4 Houston Refinery FALSE FLAG? - CIA agent Roland Carnaby Killed by Houston Police  5/3/2008 CRIMES AND CORRUPTIONS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER NEWS: "WMR has learned that one individual who interposed himself with the media after Carnaby's shooting is a well-known Jewish-American asset for the Mossad station in Houston."

IDF choppers in service of drug cartel  4/27/2008 Ynet, Israel: "Another diplomatic incident threatens to taint U.S.-Israeli relations: The American government has recently demanded Israel clarify how five U.S.-made helicopters sold to Israel in the mid-70s found their way into the hands of a Columbian drug cartel."

Israel Might Have Many More Spies Here, Officials Say  4/26/2008 CQ Politics 

Spy case poses questions on size of Israeli ring  4/24/2008 AP: "Kadish and Pollard allegedly had the same handler, Yosef Yagur, "an intelligence agent under diplomatic cover" serving as an attache in Israel's New York consulate but covertly attached to Eitan's office, said Israeli intelligence expert Yossi Melman. Yagur is now retired and lives in Tel Aviv, Melman said. His telephone number is unlisted. "For years, Israel was involved in technological espionage in the U.S.," Melman said. "Kadish and Pollard were certainly not the only ones."

New espionage affair may be old story, but will greatly damage Israel  4/23/2008 Haaretz 

Former prosecutor says new spy case shows that Pollard case was bigger than thought  4/23/2008 AP: "A former US attorney says the arrest of a US Army veteran on charges he spied for Israel confirms that the 1985 case of Jonathan Pollard was bigger than suspected. Joseph DiGenova oversaw the Pollard case. He says 84-year-old Ben-Ami Kadish is alleged to have had the same Israeli handler as Pollard, a former US Navy analyst serving a life sentence for espionage. DiGenova says the similarities are eerie. He says it clearly indicates the case is bigger than these two."

Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel  4/16/2008 Haaretz: "We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq," Ma'ariv quoted the former prime minister as saying. He reportedly added that these events "swung American public opinion in our favor." ...Meanwhile, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad cast doubt over the veracity of the September 11 attacks Thursday, calling it a pretext to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. ..."Under this pretext, they [the U.S.] attacked Afghanistan and Iraq and since then, a million people have been killed only in Iraq."

Active U.S. Hate Groups  4/16/2008 Southern Poverty Law Center: The SPLC's hate map features black separatist groups right next to the KKK and the Nazi Party offshoots. They do not feature ADL, AIPAC and other pro-Zionist groups.

Photos: Against Apartheid in Montreal  4/12/2008 Tadamon 

'German firm helps Iran monitor Israel'  4/8/2008 Jerusalem Post: [The Iranians defend themselves, just as the Israelis defend themselves … against the US, with their massive surveillance of US telecoms, the more easily carried out via firms such as Comverse Infosys and Amdocs. These Tel Aviv based firms handle all phone billings in the US, as well as witetaps for the FBI.]

POISON GATE UPDATE NOW LINKED TO PLAME GATE  4/6/2008 CbusIMC: published 6/06 - "The Valerie Plame team had been investigating Litvinenko and his cohorts for direct links with the attempt to plant WMD in Iraq along with connections to 9-11, and the noted American Turkish Council. Yes, folks, Litvinenko knew Wildcard and he knew about the compromised cells on American soil. All tied to Russian-Israeli rogue mafia."

Hillary Clinton's Little-Noticed Israel Problem  4/3/2008 Mother Jones: "Yet even as Obama has been subjected to intense scrutiny, Senator Hillary Clinton has received virtually no attention for taking an unconventional position on Israel (albeit in a direction approved by pro-Israel hardliners). Her vow of support for Israel's claim on an "undivided Jerusalem," if enacted, would mark a major—and problematic—break with longstanding U.S. policy."

Jewish Labor Committee Attempts to Shut Down Boston Conference on Zionism  3/17/2008 New England Committee to Defend Palestine: "Zionists walked into a well-known center for left activists in Boston this week and managed, with a single complaint, to take away an already agreed-upon meeting space for an April conference on Palestine organized by the New England Committee to Defend Palestine. Around March 9, the local branch of a national group called the Jewish Labor Committee told the director of Encuentro 5 and the landlord of the building that houses Encuentro that the New England Committee to Defend Palestine is a "hate group" and demanded that it not be allowed to hold the conference in Encuentro's meeting space… Attacks like this are exactly the subject of the disputed conference… Zionist organizations like the JLC have more material and political power than perhaps at any time in the past. But this power is increasingly hollow, since it must increasingly assert itself by shutting down a discussion about that power--a discussion that is growing and moving into the mainstream. The JLC did not succeed by persuading Encuentro 5, but by threatening them through the building's owners. These are clearly threats that they have the power to carry out--a fact that proves what critics of zionism are saying. But this also demonstrates that while they have more material power than ever before, they have less ideological support than ever before. The legitimacy of the zionist project--the passive consent given to US support for "Israel"--is collapsing. That collapse must come before the serious fight over material power--a fight that is coming."

Israel in Colombia – Part I  3/15/2008 Machetera: "The serial killer had plenty to say about “Zionism’s firmness…which has always been used to defend itself, invade and capture territory…From there, I returned convinced that it is possible to topple Colombia’s guerrillas.” Castaño died in 2004 and recent history remembers him for what he was: one of Colombia’s bloodiest paramilitary members. However, Castaño was not alone in his training in Israel. Salvatore Mancuso, another “historical leader” of United Colombian Self-Defense (AUC, 1997), was there as well, although he is presently in prison. In the middle of the 1990’s, Mancuso organized the paramilitaries of the “Harmonious Cooperative,” financed by Álvaro Uribe Vélez, who was at that time the governor of Antioquia."

Israel en Colombia I  3/13/2008 Rebelion: "No obstante, y acaso de un modo no tan invisible, quien también sintió regocijo fue el general Israel Ziv, ex comandante del regimiento de Gaza, y el de más alto rango entre los oficiales israelíes que ocupan tareas relacionadas con el entrenamiento de personal en el gobierno colombiano. Los nexos militares entre Israel y Colombia datan del primer lustro de 1980, cuando un contingente de soldados del Batallón Colombia “… uno los peores violadores de los derechos humanos en el hemisferio occidental, recibieron entrenamiento en el desierto del Sinaí por algunos de los peores violadores de los derechos humanos en Medio Oriente”, según el investigador estadunidense Jeremy Bigwood. Experto en utilizar la ley de Libertad de Información para liberar documentos censurados por el gobierno de Estados Unidos, Bigwood observa que el entrenamiento de los jóvenes paras colombianos no podría haberse dado sin el permiso expreso de las más altas autoridades de las fuerzas de defensa de Israel."

The Media Repeats Stream of Lies About Obama  3/13/2008 Alternet: "What floods into one's inbox these days bears little or no relation to Obama's record. "Some of my earliest and most ardent supporters came from the Jewish community in Chicago," he has said. Obama ran for the Senate promising to help reconstitute the black-Jewish civil rights coalition. His first foreign policy speech of the campaign was before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), where he pledged "clear and strong commitment to the security of Israel." He has occasionally angered pro-Israel hawks by urging direct negotiations with Iran and Syria, but Obama's foreign policy record is well within the Democratic Party mainstream. He's committed to a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians, supported Israel's incursion into Lebanon in 2006 and has criticized Hamas. During his campaign for the presidency, Obama has been defended by AIPAC, the neoconservative New York Sun and The New Republic's Marty Peretz, a noted Israel hawk. And yet no defense of Israel by Obama -- or of Obama by the pro-Israel establishment -- seems to be enough. "When one charge is disproved, another is leveled," says Rabbi Jack Moline, who leads a synagogue in Alexandria, Virginia."

Washington Post Columnist Gives Private AIPAC Talks on How to Help Israel in '08 Election  3/12/2008 Mondoweiss 

The Kremlin's chief rabbi  3/4/2008 Haaretz: "Lazar, 43, came to Moscow from New York 18 years ago as the Lubavitcher Rebbe's emissary."

Good for the Jews? Hillary Clinton's surrogates are questioning Obama's commitment to U.S.-Israel relations.  3/3/2008 Newsweek: ""When Brzezinski's name appears on an advisory list, that's a red flag right away," says an influential American Jewish leader who did not want to sour relations with the Obama campaign. Many American Jews mistrust Brzezinski because he endorsed a 2006 article, later a book, called "The Israel Lobby," which blames many U.S. foreign-policy problems on Washington's ties to Israel. Lewis's aside is not an isolated incident. (She did not respond to a request for comment.) As the race between Clinton and Obama has sharpened in recent months, other Clinton campaign operatives have sent around negative material about Obama's relations with Israel, according to e-mails obtained by NEWSWEEK. In addition to Brzezinski, the e-mails attack Obama advisers such as Rob Malley, a former Clinton negotiator at the 2000 Camp David talks who has since written articles sympathetic to the Palestinian point of view, and they raise questions about Obama's relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the former pastor at Obama's Trinity Church in Chicago. Wright has criticized Israel, and Trumpet, a publication run by his daughter, gave an award for "greatness" to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who once called Judaism a "bloodsucking religion." (Obama disagreed with bestowing the award.)"

The Bonds That Kill - Obama and Israel  2/29/2008 Counterpunch 

Yes, There Is a Guerrilla War Against Zionism in the U.S. What Should Jewish Institutions Do?  2/22/2008 Mondo Weiss: "There is no end of evidence that this kind of rage is bubbling to the surface all over America. My sister-in-law tells me that the almost-censored If Americans Knew speech at the Greenwich Library last week was "a mob scene." I've blogged about the fact that at a Yivo event, neocon Iraq-war-planner Bill Kristol had a hunted look as he spoke of the craziness that had surrounded neocons since the war. Neocon chronicler Jacob Heilbrunn has seemed fearful in his public statements about his book, They Knew They Were Right: The Rise of the Neocons, stepping away from his own assertion that neocons formed cabals in the government. It is as if he is spooked by the snakepit he stepped into. The fact that our Israel policy has hurt us across the Arab world is no longer a revelation to Americans. They know it, and seem to want to do something about it. Jimmy Carter and Walt and Mearsheimer and the Iraq debacle have been an IV-drip into the American bloodstream."

Jewish functionaries stirring the Clinton-Obama race  2/15/2008 Haaretz: "Official Israel is making an effort to maintain a respectable neutrality. Has-beens are being called into the ring, like a former ambassador to Washington, Dan Ayalon, who jabbed Obama in a sensitive spot - the volume of his support for Israel. Ayalon is not alone. Jewish advisers and non-Jewish supporters are almost obsessively occupied with searching for skeletons in the black candidate's past. The Republican Party's neoconservative clique is trawling archives for "anti-Israeli" essays by advisers who had been seen in Obama's staff. Robert Malley, who was President Bill Clinton's special assistant during the Camp David talks, joined Obama. The neoconservatives reached Malley's father, a Jew of Egyptian descent, who, alas, kept childhood ties with Yasser Arafat. Malley junior is accused of publishing a joint article with an Oslo-supporting Palestinian, in which they dared to argue that Ehud Barak played a major role in the Camp David summit's failure in July 2000. Obama is working hard to allay the fears of "Israel's friends," a description reserved mainly for activists of the pro-Israeli lobby AIPAC and for Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents. As far as they're concerned, whoever doesn't support the Israeli government's policy 100 percent is unfit for leadership. Clinton is reaping the fruit of her investment in the Jewish community and Israel since first running for a Senate seat in New York. She is also benefiting from Bill Clinton's popularity in synagogues, Israeli homes and among his rich Jewish friends. A long list of initiatives and declarations has erased from the collective Jewish memory the first lady's "slip" in spring 1998, after Arafat threatened Benjamin Netanyahu with a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state. Clinton then said at a gathering of Israeli and Palestinian youth, members of the Seeds of Peace organization, that it was important to have a "functioning modern" Palestinian state." She also said "it will be in the long-term interest of the Middle East for Palestine to be a state...responsible for its citizens' and health care.'' "

USS Liberty Gets Its Own Weekly Radio Program on the Republic Broadcasting Network  2/14/2008 USS Liberty: "Now, a new development has taken place where the survivors of the Liberty will not be forced to beg a criminally-incompetent American media to tell their story. Beginning Saturday, February 23rd, the USS Liberty survivors will have their own live radio program appearing on the Republic Broadcasting Network found at The live, two-hour call-in program will appear every Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm CST and will be hosted by Phil Tourney, survivor of the Liberty and 3-time president of the Liberty Veteran’s Association and Mark Glenn, contributing editor for American Free Press newspaper. The weekly program, in addition to discussing the event taking place 40 years ago, will also be an in-depth analysis of current political events that have as their origin the fact that a United States ship was attacked in an act of premeditated war and was not rectified. Appearances by many of the other survivors of the Liberty will also be a regular theme, talking about what they went through that day and what has happened to them personally since that time."

Key Clinton Backer Guilty in Sibel Edmonds Case  2/13/2008 OpEd News: "Celebi, "one of the national leaders of the Turkish-American community in the US," is a key fundraiser for Clinton, and is one of Clinton's Chicago delegates to the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Celebi was also heavily involved in the controversial 2006 movie "Valley of the Wolves: Iraq" which has been widely regarded as "anti-Semitic, anti-American, conspiratorial agitprop." Mehmet Celebi is also a key figure in the Sibel Edmonds case - he is heavily involved in the narcotics trade in the US and the corruption and bribery of high-level US officials."

Anti-Semitism or Anti-Imperialism in Venezuela?  2/12/2008 Venezuela Analysis 

ODD FILM BY HILLARY BACKER  2/11/2008 NY Post: "SEN. Hillary Clinton has gotten cozy with a Turkish-born businessman whom some have described as anti-Semitic. Clinton's campaign Web site identifies Mehmet Celebi as one of her "HillRaisers" - someone who has raised at least $100,000 for her presidential bid. This despite Celebi's controversial producing credit on "Valley of the Wolves: Iraq" - a 2006 movie that depicted a Jewish doctor removing the vital organs of civilian prisoners to sell to wealthy transplant patients overseas."

Book review: "Israel and the Clash of Civilisations"  2/11/2008 Electronic Intifada: "I have described Cook's diagnosis as "uncompromisingly grim," and it must be said that Israel and the Clash of Civilisations left this reader with a depressing sense of impotence. Cook attempts to cheer us up in his final paragraph, concluding that "The most likely outcome [of US-Israeli efforts to remake the Middle East] ... was the forging of new political, religious and social alliances across the Middle East whose effects it was almost impossible to predict or imagine." Perhaps, however, there is more hope to be gleaned from the preface: "It is not entirely accidental that in dragging the US into a direct occupation of Iraq that mirrors Israel's own much longer occupation of the Palestinian territories, Israel has ensured that the legitimacy of both stands or falls together." Perhaps we are not too far from the day when the illegitimacy of the Iraq adventure will become so patent to Americans themselves that their blind support for the Zionist project will at last evaporate."

Me in New York Post's PAGE SIX - Why Are Hillary, Lib Jews Lying About Anti-Semitic Filmmaker, Hillary Fundraiser?  2/11/2008 Debbie Schlussel: "I'm quoted in today's New York Post on the PAGE SIX, regarding Turkish Muslim Mehmet Celebi, Hillary Rodham Cankles Clinton's anti-Semitic filmmaking fundraiser and delegate. Gateway Pundit Broke the story that Celebi was a key figure in the Hillary campaign and designated as a Hillraiser. I had written a lot about the film Celebi helped make, the anti-Semitic, anti-American "Kurtlar Vadisi-Irak," which rehearses old blood libels against Jews (which in the past have been used as an excuse to murder Jews en masse)."

A Discussion with Walt and Mersheimer The Power of the Israel Lobby  2/11/2008 Counterpunch 

Shocker!... Clinton Holocaust Denying "Hillraiser" Is Producer of Virulent Anti-Semitic, Anti-American Film  2/6/2008 Gateway Pundit: "Valley of the Wolves Iraq" was an anti-Semitic, anti-American film featuring American actor Gary Busey as a Jewish U.S. army doctor who cuts out the organs of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib and sells them to wealthy foreign clients."

Ha'aretz Rates the Candidates  1/29/2008 AntiWar: "Some critics of Middle Eastern policy have been hopeful that Barack Obama, who has less baggage on the issue than the other candidates, might approach the Israel-Palestine conundrum with a more open mind. Such hopes are fleeting, as Obama has adopted an increasingly strident pro-Israel line to make himself more electable. This line was apparently crafted by his key adviser on the region, Dennis Ross, a former State Department official who was the key negotiator between Palestinians and Israelis under President Bill Clinton. Ross has invariably tilted in the Israeli direction by defining most regional problems in terms of Israeli security concerns. When he is not advising Obama, Ross is now a "distinguished fellow" at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), the strongly pro-Israeli Washington think tank that was founded by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). He is also a Middle East analyst for Fox News… At the bottom of the heap? Yes, it's Barack Obama with a 5. He has tried to demonstrate that he is true blue when it comes to Israel by manfully supporting last year's invasion of Lebanon, which killed more than 1,000 civilians and caused billions of dollars worth of damage: "I don't think there is any nation that would not have reacted the way Israel did after two soldiers had been snatched. I support Israel's response to take some action in protecting themselves." I suppose that, In spite of the bad grammar, that came off a bit too eggheaded, not to mention mealy-mouthed. Obama lived for a while in Indonesia, which is known to be overrun with Muslims. He could himself be some kind of crypto-Islamofascist, and a few years ago he had some nice things to say about Palestinians. You lose, Barack."

Moscow police nab suspected Israeli-Russian mafia boss  1/27/2008 Haaretz: "According to sources in the Israel Police, Mogilevich was not particularly active in Israel, coming to the country primarily to receive citizenship and a passport. Israel was recently connected with the mafia boss, however, in an affair first revealed by the Moscow Times newspaper in 2003. The paper published a report claiming that companies founded by Mogilevich in Hungary and in Romania were connected with a money-laundering scheme in a big gas deal, which was intended for Poland but was carried out with a Russian energy holding company."

Gandhi Chased Out By Jews In Denial  1/27/2008 People's Voice: "The Washington Post has this 'On Religion' column that is supposed to talk about religious matters. Most often, this means some sort of story about how wonderful Judaism is and how nice it is for other religions to get along with each other and not fight over ownership of olive trees and mud huts. But when Gandhi's grandson dared to request Jews to please stop using the Holocaust as an excuse to steal and kill in the Holy Land, he was attacked and driven out of the 'Peace Institute' he led just as Jimmy Carter has been 'vanished' by the media for doing the same thing."

Who runs Hollywood? C'mon  1/19/2008 LA Times: "As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood. Without us, you'd be flipping between "The 700 Club" and "Davey and Goliath" on TV all day."

9-11 and Israel's Use of Terrorism to Coerce the West  1/9/2008 Bollyn: "In July 2006, the former prime minister and leader of the Likud, Benjamin Netanyahu, attended a two-day 60th anniversary celebration of the King David Hotel bombing with former terrorists of the Irgun and Haganah. The event was organized by the Menachem Begin Heritage House, the University of Haifa, and the Association of IZL [Irgun] Fighters. The seminar was held "to mark the 60th anniversary of the bombing of the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, by members of the United Resistance Movement (Haganah and Irgun)," The Jerusalem Post noted in its pre-event notices. The newspaper specifically noted that members of the Haganah and Irgun had been involved in the terrorist bombing. One of the terrorists even led a tour of the hotel he had bombed. The fact that the American-educated right-wing politician and terror specialist, "Bibi" Netanyahu, had participated in a two-day event celebrating the bombing of the King David Hotel was reported in the Jerusalem Post, and in leading newspapers in Britain, France, and India – but not a single word about the event was printed in the controlled press of the United States, the nation supposedly fighting a "War on Terror." "



American Council on Middle Eastern Policy

A brief history of Jewish anti-Zionism

Israeli Art Student Files  -

DEA report on Israeli spying - original text

What Really Happened - full list of references - Ukrainian Archives, for Russian Jewish organized crime  - compendium from Jewish sources
see CRIME AND PUNISHMENT: 'Russian' Mafia (and General Drugs) Department


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