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Workshops and Classes

Upcoming  in Cuba      Upcoming in Europe

Past in Cuba  

   Past in Europe

Upcoming  in the US

Past in the US

Ongoing Classes in the US
Ongoing Classes in Canada

See Conferences for academic conferences and courses.

Upcoming In Cuba                                          Traveling to Cuba


Upcoming in the US & Canada

See also Ongoing Classes in the US & Ongoing Classes in Canada

Upcoming in Europe

The London International Cuban Salsa Congress | 5th-9th April 2012

The following organizations hold music & dance courses in Cuba. See further down for classes offered in these countries.

Conjunto Folklorico

Cuban Salsa Holidays -



Tambó Cuba


Cubafolk in Paris, France

Yemayá, Toulouse, organize des stages 3 fois par an a Cuba

Institut Superieur des Arts Afro Cubain, Paris


Homero González and Salsa Cubana

Karamba with Danza Libre

La Timbala: La Timbala 


Center for Creative Education (CCE), Stone Ridge, NY 2005 trips available.

Carol Steele, Bay Area

PlazaCuba: 2005 trips available.

Sovereign Arts Society, Tucson, AZ

Classes in the UStop

Boston Rey Gonzalez, dance, percussion, orisha Boston Ongoing
Nurudafina Pili Abena, percussion, oral history Boston Ongoing
Bay Area  Carlos Aldama, percussion San Francisco Ongoing
Erick Barberia, song, dance, percussion Bay Area Ongoing
Freila de la Caridad Merencio Blanco Bay Area, Southern California Ongoing
  CubaCaribe Bay Area Ongoing
Afro-Cuban Dance Classes with Judith Justiz Bay Area Ongoing
Susana Arenas Pedroso, dance San Francisco, Berkeley, Richmond Ongoing
Ramon "Sandy" Garcia Perez, percussion Oakland, Berkeley Ongoing

Michael Spiro 
 weekly intermediate folkloric percussion/song. For more info, call 510-653-6873



Luis Valverde
Alice Arts Center 
14 ave y Alice 
cada miercoles 
730 to 9 pm 
Bailes Afrocubanos 
Oakland On-going
Los Angeles Teresita Dome Peréz, dancer formerly of Afrocuba de Matanzas, LA On-going
& Southern CA Weekly percussion workshops in LA with Robertito Melendez, LA Stage of the Arts, Inc On-going
Yemaya Dance Company Workshops, LA On-going
Juan Carlos Blanco Riera & Omo Ache, dance, percussion, song On-going
Arizona Tucson On-going
Miami Scheduled classes Ife-Ile, Inc Ongoing
New York Center for Creative Education Stony Ridge Ongoing
 Felix "Pupi" Insua New York Ongoing
Noibis Licea New York Ongoing
"La Mora" Danis Peres New York Ongoing
Xiomara Rodriguez New York Ongoing
Yesenia Selier New York Ongoing
Northwest Check RythmTrader's Board for classes Oregon and Washington Ongoing
Bembe Rhythms - The Religious Music of Cuba Seattle, WA Ongoing
Isidro Valor - song, percussion Portland, OR Ongoing
Academy of Cuban Folklore & Dance Seattle, WA Ongoing

Also check out

the extensive's Finding a teacher:

Casino Rueda Connection


Classes in Canada

Montreal, Quebec


Classes In Europetop

United Kingdom

La Timbala: rumba, afrocuban dance & percussion, conga habanera (Carnaval!)

Manchester, UK

Egbe Ilu Bata

London, UK

Weekly bata drumming circle
Guillermo Davis 'el iyawo'

London, UK

New classes in Salsa and AfroCuban, London, fall '06


Bremen, Umgebung


Past in Cubatop

 Taller Experiencial Diversidad, Identidad y TransformAcción


del 4 al 7 de Noviembre del 2009

En la Casa Comunitaria “La Ceiba”, Calle 51 esq. 48 No. 4425, Puentes Grandes. Municipio Playa.

El Forum Internacional de Innovación Social, la Sección Identidades, Diversidades y Comunicación Social y el Instituto Cubano de Investigación Cultural Juan Marinello


El XIII Simposio sobre el Patrimonio de los Pueblos del Caribe

1 - 4 diciembre, 2008 Guantanamo, Cuba

IX Rumba and Conga Workshop "Alfonso Iyaé" CubAché 2008.

13th and 14th December, 2008 Bejucal, la Habana

VIII Workshop of Rumba and Conga “Alfonso Iyaé” CubAché

8th – 9th December 2007


Conferencia sobre la Diaspora Africana

IX Taller de Africania en el Caribe “Ortiz – Lachatañere” 

3/12/07 - 3/16/07


VII Workshop of Rumba and Conga “Alfonso Iyaé”  CubAché; 


8th – 10th December 2006 Bejucal, Havana
Dance and Music Workshop in Cuba with Conjunto Folklorico Cutumba January 10-16, 2007 Santiago de Cuba
Conjunto Folklorico Nacional 1/15/07 - 1/19/07 FolkCuba invites you to participate in its International Folklore Laboratories in Havana, 15 days of rhythm beginning on the third monday in January and the first monday in July.
Meeting of Dancers in Cuba Nov 26 - Dec 1, 2006 Havana

Van Van, Adalberto Alvárez y su son, Charanga Habanera, Paulo FG, NG La Banda, Manolito Simonet y su trabuco, Pachito Alonso y sus Kini Kini, Yumuri y sus Hermanos, Azúcar Negra, Anacaona, Pupi y los que son son, Elito Revé and Isaac Delgado.

Salsa Cubana Holiday 2006 8/24/06-9/7/06

We have four specialised workshops, included in the price and exclusive to Salsa Cubana Holidays: Rumba, Afro-Cuban Dance and two workshops with Cuban rhythms. Specialist professors, from the  dance school and will head these classes and our team will ensure that improve your knowledge and skill during your holiday and, above all, have lot's of fun learning!


September 26th  to October the 2nd, 2005 Havana

VI Workshop of Rumba and Conga “Alfonso Iyaé” CubAché

10th – 11th December 2005 Havana

Race, Class and Culture: Research into the Cuban Experience. Led by Cuban writer, poet and lecturer Pedro Pérez -Sarduy, Havana, 

May 21 to 28, 2005 Havana

Simposio "La Industria de la Música en el siglo XXI. Evolución e historia del disco en Cuba"

May 24 to 27, 2005 Havana

La Plaza: Afro-Cuban Music and Dance, Folclor

July 22 – August 5, 2005 

Havana: Full-time professionals in music, dance, education, research or other area of the arts may qualify to travel legally to Cuba for this program.

Dedicated to the culture of the Yoruba 

April 5th - April 9th 2005 Santiago de Cuba

Afrocuban Folkloric Dance and Drum AND CARNAVAL!

August 15 to 29, 2004 Tambo Cuba, Matanzas
Afro-Cuban Religious Expressions 12/04, 2/05, & 3/05  Havana, Matanzas. Departure from the US. Rare opportunity to travel under a religious license. 2004, 2005 Various workshops in Havana - percussion, folkloric, religion
FolkCuba 2004 7/04 Workshops with the internationally acclaimed Conjunto Folklorico Nacional
Afrocuban Folkloric Dance and Drum - AND CARNAVAL! 8/15/04 - 8/29/04 Tambo Cuba, Matanzas
Taller de la Rumba y la Conga Charanguera en Bejucal 11/21/03 - 11/23/03 Havana, UNEAC, Salvador Gonzalez, "El Ambia"

Cuba’s Musical Heritage: The Performing Arts in Cuba

11/22/03 - 11/29/03

Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, by Common Ground, Cambridge, MA

IV Workshop of the Rumba and Conga Charanguera "Alfonso Iyaé"

12/21/03 - 12/29/03 Havana, UNEAC, Salvador Gonzalez, "El Ambia"
Afrocuban Folkloric Dance and Drum  12/27/03 - 1/12/03 Tambo Cuba, Matanzas with los Muñequitos and AfroCuba de Matanzas




Havana, La Timbala
Yemayá, Toulouse, France Apr 6 - Apr 20 Escuela Nacional de Arte, Havana:  dance, music, chanting

Spring Workshop Of Rumba And Conga Charanguera "Alfonso Iyaé 2003"

May 4-17, 2003 Havana, UNEAC

Rumba y Folklore

May 17 – 31, 2003

Matanzas, Cuba

Afro-Cuban Music and Dance

July 11– 25, 2003 Havana, PlazaCuba
SalsaMania Dance and Percussion Program  July 11 – 25, 2003 Havana, PlazaCuba
Yemayá, Toulouse, France Aug 8 - Aug 22, 2003 Escuela Nacional de Arte, Havana:  dance, music, chanting
Afrocuban Study Course in Havana: stellar line-up of musicians March 1 - 13, 2003 La Timbala and One Voice Music, Havana
Cutumba workshops Jan 4 - Feb 2, 2003 NY's Center for Creative Education, in Santiago

Study Tour of Cuban Music: The Havana - Oriente Express

January 12-28, 2003 Havana - Santiago, Afropop Worldwide
FolkCuba, Conjunto Folclorico Nacional January 13-26, 2003 Havana, Cuba
Salsa Dance Trip Jan 17-24, 2003
Roots of Carnival 2003 Jan 27 - Feb 9, 2003 La Timbala, UK & Havana
Yemayá, Toulouse, France Feb 14 - Feb 28 Escuela Nacional de Arte, Havana:  dance, music, chanting

III Workshop Rumba and Conga 
"Alfonso Iyaé 2002" 

December 27-29, 2002 Havana, Project of UNEAC featuring el Ambia
Salsa Dancing / Workshops January 10-17, 2003
Salsa Dancing / Workshops November 22 - 29, 2002
Latin Jazz Festival December 6-19, 2002
Connect with Afro-Cubans and see  how their cultural life of visual arts, music, dance, spiritual practices and literature (oral and written) have been influenced by traditional African religion.

6/28 - 7/14/02

T. Menelik Van Der Meer

Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba and Havana
A two week residency with one of the most famous Havana comparsas (carnival group) - Los Componedores de Batea

7/16/02 - 7/29/02

La Timbala, UK
University of Connecticut
Institute for African American Studies


Santiago, Trinidad, Matanzas. "Bata drumming in Matanzas and in Santiago de Cuba"
Special sessions with Cutumba in Santiago led by Jim Lepore

3/ 9 - 16/2002

Carol Steele leads group to study with AfroCuba de Matanzas January 19th - February 2nd, 2002 AfroCuba de Matanzas in Matanzas
 2º Taller de la Rumba y la Conga Charanguera 
en Bejucal
12/29/01-1/1/02 Havana, sponsored by UNEAC
Folkloric and Religious Dance and Music in Santiago January 5 – January 19, 2002 CCE, departure from Montreal, Quebec ($1,995)
Rumba y Folklor at the University of Matanzas,   January 5 – January 19, 2002 Rey Gonzalez
La Timbalas' Third Residential Afro Cuban Study Course

9/01 - 10/01

Percussion & dance classes in Matanzas 3/25 - 4/8/01 Percussionist Carol Steele presents Folklore in Cuba
Salsa at the beach - Casino classes

3/26/01 - 4/2/01, in Varadero
Afrocuban folkloric dance & drum

4/2/01 - 4/16/01, in Matanzas
Isla De Cuba -- Folkloric Tour 6/23 - 7/7/01 Matanzas and Jovellanos, Cienfuegos, Camaguey, Santiago De Cuba, Guantanamo, and Baracoa. Carolyn Brandy and Cultura Communitaria
XXI Festival Del Caribe, Santiago De Cuba


features an extensive workshop on popular religion, which translates to religions of African origin.


Mambo Fanatics Cuba Trip

1/12/00 - 1/22/00

Habana, Matanzas, Santiago, dance & percussion workshops
Folkloric Intensive with Los Muñequitos de Matanzas

1/1/01 - 1/7/00, in Matanzas
Dance, song & percussion courses, "Rumba y Folklor"

1/8/01 - 1/19/01

in Matanzas, at the University and in the community, led by Rey Gonzalez of Afro-Cuba
Afrocuban folkloric dance & drum - for intermediates, with los Muñequitos

1/8/01 - 1/21/01, in Matanzas
Workshops and Field Research in Matanzas, Cuba: Proyecto Palo Monte

1/13/01 - 1/21/01

in Matanzas
Latin American Folk Institute offers course with Conjunto Folklorico Nacional 1/14/00 - 1/28/01 in Habana
Percussion & dance classes with Afrocuba de Matanzas

1/21/01 - 2/3/01

led by percussionist Carol Steele, in Matanzas
Ritmos Afro-Cubanos

12/00 - 1/01

Center for Creative Education, in Santiago
Jazz & Rumba Tap
during the Jazz Fest

12/12/00 - 12/22/00, in Havana
La Timbala in Cuba


in Havana
Percussion Workshop,  Havana and Matanzas


 Eleggua Project, Torontotop
FolkCuba with the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional

Jul, '00

Havana, contact: PARADISO, Sr. José Matias Maragoto, Telf. (537)311357, Fax: (537)333810, Email:
Tambó "popular" workshops in Matanzas and Havana


Tambó, a Canadian organization that runs workshops in Cuba
Percussion Workshop,  Havana and Matanzas


 Eleggua Project, Toronto
Workshop with Clave y Guaguanco Oct 12 - 16 '99 Havana, organized by LaTimbala, UK
Eleggua Project, Interdisciplinary Conference and Field research

1/3/00 - 1/17/00

All over Cuba, many sites of intense cultural and religious interest
Tambó folkloric workshops in Matanzas and Havana

1/3/00-1/17/00 and 1/17/00-1/31/00

Tambó, a Canadian organization that runs workshops in Cuba
January 2000: Ritmos Afro-Cubanos

January 8-23, 2000

Santiago, with Cutumba.  Sponsored by UNEAC and the Center for Creative Education, Stone Ridge, NY
Palo Monte 2000: studying percussion in Matanzas

1/9/2000 - 1/15/2000

Stage of the Arts, Los Angeles, Sociedad Antropologica de la Isla de Cuba


Proyecto Palo Monte, AFROCUBAN DRUMS, RITUALS & CULTURES, Workshops and Field Research in Matanzas, Cuba

6/20 - 6/26, '99

Matanzas, with Israel Molinaire and Jorge L. Rodríguez.
Eleggua Project, Interdisciplinary Conference and Field research

6/21 - 7/5 '99

All over Cuba, many sites of intense cultural and religious interest
Contemporary Cuban Percussion & Dance Workshop June 20 - July 3, '99 Havana, Escuela Nacional de Arte (ENA). Through Caribbean Music & Dance

Past in the UStop

Exploration in AfroCuban Dance & Drum

 July 25-August 1, 2009

Humboldt State University, near Arcata, CA
Afro-Cuban Dance Camp

May 9-11, 2008

A weekend workshop in the Catskills with Xiomara Rodriguez, Reynaldo Gonzalez, Susana Arenas Pedroso, Mona Estime-Amira 
Rey Gonzalez  4/3/08-4/6/08 Tucson, AZ
Classes in dance, percussion, and song
11th annual Humboldt State Explorations in AfroCuban Dance & Drum


Arcata, CA

CubaCaribe Presents Cuba Camp in Oahu Hawaii

12/15 - 12/19/06

Ramón Ramos Alayo Gathers Top Cuban Talent to Teach the Rhythms, Music and Movement of the Island to Cuban Enthusiasts.
Catherine Evleshin - rumba dancing Portland, OR Oct 04
African Diasporan Dance in the Americas: Cuba, Jamaica, and Brazil Portland State Fall '03
Cutumba Stone Ridge, NY 11/02
Orquesta la Moderna Tradición Geneva, NY 11/21 -11/22
7th Annual Exploration in AfroCuban Dance & Drum, Humboldt State, CA  7/20 - 7/27/02
Ballet Folklorico Cutumba's Bandera & Isaac to visit US based out of NY state Center for Creative Education, 9/00-10/00
5th Annual Exploration in AfroCuban Dance & Drum
7/23-7/30, 2000
Humboldt College, Arcata, CA
Ernesto Cardenas and Sovereign Arts: Rueda and Casino, the hot new/old Cuban dance craze 2/00 - 5/00 Tucson, AZ
4th Annual Exploration in AfroCuban Dance & Drum Jul 10-22, '99 Humboldt State University, Northern California

Past in Europetop

Salsa and Cuban Dance with Guillermo Davis 'el Iyawo' from Danza Libre

London, UK 2001-2002
AfroCuban dance workshop

London, UK

Sep to 25th Oct 7:30pm-9:30pm

Percussion workshop with Tata Guines, Changuito, Oscar Valdez:

Arles, France 9/00
Percussion & Vocals Workshops with Clave y Guaguanco's Santiago Garzon and Arturo Martinez June - July, '99 Manchester, UK.  Put on by La Timbala Music and Dance

Past in Canada

The Summit Afro Cuban/African drum and dance workshop, May 19 - 23, 2005
The Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada

Just a reminder to get your registrations in for The Summit Afro Cuban/African drum and dance workshop soon...we need deposits by March 15th to hold the rooms. Space is tight at the Banff Centre during this time (the International Jazz Workshop is happening simultaneously) so if we can’t promise them the numbers we need by the 15th of March, we will have to cancel the workshop. We have some registrations and lots of is those of you who are interested who we need to act now! Go to and click on The Summit for registration forms.

Some updates...

Toto Berriel will not be able to join us to teach the percussion classes but Michael Spiro from San Francisco will be our new percussion faculty member. Many of you know of Michael, I am sure, but for more info about him, go to:

NEW ADDITIONAL DANCE INSTRUCTOR!! Lourdes Tamayo of Havana will be joining our dance faculty. Lourdes danced for 25 years with Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba, is renowned for her Yambu interpretation and a well-known teacher of International workshops in and out of Cuba. She has vast knowledge of all of Cuba’s folkloric dances, and is a stylistic master of Cuban Popular dance.

Remember that there is drumming and dancing, but we also have some great Cuban musicians with us prepared to teach saxophone, violin, and drum set.

Please rally your interested friends to register now...and see you in Banff for five days of intense African, Afro Cuban and Salsa!


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