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Alberto JonesThe Alberto Jones Column XIII -  2010

Dr. Alberto Jones is a member of the West Indian Welfare Society in the city of Guantanamo, Cuba who now resides in northern Florida. He is an activist with strong communal ties to his homeland and is the director of the Caribbean American Children's Foundation as well as a director of the Cuban American Alliance Education Fund, Inc. He writes regularly on issues concerning Cuba, and we present his letters and columns here.  Past columns are in Alberto Jones Column, Column I covering the period 1998 - 1999, Column II, 2000,  Column III, 2001 (Part I), Column IV, 2001 (Part II), Column V, 2002, Column VI, 2003, Column VII, 2004, Column VIII, 2005, Column IX 2006, Column X 2007, Column XI in 2008, Column XII in 2009, Column XIII in 2010Column XIV in 2011, Column XV in 2012, Column XVI in 2013, Column XVII in 2014, Column XVIII from 2015 to 2016, Column XIX from 2017 to 2019, and Column XX from 2020 to 2021. See also Alberto Jones on Race & Identity.

Alberto Jones has been featured in Seeing the people, not Cold War politics, Times-Union, 2/07, by Tonyaa Weathersbee, a member of the Trotter Group of Black Columnists.

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US-CUBA relations at a deadly crossroad, Part I, 12/8/2010top

During a highly anticipated campaign speech in Miami in May 2008, Barack Obama drew a thunderous applause from a large audience when he denounced president George W. Bush’s failed isolationist policy towards Cuba.

He went on to say, if elected, he would name a special envoy to Latin America, invest millions of dollars in a region that had been neglected, open travel to Cuba especially for Cuban-Americans, because they would be the best ambassadors of democracy. He further expressed his willingness to discuss existing political differences with the Cuban government.

Two years later, the only promise kept by the now President Barack Obama has been relaxing the Cuban-Americans travel regulations, a boost to Miami’s Cuba-related economy and an incredible 64% approval rate in that city, according to a recent Bendixen poll.

At the same time, Cuban-Americans from across the United States have expressed their total support for these new regulations, by voting in mass with their feet as they travel to their homeland in droves, despite lingering, unfriendly, quasi hostile treatment by some Immigration and Customs officials, who continue to perceive Cuban-Americans as potential enemies.

It therefore becomes an imperative to improve the Cuban-Americans visitors’ and Cuban airport officials’ relations, in order to consolidate this new development, by creating a more friendly, welcoming atmosphere, as it is elsewhere around the world.

Another very serious issue that should not be ignored because of the negative impact it exerts on thousands of elderly and low income Cuban-Americans, who are denied the opportunity to visit their country, because of the onerous processing fee for their Passport and Visa and for having to purchase the most expensive airline ticket in the world.

Proof of the above, is the fact that a round trip ticket Miami-Dominican Republic or Miami-Haiti, which is twice the flying time Miami-Santiago de Cuba, can be purchased regularly for $225.00 as opposed to $500.00 for the latter.

Additionally, thousands of senior citizens and others fearful of flying, could benefit immensely with the introduction of a Fort Lauderdale-Habana and a Fort Lauderdale-Santiago de Cuba Ferry Service, which could double or triple the passenger/cargo volume immediately, with substantially lower ticket prices.

For some, these thoughts may suggest I have digressed from the main topic. Rather, they are intended to foster, develop and expand on the only US-Cuba measure that President Barack Obama has enacted.

The disastrous effect that the November 4, 2010 mid-term election has had on the Democratic Party and on President Barack Obama, where Councilmen, Mayors, State Legislators, Governors, Judges, US Congressmen and Senators were swept out of office like garbage, has turned out to be the worst Democratic Party political debacle in over sixty years.

With the Democrats demoralized and weakened, none of those campaign promises that the President had enunciated and failed to enact will be brought up during the second half of his presidency, because of his indecisiveness, his unwillingness to step on toes and his propensity to compromise although he had the majority in Congress and in the Senate

Conversely, the Republican Party and the Tea Party strength and authority has grown exponentially, enabling them to elect across the nation the most reactionary, religious fundamentalist, xenophobic and backward politicians to high offices in recent US history.

The right-wing Cuban-American Congressional delegation has never before been in such a strong, challenging, leadership position, from which they will be able, with the aid of many radical newcomers, to reformulate the views, approach and direction of a large and important section of the United States government.

With the appointment of US Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen as Chair of the all-powerful Foreign Relations Committee, we can only imagine the bellicose, aggressive, war-like bills that will be coming out of her office, while no one proposing understanding, dialogue or friendship with a host of government she hates will be heard.

The net result of the US-Cuba relations following the disastrous mid-term election, may be recorded as the greatest political setback in the past fifty years, which can easily escalate into a political, military confrontation similar to the tragic days of the Missile Crisis in 1962. 

For half a century, Cuba has defended herself against these brutal aggressions by denouncing them in the media, appealing to every reputable international organization, solidarity groups, high profile international scholars, Nobel Prize winners and children’s organizations in vain. Not even the nineteen consecutive yearly condemnations by the United Nations General Assembly, demanding that the United States cease and desist its wicked blockage against Cuba, have moved this President or any of his predecessors to uphold this worldwide demand.

The only thing we are sure of at this moment is that the Cuban people have suffered too much, they are exhausted and they are demanding a moment of peace, happiness and tranquility for their homeland and their children.

After carefully reviewing this new terrifying scenario, it is no exaggeration if we conclude that if the embargo is not effectively dismantled and brought to a crashing, deafening end, it may well live with the Cuban people for the next fifty years.

In the name of peace, harmony, love and understanding among the people of the United States and Cuba, I will offer to the world, some unsolicited, lay, empirical, never tried, nothing to loose suggestions, that if they were to work as anticipated would shatter the support base of the genocidal embargo imposed upon our people.

General Antonio Maceo, Then, Now and Forever, 12/10/2010top

On December 7th 1896, General Antonio Maceo, the greatest son of Africa ever to live in Cuba, fell in a skirmish in Punta Brava, Havana, after rising through the ranks from an enlisted soldier to second in command of the Cuban Army of Independence.

After leading the Cuban Army of Independence successfully into its most decisive and critical battles during the 10 Year War, the Protest of Baragua and the War of Independence in 1895, during which he faced and defeated on the battle ground each of Spain most courageous, accomplished and decorated army Generals, for which he earned the honorable title of the Bronze Titan.

His outstanding leadership was tested over and over in the most diverse circumstances in which he had the opportunity demonstrate his love of country, patriotism, fidelity and courage, which lead Jose Marti, the father of the Cuban Nation, to proclaim that the power of his brain was equal to the power of his arm that held his sword.

If there was ever a role model to influence the behavior, hopes and aspirations of the Cuban youths, especially those of African ancestry, it was the Maceo family in general and General Antonio Maceo in particular, who was like a lighthouse leading us into a safe harbor.

It is therefore very painful for hundreds of thousands of Afro-Cubans to witness how 114 years after this tragic event, so much of the core values for which he lived, fought and died remain unfulfilled and out of reach for too many of his children.

No one in his/her right mind can deny the extraordinary educational advances that Afro-Cubans have made in the past half a century. Yet, the socio-economic gap between us and other ethnic groups have persisted and widened in many cases.

A clear and determined effort by many in positions of authority within the government or holding administrative responsibilities has segregated and relegated Afro-Cubans to the least desirable jobs, poor living quarters, stagnation, opposing their promotion into positions of high visibility, all of which have been clearly identified, repeatedly exposed and denounced with limited or no success. Racism is today a fact of life in Cuba.

For this monstrosity to take place in the land of General Jose and Antonio Maceo, Quintin Banderas, Mariana Grajales, Juan Almeida, Jesus Menendez, Guillermon Moncada, Juan Gualberto Gomez and thousands of others exemplary Afro-Cubans, is an affront to our history and moral values.

This very serious failure through neglect or indifference, lead to a spurious document entitled “Acting on our Conscience” which hit the cyberspace on December 1, 2009 like an atomic bomb pretending to address this repulsive reality.

In fact, it’s only purpose was to pit Black intellectuals, scholars, religious leaders and ordinary people in the Black world against each others, forcing many to take side in this thorny issue, weakening our tenuous unity and turning everyone into losers.

This divisive, sectarian, opportunist document did irreparable harm to our struggle to earn our rightful share and social dignity in our country that was founded under the banner of “With All and for the Wellbeing of All“.

Likewise, for those responsible to correct and eradicate this revolting social manifestation from our society, they should be reminded that by ignoring this festering wound, by not confronting head on this viper or by pretending this corrosive mental secretion will fade away, they are setting up themselves for a rude awakening when this malignancy metastasizes out of control across the island.

The murder of Placido, the Ladder Conspiracy, Triunvirato, the massacre of thousands of members of Independent Party of Color and others are graphic examples of when such deranged behavior is left unchecked.

On the other hand, Cuba’s monumental internationalist solidarity contributions during the past fifty years in Algeria, Congo, Mozambique, Grenada, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia, Jamaica, East Timor, Pakistan, Ethiopia, and no where else like in Haiti, Angola and South Africa, supersedes, obliterates and debunk all questions, doubts or insinuations attempting to tarnish Cuba’s well established position in favor of the poor, ignored and abused.

Although it is clear, that Cuba has a monumental task at home to clean-up its racial inequality and racism at the earliest date possible, the horrendous earth quake that flattened Port au Prince on January 12, 2010, causing over 250,000 dead, 300,000 wounded and maimed and 1.5 million women, children and elderly without shelter, exposed to a harsh tropical environment, compel all men of good will around the world, to put on hold their national issues and focus on this unprecedented calamity.

Immediately following this disaster, I published “ A moment of reckoning” 1/13/10, “Act now in Haiti before it is too late” 2/15/10 and “Will we allow Haiti to die” 11/5/10 to no avail. Today, more than 30,000 victims have contracted Cholera and 2,000 have died unnecessarily due to this foreseeable and preventable disease outbreak.

As the world learned about the magnitude of this disaster, an incredible outpouring of solidarity took shape with nearly every country offering every possible type of assistance. Billions of dollars were pledged and Barack Obama enlisted two US ex Presidents to lead the recovery effort.

Eleven months later, Haiti continue to be plagued by inefficiency, indolence and ineptitude in face of massive human suffering. Many of those supposed to lead the recovery effort have engaged in posturing, photo-ops, press releases, and in TV and Radio appearances.

The time has come for us ordinary people to step up to the plate. This tragedy is basically an American, Caribbean, African disaster, irrespective of all of the humanitarian support and kindness of the rest of the world.

As we write these notes, 200,000 school children are on the streets of Port au Prince without shelter, schools, healthcare, and food, seriously exposed to a host of transmissible diseases.

No country in the world except Cuba, has the infrastructure, human resources, expertise, commitment with the pain and suffering of the poor and the political will, to open its doors and confront a problem of this magnitude, which calls for the immediate relocation of thousands of these victims to a safe haven, where all basic means of survival will be available.

But Cuba cannot do it alone. Cuba is undergoing its most critical financial crisis in its 500 plus years history. Cuban-Americans elected to the US Congress and Senate have already put Cuba on notice of enhanced punitive measures, determined to inflict greater suffering and deaths on its people.

Tens of thousands of Afro-Americans physicians, attorneys, accountants, businesspeople, churches, social organizations, farmers and educators, need only to provide a once a year nominal donation to save these children.

Hundreds of thousands of emigrants from the Caribbean and Latin America in the first world should be persuaded to do likewise. Each of our Caribbean Islands and Central American countries, albeit with their own poverty, should make a public commitment of their level of financial or material contribution.

If all nations on their own, their citizens and institutions would once and for all shelve temporarily all divisive sentiments and come together in the largest and most important humanitarian airlift in our hemisphere, this could enable the relocation of tens of thousands of Haitian children from their Port au Prince disaster zone, to fully refurbished and equipped schools on the Isle of Youth in Cuba.

This proposal may sound novel, outrageous or undoable to those not familiar with Cuba’s history. In the decade of 1960-70’s, over 40 thousands students from war torn African countries were safely removed to the Isles of Pines, where they received shelter, education, food, healthcare and culture. Thousands of these survivors can be found in their country or adopted countries, sharing their higher education expertise in every field of science, health or culture.

Haiti is no different from Africa or anywhere else. Putting in motion a project of this nature, can not only save these children, but it can also open a path for that country’s development, leaving behind ignorance, backwardness and the scorn of others, by becoming the shinning light that L’Ouverture, Desalines and others fought and died for.

We need not to depend of hundreds of millions of dollars that were donated for these purposes, most of which are sitting in mega banks, paying exuberant wages to bureaucrats or on their luxury office space rentals.

Now is the time for the entire world to begin to address the un-payable debt it has contracted with Haiti, for all what Haiti have thought and given to the world and for all the pain and suffering, the world has inflicted on this victimized nation.

A Looming US Foreign Relations Disaster in the making: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen to Chair the House Foreign Affairs Committee, 11/28/10top

An apparently benign, innocuous article reproduced in the Daytona Beach News-Journal 11/27/10 “Ily to lead Foreign Affairs”, which refers to Cuban-American Ileana Ros-Lehtinen to chair the House Foreign Affairs Committee, will have a catastrophic, long-term, confrontational impact on US relations with the most important nations in Latin America and many more around the world.

US Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen has demonstrated during her 25 years in the Florida Legislature and the US Congress that she is a vicious, rabid political extremist, who in order to address her visceral hate against Cuba, her vindictive feelings against the Cuban government for having “hurt my Dad”, is willing to allow her deranged inner bitterness to pull this country to the edge of the precipice.

Just in Latin America, Mrs. Ros-Lehtinen will put the US on a collision course with oil rich Venezuela, Brazil and Ecuador, in addition to Argentina, Paraguay, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Mexico and the Caribbean islands.

Completely oblivious of the fact that half a century of confrontation with Cuba has only served to inflict indescribable pain, hunger, destruction and death on the Cuban people who she claims to love. The goals of the US embargo to decapitate the Cuban government has failed and will continue to fail, as long as we continue on this belligerent path that may re-enact the horrific days of the missile crisis of 1962.

Working against the best interest of our State, Mrs. Ros-Lethinen has devoted her life to incite and fan the flames of hatred between the US and Cuba. While more than 20 States of the Union are continuously leading business delegations to Cuba, opening agricultural, medical and other markets that have earned our country billions in sale, she has done everything she possibly can to shut off every avenue of dialogue, friendship and understanding .

With the arrival of President George W. Bush to the White House, Mrs. Ros-Lethinen, the Diaz-Balart brothers, Bob Menendez, Senator Mel Martinez and other extremists, rammed through the US Congress the most inhumane, anti-family bill against Cuban-Americans in history. This Bill restructured the Cuban family, by excluding aunts and uncle, allowing only closest family members a one-week visit every three years and forbidding each visitor from spending more than $50 a day.

A graphic example of the wicked entrails of those supporting this Bill was a response to a question posed to a high ranking State Department official during a press conference as to what would happen if a Cuban-American should need to visit an ailing family member in Cuba who would die at a later date? His response said it all: “It is for them to decide if they choose to visit a dying family member or to be at the funeral.”.

Tragically, the damage and hardship created by these mean spirited actions has been felt in Miami as well. The huge Flee Market on 36th street with hundreds of small enterprises went out of business, Calle 8 suffered irreparable hardship, the charter airlines Concourse at the Miami International Airport suffered severe financial distress and hundreds of Cuban-Americans became beggars on 103rd street in Hialeah.

A mere five months since President Barack Obama lifted these cruel measures, flights/passenger to Cuba have experienced a 6 fold increase, 20th street SW has gone from an eye sore to a booming small business area in Miami that was deserving to be featured in Times Magazine. Much, much more mutually beneficial development could be achieved, if reason and logic were to prevail over hate and destruction.

US Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen’s pervasive obsession with Fidel Castro and Cuba lead her to utter the obnoxious remarks of “I welcome the opportunity of having anyone assassinate Fidel Castro.” She threw her full political weight behind the failed kidnapping attempt on six year old shipwrecked Elian Gonzalez, who had experienced the drowning death of his mother, nine friends and who may have suffered greater trauma than most of us in our lifetime. He certainly did not receive simple motherly love and comfort from that gang of hate mongers.

Thousands of citizens of Florida demand of US Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen and the rest of the Cuban-American delegation to Congress that they focus on the massive housing crisis in our state, job creation, health and education crisis, violent crime, drug abuse and tens of other maladies that have a direct impact on the lives of our citizens, rather than spewing out bilious hatred and frustration everywhere.

The state of Florida with its similar climate, geographical proximity, common cultural and historical links with Cuba, should begin to develop the closest socio-economical-complementary, mutually beneficial relation with its closest and most powerful neighbor. Failure to do so will expose numerous weaknesses and vulnerabilities we have as compared with Cuba that may wreak havoc in the near future to our economy and livelihood, now that Cuba has began to open and expand its development.

topNi un día de Paz para Cuba, 22/11/2010

HAVANA TIMES, 22 nov.- El día 6 de Abril de 1960, Lester D. Mallory,  sub-Secretario de Estado para Asuntos Inter-Americanos, escribió en un memorando interno: “La mayoría de los Cubanos apoyan a Castro….el único mecanismo previsible para enajenar el apoyo interno debe ser a través del desencanto y la insatisfacción basado en la frustración y dificultades económicas…cada medio debe ser tomado rápidamente para debilitar la vida económica de Cuba.
Mallory propuso una línea de acción la cual….lograría los mayores avances al privar de dinero y suministros a Cuba, reducción de salarios para incrementar el hambre, desesperación y el derrocamiento del gobierno.
Un embargo económico, comercial y financiero fue impuesto a Cuba en el mes de Octubre de 1960, el cual se convirtió en un embargo casi total, el 7 de Febrero de 1962, después que ciudadanos y corporaciones propiedad de ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos fueran nacionalizados.
Mi hija mayor Isabel Maria, nació el día 27 de Febrero, veinte días después que esta infame ley fuera establecida.  Siete meses después, el día 22 de Octubre, Isabel Maria, su madre y yo, nos encontró apiñados a oscuras en nuestra vivienda de Guantánamo, esperando por el comienzo de la conflagración nuclear, la peor crisis militar de nuestras vidas.
Desde entonces, cada argumento plausible real o imaginario, ha sido invocado por todas los subsiguientes gobernantes de los Estados Unidos, tratando de justificar el mantenimiento del embargo como son:
-  Por la pérdida propiedades en Cuba y la prohibición  del gobierno de los USA para que acepten la compensación ofrecida.
-  Por Cuba haberse declarado  socialista.
-  Debido a la presencia de misiles nucleares en Cuba.
-  Por cuanto Cuba fue acusada de “exportar” revoluciones hacia América Latina.
-  Debido a las intervenciones militares de Cuba en África.
-  Debido a la falta de elecciones abiertas, multi-partidistas y las violaciones de derechos humanos.
-  Debido a la falta de libertad de expresión  y la existencia de presos políticos.
-  Por estar Cuba en la lista de países terroristas.
Mudando constantemente la meta
A fin de continuar sosteniendo estos argumentos y seguir moviendo la meta, cientos de millones de dólares han sido gastados por el Departamento de Estado de los Estados Unidos a través de fundaciones fantasmas a fin de crear una enorme maquinaria propagandística alrededor del mundo, con el propósito de distorsionar la imagen de Cuba y la de  sus dirigentes, debilitar las instituciones Cubanas a través de grupos subversivos que han sido  creados, financiados y dirigidos por ellos, montar un baraje diversionista en  radio, TV, literatura y cine así como al proveer salvaguarda a conocidos terroristas en los Estados Unidos.
Legalmente, estas medidas han sido impuestas a través de diferentes mecanismos como son la expulsión de Cuba de la OEA, oponiéndose a que gobiernos de Europa occidental inviten a altos funcionarios Cubanos a sus países, creación de medidas anti-Cubanas selectivas como son, Pedro Pan, la Ley de Ajuste Cubano, Pie Seco/Pie Mojado, la Oficina de Control de recursos económicos Cubanos, Comerciando con el Enemigo, el Acta de Democracia Cubana y la ley Helms-Burton entre otras.
Cuba ha respondido a estas acciones agresivas, mediante la presentación de quejas en conferencias internacionales, simposios, asambleas políticas, ONU, CARICOM, SÉLA, ALBA y otras instituciones, donde han denunciado el efecto demoledor de esta asfixiante medida sobre la vida, el bienestar y desarrollo de la nación.  A través del tiempo, este mensaje ha logrado permear la poderosa barrera económica que los Estados Unidos ha erigido, tratando de escudarse de este acto despectivo.
Todas las instituciones mencionadas más arriba y otras, han condenado esta imposición genocida al pueblo de Cuba y la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas ha denunciado y pedido durante 19 años consecutivamente, sea suspendida esta reprochable decisión, el cual los Estados Unidos ha ignorado en forma flagrante.
A lo largo y ancho de los Estados Unidos, cada día son más los Condados, Ciudades, Estados, Congresistas, Senadores, Empresarios, Grupos Humanitarios, Religiosos, Académicos, Centros de Investigaciones, Juristas, de la Salud y otras instituciones de reputación, que han denunciado y demandado que el gobierno de los Estados Unidos rescinda estas medidas draconianas y de pasos concretos a fin de normalizar sus relaciones con Cuba.
Obama encendió la llama de la esperanza
Durante su campaña presidencial y después de haber sido electo presidente, Barack Obama represento un viso de esperanza que condujo a millones alrededor del mundo a creer que la fosilizada relación antagonista entre los Estados Unidos y Cuba, seria tratada de manera diferente.  Cambio, fue el lema de su campaña política.
Veintidós meses después de asumir la presidencia, el único cambio visible en la disputa US-CUBA, esta dado por la restauración del derecho a viajar de los Cubano-Americanos, tal cual era durante la administración de Bill Clinton y por permitir un número ilimitado de visitas y envíos de remesas familiares.
A pesar de que la presidencia de Barack Obama tenía una mayoría en el Congreso y en el Senado, muchas de las medidas que este propuso, carecían del vigor y una inflexible defensa , lo cual condujo al ala de la  extrema derecha del partido Republicano, sabihondos y a personalidades de la radio y TV a interpretar su forma amigable, no combativo como un signo de debilidad, lo que los llevo a cuestionar abiertamente su ciudadanía, si era o no musulmán y declarándole la guerra a cada uno de las iniciativas o proyecto de leyes que presentara el partido Demócrata, erosionando su base de sustentación y su autoridad.
El 2 de Noviembre del año 2010, después de estar gobernando la nación que le fuera entregado por el peor presidente en la historia reciente de este país, con la economía al borde del colapso y una población desmoralizada, Barack Obama ha sido culpado de todo lo mal hecho por una población enardecida, la cual ha sido bombardeada durante meses con cuantas mentiras degradantes y tácticas intimidatorios, lo que fue posibilitado por cientos de millones de dólares en fondos de campaña política.
La derrota electoral fue devastadora en el Congreso, Senado, Gobernadores, Alcaldías, Concejales, dondequiera.  Sobre el medio día del día 3 de Noviembre, Barack Obama con ojos semi-llorosos describió el resultado electoral como humillante, disculpándose, a la vez que expreso su deseo de colaborar estrechamente con la dirección entrante del partido Republicano.
Al darse por vencido y lamentarse por haber hecho lo correcto, el presidente Barack Obama le ha enviado un mensaje claro a esos que habíamos depositado nuestras esperanzas en él y confiado en que su administración fuese diferente,  que estaría dispuesto a extenderle la mano a aquellos países con los cuales los Estados Unidos mantenía una relación espinosa.
Para esos cubanos que comparten su cumpleaños con mi hija Isabel Maria y millones más que nacieron antes o después que ella, este escalofriante mensaje de continuidad, que nada cambiaria, sugiere  que lo único que parece importarles, es la supervivencia política del presidente.
Grandes logros de la ultraderecha en el Congreso
Complicando aun mas lo dicho anteriormente, es la triste realidad que un puñado de Cubano-Americanos ultra-derechistas, otros que están en el Congreso y el Senado, han diseñado y tejido  una poderosa madeja de cabildeo, que imita casi a la perfección el cabildeo Judío, con su impenetrable dogal sobre todas las decisiones del gobierno norteamericano.
El método aplicado por el PAC (grupo de Cabildeo) Cubano, es simple y efectivo.  Ellos reciben millones del gobierno de los Estados Unidos con el propósito de subvertir y derrocar al gobierno Cubano.  Una pequeña  parte de dichos fondos son dedicados  a su objetivo central.  El resto que no haya sido malversado entre los dirigentes de dichos grupos, es distribuido ampliamente entre miembros de ambos partidos políticos del Congreso y Senado.
Al efectuar estas modestas y  a veces ridículas donaciones, ellos logran comprar conciencias y alianzas de estos políticos, para cuando su voto sea necesario para apoyar u oponerse a cualquier medida relacionado con Cuba.
Prueba de ello, son las leyes Helms-Burton y Torricelli, que fueron escritas y forzadas su aprobación en el Congreso y Senado, por gente que viven en Nueva Jersey, Carolina del Norte e Indiana, las cuales nada tienen en común con Cuba.
Muchos de nosotros recuerda, el terrible estado de las relaciones Estados Unidos-Cuba durante las administraciones de Reagan y Clinton, debido a las acciones de un grupo ultra-derechista, reaccionarios, compuestos por  Otto Reich, Roger Noriega, Negroponte, Diaz-Balart, Ros-Lethinen, Menéndez, Pérez Roura y Mas Canosa, los que retrocedieron las aspiraciones de una mejoría en las relaciones entre ambos países durante décadas.
En Enero del 2011, las relaciones entre los Estados Unidos y Cuba alcanzara  el nivel más bajo en su historia.  Además de la llegada al Senado del rabioso Marco Rubio y el feroz David Rivera al Congreso, Ileana Ros-Lethinen asumirá la jefatura del súper poderoso Comité de Relaciones Internacionales del Congreso, desde donde, ningún ante proyecto de ley con indicios de mejorar las relaciones entre los Estados Unidos y Cuba, verá la luz del día.
Nunca antes en los pasados cincuenta años, habían tenido los cabilderos de la ultra-derecha Cubano-Americana una posición mejor.  Ellos están en el asiento del chofer y dominan enteramente la situación.  Una vez más, los Cubanos-Americanos del sur de la Florida han comenzado a hacer sus maletas, habilitar sus yates y a repartirse entre sí, los cargos del nuevo gobierno Cubano.
Otros factores influyentes
Serán suficientes los argumentos expuestos más arriba, para justificar el mantenimiento del embargo durante cincuenta años?
Puede el pueblo Cubano resistir 48 años más de esta guerra de desgaste y erosión impuesto  por el gobierno de los Estados Unidos y mantenido en su lugar por sus secuaces en la comunidad Cubano-Americana o peor, permitirles re-tomar al país?
¿Podría ser que las verdaderas razones del embargo no se han hecho público?
El criterio predominante en los Estados Unidos durante el Siglo XIX era la del Destino Manifiesto, por medio del cual la raza Anglo-Sajona creyeron que ellos estaban destinados a expandirse a través de  continente Americano desde las orillas del Atlántico hasta el océano Pacifico.
El presidente James K. Polk (1795-1849) es recordado por sus éxitos en política exterior.  El amenazo con una guerra a Inglaterra sobre la región Noroeste del Pacifico, para después retractarse y dividirse esa región con Inglaterra.
Cuando Méjico rechazo la anexión  de Texas por parte de los Estados Unidos, Polk llevo a su nación a una victoria total en la guerra Mejicana-Americana, lo cual fue seguido por la adquisición de California, Nuevo Méjico y Arizona.
En el verano de 1848, el presidente Polk autorizo a Romulus M. Saunders embajador de Estados Unidos  en España,  para adquirir a Cuba por la suma de 100 millones de dólares, lo cual hoy día equivaldría a 2.5 mil millones de dólares, lo cual era de gran interés de  los esclavistas sureños.
La Enmienda Platt de 1901, estipulaba una serie de condiciones coercitivas para el retiro de las tropas americanas que permanecían en Cuba después de concluido la guerra Hispano-Americana de 1898,
- Cuba no podía transferir tierras a ningún otro gobierno fuera de los Estados Unidos.
- Cuba no podía contraer deuda externa alguna, sin las garantías de poder pagar los intereses.
- Cuba estaba obligada a permitir la intervención militar en sus asuntos internos, cuando el gobierno de los Estados Unidos lo estimara necesario.
- Cuba estaba vedada de negociar tratados con cualquier país excepto los Estados Unidos.
- Cuba no podía permitir a ninguna fuerza foránea la obtención por colonización o para el asentamiento y control de fuerzas militares o navales, en ninguna porción del territorio nacional.
- Cuba quedaba restringida en la conducción de sus relaciones internacionales y relaciones comerciales.
- Los límites territoriales de Cuba, no incluirían a Isla de Pinos.
- Cuba “acordó” la venta o arriendo a los Estados Unidos, de las tierras necesarias para el establecimiento de carboneras o bases navales en lugares que serán acordadas posteriormente, lo que condujo al arriendo de la Base de Guantánamo.
Después que el presidente Teddy  Roosevelt retiro las tropas de la isla en 1902, Cuba firmo el Tratado Cubano-Americano de 1903 por el presidente Tomas Estrada Palma, quien previamente había abogado por la anexión de Cuba.
Será necesario aportar más evidencia, para establecer los motivos reales detrás de estos 200 años anhelando que Cuba se convierta en una estrella más en la bandera de los Estados Unidos?
Si todos los Cubanos, dondequiera que estos se encuentren e independientemente de las diferencias políticas que pudieran albergar, no fuéramos capaces de unirnos en este momento crucial de nuestra historia en defensa de nuestro país,  y el gobierno Cubano no diseñara e introduzca nueva políticas y estrategias que reemplacen aquellas que en los pasados cincuenta años no han sido capaces de desmoronar el embargo y hacen el máximo esfuerzo por rechazar esta amenaza de vida o muerte a nuestra soberanía,  estaremos exponiendo nuestro país a la posibilidad real, de que su nombre se sume a los de Guam, Atolón de Palmira, Islas Vírgenes, Isla Wake, Midway, Puerto Rico y otros.

Never had a day of Peace or Happiness, 11/15/2010top

On April 6, 1960, Lester D. Mallory, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, wrote in an internal memorandum: “The majority of Cubans support Castro…”The only foreseeable means of alienating internal support is through disenchantment and disaffection based on economic dissatisfaction and hardship….every possible means should be undertaken promptly to weaken the economic life of Cuba.

“Mallory proposed a line of action which…makes the greatest inroads in denying money and supplies to Cuba, to decrease monetary and real wages, to bring about hunger, desperation and overthrow of the government”. A commercial, economic and financial embargo was imposed on Cuba in October 1960, which became a near total embargo on February 7, 1962, after US citizens and corporations properties were nationalized in Cuba. 

My oldest daughter Isabel Maria was born on February 27, twenty days after this infamous law was enacted. Seven months later, on October 22, Isabel Maria, her mother and myself, were huddled in our dark home in Guantanamo, waiting for the nuclear conflagration to begin, in the worst military crisis in our lives.

Since, every possible reasons, real or imaginary have been invoked and presented by all subsequent US administrations, as a justification for keeping the embargo in place:

- Because of the loss of properties and the US refusal to accept reasonable compensation offered by Cuba.
- Because Cuba declared itself Socialist.
- Because of the presence of nuclear missiles in Cuba
- Because Cuba was accused of “exporting” revolutions to Latin America
- Because of Cuba’s military interventions in Africa.
- Because of a lack of open, free multi-party elections and Human Rights violations.
- Because of a lack of freedom of speech and for holding political prisoners.
- Because Cuba is on a list of terrorist nation, etc. etc.

In order to support these arguments and to continue to move the finish line, hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent by the US State Department through front Foundations to create an enormous propaganda machine around the world, geared to distort the image of Cuba and their leaders, weaken all of its institutions through US-made, financed and directed subversive groups, massive Radio, TV, literature and film barrage and by providing safe haven to known terrorists on US soil.

Legally, these measures were enforced through different mechanisms such as expelling Cuba from the OAS, opposing invitations by western Europe governments of high ranking Cuban officials to visit their country, creation of exclusive anti-Cuba laws such as Peter Pan, Cuban Adjustment Act, Wet Foot/Dry Foot, the Office of Cuba Asset Control, Trading with the Enemy, Cuban Democracy Act, Helms-Burton Act and many more.

Cuba on the other hand has responded to these attacks, by raising this issue at every international conference, symposium, political gatherings at the UN, Caricom, SELA, ALBA and other institutions, where they have denounced the crippling effects these suffocating measures have had on the lives, wellbeing and development of an entire nation. Over time, this message has permeated the powerful financial barrier the United States has erected around the world to shield this despicable act. 

All aforementioned institutions as well as others have condemned this genocidal imposition on Cuba and the United Nations General Assembly has denounced and called for its repeal for nineteen consecutive years -- which the United States has arrogantly ignored.

Across the United States, more and more counties, cities, states, committees, congressmen, senators, businesspeople, humanitarian groups, religious organizations, academic & research institutions, jurists, medical and other reputable institutions, have all decried the embargo and demanded the US government rescind these draconian measures and take concrete steps for normalizing its relations with Cuba.

During his presidential campaign and after being elected president, Barack Obama embodied a glimmer of hope, which led millions around the world to believe that the fossilized, antagonistic US-Cuba relations would be addressed differently. Change had been the motto of his campaign.

Twenty two months after assuming the presidency, the only visible change in the US-Cuba dispute has been restoring Cuban-Americans travel rights, as they existed during the Bill Clinton era and by allowing unlimited family visits and cash remittances.

Notwithstanding that the presidency of Barack Obama held the majority in Congress and in the Senate, many of the measures he proposed, lacked his vigorous, uncompromising defense, which led the extreme wing of the Republican party, pundits, radio and TV personalities, to assume his amicable, non-combative character was a sign of weakness. They openly questioned his citizenship, accused him of being a Muslim and declared war on each of the initiatives or bills presented by the Democratic Party, slowly eroding his support base and authority.

On November 2, 2010, after governing a nation that had been turned over to him by the worst president in recent memory, an economy on the verge of collapse and a demoralized citizenry, Barack Obama was being blamed for everything that was wrong by an enraged society that had been bombarded for months with every possible degrading lie and scare tactic provided by hundreds of millions of dollars of political campaign funds.

The loss was shattering in the US Congress, Senate, Governorship, Mayoral, councilmen, everywhere. At noon on November 3, a near teary eyed Barack Obama described the electoral results as humbling, was apologetic and expressed his willingness to work closely with the incoming Republican leadership.

By surrendering and expressing regrets for doing the right thing, president Barack Obama have sent a clear message to those of us who had placed our hopes and faith in him, who trusted his administration would be different, that he was willing to sit down and extend a hand to those countries with whom the United States government had a rocky relation.
For those Cubans sharing a birthday with my daughter Isabel Maria and millions more who were born before or after her, this is a chilling admission of continuity, that nothing will change and that the only thing that matters is the president’s political survival.

Compounding everything that was said before is the sad reality that a handful of ultra-right-wing Cuban-Americans groups, those in Congress and in the senate, have successfully crafted a powerful lobbying network that closely mimics the Israeli lobby and its impenetrable stranglehold on every decision of the US government.

The method applied by the Cuban PAC is simple and effective. They receive millions of dollars from the US government for the purpose of subverting and overthrowing the Cuban government. A small portion of that is dedicated to its original goals. The rest of whatever is not embezzled among its leadership is widely disbursed among members of Congress and the Senate of both parties.

By contributing, most of the time ridiculous sums of money, they are able to buy the conscience and allegiance of these politicians for whenever their vote may be necessary to support or oppose in any matter related to Cuba.

Proof of the above lies in the Torricelli Bill and the Helms Burton Act, which were written and rammed through the US Congress and Senate by people who live in New Jersey, North Carolina and Indiana, none of which have anything in common with Cuba.

Most of us remember the terrible US-Cuba relations during the Reagan and Clinton administrations, because of a group of ultra-right wing, reactionary individuals such as Otto Reich, Roger Noriega, Negroponte, Diaz-Balart, Ros-Lethinen, Menendez, Perez Roura and Jorge Mas Canosa pushed back all hopes of improved relations between both countries for decades.

Come January 2011, the prospects of US-CUBA relations are worse than ever. In addition to the rabid Marco Rubio heading to the US Senate and the ferocious David Rivera to Congress, Ileana Ros-Lethinen will become Chair of the all powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee, from where no bill with hints of improving US-CUBA relations will ever see the light of day.

Never before in the past fifty years, has the hard line, right-wing Cuban-Americans political lobby been in a better position. They are in the driver’s seat and with full control of events. Once again Cuban-Americans in south Florida are beginning to pack their bags, gassing-up their yachts and are assigning themselves the positions they intend to occupy in the new Cuban government.

Are the reasons described above sufficient for keeping the embargo in place for fifty years?

Can the Cuban people endure another 48 years of this wasting, eroding war of attrition imposed upon them by the US Government, which is enforced by their henchmen in the Cuban-American community or worse, allow them to take over the country?

Or could it be that the real reasons for the embargo has not been made public?

The prevailing thought in the 19th Century was the Manifest Destiny, by which the Anglo-Saxon race felt they were destined to expand across the north American continent from the Atlantic seaboard to the Pacific ocean.

President James K Polk (1795-1849) is noted for his foreign policies successes. He threatened war with Britain over the Pacific northwest, then backed-down and split the ownership with Britain.

When Mexico rejected the American annexation of Texas, Polk led the nation into a sweeping victory in the Mexican-American war, followed by the purchase of California, New Mexico and Arizona.

In the summer of 1848 Polk authorized Romulus M. Saunders, Ambassador to Spain, to purchase of Cuba for 100 million dollars (in today’s money an equivalent of 2.5 billion dollars), which was of great interest to southern slave owners.

The Platt Amendment of 1901 stipulated a host of conditions for the withdrawal of US troops remaining in Cuba after the Spanish-American war of 1898:

- Cuba would not transfer land to any power other than the US.

- Cuba could not contract any foreign debt without guarantees that interests payments could be met.

- Cuba would allow US intervention in Cuban affairs when the US deemed necessary.

- Cuba was prevented from negotiating treaties with any country other than the US.

- Cuba could not allow any foreign power or powers to obtain by colonization or for military or naval purposes control over any portion of Cuban territory.

- Cuba was restricted in the conduct of foreign policy and commercial relations.

- Cuba’s boundaries would not include the Isles of Pines.

- Cuba also “agreed” to sell or lease to the US lands necessary for coaling or naval stations at specified points to be agreed upon, leading to the Guantanamo Bay lease.

After President Teddy Roosevelt withdrew federal troops from the island in 1902, Cuba signed the Cuban-American Treaty in 1903 by President Tomas Estrada Palma, who once favored outright annexation.

Is additional evidence needed to establish the real motives behind this 200 years yearning for Cuba to become another star on the United States flag?

If all Cubans, wherever they are and whatever differences they may harbor, fail to come together at this crucial moment in history in defense of our country and the Cuban government does not introduce new policies and strategies, replacing those that for fifty years have been unable to dislodge the embargo and do its outmost to fend off this life and death threat to our sovereignty, it is a real possibility that our country’s name will be added to those of Guam, Palmyra Atoll, Virgin Islands, Wake Island, Midway Island, Puerto Rico and others.

Will we allow Haiti to die? 11/5/10top

In a desperate plea for help following the monstrous earthquake that devastated Port au Prince and its surrounding areas in the month of January, where conservative estimates have placed the number of victims at 250,000, I published Haiti: A moment of reckoning on 1/13/10 and Act now in Haiti before it is too late, on 2/15/10

Although there has been an unprecedented outpouring of solidarity from every corner of the world, the relief effort, reconstruction and other basic recovery work seem to have stalled, they are leaderless and few seems to care.

Much of our fears expressed in a number of articles are happening before the eyes of indifferent or inept functionaries. A cholera outbreak have already taken the lives of over 400 victims and more can be expected with the menacing hurricane Tomas and a million plus elderly, women and children exposed to a harsh environment.

Once again, I wish to plead with all of those involved in this rescue effort on behalf of 200,000 Haitian school children without shelter or classrooms to free themselves of their prejudices and consider the availability of hundreds of classrooms, educators, boarding facilities, healthcare professionals and all other ancillary needs less than 200 miles away in Cuba, requiring only international funding, because of Cuba’s own financial crisis.

Must the Haitian people suffer more indignities, pain, suffering and unnecessary deaths before the moralists, humanists, governments, clergy and all others of this world stand up and say enough is enough?

An infinitesimal portion of what the world devotes every day to inflict pain, maim, and kill in wars and other forms of violence would suffice to heal, reconstruct and develop Haiti, the nation with the longest history abuse and neglect in our hemisphere.

It is in our hands to do the right thing, for them and for us.

A sword of Damocles hanging over our heads, 6/18/10top

Except for the United States, world pariah Israel, and politically unimportant and near impossible to find on a world map tiny Palau  are the only countries in the world still supporting the failed, mean spirited embargo imposed on Cuba by president Dwight Eisenhower in 1960 , before President Barack Obama was born.

Although the United Nations, the catholic Church and every reputable institution in the world have decried and demanded the end of this monstrosity for the past twenty years, the United States has obstinately ignored such pleas, choosing a confrontational path that benefits no one.

Not even the monumental environmental disaster that is taking place in the gulf of Mexico which is yet to hit the coast of Florida and devastate our state, has  sounded the alarm at the highest level of the US administration of a similar incubating risk, much closer to south Florida, when Cuba begins next year its offshore drilling in search of billions of gallons of crude oil.

Ordinary people know that it is through collaboration, agreements and understandings that it will be possible to deal with these and other occurring  natural disasters, not through brute force, coercion or threats.

President Barack Obama whom we have supported, trusting that his higher intellect would enable him to overcome the crude, fourth-grader policies of his predecessor, has so far yielded his authority and decisions in this field to members of his cabinet, who are highly influenced by the powerful south Florida Cuban-American PAC.

Sadly, if this irrational policy is not changed and a similar disaster were to occur closer to home, it may be too late or there may be no interlocutor on the other end to take our call, all of which have been created in part by our ultra-right wing friends, who are totally incapable otherwise of helping in such a life and death catastrophe.

Una Batalla Mundial de Vida o Muerte. Tercera Parte, 5/1/10top

Es mi deseo que la mayoría de los que pudieron leer los capitulos anteriores, estén tan persuadidos como yo lo estoy, acerca de la falta de evidencia que demuestre que la segregación y racismo en Cuba, este promovida, instigada o tolerada por los niveles mas alto del gobierno de Cuba. Si se ha podido establecer claramente, un notable aumento de los prejuicios raciales provenientes de blancos en contra de los Afro-Cubanos que se han hecho más evidentes, abiertos y brutales en los últimos veinte años.

Estas manifestaciones negativas se han observado sobre todo, a partir de la introducción del Periodo Especial que se caracterizo por una falta absoluta de los medios mas elementales de supervivencia, la creación de oportunidades de empleos con acceso a moneda convertible que excluyo a los Afro-Cubanos, la intensificación de la lucha por la supervivencia y una supuesta competencia proveniente de emigrados del oriente del país hacia occidente, lo que algunos trataron de contrarrestar mediante la segregación, difamación y expresiones racistas.

Es un hecho bien establecido por sicólogos y otros dedicados a los estudios de las relaciones sociales y de la conducta, que en toda manada, agrupaciones humanas, inter-étnicos o inter especies, siempre estarán presentes aquellos que traten de predar, subyugar, aislar o eliminar a los que suponen mas débiles.

Es por ello que en fecha tan temprana como Enero de 1959, Fidel Castro declaro ¨Nosotros no podremos ser Revolucionarios o Demócratas, si no nos despojamos de todo tipo de discriminación.

En el mes de Marzo de 1959, en un discurso que se convertiría en una proclama en contra de la discriminación racial, Fidel Castro realizo un análisis detallado acerca de las formas de manifestarse el racismo mediante la exclusión del trabajo, la segregación en la educación y la apertura forzosa de todas las facilidades y servicios para el disfrute de todos los ciudadanos sin discriminación.

Durante el V Congreso del Partido Comunista de Cuba en Octubre de 1997, Fidel Castro reitero la necesidad de consolidar una política justa para promover a negros y mujeres a cargos de dirección, tal cual había ocurrido con los jóvenes sin ser dogmáticos, lo que garantiza la autoridad moral del partido con el pueblo.

Durante la Conferencia Mundial sobre Racismo, Discriminación Racial, Xenofobia e Intolerancia celebrado en Durban, Sur África en Septiembre del año 2001, el Presidente Fidel Castro endoso la idea de que, Los Estados Unidos y los demás países occidentales, deben de pagar reparación a los descendientes de negros esclavos.¨

En la última sesión de la Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular el 21/12/09, el Presidente de los Consejos de Estado y de Ministros Raúl Castro señalo: Personalmente pienso que es una vergüenza el insignificante avance que hemos tenido en esto¨. ¨Yo usare toda mi influencia hasta asegurarme que estos prejuicios dañinos continúen cediendo espacio hasta que hayan sido eliminados definitivamente y las mujeres y los negros sean promovidos a cargos de dirección en todos los niveles, basados en sus meritos y nivel profesional¨.

El 5 de Enero de 1993, el Congresista Demócrata por el estado de Detroit John Conyers, introdujo el ante-proyecto de ley “Reconociendo la fundamental injusticia, crueldad, brutalidad y falta de humanidad del esclavismo en las 13 colonias de los Estados Unidos entre 1619 y 1865 ¨ y aunque el mismo no pedía reparación para los descendientes de esclavos, este solo alcanzo 28 co-patrocinadores, de los cuales 18 eran negros de un total de 435 miembros de la cámara de Representantes de los Estados Unidos. (La Deuda, Randall Robinson, p 201-10, 2000).

A principios de los años 1970 Boris Bittker, profesor de la Escuela de Derecho de la Universidad de Yale publico un libro ¨El caso para la Reparación a los Negros¨, argumentando que el esclavismo, Jim Crow y el clima discriminatorio racial en los Estados Unidos en su conjunto, había lesionado gravemente la situación social, psiquis y económica de los Afro-Americanos.

Ibrahim Gassama, profesor de Derecho de la Universidad de Oregon respondió a una pregunta formulada por el Sr. Randall Robinson diciendo, ¨Es la cosa mas extraña por cuanto, nosotros profesores de leyes, hablamos de todos los hechos imaginables, pero cuando esto se refiere a reparaciones entre profesores blancos, muchos de los cuales son por otro lado liberales, silencio es la palabra de orden.

Derrick Bell, profesor de la escuela de Derecho de la Universidad Harvard estudio cuidadosamente el libro de Bittker concluyendo¨ Excepto a través de un proceso revolucionario, la posibilidad de los negros hoy para recibir pagos de compensación por la subyugación de los esclavos antes de la Proclamación de la Emancipación y su explotación como semi-ciudadanos desde entonces, no tiene mayores probabilidades que cuando Thaddeus Stevens reconoció que su brillante idea de entregarle a cada liberto 40 acres de tierra y un mulo, se esfumó ante sus ojos.

Confirma esta presunción el hecho que durante unos 6-8 años, la Alemania Nazi les inflingió horrores a los Judíos Europeos en sus campos de concentración. El nuevo gobierno Alemán después del fin de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, gustosamente le pago en forma individual y al gobierno de Israel, más de 88 mil millones de Marcos por los daños ocasionados así como, se creo un fondo de varios miles de millones de Marcos para las victimas, procedentes de compañias que lucraron con su trabajo esclavo.

En el mes de Febrero de 1942, el Presidente Franklin D. Roosevelt firmo la Orden Ejecutiva 9066 que ordenaba el internamiento forzoso en campamentos bajo jurisdicción militar en condiciones espartanas y de limitada movilidad a unas 120,000 personas descendientes de Japonés y Coreanos, del cual casi el 65% eran ciudadanos Norteamericanos. Otros 20,000 fueron confinados igualmente en el Canadá.

En 1988 el presidente Ronald Reagan firmo el Acta de Libertades Civiles que le otorgaba $20,000 a cada sobreviviente o a su beneficiario. En 1992 el presidente George H. Bush apropio otros $400 millones para cubrir la compensación de $20,000 a un total de 82,210 ciudadanos Japonés-Americano para un gran total de $1.6 mil millones de dollares. 1,434 ciudadanos Japonés-Canadiense recibieron un total de $1.3 mil millones de dollares por los dos años de injusto internamiento y una expresión de perdón por ambos gobiernos.

Al final de la primera Guerra Mundial, los Aliados demandaron exitosamente compensación de Alemania por los daños ocasionados. Las mujeres Coreanas forzadas a prostituirse por los japoneses durante la segunda Guerra Mundial, fueron debidamente compensadas.

A pesar de que los Estados Unidos y Europa le inflingieron horrores infinitamente mayores a África y a su pueblo, no solo se han negado a pagar compensación a África sino que finalizado la trata de esclavo, Europa re-ordeno el mapa de África para continuar la explotación del continente y no han accedido siquiera a devolverle los objetos de artes robados.

Tanto el presidente Abraham Lincoln en los Estados Unidos como Carlos M. de Céspedes en Cuba durante la Guerra Civil y la Guerra de Independencia respectivamente, les ofrecieron compensación a los esclavistas por sus perdidas de la propiedad (esclavos) durante el conflicto; no así para los esclavos.

Será aun necesario, presentar mas evidencias para fundamentar el horrendo crimen que se ha cometido en contra de África y sus hijos en todo el mundo, para justificar nuestra demanda de justicia y reparación?

Es por ello que resulta tan vergonzoso, repugnante y contra productivo observar como un puñado de oportunistas intentan capitalizar sobre las serias deficiencias en las relaciones raciales en Cuba, en el cual, mas que presentar criticas honestas, constructivas, sugerencias o el diseño de modelos que sean capaces de mitigar el sufrimiento de la comunidad Afro-Cubana, estos han optado por el camino de incitar al pueblo, batir las llamas de la frustración, exacerbar las penas y estimular la confrontación física, mientras el grueso de los países y entidades que se ensañaron en nuestro pueblo, se escudan detrás de este mortal diversionismo.

Puede alguien que este en su sano juicio suponer, que estos individuos, doctos en historia, conozcan por primera vez estas devastadores acusaciones?

Una vez mas, la vida ha puesto en manos de Cuba, la ineludible obligación moral de ser el primer país en el mundo que este dispuesto a encabezar y liderear esta justa lucha por la reparación del esclavismo, al admitir su responsabilidad colectiva en este crimen, que se cometió en contra de millones de esclavos indefensos durante mas de 350 años.

Sin embargo, al contrario de lo que algunos postulan, que seria la entrega de una cuantía de dinero pre-determinado a cada descendiente de las victimas, sabemos que en las sociedades de consumo, muy poco tiempo bastaría para que este se esfumara y las victimas quedaran en las mismas o peores condiciones, por lo que abogamos por la creación de un masivo plan de educación, salud, deporte, cultura y desarrollo personal en Cuba, que sea capaz de transformar mentes, actitudes y atavismos acumulados a través de siglos de subyugación e ignorancia.

Cuba por tanto, deberá hacer un llamado a todos los gobiernos del mundo, cuyos países se beneficiaron de una manera u otra de la trata de esclavo, las navieras, compañías de seguro, dueños de plantaciones, la banca, la iglesia asi como aquellos gobiernos, que a pesar de no haber estado involucrados en este crimen horrendo, están apenados por las acciones de otros, den un paso al frente y se presenten libre de culpa, uniendo todos las manos para saldar esta deuda impagable, a la vez que comencemos a sanear la conciencia del mundo.
Nuestra propuesta es simple. Consolidar en una institución internacional como la ONU, UNESCO, FAO, OMS y otros, los fondos requeridos para convertir a Cuba en el mayor centro de salud, educación, investigación y desarrollo individual en el mundo, donde cientos de miles de Africanos, sus descendientes y los de otros países en vías de desarrollo, puedan recibir una educación que les permita regresar a sus países de origen, equipados con una formación especifica para su persona y el desarrollo de su comunidad.

La segregación, racismo y otras formas de prejuicios se derivan de la sensación de superioridad de unos sobre otros. Las leyes y los decretos sirven solo para mitigar pero nunca serán capaces de erradicar estas perversiones. Igualando la capacidad científico-técnico y poder económico de los individuos, es el único remedio probado de que disponen los humanos. A continuación, se exponen algunas reflexiones.

Urbanizar y arrendar en áreas de la antigua provincia de Oriente, 200,000 lotes de 100x100´ durante 20 años a retirados en todo el mundo y a otros interesados en construir sus casas y residir en un bello entorno, seguro y libre de la descomposición social donde quizás residan actualmente. El arriendo de estos lotes pudiera oscilar entre $3000.00 y $10,000.00 anual, en dependencia de su ubicación, belleza etc. Al cumplirse el periodo de arrendamiento o si estuviera precedida por el fallecimiento del arrendatario, tanto el terreno como la vivienda pasaran al patrimonio nacional. Estimados preliminares anticipan que cada núcleo de 5000 lotes pudiera generar unos $20,000.000.00 anuales, excluyendo los gastos de construcción, mantenimiento, personales etc., a la vez que pudieran generar unos 1000 puestos de trabajo.

Construir el Centro Medico del Caribe en Santiago de Cuba, que contara con unas 1000 camas de alta tecnología y con el nivel científico mas alto de la región, mediante la formación de una empresa mixta con la Asociación Medica Afro-Americana y sus 30,000 miembros, la Asociación Medica del Caribe y el Ministerio de Salud Publica, para ofrecer sus servicios al 50% del costo de lo que hoy abonan miles de pacientes de la región que viajan al Canadá y a los Estados Unidos en busca de un servicio no existente en sus países. Se anticipa que esta entidad pudiera generar $75,000.000.00 anuales y requerir unos 2000 empleados.

Cuadruplicar la capacidad del Centro Neurológico y Trastornos de la Conducta de Holguín, a fin de ofrecer servicios especializados a varios millones de Hispanos afectados de alcoholismo, drogadicción, y desordenes post traumáticos provenientes de los frentes de guerra sin tratamiento en la mayoría de sus comunidades, debido a la falta de personal calificado que domine el idioma español. Se pueden anticipar ingresos en el orden de los $40, 000,000.00 anuales y la creación de unos1000 empleos.

Desarrollar en el municipio Paraguay, Guantánamo, en la periferia de su aeropuerto con una extensa pista de aterrizaje sub-utilizado, el Centro de distribución de artículos industriales y de efectos eléctricos del Hogar para el importante mercado de América Latina y el Caribe, con un critico componente a su haber, que es encontrarse a dos horas menos de vuelo de los demás distribuidores, además de gozar de un clima casi perfecto, bajo costo de operación, ambiente seguro y amplia disponibilidad de personal técnico, lo que podría generar unos cinco mil millones anuales y emplear unas 15,000 personas.

Organizar una delegación comercial de alto calibre para visitar a China, India, Viet Nam, Malasia, Singapur y otros países, para promover las excepcionales condiciones climáticas de Guantánamo para el establecimiento de sus industrias, lo que las posesionaría a unas 7000 kilometros mas cerca de un enorme mercado potencial, empleando unas 25,000 personas y generando miles de millones anuales.

Transformar la Avenida de las América, Victoriano Garzón, Enramadas, Aguilera y la Avenida Michelsen en Santiago de Cuba en el Pabellón de América Latina y el Caribe, donde cada país podría exponer su historia, cultura, arte, cocina, centro educacional, artesanía y comercio, estrechando la hermandad y amistad entre nuestros pueblos, mediante la celebración de sus festividades nacionales, lo cual pudiera crear miles de empleos y millones en moneda convertible todos los días.

Rescatar unas 10,000 viviendas en el casco histórico de Guantánamo, Santiago de Cuba, Bayamo y Holguín y un número indeterminado de hoteles clausurados urgidos de ser restaurados, preservando su integridad arquitectónica, lo que permitiría la formación de cientos de Empresas Mixtas con Afro-Americanos, Caribeños y Latino-Americanos especializados en Hoteleria. Cientos de estas edificaciones podrían ser convertidos en Hostales para turismo económico familiar y en Residenciales Asistidos para jubilados. Estos proyectos simple, fácil de ser implementados podrían generar de inmediato, millones y crear empleos para miles de personas.

Reparar, equipar y ofrecer a la comunidad internacional el uso de unas 300 Escuelas Secundarias en el campo desocupadas, para albergar cada uno de ellas unos 300 alumnos Haitianos damnificados del terremoto sin escuelas, viviendo a la intemperie, expuestos a la llegada del periodo de lluvia y de perder su año escolar, donde podrían recibir una esmerada educación de parte de miles de maestros, médicos, enfermeras, deporte, cultura y servicios básicos provistos por jubilados, quienes a la vez, obtendrían críticos ingresos complementarios, mejorando la calidad de vida en su tercera edad, a cambio de que organizaciones internaciones como la UNESCO y otras, sufraguen los costos de operación.

La descripción parcial de los enormes recursos económicos disponibles sin desarrollar en las cinco provincias orientales bastarían para detener el flujo migratorio hacia occidente con su secuela de racismo, duplicaría el PNB del pais, permitiría iniciar el saneamiento de nuestra historia al acometer un proceso de reparación del esclavismo, coartaría el proceso migratorio de miles de jóvenes educados en busca de mejor vida en el exterior y restituiría el orgullo nacional a través del desarrollo socio-económico-cultural de su región mediante,

Re-abrir, estudiar y ejecutar el Plan Salcines, consistente en el desvió parcial del cauce de los ríos Toa, Duaba, Miel y otros en Baracoa hacia el llano, lo que resolvería de una vez y por todas, las necesidades de agua del Valle de Caujeri, Guantánamo, Songo-La Maya, Santiago de Cuba, Palma Soriano y San Luís. Asignación, 100 millones anuales hasta su terminación.

Construir plantas de potabilizacion y plantas de tratamiento de residuales líquidos en Baracoa, Guantánamo, Santiago de Cuba, Palma Soriano, Manzanillo, Holguín, Bayamo y Las Tunas, que sean capaces de purificar y tratar el 150% de las necesidades actuales de cada ciudad. Asignar 500 millones anuales hasta su terminación.

Iniciar la prospección y estudios de aplicabilidad para un sistema de Tren Rápido entre San Luís y Camaguey con ramales hacia Guantánamo, Bayamo-Manzanillo y Holguín-Moa. De resultar efectivo, extender a todo lo largo y ancho del país. Asignar 500 millones por año hasta su terminación.

Fundar en Guantánamo la Universidad de altos estudios de Ingles y Creóle, con un claustro de profesores altamente calificados procedentes de islas Anglo y Franco parlantes del Caribe para unos 10,000 estudiantes y donde tendrán que cursar y aprobar los estudios, todo aquel que aspire a prestar su colaboración en países con esos idiomas. Asignar 20 millones por año.

Construir en Guantánamo la Universidad del Medio Ambiente, Seguridad e Higiene del Trabajo, equipado con los mas modernos medios tecnológicos para unos 30,000 estudiantes nacionales e internacionales y una red de fabricas dedicadas al desarrollo de industrias medio-ambientales para el aprovechamiento de la energía solar, eolica y bio masa, que fungirán como laboratorios estudiantiles educando y a la vez, generando millones en la fabricación, venta nacional e internacional de cientos equipos e implementos protectores del Medio Ambiente.

Construir en Guantánamo un moderno estadio de Cricket que es el deporte nacional del Caribe Anglófono, lo que serviría para introducir este deporte en nuestro país y la organización de torneos internacionales con la participación de miles de deportistas-turistas, generando millones para la comunidad.

Crear el Banco Agrícola-Industrial para proveer micro-créditos a bajos intereses para aquellos interesados en desarrollar actividades productivas promovidas por el gobierno central. Asignar un fondo de operaciones de 100 millones anuales.

Transformar el puerto de Santiago de Cuba en el más importante y dinámico del Caribe, donde se recibirán todas las importaciones-exportaciones del Caribe y América Latina, generando decenas de millones en ventas e impuestos así como, miles de empleos. Dragar, sanear, construir espigones, almacenes, frigoríficos y equipos de izaje. Asignación 200 millones anuales hasta su terminación.

Crear un número de comercios especializados en la venta de insumos agrícolas, semillas, fertilizantes, pesticidas, piensos, pies de cría, servicios veterinarios y de reproducción, ropa de trabajo, medios de protección, enseres, equipos y piezas de repuestos, para apoyar el trabajo de miles de personas que se están volcando al campo. Estimular a unos 100,000 profesionales, técnicos y auxiliares de la agricultura a re-incorporarse a estos programas. Fondo inicial 500 millones.

Mucho antes de producirse el derrame de petróleo y el desastre ecológico del golfo de Méjico, los agricultores Afro-Americanos se encontraban en vías de extinción, hoy es casi una realidad. Extender una mano solidaria y llevar a vías de hechos las 40 acres y un mulo que se les había prometido hace 200 años, pudiera demoler de un solo tajo, al bloqueo fosilizado empeñado en dividir a nuestros dos pueblos. Se sugiere la emigración ordenada de unas 25,000 familias Afro-Americanos cosecheros de arroz en el delta del rió Mississippi hacia las zonas arroceras de Cauto Embarcadero, Vado del Yeso y Manga Larga en Cuba.

Valorar la inmigración ordenada de unas 20,000 familias damnificadas de Haití hacia las regiones montañosas de Guantánamo y Santiago de Cuba, entregándoles 40 acres de tierra en usufructo durante 25 años, para la revitalización del café, cacao, viandas y frutas. Se les entregara una vivienda, aperos de labranza y un crédito bancario para iniciar la producción y dos años libre de pagos por el terreno en usufructo.

Valorar una inmigración ordenada de 25,000 familias de Haití hacia el macizo cañero del norte de Oriente y entregarles una vivienda adecuada y el arriendo de 2 caballerías de caña de azúcar durante 25 años para su siembra, cultivo y cosecha. Recibirán un crédito bancario y los dos primeros años serán libre de pagos.

Apoyar el desarrollo agrícola de los países del Caribe y Centro América, mediante la construcción de plantas de procesamiento de jugos y conservas de frutas tropicales en Santiago de Cuba, donde sus productos tendrán un mercado garantizado a precios justos.

Valorar la inmigración ordenada de unas 10,000 familias Palestinos hacinadas en Gaza, la Ribera Occidental y Jordania y entregarles en usufructo por 25 anos, 40 acres de terreno semi-árido en el corredor San Antonio del Sur-Chivírico, para el desarrollo de higos, olivos, palmas y otros cultivos propios de su país, así como un masivo desarrollo ovino y caprino. Asignación de un préstamo bancario inicial, vivienda y dos años libre de pago por los terrenos.

La deficiente distribución de combustible auto-motor, lubricantes y la falta casi total de gas licuado, sugiere la formación de una empresa mixta con CITGO, una rama de PEDEVESA, Venezolana con amplia experiencia en el giro , que actualmente opera unos 20,000 mega servicentros con la eficiencia del siglo XXI.

Proponer la creación de unas 2000 mini Empresas Mixtas con Afro-americanos, del Caribe y América Latina, para la puesta en marcha de Fruti-Cubas a lo largo y ancho del país en un esfuerzo tropicalizador del país, transformación de los hábitos alimenticios e impulsor del desarrollo frutal de Cuba y países vecinos, que pudiera proporcionar empleos a unos 50,000 jóvenes previamente entrenadas en servicios de gastronomía, generando millones en utilidades.

Construcción en Guantánamo de un Planetario y el Museo Espacial, en honor al primer Cosmonauta en el mundo con raíces en África y a todos los que han contribuido al desarrollo de esta ciencia en el mundo.

A pesar de lo difícil que pudiera resultar implementar estas ideas y las hordas de escépticos que intentaran infundir el fatalismo, la duda o revisionismo para exonerar su responsabilidad historica, con convicción y determinación, seremos capaces de honrar el dolor de las victimas, rescatar la visión de W. E B. Dubios, Bell, Malcolm X, Bittker, Conyers, Garvey, Gassame, Martin L. King, et., al, quienes lucharon por corregir estos crímenes e iniciar la construcción de ese mundo mejor.

A Worldwide Battle of Life and Death. Third Chapter, 5/1/2010top

I hope most of those who read the previous chapter are as persuaded as I am, that there is no valid evidence to demonstrate the existence of segregation or racism in Cuba that is promoted, instigated or tolerated by the highest level of the Cuban government. What has been clearly established is a marked increase of racial prejudices coming from whites towards Afro-Cubans, which is more evident, open and brutal than at any time in the past 20 years.

These negative expressions have manifested themselves most vividly since the introduction of the Special Period, characterized by an absolute lack of the most basic means of survival, the failure to create job opportunities for Afro-Cubans with access to hard currencies in Havana and Varadero Beach, an intensified struggle for survival and a threat of competing forces that some saw in an increased migration from the eastern provinces to the west, which many attempted to counter through segregation, defamation and racial slurs.

It is a well established fact by psychologists and others engaged in behavioral studies, that in all herds, human groupings, inter-ethnic or inter-species relations, there are always those attempting to prey, subjugate, isolate or eliminate others deemed weak.

For these reasons and as early as January 1959, Fidel Castro declared “We could not be Revolutionaries or Democrats, if we do not rid ourselves of all type of discrimination“.

In March 1959, Fidel Castro gave a speech to a workers gathering, which turned out to be a proclamation against racial discrimination, in which he made a detailed analysis of how racism expresses itself in job exclusion, educational segregation and the forceful opening by law, of all facilities and services for the fulfillment of all citizens, without discrimination.

During the V Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba in October of 1997, Fidel Castro reiterated the need of consolidating the fair policy of promoting blacks and women to leadership positions, just as had happened for youths without being dogmatic, which guarantees the moral authority of the party with the people.

During the World Conference on Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Intolerance, which took place in Durban, South Africa in September 2001, President Fidel Castro endorsed the idea that “the United States and western nations must pay reparations to descendents of black slaves”.

In the last session of the National Assembly of the People’s Power on 12/21/09, the president of Council of State and Ministers, Raul Castro, said: “Personally I think it is a shame the insignificant advances that we have achieved in this”. “I will use all my influence to make sure that these harmful prejudices continue to yield space until they have been definitively eliminated and women and blacks are promoted to leadership positions at all levels, based upon their merits and professional level. ¨

On January 5th 1993, Congressman John Conyers introduced a bill to “Acknowledge the fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality and inhumanity of slavery in the United States and the 13 American colonies between 1619 and 1865 to establish a commission to examine the institution of slavery”.

The bill, which did not ask for reparations for the descendents of African slaves, won from 435-members of the U.S. House of Representatives only 28 co-sponsors, 18 of whom were black. (The Debt, Randall Robinson, p 201-10, 2000)

In the early 1970’s Boris Bittker, a Yale Law School professor wrote a book, The Case for Black Reparations, which made the argument that slavery, Jim Crow and a general climate of race-based discrimination in America had combined to do grievous social and economic injury to African Americans.

Ibrahim Gassama, a law professor of the University of Oregon in response to a question from Mr. Randall Robinson said, “ It is the strangest thing, we law professors talk about every imaginable subject, but when the issue of reparations is raised among white professors, many of whom are otherwise liberal, it is met with silence”.

Derrick Bell, another professor at Harvard Law School concluded his view of Bittker’s book in a way that may explain the reaction Ibrahim Gassama got from his colleagues: “Short of a revolution, the likelihood that blacks today will obtain direct payments in compensation for their subjugation as slaves before the Emancipation Proclamation and their exploitation as quasi-citizens since, is no better than in 1866, when Thaddeus Stevens recognized that his bright hope of forty acres and a mule for every freedman had vanished”.

Confirming this presumption is the fact that for 6-8 years, Nazi Germany inflicted horrific pain and suffering on European Jews in their concentration camps. Post WW II German governments readily paid to individuals and to the government of Israel 88 billion Marks and created a trust fund of a few billion Marks for the victims, coming from enterprises that benefited from slave work.

In February 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed executive order 9066 which forced 120,000 persons of Japanese and Korean ancestry into internment camps for the duration of the war, although approximately 65% were US citizens.

In 1988 president Ronald Reagan signed the Civil Liberty Act, granting $20,000.00 to each survivor or beneficiary. In 1992 president George W. Bush appropriated another 400 million dollars to cover a $20,000.00 compensation for 82,210 Japanese-American citizens. Canada compensated a total of 1,434 Japanese-Canadian citizens, with a total of $1.3 billion dollars and both governments apologized for their past deeds.

At the end of WW I, the Allied countries successfully demanded compensation from Germany. Korean women forced into prostitution by the Japanese occupying forces during WW II were rightfully compensated.

Although the United States and Europe inflicted far greater horrors upon Africa and its people, they have not only refused to pay compensation to Africa, instead, at the end of the slave trade, they re-arranged the map of Africa to continue exploiting the continent and have steadfastly refused to return thousands of pieces of arts stolen from Africa.

Both president Abraham Lincoln in the US and Carlos M. de Cespedes in Cuba offered during the Civil War and the War of Independence in Cuba to compensate slave owners for “property” (slave) loss during the conflict.

Is it necessary to present additional evidence to prove beyond any doubt the horrific crimes that was inflicted upon innocent people for centuries or the massive wealth that was derived from such tainted procedure?

That’s why it is so outrageous, disgusting and counterproductive to see a handful of opportunists attempting to capitalize on known failures, shortcomings and deficiencies in Cuba’s race-relations, in which, rather than putting forward an honest critique, offer suggestions or design ways to alleviate the suffering of the Afro-Cuban community, they have intentionally chosen the path of inciting our people, fanning the flames of anger, exacerbating their suffering and encouraging physical confrontation.

Can anyone in their right mind imagine that any of these individuals is reading these damming examples for the first time?

Once again, history has placed on Cuba’s lap, the unavoidable, moral obligation of pioneering and leading this just drive for reparations, by becoming the first nation to publicly admit its collective responsibility in the world most heinous crime, committed against millions of helpless slaves for over 350 years.

But contrary to what some have suggested, which is to provide each of the victim’s descendent with a fixed money value, which shortly after would have been spent in consumer driven societies, we are proposing a massive education, health, sport, cultural development and empowerment as the only viable way of equalizing racial differences, removing prejudices and overcoming centuries of subjugation and ignorance.

Cuba is hereby calling upon every government in the world, whose country benefited one way or another from slave commerce, slave traders derivatives, shipping and insurance companies, plantation owners, the church and to those governments who, although they were not participants in this horrendous crime, are ashamed of the deeds of others, to step forward, come clean, join hands with us and together, let’s pay our dues, clear our conscience and rid the world of this un-payable debt.

Our proposal is simple. Pool all reparations resources with a reputable international agency -UN, UNESCO, FAO, WHO and/or others, and turn Cuba into the world’s largest Healthcare, Education, Research and Development Center in the world, where hundreds of thousands of Africans, descendents and others from the developing world, can be received, educated and returned to their place of origin, equipped with specific knowledge for their personal and community development .

Segregation, racisms and other forms of prejudices derive from having power over others. Laws or decrees, can only mitigate but never eradicate these perversions. Equalizing individuals knowledge and empowerment, is the only remedy available to humans. Some thoughts follow:

Develop and lease across the former province of Oriente 200,000 lots of 100x100’ for 20 years to retirees and others interested in living in a beautiful, safe and peaceful environment, where they can build their homes, free of the urban decay in which they may now live. Leasing fees can range between $3000.00 and $10,000.00 per year, depending on location, beauty etc. Upon maturity of the lease or if it is preceded by death, both land and home will revert to the Cuban patrimony. It is anticipated that each nucleus of 5000 homes can generate $20,000,000.00 per year, excluding construction, maintenance and personal cost of living, while generating approximately 1000 related jobs.

Build a 1000 bed, high tech, Caribbean Medical Center in Santiago de Cuba in collaboration with the 30,000 member Afro-American Medical Association, the Caribbean Medical Association and the Cuban Ministry of Health, to provide the highest level of medical services to patients from our region, that is comparable to their counterparts in Canada and the United States, at 50% of their cost. It is anticipated this facility can generate $75,000,000.00 per year and create 2000 well remunerated jobs.

Quadruple the capacity of the Neurological Behavioral Center in Holguin, to offer specialized treatment to millions of Hispanics afflicted by alcoholism, drug addiction and post traumatic battlefield disorders without treatment in their communities, due to a severe lack of Spanish speaking professionals in that field. Anticipated income $40,000,000.00 per year and 1000 employees.

Develop in the municipality of Paraguay, Guantanamo, adjacent to its underutilized airport, the Industrial and Home Appliances Distribution Center for Latin America and the Caribbean, from where dealers from around can export their goods with a crucial advantage of two hours less flying time to most markets, perfect year round weather, low operating cost, safe environment, a large pool of technical support, and trainable personnel capable of generating Five Billion Dollars per year and employing 15,000.

Organize a high level Development Commission to visit China, Malaysia, India, Viet Nam and others, to promote the wonderful, low cost, secure environment and benign weather conditions in Guantanamo, for the creation of industries or subsidiaries, which would position them 7-10,000 miles closer to a powerful and growing industrial market in Latin America and the Caribbean, which can easily require 25,000 employees and billions in income.

Transform the Avenue of the Americas, Victoriano Garzon, Enramadas, Aguilera, and Michelsen Avenue in Santiago de Cuba into the Caribbean, Central and South America Pavilion, where their history, culture, arts, cuisine, education center, handcraft and commerce can be highlighted and become an additional source of friendship and brotherhood, celebrating each country’s national holidays and festivities, which can create thousands of jobs and generate millions every day.

Salvage approximately 10,000 homes in Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba, Bayamo and Holguin city center and an unspecified number of closed former hotels urgently in need of refurbishing to preserve their architecture and cultural heritage, thereby creating hundreds of joint ventures with Afro-Americans, Caribbean and Latin America businesspeople specialized in hospitality. Hundreds of these facilities could be converted into economy Hostels for regional family tourism and Assisted living for retired persons. These simple, easy to implement projects could generate millions of dollars and create employment opportunity for tens of thousands.

Refurbish and equip 300 secondary schools in the countryside in the five eastern provinces in Cuba and offer its use to tens of thousands of Haitian school children earthquake victims, where they could receive adequate shelter, meals, education and medical care, if any or all international institutions, humanitarian groups and governments, would be willing to finance its operating cost.

This partial description of the enormous untapped resources available in eastern Cuba, is more than sufficient to begin cleansing our past history while it double the country’s GNP, create well remunerated full employment for all its citizen, stem the exodus of thousands of young, educated citizens in search of a better life abroad, re-energize the nation’s pride in its accomplishment and satisfy all its socio-economic needs, by applying any of the previous and following suggestions:

Re-open, revise and start the Salcines Project, consistent in re-directing part of the course of the rivers Toa, Duaba, Miel and others in Baracoa to solve once and for all the water needs of the Caujeri valley, Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba, San Luis and Palma Soriano. Assign 100 million per year until completion.

Construct Water Purification Systems and Waste Water Treatment facilities in Baracoa, Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba, Palma Soriano, Holguin, Manzanillo and Las Tunas , that are capable of purifying and treating 150% of today’s requirement. Funding 500 million dollars per year until completion.

Begin prospecting the feasibility of a Rapid Transit Rail System between San Luis and Camaguey, which will have branches going to Guantanamo, another going to Bayamo and Manzanillo and another touching Holguin and Moa. If proven effective, this system could be extended to the length and breath of the island. Funding 500 million dollars per year until completion.

Create in Guantanamo, a 10,000 student English and Creole University , staffed by high level educators from English Speaking and French Creole Speaking islands, where every Cuban enlisted in collaborative team to work in any of these countries, must have had to successfully approve and be proficient in said language. Assign 2 million operating cost per year.

Construct in Guantanamo, a modern, high-Tech Environmental Health and Safety University for 30,000 national and international students, an important solar, eolic, bio mass, water resource and regulatory research center, with a number of environmental related factories, which may double as students laboratory and production of a variety of environmental products, generating tens of millions of dollars in income from the national and international sales of environmental products.

Build in Guantanamo, the largest and most modern Cricket Sport Complex, to attract tournaments from around the world and thousands of visiting sports fans generating millions in income.

Create the Agriculture and Industrial Bank, to provide low-interest, mid-term micro-loans to everyone interested in developing all enterprises promoted by the Central government. Start up funds, One Hundred Million Dollars.

Transform the port of Santiago de Cuba into the most active and important commercial port in the Caribbean receiving all sorts of produce, livestock, handcraft, garment and industrial production from the rest of the Caribbean and Latin America and exporting Cuban goods, generating tens of millions of dollars in sales, purchase, taxes etc., of its vibrant commerce.

Create a number of specialized stores, selling agricultural supplies, seeds, fertilizer, pesticide, animal feed, livestock, veterinary medicine service, reproductive services, trucks, tractor, trailer, plows, work clothing, personal protective gears and spare parts. Start up funds, Five Hundred Million Dollars. Encourage 100,000 citizens with agricultural training, to apply for plots of lands, bank credit and machinery, to begin the development of agriculture and livestock.

Prior to the environmental disaster that is taking place in the Gulf States, Black Farmers were facing extinction. It is now a fact of life. In order to extend a helping hand to our brothers and sisters in distress, we are proposing to offer a 25 year lease to 25,000 rice farming families, to relocate to Cuba rice producing region of Cauto-embarcadero/Vado del Yeso. Similar offer can be extended to another 5,000 fishing families, suffering the effect of the oil pollution.

Promote an orderly migration of 50,000 Haitians families from earthquake ravished Port au Prince to northern Oriente sugar cane plantation complex, where each family will lease 40 acres of land for the cultivation of sugar cane, produce and livestock for the next 25 years. Additionally they will receive bank credits to build a home, purchase agriculture equipment and live lease-free the first two years.

Organize an orderly migration of 50,000 Haitians earthquake victims to Cuba and lease each family a 40 acres plot of land on Guantanamo and Santiago de Cuba mountain range for the next 25 years, for the development of coffee, cacao, produce and small livestock. They will receive bank credits for the purpose of purchasing agriculture equipment, personal income until the land begin to yield results and will live lease-free, the first two years.

Promote the migration of 20,000 Palestinian families from the Gaza Strip, West Bank and Jordan, to relocate to southern Oriente semi-arid region and lease to each family 40 acres plots of lands for the development of olive, palm, nuts, goats and sheep as they did in their native Palestine, reducing their hellish overcrowding. Additionally, they will be able to use the lands lease-free for the first two years, receive bank credits to build their homes and purchase agriculture instruments.

Upgrade the deficient fuel, lubricant and cooking gas service in Cuba, which is plagued by corruption, antiquated system and time consuming, irritating service, by creating a Joint Venture with CITGO, a giant, efficient, high-tech Venezuelan fuel distributor with over 20,000 macro service stations in operation, who is capable of bringing this service in Cuba into the XXI Century.

As difficult as it may be to implement these ideas as hordes of skeptic will attempt to infuse fatalism, revisionism or relieve themselves of responsibility, with determination and conviction, we will be able to honor the pain of the victims, salvage the vision of W. E. B Dubois, Bell, Bittker, Conyers, Garvey, Gassame et al., who sought to remedy this crimes, as we begin to create a better world for all.

Una Batalla Mundial de Vida o Muerte. Segunda Parte. 4/4/10top

El gobierno Cubano acusado de racismo en ¨Actuando sobre nuestra Conciencia¨
Las históricas acusaciones de racismo promovidas por grupos anti-Cubanos radicados en la Florida y en Europa en contra del gobierno Cubano; las graves imputaciones del Dr. Carlos Moore que han sido profusamente diseminadas en países y comunidades predominantemente negro durante los últimos 25 años y el documento espurio recientemente circulado y firmado por decenas de intelectuales Afro-Americanos, Caribeños y Afro-Latinoamericanos, debía constituir la alquimia que detonara la explosión social que barriera al gobierno de Cuba del poder y re-instalara otro, en la imagen y semejanza del gobierno de los Estados Unidos. (Vease la Primera Parte, abajo)
La trágica, dolorosa e irreparable inmolación de Orlando Tamayo Zapata, debido a su decisión de rechazar la ingestión de alimentos, ha desencadenado una ola de protesta sin precedentes alrededor del mundo, con lo que se pretende estimular a otros llamados disidentes en Cuba, no a los que residen en el exterior, a imitar y repetir esta tragedia, como si nuestra cultura fuese Sunni, Shiita, o Taliban.
Sin pretender minimizar, cuestionar y menos aun denigrar esta fatal decisión que enlútese, mancha y avergüenza a todos, llama la atención sin embargo, que una reacción similar no se produjo cuando una decena de presos políticos se inmolaron de igual manera en Irlanda del Norte, ni despues las masacres de Sharpville, Ruanda y Soweto, las golpizas de miles de negros en Alabama, Mississippi o Tennessee durante la lucha por los derechos civiles, los miles de linchamientos a lo largo y ancho de los Estados Unidos o ante la diaria brutalidad policíaca en contra de la comunidad Afro-Americana.
Esta táctica dirigida a fomentar la división racial en Cuba, tuvo sus antecedentes en 1910 y reapareció pocos días después de producirse el asalto al Cuartel Moncada el 26 de Julio de 1953 en Santiago de Cuba, cuando los voceros del régimen echaron a rodar rumores que sugerían, que dicha acción estaba motivado por los prejuicios raciales de los atacantes blancos procedentes del occidente del país, en contra del Presidente Fulgencio Batista, debido a su condición de mulato. 
Las primeras imágenes recogidas en la prensa afianzaron esta falacia, ya que todos los detenidos y muertos eran blancos. No fue hasta la celebración del juicio en contra de los atacantes meses después, que se vieron las primeras fotos de personas no blancas.
Meses despues, los estudiantes de las escuelas secundarias, instituto de segunda enseñanza, artes y oficios, maestros normalistas y de la universidad de Oriente, se vieron envueltos en intensos debates acerca de la problemática nacional y la necesidad de enfrentar al gobierno golpista. Nuevamente los apologistas del régimen hicieron grandes esfuerzos por demostrar que no existía una crisis constitucional sino, un deliberado intento por parte de los blancos para recobrar el poder.
Paradojicamente, esta táctica no tuvo resonancia dentro del estudiantado de Guantánamo, Santiago de Cuba y otras comunidades con grandes asentamientos de población negra. Las fotos de los revolucionarios a la salida del Presidio Modelo de Isla de Pinos, otras a raíz del desembarco del Granma en las Coloradas en 1956, los contactos con Willy, Cauce, Zúñiga, Temistocles, Newton, Richard, Thompson, Manfugas y otros insurrectos, constituyeron un rotundo mentis para esta patraña.
Entre las primeras leyes introducidas por la Revolución triunfante en Enero de 1959 estuvo, la desinstitucionalizacion del racismo. Todas las asociaciones recreacionales basadas en principios raciales fueron desintegradas y convertidas en círculos sociales, las escuelas privadas fueron nacionalizadas e incorporadas al sistema nacional de educación y la matricula quedo sujeto al lugar de residencia del alumno. Las playas, empleos, clubs y barriadas fueron igualmente integrados sin distingo racial.
Se aprobaron las Leyes de Reforma Agraria, Reforma Urbana, reducción de la tarifa Eléctrica, Telefónica y del 50% del costo de los medicamentos, beneficiando a las clases más desposeídas del país, del cual los negros constituían la mayoría absoluta.
La campaña de Alfabetización, Seguimiento, la Batalla por el Sexto Grado, la formación de Maestros Primarios, la apertura de Escuelas Tecnológicas, los Planes de Nivelación Educacional y el plan de Becas Universitarias, posibilitaron la incorporación al estudio de decenas de miles de estudiantes pobres.
Al mismo tiempo, cientos de estudiantes de nivel medio y superior procedentes de América Latina, África, Asia y el Caribe, recibieron becas para realizar estudios en Cuba, lo que ha permitido que graduados de estas aulas, ocupen posiciones clave en sus respectivos países en beneficios de sus pueblos. 
Estas drásticas medidas en favor de los marginados, las intervenciones y las confiscaciones de los bienes de las clases dominantes, convirtió a los mas en enemigos de la Revolución, quienes acuñaron el término peyorativo eslavoide de SOLOVANNICHE a sus playas y otros centros de recreo, lo que una vez descifrado significaba SOLO VAN NICHE, donde nunca más pusieron los pies hasta que abandonaron el país, afiliándose a numerosos grupos contrarrevolucionarios.
Miles de Afro-Cubanos fueron empleados por primera vez en trabajos de administración, oficinas de la compañía de electricidad, teléfonos y similares; tiendas de ropa, ómnibus interprovinciales e incluso en algunas locales como la ruta 30 en la Habana; en cafeterías y restaurantes del Vedado, Miramar, Centro Habana y acceso a centros médicos como el Sagrado Corazón, Clínica de Miramar, Marfan, Hijas de Galicia, La Covadonga y otros.
La celebración en Cuba de la Conferencia Tri Continental y la creación de la OSPAAAL en 1966, fue motivo de orgullo nacional y símbolo inequívoco del compromiso de Cuba con los países del Tercer Mundo, lo que convirtió a Cuba en una escala obligada de decenas de líderes y jefes de estado de los países en vías de desarrollo.
El incondicional apoyo de Cuba a los movimientos de liberación de Argelia, Angola, Congo y Etiopia en África, el masivo apoyo a lucha del pueblo de Viet Nam y a los grupos de liberación nacional de Venezuela, Santo Domingo, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Chile y otros, estableció de manera definitiva la posición del gobierno Cubano ante el mundo.
Una y otra vez, Cuba no vacilo en poner en riesgo su seguridad nacional al ofrecerle abrigo a decenas de revolucionarios Afro-Americanos, Africanos, Latino-Americanos y de otras partes del mundo, perseguidos por sus gobernantes.
La epopeya militar que Cuba libro durante mas de una década en el cono sur de África en el cual, unos 300,000 militares Cubanos lucharon hombro con hombro con sus hermanos Africanos, consolidando la independencia de Angola, demoliendo el Apartheid, contribuyendo a la independencia de Namibia, Zimbabwe y Sur África y la heroica liberación de Nelson Mandela y sus compañeros de armas, es sin duda, el mayor honor que se le ha podido conferir a los descendientes de África en todo el mundo, al liberar la tierra de donde fueron arrancados en cadenas sus antecesores siglos atrás.
No obstante, el aporte de decenas de miles de Médicos, Enfermeros y otros trabajadores de la salud que han asistido a millones de pacientes y salvado a miles de una muerte segura en todos los rincones del planeta, es sin lugar a dudas, la obra cumbre de Cuba a favor de los ignorados.
Todo lo anterior y mucho mas, fue realizado con una generosidad sin precedentes en los anales de historia humana, en la que Cuba no condiciono su ayuda al estado de la relaciones bilaterales con ningún país, jamas acepto retribución económica alguna o mediante la extracción de recursos naturales de alguno de esos países.
El cúmulo de las contribuciones de Cuba en favor de los desposeídos, abusados e ignorados en general y el de los negros en particular en todo el mundo, demuestra en forma concluyente, irrebatible y refuta categóricamente todo intento mezquino por parte de enemigos confesos, asalariados y oportunistas de toda laya, que tratan de endilgarle el repulsivo calificativo de racista, como parte de una amplia campana internacional dirigida, orquestada y financiada por probados racistas Cubano-Americanos, gobiernos colonizadores, ex-esclavistas y xenofobicos Europeos, lidereados por los Estados Unidos.
Es comparable el expediente de 50 anos del gobierno de Cuba con cualquier periodo similar de los gobiernos de España, Holanda, Francia, Bélgica o Inglaterra durante los siglos XVI-XXI o el de los Estados Unidos, Alemania, Japón y otros durante los siglos XX-XXI ?
Confiando quizás excesivamente en esta colosal hoja de servicios, el gobierno de Cuba ha cometido serios errores en la administración de sus recursos nacionales, sociales, laborales, salariales, salud, vivienda, educación y otros, al someter al pueblo a severos e injustificados sacrificios materiales durante décadas, ha coartado aspiraciones básicas de la población, se ha fosilizado el desarrollo de la infra-estructura nacional, se ha perdido el sentido de pertenencia mediante la imposición de medidas inconsulta y los mecanismos de desaprobación o quejas de la población se han transformado en centros de catarsis colectivo, promotores de cinismo y de corrupción oficial.
Un factor crucial en la perpetuación de estos males ha sido, la falta de medios masivo de comunicación crítico, denunciando y desenmascarando el delito, la ausencia de un periodismo sagaz, investigativo en constante vigilia, que mida el sentimiento popular y rehuya de un falso triunfalismo creador de imagenes ficticias.
Cuba es culpable de negligencia y de una imperdonable dilación en enfrentar las crónicas injusticias y desigualdades sociales que han plagado, desmoralizado y literalmente diezmado a la comunidad Afro-Cubana especialmente a partir del periodo especial, en el que fueron excluidos intencionalmente de todo acceso a moneda convertible en un mercado dolarizado; forzándolos a delinquir, prostituirse y desmoronarse moralmente.

Cuba no puede explicarle de manera convincente a su pueblo, que las autoridades de nuestro país desconocían que Cubanos procedentes del Oriente del país eran llamados Palestinos por sus hermanos de Occidente, detenidos vergonzosamente en la calle Obispo, Parque Central o Varadero y devueltos a su lugar de residencia, tal cual ocurría en Pretoria, Ciudad del Cabo o Windhoek, antes que estos mismos Afro-Cubanos liberaron con su sangre y sus vidas a sus hermanos Africanos de tan monstruosa infamia.
Como explicarnos sin connotaciones raciales, el escandaloso y desproporcionado índice de Afro-Cubanos encarcelados en Cuba, cuya etiogenia radica en parte, en el trágico resurgimiento del racismo, segregación y las catastróficas regulaciones administrativas de muchas empresas, que han colimado y excluido a un amplio sector de la sociedad de las áreas con acceso a moneda convertible, sin que este crimen hubiera sido denunciado por académicos, centros de estudio, los medios de comunicación masiva o sometidos a acción judicial por las instituciones pertinentes?
Como racionalizar en forma desapasionada, que Santiago de Cuba con una población predominantemente negro, haya dejado de ser la segunda ciudad en importancia en el país?
Santiago de Cuba, hasta la reciente re-estructuracion politica de la provincia, se habia convertido en una ciudad frustrada, sin perspectiva, un severo desempleo, alto mentalidad migratoria en la juventud, limitado desarrollo socio-económico-cultural y relegado a una posición de menor importancia que Holguín, Cienfuegos o la Habana Vieja ?
Puede alguien explicar en forma razonable, porque el British West Indian Welfare Center, una ONG que fue fundada en 1946 en Guantánamo y que fuera encargada de fomentar, desarrollar y preservar la cultura de unos 500,000 emigrantes y descendientes de cada uno de las Islas Caribenas de habla Ingles residiendo en Cuba, ocupe hoy un edificio semi-derruido, lleno de goteras, al cual con pena, visitan decenas de investigadores foraneos de historia negra, diplomaticos y personalidades del alrededor del mundo para hurgar entre sus paginas llenas de historia en riesgo de perderse, debido el calamitoso estado del edificio?
Dolorosamente y de manera incompresible, la direccion del Ministerio de Justicia de la Provincia de Guantanamo les denego el uso de un edificio aledano apropiado, vacio por mas de una decada, en el cual la membresia podria haber construido las facilidades que satisfagan las necesidades historicas, cientificas y culturales de esta entidad, al mismo tiempo que, la direccion del Ministerio de Justicia de la provincia de la Habana, le otorgo a la Asociacion Asturiana con menos de 1000 descendientes en Cuba, un edifcio en la Avenida del Prado frente al antiguo Capitolio, donde esta ubicado el restaurant Los Nardos?
Que reglas especiales determinaron que el Ministerio de Justicia le otorgara a la pequena comunidad Hebrea residente en Cuba, todo el material de construccion requerido para remodelar sus sinagogas y para operar el bello hotel Raquel, en tanto, el Jamaican Club de Banes, fundado bajo los mismos principios que los del British West Indian Welfare Center de Guantanamo, no ha podido recobrar su local convertido en bodega, mientras la historia y cultura de esta comunidad se desvanece por minutos?
Cuales nociones preconcebidas del Ministerio de Turismo, los ha llevado a promover intensamente este sector mediante ferias de turismo en sur America, Europa, Asia, Norteamerica y Australia, en tanto han ignorado abiertamente el poder adquisitivo y la proximidad geografica de millones de turistas potenciales Afro-Americanos y Caribenos, quienes empatizarian inmediatamente con el entorno de Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo y otras areas de Cuba, con quienes tienen un fuerte vinculo etnico, historico, cultural y familiar?
Porque sorprendernos ante las crecientes manifestaciones de racismo en Cuba, sabiendo que los planes de estudio del Ministerio de Educación han omitido o soslayado importantes contribuciones históricas de los Africanos y sus descendientes?
Porque el ICAIC ha archivado películas y otras manifestaciones culturales que reflejan a negros en actividades positivas o logros historicos, mientras muestran infinidad de películas, novelas y obras de teatro hechas en Cuba o importadas, que tienden a presentar a los negros en papeles de dependencia, servilismo o delictivos, en contraste con las expresiones de Caballero, Señoríto y Damas de otros grupos étnicos?
Como se entiende que el ICAIC disponga de tiempo y recursos para honrar la memoria de Yarine, un vulgar proxeneta convertido en fabula social, pero ha carecido al mismo tiempo de recursos o interés, para rendir homenaje a la vida de Jesús Menéndez, José Maceo o Juan Gualberto Gómez?
Como explicable sin dobleces a nuestros hijos, que despues de medio siglo de Revolucion solidaria con el mundo, nuestro pais ha tenido difficultades en replicar en cientos de jovenes Afro-Cubanos, las excepcionales cualidades humanas del General Antonio Maceo, Mariana Grajales, Brindis de Salas, Comandante Juan Almeida, Nicolas Guillen o Regino Boti, formados en las abyectas condiciones coloniales o de la seudorepublica?
Complicando aun mas este cuadro atroz ha sido, el que ningun pais u organización social, humanitaria o religiosa predominantemente negro en el mundo, ha sabido extenderle una mano solidaria a la comunidad Afro-Cubana cautiva, renuente a emigrar, esperanzada en ese mañana mejor que los ha eludido, debido a los crudos rigores de bloqueo y las férreas restricciones internas que estrangulan toda gestión económica no-gubernamental, resquebrajando sus principios éticos, estremeciendo sus valores morales y situando a millones de víctimas al borde del colapso social.
Otros grupos étnicos en Cuba, han hecho un amplio uso de las posibilidades migratorias, se agenciaron los mejores empleos con acceso a moneda convertible, ocupan las mejores áreas residenciales, viajes al exterior, son promovidos y han recibido además, un sustancial apoyo monetario por parte de los países de procedencia de sus ancestros, como es el caso de España, Israel, China y algunos países Árabes, profundizando aun mas, las divisiones de clase.
En nuestro intento por crear una patria con todos y para el bien de todos en el siglo XIX, los Afro-Cubanos se incorporaron masivamente y constituyeron el grueso del ejército libertador y de sus bajas en combate. Nuestro esfuerzo fue escatimado con la humillante intervención militar de los Estados Unidos en 1898, castrando las aspiraciones sociales de nuestro país, re-introduciendo el racismo y segregación, suspendiendo la inmigración negra del Caribe, mientras introdujeron clandestinamente a mas de 100,000 Canarios en el occidente del país, entregándoles tierras y distribuyendo el grueso de los recursos del país entre los intervencionistas y los que fueron derrotados en el campo de batalla.
Traicionados, frustrados y sin otra opción a su alcance, los negros fundaron el Partido Independiente de Color a fin de demandar justicia, equidad y los derechos conculcados, siguiendo las normas políticas establecidas.
La respuesta a esta noble acción, fue la brutal masacre de mas de 6000 miembros de dicho partido político y el de otros, cuyo único delito fue su condición de negro o mulato en Santiago de Cuba, Songo, La Maya, San Luís y Guantánamo.
Y hoy, a casi 100 años de aquel crimen, un monumento fastuoso en la Avenida de los Presidentes y la calle 27 en la Habana, honra la memoria del General José Miguel Gómez, autor intelectual de aquella cacería humana, en tanto, ha faltado el tiempo o la voluntad política para erigir una simple cruz en memoria de las victimas en el lugar del crimen.
Cuba, al igual que todos los países cuyo desarrollo, modo de vida y cuanto sea visible o invisible fue creado con el trabajo, sudor, sangre y la vida de millones de Africanos y sus descendientes, quienes fueron obligados a trabajar en las peores labores de sol a sol en forma gratuita por mas de 350 anos, no puede desconocer, ignorar o dar por saldada esa deuda impagable con una parte de sus hijos.
No reconocer esa infamia, no comenzar a aplicar de inmediato medidas elementales de justicia que corrijan esa mancha imborrable de nuestra historia, ha impedido y continuara impidiendo que nuestro país alcance el sitial de honor que le corresponde entre la comunidad de naciones del mundo.
Una postura diferente, no podria corresponder con la Cuba martirizada durante la conspiración de la escalera, el cruel fusilamiento de los 7 estudiantes de medicina, la honrosa Protesta de Baragua, la criminal explosión de la Coubre, la Crisis de los Misiles y el heroísmo de Cuito-Cuanavale, no tolerara que nuestra nación continué arrastrando ese secreto que mancha a todos por igual.
Ninguno de los países que se enriquecieron con la sangre de nuestros ancestros es igual que Cuba? En Cuba existe una Revolución poseedora del carácter, fortaleza moral y principios éticos capaces de identificar los males, evaluar los hechos y tomar las medidas correctivas impostergables que nuestra sociedad demanda.
Solo Cuba dispone de la autoridad moral para enfrentar y motivar a otros deudores para asumir juntos o por separado, esta deuda colectiva con la humanidad.
Para el bien de todos, el capitulo final incluirá algunas conceptos, mecanismos simples, los cuales de ser considerados viables o merecedores de ser implementados aun en forma experimental, aspira a encontrar opciones, esperanzas, claves o direcciones que pudieran contribuir a crear la nacion que merecemos y con la que hemos venido sonando durante mas de 500 anos.

A worldwide Battle of Life and Death, Part II, 4/4/10top

The Cuban government accused of Racism in “Acting on our Conscience.”

Historically, anti-Cuba groups based in Florida and Europe have systematically accused the Cuban government of being racist; the serious allegations of Dr. Carlos Moore, which have been profusely disseminated through predominantly black countries and communities for the past 25 years, and the spurious document that was circulated and signed by tens of prominent Afro-Americans, Caribbean and Afro-Latin America intellectuals should constitute the perfect alchemy to detonate a social explosion that would sweep the Cuban government out of office and replace it with one in the image and semblance of the government of the United States of America. (See Part I of this article below.)

The tragic, painful and irreparable loss of Orlando Tamayo Zapata through his decision to starve himself to death has unleashed an unprecedented wave of denunciations around the world, with which some are hoping to encourage other dissidents in Cuba, not those living abroad, to imitate and repeat this tragedy, as if our culture were Sunni, Shiite or Taliban.

Without pretending to minimize, question or denigrate this fatal decision that saddens, stains and shames our country, I would point out that a similar reaction did not occur when approximately ten political prisoners in northern Ireland took a similar action in the 80‘s, nor did one occur after the massacres in Sharpville, Ruanda and Soweto, the beatings of thousands of blacks in Alabama, Mississippi or Tennessee during the Civil Rights movement, the thousands of lynching across the United States or the daily police brutality against the Afro-American community.

This tactic, geared to promote racial divisions in Cuba, had its antecedent in 1910 with the campaign against the Independent Party of Color and re-appeared shortly after the attack on the Moncada Garrison in Santiago de Cuba on July 26, 1953, when the spokesperson of the regime spread rumors suggesting that this action was motivated by the racial prejudices of white attackers from western Cuba against president Fulgencio Batista, a mulato.

The first images appearing in the press reinforced this fallacy since all prisoners as well as the dead were white. It was not until the court appearance of the attackers months later that the first images of non-whites became public.

Soon after, secondary schools, high schools, technical and teachers school and university students in the province of Oriente were involved in an intense national debate about ways to confront Batista‘s government. Once again, the regime apologists made great efforts to demonstrate there was no constitutional crisis, rather, it was a deliberate intent of white Cuba to retake over the government.

Paradoxically, this tactic had little resonance among students in Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba and other communities with large Afro-Cuban population. The pictures of the insurgents as they exited the Model Prison on the Isle of Pines, others, after the landing of the Granma in Las Coloradas in 1956, contacts with Willy, Cauce, Zuniga, Temistocles, Newton, Richard, Thompson, and Manfugas became a resounding denial of this falsehood.

Among the first measures introduced by the victorious Revolution in January of 1959 was the des-institutionalization of racism. All recreational associations based upon racial principles were disbanded and turned into social circles, all private schools were nationalized, incorporated to the national education system and registration was dependent on the student’s home address. Beaches, jobs, clubs and neighborhoods were integrated without racial distinctions.

The Land and Urban reform laws were enacted; the electric and telephone bills were reduced and all prescription medications were slashed by 50%, benefiting the poor, of which Afro-Cubans were an absolute majority.

The literacy campaign, Follow-Up, the Battle for the Sixth Grade , the training of Primary Teachers, the opening of Technical Schools, the Education Leveling Program and the University Scholarships enabled tens of thousands of poor students to join different educational programs.

At the same time, hundreds of middle and higher education students from Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean received scholarships in Cuba, which allowed these graduates to occupy important positions in their countries, benefiting their people.

These drastic measures in favor of the marginalized, the interventions and confiscations of properties of the dominant class turned them into enemies of the Revolution who coined the pejorative term of SOLOVANNICHE to their beaches and other recreational centers, which once it was unscrambled meant SOLO VAN NICHE or WHERE ONLY NIGGERS GO, where they never put their feet again, as they abandoned the country and joined numerous counterrevolutionary groups.

Thousands of Afro-Cubans were employed for the first time in administrative jobs and office settings in the electric and telephone companies, garment stores, inter-provincial bus lines and even local lines such as route 30 in Havana, coffee shops and restaurants in Vedado, Miramar and Centro Havana neighborhoods, as well as in medical centers such as Sagrado Corazon, Clinica de Miramar, Marfan, Hijas de Galicia, La Covadonga and others.

Hosting the Tri Continental Conference and the founding of OSPAAAL in Havana in 1966 became a source of national pride and an unmistakable symbol of Cuba’s commitment to the Third World, turning Cuba into a compelling stop for all leaders and heads of state of developing countries.

Cuba’s unconditional support of the liberation movements in Algeria, Angola, Congo and Ethiopia in Africa, the massive support it provided to the people of Viet Nam and to national liberation groups in Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Chile and others defined the position of the Cuban government in the world.

Over and over, Cuba did not hesitate to place its national security at risk by offering safe haven to tens of Afro-Americans, Africans, Latin-Americans and other revolutionaries, persecuted by their governments.

The epic military battle that Cuba fought for over a decade in the southern cone of Africa, in which 300,000 Cuban soldiers took part shoulder to shoulder alongside their African brothers, resulted in the consolidation of Angola’s independence, the destruction of Apartheid and contributed to the independence of Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa and the heroic liberation of Nelson Mandela and his brothers in arms. This effort is without any doubt the greatest honor that has been conferred upon descendents of Africa around the world, freeing the lands from where their forefathers were ripped away in chains many centuries ago.

And yet, providing tens of thousands of physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers to millions of patients and saving thousands of people from a certain death in every corner of the globe is without any doubt the pinnacle of everything that Cuba has done on behalf of the forgotten.

All of the above and more was done with an unprecedented generosity in the annals of human history, in which Cuba did not condition its support to the state of bilateral relations with any country, never accepted payment, and never extracted raw material from any of these countries.

The cumulative contribution that Cuba has provided to the dispossessed, abused and ignored in general and to blacks in particular around the world demonstrates conclusively, without a nanogram of doubt, and refutes categorically every wretched attempt by confessed enemies, salaried or opportunists of any stripe, to lodge this repulsive racist epithet on Cuba as part of a broad international campaign directed, orchestrated and financed by proven racists Cuban-Americans, colonialists governments, ex-slave traders and xenophobic European, lead by the United States.

Can we compare Cuba’s 50 year record with any similar period of the governments of Spain, Holland, France, Belgium or England during the XVI-XX centuries or that of the United States, Germany, Japan and others during the XX-XXI century?

Relying excessively on this colossal record, the Cuban government has made serious mistakes in the administration of its national resources in social, labor, salary, health, housing and education policies. The population has been subjected to severe and unjustifiable material shortages for decades, various basic aspirations of the population have been restricted, and numerous national infrastructure developments have been mismanaged or misconceived. There has been a heightened sense of disenfranchisement of the population through imposed regulations. Most mechanisms of complaints or remedy by the citizenry have become a collective catharsis center, promoting cynicism and official corruption.

A crucial factor in the perpetuation of these ills is the lack of a critical mass media denouncing wrongdoings, an effective investigative journalism policing our day-to-day activities. An overtly triumphal news issues reports that mask deficiencies and create a fictional reality.

Cuba is guilty of negligence and an unforgivable delay in confronting and addressing the chronic injustices and social inequalities that have plagued, demoralized and literally decimated the Afro-Cuban community, especially since the advent of the Special Period during which they were excluded intentionally from all access to hard currency in a dollar-governed economy; forcing many into prostitution, crime and demoralization.

Cuba cannot explain convincingly to its people that the government was not aware that citizens from the eastern provinces were called Palestinians by their fellow citizens in Havana, shamefully detained on Obispo street, Central Park or Varadero beach and returned to their place of residence, just as happened in Pretoria, Cape City or Windhoek, before these same Afro-Cubans freed their African brothers from such an infamy with their blood or their lives.

How can we explain, without racial overtones, the scandalous and disproportionate index of Afro-Cubans incarcerated in Cuba, whose etiology lies with the tragic resurgence of racism, segregation and catastrophic management regulations in many enterprises that targeted and excluded an ample sector of society from areas with access to convertible currency, without this crime being denounced by academics, research centers, mass media or subjected to judicial corrective measures?

How can anyone rationalize dispassionately that Santiago de Cuba, with a predominantly black population, is no longer the second city in importance in the country? Santiago, until a recent political shuffle, had become a frustrated, hopeless city with severe unemployment, high migratory mentality among youngsters, limited socio-cultural development and a pervasive sense that it had been relegated to a lesser importance than Holguin, Cienfuegos or Old Havana?

The British West Indian Welfare Center is an NGO that was founded in Guantanamo in 1946 to preserve, foster and develop the history and culture of approximately 500,000 emigrants and descendents from every English Speaking Caribbean islands living in Cuba, occupies today a crumbling, leaky building, where researchers of Black history, diplomats and personalities from around the world visit to glean through its historical documents at risk of vanishing. Can anyone reasonably explain why it was denied a suitable, vacant building by the Department of Justice of the Province of Guantanamo, where its membership had hoped to build a facility to satisfy their needs and historical importance, while the same Department of Justice of the Province of Havana, provided the Asturian Association, with less than 1000 descendents in Cuba, a posh building on Central Park Blvd., across from the Old Capitol building in Havana that houses the Nardo’s Restaurant?

What special rules prompted the Justice Department in Havana to provide the tiny Jewish community with every bit of construction material to refurbish their synagogues and to own/operate the beautiful hotel Raquel?

What preconceived notion leads the Cuban Ministry of Tourism to promote heavily and organize trade fairs in south America, Europe, Asia and Australia, as it blatantly ignore the purchasing power and geographical proximity of millions of Afro-Americans and Caribbean potential tourists who would readily feel at home in Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo and other areas in Cuba, with whom they hold a strong ethnic, historical and family bonds?

How can we be surprised by rising racism in Cuba, knowing that the Ministry of Education curriculum has omitted or intentionally evaded the important historical contributions of Africans and their descendents in the development of the Cuban nation, has shelved films and other cultural events depicting blacks in positive, historical accomplishments, while innumerable films, soap operas and plays made in Cuba or imported, tends to present black people in servility, dependency or unlawful activities, in contrast with the Gentleman, Lady or Mistress attributes conferred upon other ethic groups?

Can we plausibly explain how the ICAIC (Cuban Institute of Arts and Cinematography Industry) has the time and funds to honor the memory of Yarine, a vulgar pimp turned into a popular fable, but has not had the time, funds or interest to pay homage to the lives of Bartolome Maso, Jesus Menendez, Carlota, Jose Maceo or Juan Gualberto Gomez?

How can anyone convincingly convey to our children that after half a century of socialism, Cuba has created so few stars such as Juan Almeida when the abject conditions of colonialism and the pseudo-republic produced General Antonio Maceo, Aponte, Brindis de Salas, Mariana Grajales, Nicolas Guillen or Regino Boti?

Complicating even more this horrible scenario is the fact that no predominantly black country, social, humanitarian or religious institution in the world, has been able to extend a helping hand to a captive Afro-Cuban community, reluctant to migrate, dreaming about an elusive better tomorrow, while the crude rigors of the blockade and the severe internal restrictions that strangle all non-governmental economic activity are eroding societal ethics, shattering their moral values and placing millions on the verge of social collapse?

Other ethnic groups in Cuba, have widely used migratory possibilities and have controlled the best jobs with access to convertible money, while they occupy the best residential areas, undertake foreign travels, job promotion and have also received substantial monetary support from the countries of origin of their ancestors, as is the case of Spain, Israel, China and some Arab countries, widening Cuba’s class divisions.

In our intent of creating a country with all and for the betterment of all in the XIX century as was postulated by Jose Marti, Afro-Cubans joined massively, constituted the bulk of the Army of Independence and suffered most of its casualties. Our sacrifices were infringed upon by the humiliating military intervention of the United States in 1898, emasculating our country’s social aspirations, re-introducing segregation and racism, and prohibiting black immigration from the Caribbean as they introduced 100,000 men, women and children in western Cuba from the Canary Islands to “bleach“ the country. They were given funds and farmlands while all of the country's resources were distributed among the interventionists and those who were defeated on the battlefield.

Afro-Cubans received nothing material, were prohibited to rise above the rank of lieutenant in the army even though some had led victorious armies during the war of independence. They were forbidden from the police force and were confined to menial jobs or unemployment.

Betrayed, frustrated and without any other option, blacks founded the Independent Party of Color in order to demand justice, equity and their brutally violated rights, following the established political norms.

The answer to this noble action was the monstrous massacre of over 6000 members of the party and others whose only crime was being black or mulato in Santiago de Cuba, Songo, La Maya, San Luis and Guantanamo.

And today, nearly 100 years after that horrific crime, a magnificent monument on Presidents Avenue and 27th Street in Havana honors the memory of General Jose Miguel Gomez, the intellectual author of this human turkey shoot, while there has been no time or political will to erect a simple cross at the site of the crime, in honor of its victims.

Cuba is like other countries whose development, life style and everything that is visible and invisible was created with the work, sweat, blood and the lives of millions of Africans and their descendents, who were forced to do the worst jobs from sunrise to sundown for free for more than 350 years. Cuba cannot ignore or presume it has addressed an unplayable debt with millions of its children.

To not recognize this infamy, to not begin to apply elementary corrective measures to address this un-erasable blot in our history, has impeded and will continue to impede our country to achieve the seat of honor it deserve among the community of nations in the world, something paid hypocrites are now trying to use.

No other position could correspond with a martyrized Cuba during the Ladder Conspiracy, the cruel execution of the 7 medical students, the Baragua Protest, the explosion of La Coubre, the Missile Crisis and the heroism of the battle of Cuito-Cuanavale, to tolerate our country's continued dragging its feet or hiding this secret that stains us all alike.

None of the countries that enriched themselves with the blood of our ancestors is like Cuba  In Cuba there is an ongoing Revolution, with the character, moral fortitude and ethical principles that are a pre-requisite to identify these ills, evaluate them factually and introduce the corrective, un-deferrable measures our society demands.

Only Cuba has the moral authority to confront and motivate others to assume together or separately, this collective debt with humanity.

For the good of all, part III will include some honest thoughts, simple mechanisms, that if they were deemed worthy of implementing, even on an experimental basis, we hope may create some options, clues and directions that may help us heal this immoral scar and begin to create the nation we deserve and which we have dreamed of for over 500 years.

A Worldwide Battle of Life and Death. Part I, 12/25/09

A Worldwide Battle of Life and Death. Third Chapter, 5/1/2010

Act Now in Haiti Before It is Too Late! 2/15/2010top

One month after the most devastating natural disaster to hit our hemisphere, only limited progress can be reported in Haiti, notwithstanding the unprecedented humanitarian outpouring of moral and material support from across the globe. 

Miraculously, a massive infectious outbreak has not happen as yet, although we have thousands of decomposing bodies under the rubble in our harsh tropical environment, insufficient healthcare, lack of shelter, food, running water, basic sanitation and every possible vector spreading transmissible diseases among survivors. 

Compounding the previous description will be the arrival in a couple of months of the rainy season with over 350,000 schoolchildren roaming the streets without classrooms, missing their school year and risk becoming victims of every possible social ill, including human trafficking. 

Could the monumental tragedy that lies ahead of us be sufficient to bring the United States, European and Caribbean governments together, to present a concrete proposal to the Cuban government -located less than 200 miles from the disaster site- to receive, provide shelter, food, education, healthcare, sports, culture and all other ancillary child care for 50,000 - 100,000 of these victims? 

No other country in this hemisphere has the infrastructure, logistics, human resources and expertise to tackle a problem of this magnitude, although Cuba’s acute financial woes may have hindered her from stepping forward. 

No geographical, political, ideological or religious differences should become an acceptable excuse for innocent children to suffer or die.

Haiti: A Moment of Reckoning, 1/13/2010top

The monstrous and unprecedented destruction that is unfolding in Haiti before our eyes will rapidly become one of mankind defining challenges, of who we are and what we stand for.

For much too long, human beings have been ready to fight and kill each other, while we have remained indifferent to the silent deaths of thousands of innocent people through hunger, disease, ignorance and disasters.

This catastrophe will not allow us to run away or pretend we did not know. It is too big, too shocking for any one government around the world to ever say they were not told or did not know what happened.

For the past twenty years, Cuba has done more for Haiti than every developed country in the world. Cuba has supplied Haiti with hundreds of professionals and technical support in every field of development. Cuba has graduated over 150 physicians  and presently has close to 1000 medical students from Haiti  in different levels of training, all free of charge.

Cuba has promised Haiti to train 100 physicians per year for the next 20 years and hundreds of teachers, nurses and other professionals, albeit a crushing financial burden.

As this incredible human development for Haiti and another 40 third world countries is taking place in Cuba, the United States, even under our affable President Barack Obama, continues to invest millions of dollars in subversive activities designed to destabilize, weaken and overthrow that country.

European governments who benefited handsomely from Haiti and Latin American natural resources have chosen to sit in judgment, take Cuba to every international forum, accuse it of the worst Human Rights violations, while doing literally nothing for millions living in abject poverty in Haiti and the rest of the underdeveloped world.

No one pretends to portray Cuba as a perfect country. No one pretends to excuse excesses that may have taken place in Cuba, but no one in his/her right mind can deny either the overwhelming support in sweat, tears, blood and lives, that Cuba has provided to Africa, Asia and Latin-America, in defense of their Independence, Sovereignty, health, education, culture and sports.

The Haitian tragedy has taught us since yesterday that our grandstanding, illustrious speeches in beautiful conference halls around the world, demanding freedom and liberty in a vacuum, prescribing our philosophy, has done nothing for the victims of this tragedy and millions of others awaiting certain death around the world.

Fifty years of trying to construct a Cuba in our image has failed, while it has done no good to Cubans and people elsewhere. Let’s work to overcome our imperfections, without imposing on others or pretending to be guardians of absolute truths.

As thousands of people are exposed to our grueling tropical environment with rotting bodies, lack of sanitation, water or food in Port au Prince, I am pleading with all moralists of the world, the holders of firm values and those unwilling to compromise with anyone with differing views to take a look at the real world, as we see it in Haiti today.

The province of Guantanamo lies less than 150 miles away from the area of disaster. Cuba has the largest technical, professional and healthcare human resources in the area, except for the US.

Cuba is in dire need of basic resources such as clothing, food, medicines, which any caring country could provide. Let’s overcome decades of demonizing Cuba and attempting to destroy that country for thinking and acting differently than others.

Nowhere in the world could our investment achieve higher return if the United Nations and every worldwide humanitarian organization in the world would open an honest, fair and respectful discussion with Cuba that would enable the relocation of thousands of the earthquake victims in Haiti to vacant school buildings in Cuba where they could receive all basic human needs, as every country, especially the developed ones, can contribute to the financial operation of this unprecedented humanitarian project.

Beyond the immediate needs, Haiti will need longtime help to get back on their feet. Tens of  thousands of fallow acreage in Cuba could be leased to provide jobs for these victims and food security for our region, under a similar international goodwill project.

If we did that, we would not only help the victims, we would have laid the groundwork for beginning to solve most of our socio-political ills, through peaceful dialogue, understanding and turning our weapons into plows on behalf of mankind.

The Pot calling the Kettle...   1/8/10top

A unilateral, absurd and baseless set of assumptions is used every year by bureaucrats of the US State Department, to label primarily small and poor nations around the world as Sponsors of Terrorism or quietly remove them from this financially crippling grouping, if they meekly comply with their demands or risk economical disaster.

The State Department most recent catalog include countries as diverse as Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen.

Although it is Cuba who has been under a fifty year asphyxiating embargo, was invaded at the Bay of Pigs, suffered the first bioterrorism attack in this hemisphere in 1971 and five successive ones, had an airliner blown-up in mid-air causing the death of 73 passengers, have suffered over 100 billion in financial damages, had 14,000 children under 17 years of age literally kidnapped under a CIA inspired Peter Pan project in 1962 and have promoted the illegal exodus of thousands of professionals trained in Cuba at no charge, to migrate to the enticing US job market.

Additionally, hundreds of millions of tax dollars are spent every year under the watchful eyes of US-AID, NED and fake foundations to keep Radio & TV Marti on the air for 25 years with no listeners; by pumping tons of subversive, pornographic, escapists and violent videos into Cuba, intended to corrupt the minds of teenagers, where no school have lost a child due to Columbine-type school violence in fifty years.

A well funded, twenty year old effort by the State Department to divide Cuba along racial lines is in full gear, attempting to re-enact the racial massacre of 1912, when over 3000 blacks were butchered with absolute impunity in eastern Cuba.

Yet it is the state of Florida and not Cuba, who harbors renowned terrorist Luis Posada Carriles and Dr. Orlando Bosch who have said publicly, we placed the bomb in the airline killing 73, so what?

It is Florida not Cuba, where General Vides Cassanova and Guillermo Garcia who murdered over 30,000 Salvadorians have found safe haven and live as celebrities with other graduates of the infamous School of the Americas, who have terrorized Latin America for half a century.

Name calling has always been easy.

A unilateral, absurd and baseless set of assumptions is used every year by bureaucrats of the US State Department, to label primarily small and poor nations around the world as Sponsors of Terrorism or quietly remove them from this financially crippling grouping, if they meekly comply with their demands or risk economical disaster.

The State Department most recent catalog include countries as diverse as Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen.

Although it is Cuba who has been under a fifty year asphyxiating embargo, was invaded at the Bay of Pigs, suffered the first bioterrorism attack in this hemisphere in 1971 and five successive ones, had an airliner blown-up in mid-air causing the death of 73 passengers, have suffered over 100 billion in financial damages, had 14,000 children under 17 years of age literally kidnapped under a CIA inspired Peter Pan project in 1962 and have promoted the illegal exodus of thousands of professionals trained in Cuba at no charge, to migrate to the enticing US job market.

Additionally, hundreds of millions of tax dollars are spent every year under the watchful eyes of US-AID, NED and fake foundations to keep Radio & TV Marti on the air for 25 years with no listeners; by pumping tons of subversive, pornographic, escapists and violent videos into Cuba, intended to corrupt the minds of teenagers, where no school have lost a child due to Columbine-type school violence in fifty years.

A well funded, twenty year old effort by the State Department to divide Cuba along racial lines is in full gear, attempting to re-enact the racial massacre of 1912, when over 3000 blacks were butchered with absolute impunity in eastern Cuba.

Yet it is the state of Florida and not Cuba, who harbors renowned terrorist Luis Posada Carriles and Dr. Orlando Bosch who have said publicly, "we placed the bomb in the airline killing 73, so what?"

It is Florida not Cuba, where General Vides Cassanova and Guillermo Garcia who murdered over 30,000 Salvadorians have found safe haven and live as celebrities with other graduates of the infamous School of the Americas, who have terrorized Latin America for half a century.

A Worldwide Battle of Life and Death. Part I, 12/25/09top concerning Carlos Moore's Acting On Our Conscience

December 1, 2009, will be recorded in the annals of Black History as the day in which a 15-20 year old well conceived, structured and financed plot to weaken, corrode and divide Africans and their descendants around the world erupted on the world scene as a powerful volcano, whose devastating lava and toxic fumes are permeating, antagonizing and vaporizing our tenuous unity.

Having tried and evidently failed in my efforts to pre-empt this catastrophe since it was first detected, I am left wondering if I did all I could have, if my approach was the right one or if my abilities were overwhelmed by a lack of knowledge in the field of Humanities.

My greatest fear, then and now, is that the prime objective of this divisive tool was not what was prominently displayed across the writings, speeches, conferences, interviews and other means used by Dr. Carlos Moore to attack Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution but rather, to create an appropriate environment and introduce a wedge that would force Blacks around the world to take sides and fight this internecine war.

Confirming this assumption is the fact, that two weeks after this annihilating venom has been raging in cyberspace through e-mails, twitter, face book and every other means of modern day communication, Whites interested in this matter in the US and Cuba have remained unaware and/or conspicuously absent from the fray.

Let me help readers of this very complex issue identify all parties involved, by pointing an accusing finger at everyone whose voluntary or involuntary actions may have contributed to bringing us to this extremely dangerous juncture.

(a) The Cuban Solidarity Movement in the US, (b) the United States Government, (c) anti-Cuba Blacks groups around the world and (d) the Cuban Government, who stands violently accused of blatant racism in Cuba as denounced in Acting On Our Conscience.

(a) The Cuban Solidarity Movement in the United States is primarily White and they have strongly supported the Cuban Government based mostly on events which have taken place since 1959, its impressive social programs, international solidarity, health and education development, but to a great extent, with a limited awareness of the 500 years' legacy of slavery, racism, segregation and inequalities in Cuba.

(b) For the past fifty years, ten different administrations of the United States Government have led, supported, financed, directed and overseen the most brutal political, military, terror, diversionist and demonizing war of attrition against Cuba, which has caused unquantifiable pain, suffering, deaths, the wicked kidnapping of thousands of Peter Pans, a spurious Family Adjustment Act, invasions, sabotage, hundreds of assassinations and the harboring of convicted terrorists, all in the name of Democracy, Freedom of Speech, Free Enterprise and Religious Freedom.

Even our affable, popular Afro-American President Barack Obama has introduced minimal changes in the chronic US-CUBA dispute despite promises during his electoral campaign, while all aggressive, destabilizing measures remain firmly in place, as has been proven recently with a roaming “Contractor” incarcerated in Cuba for donating innocuous communication equipment to ordinary Cubans he casually ran into on city streets.

(c) In order to clearly comprehend the origin, rise and development of anti-Cuba Black groups around the world, it will be necessary to go back to the summer of 1980 when I arrived in the United States, as part of the Mariel boatlift.

Racism was raging in Miami, where they coined the derogatory term Marielitos, which was synonymous with being illiterate, black, a thief,  a murderer, drug addict, prostitute and/or criminal. Newspaper articles and AM Radio Talk shows in Miami said openly, “These people don’t even look like Cubans anymore”, meaning, the generalized perception created as of 1959 that Cuba was a lily white, rich, real estate magnate community living in mansions, driving Cadillacs, in beachfront properties -- a predominantly catholic, God fearing population, who did not have a drop of black blood in their bodies and who equated Afro-Cuban religion with Voodoo.

The Afro-American community in Miami had traditionally dominated the housekeeping industry in Hotels and resorts in Miami Beach. Newly arrived Cubans, supported by a number of US government and Catholic grants, rose quickly to leadership positions, and they massively displaced Afro-Americans  from their jobs, pushed them into welfare and turned their neighborhoods into today’s ghettos.

This simple act created a monumental resentment amongst Afro-Americans against Cubans, who they labeled as Caribbean Jews, which was further compounded by an influx of Cubans into the Miami-Dade Police Department, from where they exerted a near sadistic violence against Afro-Americans.

This crisis reached its peak in 1981, when ex-Marine, Viet Nam veteran and businessman Arthur McDuffe was murdered by officer Alex Marrero and three others, who busted open his skull with their night sticks -- they were indicted and later acquitted by an all-white jury. This lead to the massive riots in Liberty City, Overtown and Black Grove against 3,600 National Guards, armored vehicles and heavy weaponry, which caused 13 deaths, 150 wounded and more than 100 million dollars in damages.

In 1989, officer William Lozano and three others shot and murdered Clement Lloyd and Allan Blanchard during a traffic stop incident and again, they were shamefully acquitted, which lead to another massive 4 day riot in the same neighborhoods, causing 16 dead, 300 wounded and millions of dollars in material loss.

These and tens of daily Human Rights violations in the Afro-American community lead Mr. Garth Reeves, publisher of the Miami Times with a daily circulation of over 27,000, to exclaim at an arbitrary traffic stop: “You are not going to have real peace in this town, as long as Black people feel Hispanic officers have hunters' rights on their lives”.

Through willful denial of the existence of Blacks in Cuba, this fallacy got imprinted in the minds of Cuban-Americans to the extent that any Afro-Cuban sitting in a Restaurant or Cafeteria in Miami placing an order in Spanish will be answered in English for the next 2-3 attempts, until the waitress resets her mental computer and as a rule of thumb ask innocently, are you Panamanian, since being Black and speaking Spanish, the customer ought to be from somewhere else except Cuba.

Afro-Cubans in Miami have had to endure 40 years of double segregation, since most rental applications in middle or working class Hialeah neighborhoods are systematically rejected by landlords, forcing people to move to Allapath, Liberty City or Overtown, where they are not a welcome neighbor because of their Cuban background.

The owner of the Bookstore on 7th St. in Liberty City is a dynamic community organizer who works tirelessly to clean up the environment, create cultural, social and education events, geared to improve the awareness of its people. I was asked by him in around the year 2002 if I would be willing to talk at one of their Sunday evening gathering.

I arrived 15 minutes ahead of time and was warmly greeted by 50-60 people gathered there, who immediately began referring to me as Brother Jones this and Brother Jones that. My heavy accent apparently led most to believe I was of Jamaican background. Halfway through my talk about the importance of education, I began sharing my experience with the Cuban educational system.

I noticed most in the audience suddenly became sulky, stiff in their seats and instead of changing the subject, I foolishly went on and on referring to Cuba, which brought the Jones brotherhood to an abrupt end, and I had to endure an endless diatribe about the wickedness of Cubans, the devastation they brought to their community and their vicious racism.

Confirming beyond any doubt the engrained racism that permeated Miami is the statements of the late Jorge Mas Canosa, Chairman of the Cuban American National Foundation and I quote: “When Americans see a Black person attached to an issue or cause, all they (Americans) see is welfare, poverty, hopelessness, illiteracy and crime; the cause become diminished. In order to make our program (CANF‘s) successful we must keep those black face in the dark. If we have to bring them in, let’s do so, when there are no cameras.”

In the late 80’s Blacks were being blamed openly in Miami for keeping Fidel Castro in power because of their disproportionate presence in the Cuban Army and as his bodyguards. Armando Perez-Roura, director of Radio Mambi 710 AM and the late Agustin Tamargo, director of La Mesa Revuelta, openly requested a three days License upon the collapse of the Cuban Government to dole out retribution to Afro-Cubans for their past deeds.

The crisis of the Balseros in 1994 brought 35,000 Cuban immigrants to south Florida, with a notable increase in the presence of Blacks, which lead numerous Think Tank groups in the US to carry out a number of demographic studies in Cuba through which they determined a substantial shift in favor of Afro-Cubans and mixed race, which some placed as high as 62% of the population. These findings introduced a radical change in most counterrevolutionary groups' thinking in the United States. Where they had shunned Blacks historically, they now found themselves actively recruiting every Afro-Cuban they could get their hands on, hoping to promote them to front desk activities and leadership positions.

Emergent leadership academies were created under the guidance of many Human Rights and Afro-American Civil Rights organizations and some historical Black Universities, which pumped out a number of graduates, who in turn, were charged with fomenting groups of Afro-Cubans inside Cuba under the cover of Independent Librarians, Independent Journalists, Independent Medical Care, Independent everything else.

Under the watchful eye of notorious CIA operative Frank Calzón, director of the Free Cuba Foundation, Whites in leadership positions within counterrevolutionary groups were placed on the back burner, seldom referred to and their press releases, statements and other activities went frequently ignored.

In order to be covered, interviewed or written about, a heavy dose of melanin skin content became a pre-condition. Names of Afro-Cubans coming out of nowhere became celebrities. Glossy magazines were handed out for free, documentaries about every black issues were readily funded, music and book festivals were organized, seminars, conferences and symposiums became too many to be attended, as thousands of fax machines, computers, shortwave radios, DVDs and cell phones were handed-out in Cuba like hot bread.

Until now, Paya, San Roman, Roque-Cabello and other darlings within the Cuban dissidents family with low melanin content, were quietly pushed aside, off the front page and replaced by Dr. Biscet, Antunez, Roca, Dr. Ferrer and others Black enough to fulfill the new strategy.

Large sums of US-AID monies went to Radio and TV Marti, who in turn, purchased hundreds of hours of air time on a number of Radio and TV stations in Miami and the Caribbean, capable of reaching Cuba. Setting up of satellite dishes in Cuba was strongly encouraged and all sort of literature depicting rich and famous blacks, religious fundamentalism or double edged human rights literature, were spread across the country in truckloads.

In the summer of 1994, at the height of the special period with endless blackouts, lack of food, medicine, clothing and all other basic means of survival, Cuba was hit with another exodus of over 35,000 people, airline hijackings, heightened instability and the first riot since 1959.

Thousands of impoverished, marginalized Blacks in the Centro Havana neighborhood rampaged violently along the Malecon (seawall waterfront), destroying vehicles, storefronts and chanting slogans against the status quo, until President Fidel Castro showed-up and spoke to the crowd. after which they returned to their homes in an orderly way.

In this highly charged environment, a failed attempt to highjack a ferry boat in the port of Havana to Miami ended with three young black men captured, tried, found guilty and sentenced to death. This sad, regrettable and tragic outcome has since been presented by Ninoska Castellon from Radio Mambi in Miami and elsewhere as the most graphic example of the pervasive racism of the Cuban government.

Comparative studies of the severe racial imbalance of the Cuban government and the high incidence of incarcerated Blacks are also banners of their anti-racist drive in Cuba. A key player in this multi-prong destabilizing campaign is notorious CIA operative Frank Calzón, who received millions in taxpayer dollars which should have been disguised and disbursed through front foundations, but they kept most of it for themselves in Miami, as can be seen with his most senior aide Felix Sixto, now sitting in jail for stealing close to half a million dollars, while others like them await to be pick-up and hauled off to jail.

In a number of articles posted on Afrocubaweb, CubaNews@yahoogroups, The Cuban Nation, Cuba Journal, Daytona News Journal, The St. Augustine Record, Miami Herald, Havana Times and others, I have been forced to speak out and denounce this brutal attempt to split our country across race lines and sink it into fratricidal strife.

In two international conferences organized by the Center For International Policy Washington D.C., in Miami 1989 and in Washington D.C. in 2001, Dr. Carlos Moore expressed publicly his conviction that the irreconcilable differences existing between Blacks and Whites in Cuba left no other alternative other than immediate secession, with Blacks living in the east, Whites in the west and no defined location for those of mixed race.

Other supporting evidence demonstrates without any doubt that most of us should not be surprised by recent developments which are an integral part of a grand scheme that has been generously fertilized and incubated.

See A worldwide Battle of Life and Death, Part II, 4/4/10

For additional supporting materials, see Cuba Briefing Sheet: roadmap for Diaspora support of Miami-backed dissidents Claude Betancourt, 1/6/2010

Una Batalla Mundial de Vida o Muerte. Primera Parte, 25/12/09top
Also published by UNEAC at

El dia 1ro de Diciembre del ano 2009 pasara a los anales de Historia Negra, como el dia en el cual un plan cuidadosamente urdido, estructurado y ampliamente financiado hace unos 15-20 anos, debia debilitar, corroer y dividir a Africanos y a sus descendientes alrededor del mundo. Esta campana irrumpio en el escenario mundial como un poderoso volcan, cuya devastadora lava y gases toxicos permean, antagonizan y amenzan con evaporar nuestra tenue unidad.

Habiendo intentado y fracasado en mis esfuerzos por prevenir esta catastrofe desde que este fuera detectado, me queda la duda si hice cuanto debia, si mi enfoque fue el mas apropiado o quizas, si mi falta de formacion intelectual pudo haber contribuido a este resultado.

Mi mayor temor entonces y ahora, es que el objetivo central de este instrumento sectario, no es lo que de manera prominente despliega el Dr. Carlos Moore a traves de sus articulos, conferencias, entrevistas y otros mecanismos en sus ataques en contra de Fidel Castro y la Revolucion Cubana, sino mas bien, se trata de crear el ambiente propicio para introducir una cuna que obligue a los negros a alinearse con un partido u otro en esta lucha intestina.

Sirva pues para confirmar esta presuncion el hecho que dos semanas despues que este veneno aniquilador ha saturado el espacio cibernetico con correos electronicos, twitter, face book y otros medios de comunicacion moderna, los Blancos interesados en este asunto en los Estados Unidos y en Cuba, se han mantenido ajenos al mismo o de manera conspicua por encima de esta discordia.

Permitanme ayudar a nuestros lectores de esta compleja thematic, a identificar a las partes involucradas en este conflicto, al senalar con un indice acusador a todo aquel que de una manera u otra, su accion voluntaria o involuntaria nos ha llevado a esta delicada coyuntura.

(a) El movimiento de Solidaridad con Cuba de los Estados Unidos, (b) el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos (c) los grupos anti-Cubanos negros alrededor del mundo y (d) el gobierno Cubano que ha sido acusado de un virulento racismo, tal cual aparece expuesto en Actuando Sobre Nuestras Conciencias.

a.- El Movimiento de Solidaridad Norteamericano con Cuba esta formado predominantemente por personas de la raza Blanca, los que apoyan fuertemente al gobierno Cubano basado principalmente en los hechos acontecidos a partir del ano 1959, los impresionantes programas sociales, de solidaridad internacional, salud y desarrollo educacional, pero a la vez, muestran un limitado conocimiento acerca de los 500 anos de esclavismo, racismo, segregacion y desigualdades.

b.- Durante los ultimos cincuenta anos, diez diferentes adminstraciones del gobierno de los Estados Unidos han apoyado, financiado, dirijido y supervisado una brutal politica desestabilizadora, amenaza militar, de terror, diversionista y de demonizacion en una Guerra de desgaste en contra de Cuba, la que ha causado danos imposibles de cuantificar en dolor, sufrimiento, muertes, el criminal secuetro de miles de ninos bajo el plan Peter Pan, la espuria ley de Ajuste Cubano, invasiones, sabotaje, cientos de asesinatos y la proteccion en su territorio de terroristas confesos, todo, en nombre de Democracia, Libertad de Expresion, Libre Empresa y Libertad Religiosa.

Incluso nuestro afable y popular Presidente Afro-Americano Barack Obama, ha introducido cambios minimos en el fosilizado conflicto entre los Estados Unidos y Cuba, tal cual habia prometido durante su campana electoral, en tanto, todas las medidas agresivas, desestabilizadoras se mantienen, como ha quedado demostrado recientemente con la captura de un “Contratista” Norteamericano repartiendo sofisticados equipos de comunicacion en Cuba.

c.- A fin de comprender el origen y desarrollo del movimiento negro anti-Cubano alrededor del mundo, sera preciso remitirnos al verano de 1980 cuando arribe a los Estados Unidos, como parte del exodo del Mariel.

Prevalecia en Miami un racismo furibundo donde acunaron el termino despectivo Marielitos, lo cual era sinonimo con analfabeto, negro, ladron, asesino, drogadicto, prostituta y/o criminal.

En infinidad de articulos periodisticos y en programas radiales AM de microfonos abiertos de Miami decian sin inmutarse, “Esta gente no parecen ser siquiera Cubanos”, lo que significaba que la percepcion generalizada que fue creado a partir del ano 1959, en el cual los Cubanos se describrieron como un pais exclusivamente blanco, rico. de casatenientes residiendo en mansiones con cadillacs, viviendas en la playa, catolicos temerosos de Dios, sin una gota de sangre negra en sus venas y asociando la religion Afro-Cubana con el Voodoo de Haiti.

La comunidad Afro-Americana de Miami habia dominado historicamente la industria de limpieza de hoteles y centros turisticos de Miami Beach. Los Cubanos recien llegados con recursos economicos provistos por el gobierno de los Estados Unidos y la Iglesia Catolica, les permitio que escalaran a cargos de direccion, desde donde cesantearon masivamente a los Afro-Americanos, forzandolos a depender de los servicios de bienestar social, lo que sirivio para convertir sus barriadas en los ghettos de hoy.

Este solo hecho creo un enorme resentimiento dentro de la comunidad Afro-Americana en contra de los Cubanos, a los que denominaron Los Judios del Caribe. Complicando aun mas esta grave situacion, fue una sustancial incorporacion de Cubanos al departamento de policia del condado Miami-Dade, desde donde ejercieron una violencia sin par en contra de la comunidad Afro-Americana.

Esta crisis alcanzo su cima en el ano 1981 cuando el ex-marino, veterano de Viet Nam y hombre de negocios Arthur McDuffie, fue asesinado por Alex Marrero en union de otros tres policias, quienes le fracturaron el craneo con el tolete; fueron convictos y hallados inocentes, lo cual motivo una masiva revuelta en las barriadas de Liberty City, Overtown y Black Grove, donde los Afro-Americanos enfrentaron a mas de 3.600 miembros de la Guardia Nacional armadas con carros blindados y armas automaticas, lo que causo 13 muertes, 150 heridos y mas de 100 millones en danos a la propiedad.

En 1989, el policia William Lozano y otros tres, balearon, asesinando a Clement Lloyd y Allan Blanchard durante una violacion del trafico e igualmente estos fueron vergonzosamente absueltos, motivando otra revuelta en las mismas barriadas con 16 muertos, 300 heridos y millones en perdidas materiales.

Estas y decenas de violaciones de los Derechos Humanos todos los dias en las comunidades Afro-Americanas llevaron al Sr. Garth Reeves, editor del diario Miami Times con una circulacion diaria de mas de 27,000 ejemplares a exclamar despues de un arbitrario incidente de trafico: "No habra paz verdadera en esta ciudad, mientras los Afro-Americanos perciban que los policias Hispanos tienen el derecho de caza sobre sus vidas".

A lo largo de estos anos, los Cubano-Americanos en Miami han negado la existencia de negros en Cuba, por lo que esta falacia ha quedado grabado en sus mentes de tal manera, que cualquier Afro-Cubano al efectuar un pedido en un restaurant o cafeteria en Espanol, sera respondido en Ingles durante los proximos 2-3 intercambios hasta que el/la empleada ajusta su computadora mental e inexorablemente pregunta de manera casi inocente, es usted Panameno? ya que siendo negro que hable Espanol debe de ser de cualquier otro lugar menos de Cuba.

Los Afro-Cubanos en Miami han padecido una doble segregacion durante los ultimo 40 anos, ya que sus solicitudes de alquiler/compra de casas en barriadas de clase media o aun en Hialeah de clase trabajadora, le son negadas sistematicamente, viendose obligados a residir en Allapata, Liberty City, o Overtown, donde tampoco son bienvenidos por los Afro-Americanos, debido a su origen Cubano.

El propietario de la libreria de la 7ma calle en Liberty City, es un activo lider comunitario quien trabaja incansablemente por mejorar el medio ambiente, crear programas culturales, sociales y educacion, con el proposito de ampliar el nivel de su comunidad. En el ano 2002, este me propuso participar en un conversatorio que ellos organizan los Domingos en horas de la tarde.

Arribe a dicha reunion con 15 minutes de antelacion, donde fui afectuosamente saludado por las 50-60 personas alli reunidos, quienes casi de immediate comenzaron a referirse al hermano Jones para aca y hermanos Jones para alla. Mi acento Caribeno los llevo a pensar que fuera de origen Jamaicano. Durante mi exposicion acerca de la importance de la educacion, comparti con ellos mi experiencia con el sistema educacional Cubano.

Note que muchos se tornaron serios, rigidos en sus asientos y en lugar de cambiar el enfoque, erroneamente continue haciendo referencia a Cuba, lo cual dio al traste inmediatamente con el anterior hermanamiento, seguido de una enardecida diatriba acerca de la crueldad de los Cubanos, la devastacion que habian traido a sus comunidades y su racismo enfermizo.

Confirmando mas alla de toda duda el racismo arraigado en Miami, fue lo planteado por Jorge Mas Canosa, Presidente de la Fundacion Cubano Americano al decir: “Cuando los Americanos ven a una persona negra asociado a una causa, todo lo que ellos (Americanos) alcanzan a ver es indigencia, anafabetos, crimen y dependencia, lo que minimiza la causa. Para que nuestros programas (CANF) sean exitosos, debemos mantener esos rostros negros en la oscuridad . Si tenemos que darles entrada, hagamoslo cuando las camaras fotograficas no esten presentes“.

A finales de los anos 80’s, los negros eran culpados en Miami de mantener al gobierno de Fidel Castro en el poder, debido a nuestra amplia presencia en las fuerzas armadas y como miembros de su seguridad personal. Armando Perez-Roura, director de Radio Mambi 710 AM y el recien fallecido Agustin Tamargo, director del programa Mesa Revuelta en la propia emisora y otros, abogaron abiertamente por la obtencion de Tres Dias de Licencia a la caida del Gobierno de Castro, a fin de ajustar cuentas con los negros.

La crisis de los Balseros de 1994, trajo unos 35,000 inmigrantes a las costas del sur de la Florida con una fuerte presencia de negros, lo que llevo a varios centros de investigaciones a realizar estudios demograficos en Cuba, demostrando un marcado predominio racial a favor de negros y mestizos que algunos llegaron a situar en un 62%.

Estos hallazgos los llevo a efectuar un cambio radical en la filosofia de todos los grupos contrarrevolucionarios en los Estados Unidos, en los cuales los negros habian sido historicamente ignorados y rechazado su participacion, y donde ahora eran activamente reclutados y propuestos para puestos de alta visibilidad y de direccion.

Se crearon academias emergentes bajo la supervision de grupos de Derechos Humanos, Derechos Civiles Afro-Americanos y de algunas Universidades predominantemente negros en los Estados Unidos, donde se graduaron un sinnumero de alumnos, quienes a su vez fueron encargados de fomentar grupos Afro-Cubanos dentro de Cuba tras la fachada de Bibliotecas Independientes, Periodistas Independientes, Servicios Medicos Independientes e Independientes de otras mil cosas.

Bajo la acusiosa mirada del notorio operativo de la CIA Frank Calzon, director de la Fundacion para un Cuba Libre, los Blancos en posiciones ejecutivas dentro de los grupos contrarrevolucionarios fueron echados hacia un lado, apenas se referian a ellos y sus planteamientos y conferencias de prensa fueron frecuentemente ignorados.

Para ser recojido en la prensa, entrevistados o que se escriba sobre los mismos, una fuerte dosis de melanina epidermica era una pre-condicion ineludible. Los nombres de Afro-Cubanos desconocidos se volvieron celebridades por arte de magia. Revistas de papel lustroso de alta calidad son distribuidos en forma gratuita, documentales sobre temas negros son financiados casi de inmediato y los festivales de libro, musica, seminarios y simposios fueron tantos, que resultaba imposible participar en ellos. Al mismo tiempo, miles de Fax, computadoras, radios de onda corta, DVD y telefonos celulares fueron distribuidos en Cuba como pan caliente.

Hasta este momento, Paya, San Roman, Roque-Cabello y otros eran la joya dentro del movimiento disidente en Cuba, hasta que se determino que estos estaban por debajo del umbral de la melanina requerido, siendo discretamente tirados por la borda y puestos fuera de circulacion , donde han sido reemplazados por el Dr. Biscet, Antunez, Roca, Dr. Ferrer y otros con los niveles adecuados de melanina para cumplir dicha mision.

Grandes sumas de dinero de la US-AID (Agencia Internacional de Desarrollo) se destinaron a Radio y TV Marti, quienes a la vez, compraron cientos de horas de transmisiones en emisoras de Radio y TV de Miami y el Caribe capaces de alcanzar a Cuba. Se estimulo la instalacion de discos de TV por satelite y multiples revistas donde se reflejan a negros ricos y famosos, religiones fundamentalistas y literatura de derechos humanos de doble filo, se distribuyeron profusamente en Cuba.

En el verano de 1994, a la altura del periodo especial, caracterizados por apagones interminables, falta de alimentos, medicina, ropa y otros medios elementales de subsistencia, un exodo masivo de personas, pirateria aerea y naval y en medio de un alto grado de inestabilidad, se produjo el primer motin en Cuba, desde el ano 1959.

Varios miles de Afro-Cubanos provenientes de barrios marginales empobrecidos de Centro Habana, escenificaron una violenta estampida a lo largo del malecon, destruyendo vehiculos, vidrieras comerciales y arengando en contra del status quo hasta que el Presidente Fidel Castro se presento, les hablo, despues del cual se retiraron ordenamente para sus casas.

En medio de este ambiente altamente tensionado, en un intento fallido por secuestrar un ferry en el Puerto de la Habana, tres jovenes Afro-Cubanos fueron detenidos, encontrado culpable y sentenciados a la pena capital. Este resultado triste, tragico y lamentable, ha sido utilizado por Ninoska Perez Castellon de Radio Mambi 710 AM, como un ejemplo grafico del furibundo racismo del gobierno Cubano.

Decenas de estudios comparativos sobre el grave desbalance de la composicion racial del gobierno de Cuba y el alto indice de encarcelamiento Afro-Cubano, son banderas que se enarbolan a diario en su campana racial en contra de Cuba.

Un papel clave en la instrumentacion de este proyecto multipolar corre a cargo de Frank Calzon, quien recibe millones de dolares anualmente del contribuyente, lo cual disimula y distribuye a traves de multiples fundaciones fantasmas, aun cuando se embolsillan y dejan una gruesa tajada en Miami, como puede demostrarse con el encarcelamiento de su aliado mas cercano Felix Sixto, tras embolsillarse medio millon de dolares, mientras otros estan a la espera de ser enjuiciados.

Mediante cientos de articulos publicados en Afrocubaweb, Cubanews@yahoogroups, La Nacion Cubana, Cuba Journal, Daytona News-Journal, el Record de San Agustin, Miami Herald, Havana Times y otros, asi como en conversatorios y simposios, escuelas, iglesias, grupos socials, gobiernos locales, el Congreso y Senado de los Estados Unidos, he denunciado la intentona de promover la division racial y una guerra fraticida en Cuba.

En dos conferencias internacionales organizadas por El Centro de Politica Internacional de la Universidad John Hopkins de Washington DC, una celebrada en Miami en 1989 y la otra en el 2001 en Washington, el Dr. Carlos Moore expreso publicamente estar convencido que los blancos y negros no pueden convivir en Cuba, por lo que el propuso la immediate secesion del pais, con los negros ocupando la region oriental, los blancos la region occidental y dejando sin definir donde se ubicarian a los mestizos.

Estas y otras evidencias demuestran de manera irrefutable, los principios e intereses que guian las acciones de estas personas, por lo que nadie debia sorprenderse ante el artero ataque del 1ro. de Diciembre, que estaba destinado a convertise en el tiro de gracia de la unidad negra en apoyo de Cuba.

Vease Una Batalla Mundial de Vida o Muerte. Segunda Parte. 4/4/10

For additional supporting materials, see Cuba Briefing Sheet: roadmap for Diaspora support of Miami-backed dissidents Claude Betancourt, 1/6/2010


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