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Contacting Obabi Laye

Obabi Laye

Oct '97:

The Obabi Laye group specializes in the major African cultures of Cuba with an all-star Matanzas line up which includes:

  • Virulina, singer and founding member of the Muñequitos de Matanzas
  • Barbarito, an Ori Ate, or head of religious family
  • Daniel Alfonso, bata player and percussionist
  • Radames, professor of percussion at Matanzas' Conservatory, member of Afrocuba de Matanzas
  • Puchito Berriel, son of Paula Perez (Afrocuba) and Israel Berriel (Muñequitos)

The group has as choreographer Danilito Perez and as directora Papin.

Danilito Perez, formerly of Afrocuba and Afrocaribeño, is a talented choreographer as well as omo ellegua and tata nganga. His main interest is in the preservation and revitalization of Cuba's African cultures.

Papin's son has been living in Spain for many years and represents the group there. He has organized a tour of Spain for October. The group will help strengthen a cabildo that has been founded there, a cabildo where people can come to receive initiations and learn about the religions.

Contacting Obabi Laye

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