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Alberto JonesThe Alberto Jones Column IX -  2006

Dr. Alberto Jones is a member of the West Indian Welfare Society in the city of Guantanamo, Cuba who now resides in northern Florida. He is an activist with strong communal ties to his homeland and is the director of the Caribbean American Children's Foundation as well as a director of the Cuban American Alliance Education Fund, Inc. He writes regularly on issues concerning Cuba, and we present his letters and columns here.  Past columns are in Alberto Jones Column, Column I covering the period 1998 - 1999, Column II, 2000,  Column III, 2001 (Part I), Column IV, 2001 (Part II), Column V, 2002, Column VI, 2003, Column VII, 2004, Column VIII, 2005, Column IX 2006, Column X 2007, Column XI in 2008, and Column XII in 2009, Column XIII in 2010Column XIV in 2011, Column XV in 2012, Column XVI in 2013, Column XVII in 2014, Column XVIII from 2015 to 2016, Column XIX from 2017 to 2019, and Column XX from 2020-2021. See also Alberto Jones on Race & Identity.

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The Cuban Migration Fallacy, 12/20/06

Reading your article in Perspective, The St Augustine Record, 12/20/06, “Reaching U.S. soil is goal Cubans still willing to risk”, is a stark reminder of the cold war era venomous portrayal of an issue that has no relation with reality, except for it’s clear intention to create a distorted image.

An impartial and objective analysis of this thorny issue, should have included the devastating effects of 45 years of a vicious embargo, that have inflicted financial damages for over 100 billion dollars and denied until recently, the sale of food and medicine to Cuba.

You could have shared with your readers, that 2 out of the 24 inspectors from OFAC, the enforcement arm of the US Treasury Department are focused on Al Qiada and other middle east terrorists groups, while the remaining 22 are devoted to intercept and confiscate hundreds of millions of dollars from Cuba’s electronic financial transactions, decided that aunts, uncles and cousins are no longer family members and travel to Cuba have been curtailed to once every three years, forcing us to choose between seeing a sick relative or attending their funeral.

It would have been enlightening for your readers to know, that Cubans are the only immigrants in the United States that once they touch land, they call the police, they are immediately granted a work permit and one year after, they receive their permanent resident card, while immigrants from the rest of the world must remain hiding forever.

Where else in the world except in the case of Cuba, that a trained CIA agent is shot down with his B-26 during a bombing raid at the Bay of Pigs or a heartbroken woman in south Florida who was abandoned by her husband who decided to return to Cuba, are both granted by a Federal Judge, over a hundred million dollars of Cuba’s frozen assets, to mitigate their pain and suffering?

Was any legal actions taken against those who in broad daylight and in front of TV cameras, tried unsuccessfully to kidnap six year old, shipwreck Elian Gonzalez and forcefully retain him against the will of his father and grandparents?

Although thousands of Hispanic immigrants entering the US from south, central America and Mexico are described as illegal immigrants, the handful of Cuban making it to our shores are systematically described as “fleeing tyranny” or “fleeing oppression”.
How many millions of citizens from those same countries would flood our shores, if we dared to grant them for a month or so, a similar political status as Cubans?

Basic journalistic principles should demand that historical facts must be recorded as accurately as possible. Lies, distortions and misrepresentations like these, are some of the reasons we now find ourselves trapped in the Iraqi quagmire.

Rising from the Ashes of the Special Period, 12/19/06

During the summer of 1980, I was among approximately 120,000 Cubans who left our country as part of the so-called “Mariel boatlift”. It was not until the spring of 1992 that I was able to return to Cuba, in the midst of what the Cuban government described as the Special Period, following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the other European socialist countries.

This unexpected, sudden development meant for Cuba, losing overnight 75-85% of its import-export markets, raw materials and every other vital resources that is necessary for the normal operation of every country on earth. The Cuban socio-economic system plunged into its worse nosedive in its 500 years history, which most analysts around the world labeled as an irreversible disaster.

Overwhelmed by the enormous emotions of not seeing my country in twelve years, the warm and loving welcome by my family, friends and neighbors; that week went by like a tropical hurricane, wiping away everything in its path, which did not allow me to grasp the seriousness of the disaster that had befallen our country.

When I returned in 1993 and without the psychological impressions that had obscured my thinking the year before, the crude reality hit hard, I was shocked, depressed and sickened by the level of hunger, pain and suffering that afflicted every level of the population. Store shelves were bare, food was no where to be found, the industrial area of el Cerro reminded me of the old western films after the gold mine had been depleted and as I sat on the Malecon in Havana, there was not a single vehicle in sight, as far as I could see in both directions.

Everyone seemed to have lost 30% of their body weight, their clothing was threadbare, their skin was discolored, without elasticity and when anyone spoke to you, they turned their faces away, because they were aware of their strong breath due to a lack of toothpaste.

Electricity was literally inexistent with more than 18 hours blackouts. In the midst of this horrific environment, I experienced the best in the Cuban people, when all valuable, nutritious food that could be found, was given to the very young and the very old! All others made due with leaves, bark, roots and some alleges, an occasional pet.

A few days after, during a tour of the Children Heart Center at the William Soler Pediatric Hospital, as we walked down a poorly lit hallway with scattered 25 watts bulbs, we visited a number of cubicles with infants through 14-year-old children. Our cardiologist-guide explained to us, the different ailments, treatments or type of surgery that each patient would be undergoing. The older patients shared with us, their personal experience, sufferings, fears and hopes.

While visiting a cubicle with 3-4 children under the age of two, as the cardiologists explained to us some of the congenital afflictions of these patients, a nurse entered the room and all of the children began to cry. Although children are prone to cry, this incident caught my attention. The doctor gave the nurse some quick instructions, she left and the children stopped crying immediately. A few minutes later, the nurse returned and once again, the children began to cry.
Puzzled by this unusual behavior, I asked the cardiologist at the end of the visit, what was the reason for the children’s fear of their nurse, to which he responded, they had no endovenous ports, which forced the nurses to puncture the babies vein, every time they needed a blood sample, with a terrifying, traumatic results.

This devastating psychological experience in children and presumably in adults changed my life forever and since, I have dedicated myself to collect, sort and donate to different healthcare centers in Cuba, whatever medicine, medical supplies or personal goods that we may receive, from an extremely generous healthcare community in North East Central Florida and beyond.

In 1994, I was invited to a world-wide conference in Havana with the participation of Cuban emigrants living in 128 countries on all continents. The level of enthusiasm, commitment and certainty in the future was contagious, as it was expressed by each and every speaker. By the end of the day, one phrase became the dominant theme of the meeting, NO PASARAN! as it was proclaimed during the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

In order to deal with this monstrous catastrophe, the Cuban government enacted a number of emergency regulations, among which was legalizing the circulation of the US Dollar, stimulating foreign private/government joint ventures, boosting the tourism industry, creation of small business enterprises, development of the farmers market etc., all of which began to infuse some oxygen into a moribund economy.

All along, the ultra-right-wing Cuban-American community in south Florida and their paymasters, rejoiced and highlighted the pain and suffering of the Cuban people. If a truck loaded with people, as their only mode of transportation, suffered an accident and many were killed, rather than expressing words of compassion for the victims and their families, this tragedy was a joyful reminder of the Cuban government failure.

The Camello or Camel, is a Cuban invention of a tractor-trailer bus-like transportation equipment, that is capable of stuffing over 300 passengers as canned sardines. This too, was exemplified as another symbol of the Cuban government failed policies.

Compounding these difficulties, were the cruel and opportunistic measures of the US government with the passage of the Torricelli and Helms-Burton acts, which denied Cuba the opportunity of purchasing food, medicine and other supplies from US subsidiaries based outside of the United States.

All freighters were literally blackmailed not to bring cargo to Cuba, because by so doing, they would be denied entry into the United States for the next 180 days. Aggressive provocations, inciting disaffections, promotion of illegal activities within Cuba, stepped up terrorists bombings, infiltrations, discourage potential investors in Cuba, by having to choose to do business with Cuba or the US, are just a handful of the wide array of destabilizing policies that were implemented, hoping to bring the Cuban people to their knees.

The situation was so grave, the level of frustration so high, that even the most optimistic, diehard dreamer, could not envision a positive outcome from this quicksand. Except for Fidel’s near weekly speeches, laying out plans, insisting in keeping every school, healthcare, sports and cultural facilities open, appealing for unity and reassuring the people, that notwithstanding today’s difficulties, brighter days lay ahead.

These difficulties were frequently compared with those of our forefathers during their struggle for our independence, noting that it was worse then and they did not surrender; neither would we!

The Cuban currency literally became worthless. Most people were walking around with bulging pockets filled with Pesos, which they would happily exchange 150x1 Dollar.

Still, there was something deep inside most Cubans, that kept us returning every year, bringing vital support for our families, friends and neighbors. History will record someday, how most Cubans overcame years of isolation, fractured family relations, loss love, political differences and like one, suddenly became a huge, united family in defense of their country.

For most of us coming from the United States and elsewhere, no matter how difficult the situation could be, these were the happiest days in our lives. Never before had we smiled, embraced or laughed as much as we did. The deep solidarity feelings, gave our lives a reason to be. Our first visits were limited to a week, then to two weeks, then three weeks and suddenly, out of the blue, many could now stay up to 90 days!

The love and affection that was shared was unparallel. Friends would come to visit and stay until after midnight, only to show-up the next morning at 7 am. Although most people had nothing to offer, whatever they could get their hands on, rather than keep for themselves, they would generously bring and offer to us, who presumably lived surrounded by abundance.

Slowly but surely, the socio-economic environment began to improve, albeit much slower than most wanted it to be. Transportation, medicine and protein-rich food, continued to represent the most seriously affected areas during the recovery period.

Early in the year 2005, a number of speeches coming out of Cuba, began signaling a turning point in these years of need, suffering and unfulfilled expectations. In a number of very extensive speeches on the Round Table, Fidel lectured the Cuban people about the country’s huge outlays in energy cost. He further explained, that only by modernizing the generating plants, introducing low consumption light bulbs, replacing some high energy consuming refrigerators, industrial machinery and others, could the country save sufficient resources to satisfy its material needs and grow simultaneously.

Again Miami, with its high level of ignorance, prejudice and fun making of every idea originating in Cuba, turned into jokes these lectures and wondered if Fidel, describing the electric range, pressure cooker, multi-purpose cooker, heat efficient pots, modern television and replacement of old, high energy consuming, environment aggressive refrigerators, was substituting for Nitza Villapol, Cuba TV cooking guru until her death some years ago.

It was not until my return to Cuba in September 2006, that I was able to calibrate the magnitude of the changes, the improvements in the entire population’s life, that resulted from a host of changes, that were introduced as part of “The Year of the Energy Revolution”.

Maybe the most outstanding and visible achievement has been the electricity supply that is now available nationwide without interruption. Motor vehicles on the road seems to have increased by 30%, with a wide variety of manufacturers from Europe, Asia. Latin America and the US. New locomotives are moving goods and passengers on a vastly improved railroad track. New passenger coaches are expected shortly.

Another moving experience has been the introduction of 1000 Chinese air-conditioned inter-provincial buses, that have literally cleared all bus stations across the country, eliminating the endless wait and struggle for a seat.

The Cuban airline company have retired some of its oldest units and replaced them with modern ATR, Antonov’s and IL-96’s. More are in the pipeline!

After visiting Havana, Bayamo, Banes, Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba and smaller communities in between, it is evident they are cleaner and far more organized than in the recent past. Construction and refurbishing of public facilities are visible everywhere. Private homes construction and renovation of older ones have intensified, although an irregular supply of windows, doors, paints and other finishing materials, have not improved the beauty of the communities and cities.

Reforestation of ornamental, hardwood, fruit trees and construction of water reservoirs have apparently stagnated compared with the 60’s and 70’s. Extensive areas of farmland remain underutilized and devoured by weeds. Livestock remain the hardest hit due to critical lack of feed supplies and supplements.

The service sector, especially food, garment and electro-domestic, are still far from satisfying the public needs, either in quantity, quality, variety or service. Un-employment, underemployment, work ethics and work discipline are urgently in need of corrective measures, all of which constitutes, the Achilles tendon of the government.

Although a one month stay in the country and an empirical evaluation of the socio-economic situation in a handful of communities cannot be presented as an unequivocal picture of the nation, it did allow us an objective, dispassionate and critical analysis of those matters more frequently discussed and affecting the lives of the average citizen, all of which yielded a very positive view of the present and future outlook of the country. Cuba have won decisively its battle for survival, dignity and sovereignty! Nothing or nobody except the Cubans themselves, can reverse the development path and material satisfaction of the Cuban people, that have slowly evolved during the past decade.

Only a united, committed and patriotic people, determined to create a future of dignity and equality for all, could have resisted and survived brutal years of depravation, sickness and death, imposed by a group of vengeful and self righteous individuals, who assumes they knows what is best for the rest of the world.

Still, there are some lingering, thorny issues that affects the livelihood of many, that masks the enormous advances the population have made, which have gone from cooking with smoky kerosene makeshift ranges to electric ones, a wide variety of household equipments that have drastically raised their standard of living, improved transportation, home construction and refurbishing, have not drawn a comparable level of happiness, satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment in many, because of their limited income to address these new expenses, which for some, has become a source of anxiety.

Part time employment, rehiring of younger retirees, expansion of small private business or creation of local agro/industrial/service cooperatives, could constitute the necessary added income that is needed to exert a positive impact on those financially stressed.

Other shortcomings noted were:

Inability of the local authorities to confront and correct problems affecting their communities, such as healthcare, education, recreation, sports, housing, transportation, water distribution, lodging etc., which are centrally controlled by institutions that are hundreds of miles away.

All service entities need to be overhauled and relocated into facilities according to their function. Personnel discipline, courtesy, productivity, variety of offering, presentation and a culture of service, is severely lacking.

A uniform operating hours for all administrative branches of government, service and others, contributes to a breakdown in work discipline, as workers may leave their workplace in order to take care of their personal business.

These shortcomings that can be readily fixed, should in no way diminish the extraordinary advances and accomplishments of the Cuban government in the most adverse environment possible, subjected to onerous pressures and despicable threats, was still able to save the nation, spread its principles of justice, equality, hope and a better world for millions of people in the third world and beyond.

Cuba should and will continue to educate in every field of knowledge, thousands of students from poor countries around the world.

Cuba should and will continue to provide health, education, sports and culture training to tens of millions of people in third world countries and beyond.

Cuba should and will continue to oppose injustices, abuses and impositions and side with the ignored, demonized and preyed upon weak countries.

Cuba should and will continue to be faithful to the dreams, visions and sacrificesof Marti, Maceo, Cespedes, Hatuey, Mariana and thousands of others that guided Fidel and led to a memorable January 1, 1959 and its aftermath.

Un Mundo Mejor Es Aun Posible, 2/12/06

Al igual que millones de personas alrededor del mundo, el Sabado comenzo con dos noticias estelares aparentemente contradictorias, que de immediato se convirtieron en el centro de atencion de los presentadores de radio, television, comentaristas politicos y analistas de todo genero en los Estados Unidos y presumiblemente en el resto del mundo, al tratar conciliar el incontenible bano de sangre y rapida desintegracion de Irak con las festividades en Cuba, celebrando el cumpleanos 80 del Presidente Fidel Castro y los 50 anos de haberse fundado las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Cuba.

A pesar de que estos eventos estaban ocurriendo a miles de kilometros el uno del otro, ambos tenian un denominador comun, al tener como base, las acciones obsesivas e irracionales de hombres con enormes recursos materiales, pero carentes de los mas elementales conocimientos acerca de las diferencias socio-historicas de otros pueblos, a los cuales desprecian y rechazan sus aspiraciones.

El tragico empantanamiento de decenas de miles de miembros de las fuerzas armadas de los Estados Unidos en Irak, sus muertos, miles de mutilados, la total destruccion de aquel pais y cientos de miles de Iraqies inocentes inmolados injustamente, son solo algunas de las consecuencias previsibles, que la arrogancia, el deseo de aprovecharse de un pais en ruinas, apropiarse de sus enormes recursos naturales unido a un fanatismo bellicoso, fundamentalista, poseedor de un supuesto mandato divino, mantiene hoy a todo el mundo en vilo, ante el peligro real, de que la monstruosidad de un punado de ineptos, fracasados, pudieran desencadenar una conflagracion mundial.

Ninguno de los generales en activo o retirado de todos los paises que conspiraron y llevaron a cabo el artero ataque en contra del martirizado Iraq, todos los neo-cons, centros de estudios estrategicos o todos los predicadores que auparon esta agresion; son capaces hoy de concebir una formula, establecer un dialogo o elaborar una estrategia milagrosa capaz de coartar este peligro potencial.

De igual manera, un grupusculo ultra derechista, revanchista de la comunidad Cubana-Americana ha tenido exito en alistar y persuadir a 10 Presidentes sucesivos de los Estados Unidos para que impongan y mantengan durante 45 anos, el embargo mas cruel, devastador e infame en contra del pueblo de Cuba, lo que ha representado billones de dolares en perdidas economicas, masivas privaciones, dolor y muertes por cuantificar.

Tratando de re-editar el horrendo crimen que se cometio en contra de Haiti, cuando ese pueblo derroto estruendosamente a las fuerzas invasoras de Napoleon, convirtiendose en una republica libre e independiente, el gobierno Frances, Ingles, los Estados Unidos y otros, arremetieron en contra de la joven nacion, imponiendole un bloqueo durante 60 anos y obligandole a pagar a los colonizadores/esclavistas 150 millones en francos de oro, lo que equivaldria hoy a mas de veinte mil millones de dolares, arruinando de por vida la economia de dicho pais.

Y hoy, no le han podido ocultar al mundo, como cientos de intelectuales, premios nobel, artistas, sindicalistas, educadores y personas de todas las ramas del quehacer humano, convergieron sobre Cuba desde todos los confines del mundo, para expresarle a nuestro pueblo, su reconocimiento, respeto y gratitud, por su desinteresada solidaridad que le ha permitido proveer education, salud, deporte y cultura, absolutamente gratis y pidiendo nada a cambio , a millones de hermanos en los paises del tercer mundo.

No seria mas beneficioso para todos, si los enormes recursos que el gobierno de los Estados Unidos y otros de similar perspectiva politica, dedican para instigar conflictos entre los pueblos o guerras electives, asignaran una mayor cantidad de los mismos para asistir a los desposeidos, enfermos, desempleados y analfabetos del mundo, seguros, que estos cambiarian el nefasto criterio que hoy tienen de estos paises, llevandolos a aplaudir a sus lideres, en lugar de abuchearlos como hoy ocurre, en cantos lugares estos osan presentarse?

De nosotros depende y en nuestra manos esta, determinar el tipo de mundo en el cual viviran nuestros hijos.

A better world is still possible, 12/2/06

Today, like millions of people around the world, we rose-up to two apparently unrelated news that quickly became the centerpiece of all newscasters, commentators, analysts and political pundits in the US and presumably around the world, trying to understand the endless Iraqi blood bath, its rapid disintegration, the festivities in Cuba celebrating Fidel Castro’s 80th birthday and the Cuban Armed Forces 50th anniversary.

Although both events are taking place thousands of miles from each other, they have a common denominator that emanates from the obsessive actions or deranged behavior of powerful men with limited knowledge of the different socio-historical experience of others and an absolute disregard for their views, hopes and expectations.

The tragic Iraqi quagmire in which thousands of our young military personnel are trapped, was completely unnecessary and avoidable. Tens of millions of peace-loving men, women and children around the world pleaded with President George W. Bush to give peace a chance, to no avail. Unfortunately today, there are no five star general, neo-cons, study group, think-tank or extreme religious groups who actively promoted this disastrous adventure and are capable of finding a way out of.

Likewise, a fringe group of ultra-right-wing Cuban-Americans have been successful in persuading 10 US Presidents to impose and keep in place for 45 years, the most stringent, vicious and devastating embargo against Cuba, which has meant billions of dollars in financial loss, unspeakable human suffering and needless deaths.

And today, the world saw thousands of intellectuals, nobel prize winners, artists, labor union, educators and others, converging on Cuba from all corners of the world, to express their gratitude to the Cuban people, for having provided millions of people in the third world with free education, health, sports and cultural training .

Would it not be better for all, if the US spent more of its resources on the needy here and around the world, rather than on these battlefield of choice, while encouraging more peopleto clap rather than jeer our leaders?

Iraq’s Tragedy and a world in limbo, 11/10/06

Three years ago, hundreds of millions of peace-loving people around the world, marched, held vigils and wrote thousands of letters, pleading with the arrogant and hate-filled administration of President George W. Bush to give peace a chance, to allow the UN inspections to complete their mandate and to search for a negotiated solution of what could otherwise become a human tragedy of unforeseen proportions.

Instead, the only responses coming out of the White House, the Pentagon and the neo- cons mouthpieces, was an accelerated war readiness, threats of using world war III killing machines, shock and awe bombings and total destruction of that country, in order to secure our oil supplies/reserve and to guarantee Israel security and absolute dominance in the middle east.

Tragically, the imense disaster we have on our hands today, goes beyond our most pessimistic assessment. No one can foresee a way out of this quagmire from where we cannot stay or leave and our soldiers have become sitting ducks in this huge firing range with deadly consequences.

Rumsfeld and other masterminds of this monstrous crime are out and many more will follow. The President and his team have been demoralized beyond recognition. But for the mothers, fathers, sons, widows and millions of defenseless people around the world, who could only grief in silence and shed their tears for tens of thousands of dead, maimed and charred bodies in this unjustifiable war of choice, saying sorry, apologizing, should not be sufficient to absolve of their crimes, the most inept US administration in recent history.

How dare we find guilty and sentence Saddam Hussein to death for killing and destroying 0.001% of the irreparable damage that we have done to that region?

Who and with what weapons are we supposed to stop the hatred, vengeance and score-settling that we have fertilized, incubatedand midwifed with our barbaric behavior?

If we are not fortunate, if a miracle do not occur, our children, childrens may still have to deal with effects of this megalomaniac blunder.

Infame Pirateria de Medicos Cubanos Internacionalistas, 29/8/06

Escasas horas despues que Cuba anunciara al mundo que el Presidente Fidel Castro fuera sometido a una intervencion quirurgica por lo que cedia temporalmente sus responsibilidades politicas al frente del gobierno, la euforia se adueno de las calles de Miami generando un ambiente carnavelsco, especulaciones y predicciones de toda indole, la busqueda desenfrenada de polvorientos registros de propiedad de las viviendas que recuperarian y el avituallamiento de los yates con que retornarian triunfalmente a Cuba. 

Con el decursar de los dias y la falta de un cadaver que fundamentara su macabra expectativa, la aparicion de Fidel en Granma junto al Presidente Hugo Chavez y al General Raul Castro, torno el festin de la Sowesera en una depresion colectiva, suspension de los “picotazos” que ya habian armado los especializados en el “tumbe” y los liderzuelos de turno, se vieron obligados a retornar a sus guaridas para disenar nuevas quimeras, capaces de insuflar una dosis de adrenalina en sus depauperados seguidores. 

De esas reuniones surgieron pliegos de demandas que sometieron a sus dirigentes en los Departamentos de Estado, Defensa, la CIA y otros, exigiendo se impongan nuevas medias que promuevan la “Transition en Cuba”, encabezada por el Pro Consul designado, Caleb McCarry y la formacion de un gobierno Democratico, Elecciones Libres, Libre Empresa, etc., etc. 

Incapaz de satisfacer y aplicar ninguna de las demandas presentadas por la ultra derecha Cubano-Americana, el infeliz McCarry se limito a desempolvar un cadaver insepulto de mas de 40 anos, que consistio en revisar las normas que regulan el ingreso a los Estados Unidos de Cubanos radicados en otros paises e incluirlos en el exclusivo Plan de Ajuste Cubano del ano 1965, que excluye a todos los demas ciudadanos del mundo, de un ingress semi-automatico a los Estados Unidos. 

Satisfechos, relajados, la ultra-derecha se retiro a su aposento, seguros que con esta nueva medida, -un “chupete” por su crucial participacion en las elecciones presidenciales del ano 2000 y 2004-, lograrian descabezar el programa masivo de asistgencia sanitaria que Cuba ofrece a los paises del tercer mundo. 

Pero aun antes de haberse aplicado la Ley de Ajuste Cubano, en el ano 1962,el gobierno de los Estados Unidos organizo la mas cruel e infame campana en contra del pueblo de Cuba, mediante una masiva campana de disinformation llamada Patria Potestad, la cual, apoyandose en poderosas instituciones religiosas, instilaron pavor en los padres asegurandoles que perderian la autoridad sobre sus hijos y que estos serian enviados a la Union Sovietica, indoctrinados y algunos regresarian en forma de conserva carnica, conocida entonces como Carne Rusa. 

Aterrados, miles de padres y madres consintieron en enviar solos a unos 14,000 ninos entre 10 y 15 anos de edad a un mundo incierto, tratando de preservarlos del horror comunista. A su llegada a los Estados Unidos, estos fueron situados en casas de personas desconocidas con un idioma y cultura distinta, por lo que muchos sufrieron discriminacion, abuso fisico y sexual, demorando los mas entre 3 y 6 anos para reunirse con sus padres. Otros, nunca lo lograron. 

El ano 1960 comenzo pletorico de una alegria contagiosa y festejos asociados con el derrocamiento de la brutal dictadura de Fulgencio Batista un ano antes. Esta alegria se vio pronto empanada por la amenaza de embargo, guerra, desolacion y muerte, proveniente de la administration del Presidente Dwight D. Eisenhower. 

Oculto en medio de este mar de amenzas estaba la medida original de despojar a Cuba de la mayoria de su personal profesional, especialmente aquellas ligadas a la salud y educacion, tal cual pretende re-editar ahora, el “moron” de McCarry. 

Esta brutal campana llena de incentivos economicos, oportunidades laborales, rivalidas espurias, viviendas etc., motivo que unos 3000 medicos o sea el 50% del personal facultativo existente en Cuba, mordieran el cebo y emigraron en masa, lo que creo una aguda crisis sanitaria a lo largo y ancho del pais. 

Entre los aspectos nefastos de aquel periodo que han quedado fijados para siempre en mi subconciente esta la del Policlinico Sur, que fuera la segunda institucion sanitaria de primera instancia creada en Guantanamo. En aquellos momentos era normal ver como el Sabado comenzaba a formarse la “cola” de pacientes que se veian obligados a dormir esa noche y el Domingo en el portal del Policlinico, esperanzados en que pudieran ser vistos por el medico el Lunes. 

Otros refieren el horripilante caso de un conocido cirujano, al cual le avisaron de la llegada de su telegrama de salida del pais en medio de un proceso quirurgico, el cual abandono, sin el menor reparo por la salud y bienestar del paciente. 

En el ano 1961, Guantanamo con una poblacion de unos 100,000 habitantes vio emigrar al ultimo anestesista que quedaba en dicha ciudad, lo que equivaldria a decir, que ceso de immediato, toda intervencion quirurgica que requiriera anestesia general. 

Y fue esta crisis la que me permitio conocer a Israel, el medico mas abnegado y dedicado que he conocido en mi vida, quien procedente de la Habana, se vio obligado a estar disponible y localizado 24 horas al dia, 7 dias a la semana, durante los 3-4 anos que estubo en Guantanamo. 

El sufrimiento, dolor, angustia y muertes que ocasiono a nuestro pueblo esta masiva desbandada de profesionales de la salud, interesados solo en su bienestar economico y con un desprecio absoluto por sus pacientes, nunca podra ser cuantificado. 

Como respuesta a esta monumental crisis, el gobierno de Cuba bajo las orientaciones de Fidel, crearon El Plan De Becas Universitarias y el primer ingreso masivo de students a todas las carreras universitarias, especialmente medicina, a lo cual los Cubanos residentes en Miami, rapidamente denominarion “Los Mediquitos de Fidel”, que nada sabian de medicina y les bastaba subir tres veces al pico Turquino para graduarse. 

Del Plan De Becas Universitarias debera hablarse extensamente en sus dias, pues su creacion y el concepto en que se fundamento, no se limito a proporcionar un lugar de residencia decoroso para el estudiantado, alimentos, limpieza de ropa, ropa nueva cada ano, un estipendio quincenal y transporte escolar, sino que este incluyo la auto-disciplina y administracion del plan por los propios estudiantes, lo cual genero y formo una pleyade de dirigentes que ocupan hoy altos niveles administrativos en cada una de las ramas del gobierno. 

Casi 20 anos despues, en la primavera del ano 1981, me vi precisado a cuestionar y rebatir un diagnostico de malignidad prostatica que un patologo Cubano de un afamado hospital de Miami le habia realizado a mi padre, quien aun vive. Ofuscado e iracundo este prestigioso profesional de la alta sociedad local, al verse impedido de fundamentar su conclusion diagnostica, con una falta absoluta de etica profesional, me espeto a quema ropa: Eres tu acaso uno de esos mediquitos de Fidel? 

Y asi, el ano 1965 ha quedado en los anales de la medicina Cubana, como el ano en que se graduo el primer punado de Medicos en Cuba despues del triunfo de la Revolucion. A partir de ese momento historico, el numero de graduados nacionales y el de aquellos procedentes de decenas de paises del tercer mundo, se ha ido incrementando hasta alcanzar la incredible cifra de 70,000 medicos Cubanos o sea, 20 veces mas de lo que le dejaron al pais en 1962 y miles de medicos extranjeros, sirviendo en sus respectivos paises. 

Pero junto a la masiva formacion de profesionales de la salud, desde una etapa muy temprana cuando aun pesaba la falta de personal en muchos centros asistenciales nacionales , Cuba dio comienzo a su solidaridad internacionalista, al enviar a los primeros galenos a distintos paises de Africa, Asia, America Latina y el Caribe, para ofrecer su ejemplar servicio en forma totalmente gratuita, generalmente en regiones angostas e intrincadas, donde los profesionales locales, no osan penetrar. 

Hoy, estos servicios se extienden a mas de 60 paises en todo el mundo. Algunos aportan una modesta contribucion economica y los mas, lo reciben en forma gratuita. 

Este ejercito sanitario, armado exclusivamente con sus estetoscopos, bisturi, vendas, vacunas y una etica profesional nunca antes visto, ha realizado millones de consultas, cientos de miles de partos e intervenciones quirurgicas, impartido cientos de cursos en centros educacionales y erradicado algunas entidades transmisibles mortales en los lugares mas inhospitos del globo. 

Y es precisamente esta monumental y ejemplar programa humanitario que los medicos Cubanos han estado escribiendo en el mundo durante los ultimos 40 anos, lo que el Sr. Caleb McCarry, de manera solapada, desvergonzada y criminal intenta destruir, impulsado por un odio insaciable hacia el pueblo Cubano y su solidaridad internacional. 

Para lograr ese proposito, este individuo repulsivo, deleznable, incluyo especificamente a los Medicos Cubanos que prestan sus servicios en el exterior en su supuesto plan de reunificacion familiar, estimulandolos para que abandonen a sus pacientes, deserten y emigren hacia los Estados Unidos al igual como lo hicieron sus antepasados en la
decada de los 60’s, atraidos, no por el pensamiento y el juramento de Hipocrates sino, por los mismos jugosos salarios que devengan algunos mercaderes de la salud, radicados en este medio. 

Como sorprendernos entonces de esta barrabasada, cuando este mismo personaje bordeando lo inaudito, ofrecio vacunar a los ninos Cubanos despues de instaurarse un gobierno creado a su imagen y semejanza, en tanto, decenas de miles de ninos en los Estados Unidos carecen de esta vital proteccion? 

Porque el Sr. McCarry que subitamente ha mostrado interes por las estudios de medicina, no utiliza sus buenos oficios, jerarquia e influencia, para que se introduzcan resoluciones en el Congresos que conlleven a la reduccion de la astronomica cifra de 40-50 mil dolares por concepto de matricula annual en la casi totalidad de las escuelas de medicina de los Estados Unidos y comienza a formar el personal que su pais necesita, sin tener que piratear los formados por otros paises? 

No seria mas beneficioso para los Estados Unidos, si el Sr. McCarry se dedicara a reducir la plaga de drogadiccion, gestacion precoz, pornografia y violencia intra-muros en las escuelas secundarias y pre-universitarias y a al mismo tiempo, tratara de elevar el nivel academico de dichas escuelas, de la cual egresan graduados sin saber leer, escribir y sin nociones de geografia u otras materias basicas?

Porque el Sr. McCarry no incluye en el prospecto de proselitismo que esta preparando para ser distribuido entre los medicos Cubanos, un acapite que hable sobre los 400 o 500 medicos Cubanos que ya mordieron la carnada y que hoy se encuentran frustrados, decepcionados y realizando trabajos degradantes para su nivel en Miami, como unico medio de supervivencia?

Lamentablemente, algun que otro medico Cubano recibira del Sr. McCarry esa oferta color de rosa, envuelto en papel de celofan, saturado de bienes materiales y carente de las realidades que encontraran en el terreno al llegar a la Tierra Prometida. Algun que otro afortunado de esa masa, podra mostrar su exito en el futuro, convertido en bienes materiales, pero ausentes del honor que se experimenta solo con el deber cumplido. 

De algo podremos estar seguros desde ya, que ninguno de los medicos que el Sr. McCarry logre persuadir para abandonar su ejemplarizante labor en favor de los ignorados, jamas ocuparan un sitial en la vida como los Madamme Curie, Albert Schweitzer, 

De algo podremos estar seguros desde ya, y es que ninguno de los medicos Cubanos que el Sr. McCarry logre persuadir para abandonar su ejemplarizante labor en favor de los desposeidos, los ignorados, jamas ocuparan un lugar en la historia similar al del Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Madamme Currie, Pasteur y otros miles. 

Estas reflexiones en modo alguno pretenden orientar o disuadir a nadie. Se han expuesto algunas realidades que son omitidas intencionalmente por aquellos que historicamente han estado interesados en matizar nuestro entorno como un mundo multicolor, idilico, al estilo de Disneylandia, a sabiendas que no lo es. Si con esta exposicion hemos estimulado el analisis, debate y el cuestionamiento de los pasos a seguir en la busqueda de la verdad, entonces, su unico objetivo se habra cumplido. 

Our Latest Dirty Ploy, 8/13/06

Contrary to the Cuban community living in the United States, those on the island have always believed that most actions and decisions taken by the US government are predictable, because they are strongly influenced either by a lack of historical background, local politics or our propensity to repeat the same mistake over and over.

Since it became public that President Fidel Castro was ill and had temporarily relinquished his post, President George W. Bush have been under intense pressure from the ultra-right-wing Cuban-American community, demanding from the administration a mechanism that can influence and expedite the return of Democracy and Free Market society to Cuba, as it is spelled out in the 500 pages prepared by the US State Department entitled, Commission For The Assistance To A Free Cuba.

Overseeing this State Department project is Mr. Caleb Mc Carry, the Pro-Consul in a post Castro’s Cuba, as it was with Mr. Paul Bremmer in Iraq.

Frustrated because of Castro’s failure to die and having consumed some of their savings in a revolting parade down Calle 8 in Miami, Mr McCarry is under the gun to present to this enraged crowd a ray of hope. And so yesterday, the US administration unearthed a 1960 policy by which, 50% or 3000 of Cuba’s physician’s, thousands of teachers, engineers and other professionals were lured out of the country, convinced that that would lead to the collapse of the government.

Indescribable pain, suffering and death was inflicted on the Cuban people because of the lack of healthcare personnel until 1965, when the first handful of physicians received their graduate diplomas. Since, 65,000 more have received a similar document, enabling Cuba today, not only to have the largest physicians per capita in the world, but also, to have approximately 30,000 of them, posted in over 60 countries around the world.

So, instead of improving the poor quality of our education in the middle and high schools, make access to higher education easier, reduce the prohibitive tuition costs of medical schools and other professions, the solution that this administration have cooked-up, is to encourage and selectively liberalize the entry into the United States of thousands of Cuban physicians providing their services free of charge, in the poorest regions of the world.

Even though, over 400 Cuban physicians already bought into this proselytizing gimmick, are now primarily in south Florida working in all sorts of menial jobs, no organized effort has been made to facilitate them to take the State and National Board exam, which could in exchange, request of them to offer their professional services for a period of 2, 3, 4 or 5 years to thousands of natives, emigrant farm workers and in poor communities around this country, in which medical care is non-existent.

Doing this, would be solving a well known problem, which most politicians prefer it remain as is, in order to use it as their next political campaign promises. It is clear, some are inclined to love and create, while others prefer to hate and destroy.

Portrait of an Evil Ideology, 8/11

Disregarding the plea of tens of millions of peace loving people, the advise of renowned academics, politicians, military officers and leaders of friendly nations around the world, President George W. Bush persisted in his grandiose delusion of decapitating the regime of Saddam Hussein, as it was outlined by neo-cons a quarter of a century ago; by launching his now infamous “Shock and Awe” treacherous attack that many of his cheerleaders have come to regret.

This unjustifiable war of choice that should never have happened, the ineptitude of its execution, the shortsightedness of the entire project and its brutality, have caused the death of over 150,000 innocent Iraqis, a near total destruction of the infrastructure of that country, close to 3000 dead US military personnel and thousands of charred and maimed bodies scattered around the globe, wondering why and for what, this had to happen to them.

Intoxicated by their self imposed illusionof Iraqbeing another Grenada, Panama, or Cuba 1906, when the sole presence of a couple of battle ships over the horizon was sufficient to send chills down the spine of the citizens those countries, the political and military leaders of this ill-fated adventure indulged themselves in fanciful dreams that they would be received as liberators with roses and candies handed out by schoolchildren.

Huge fanfare centered around the number of days, hours and minutes that was needed for the triumphal entry into Baghdad. Jokes about the Republican Guards running out of their uniforms, the tumbling of Saddam Hussein’s statue, the cowardice of the entire Baath Party that was now in hiding, the manhunt and killing of Saddam’s two sons and his ulterior capture in a spider hole, were further reasons for this hallucinating party-type atmosphere.

And suddenly, out of nowhere, one soldier was shot in the head while purchasing a soda or standing guard in front of a building and the insurrection began to take shape. Rather than ordering an in-depth study of what was emerging, apologists in the Pentagon, State Department and in the Executive Branch, began pumping out simplistic analysis and creating a variety of names to explain the ongoing situation: Insurgents, Baathists, Terrorists, Murderers, IED, Foreign Fighters, Open Borders, Iranian or Syrian intervention were some of the implausible excuses put in motion.

For one reason or another, the media did not play its role of questioning these assumptions or present a comprehensive description of the security breakdown until names such as Fallujah, Najaf, Mosul or Baqubah became household staples, compounded by the moral breakdown of the military involved in torture, rape, murder, degrading and dehumanizing behavior in prisons in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Khandahar and who knows where

Of even greater negative consequences for the United States and its allies was the uncontrollable, widespread insurrection that has engulfed a large swath of that country, especially in the so called Sunni Triangle, where the occupying forces, contractors, foreigners and ordinary citizens no longer have anywhere to hide and the shocking number of daily bombings, with 75-100 dead, has become a fact of life in this looming ethnic/civil war of catastrophic projections.

No press conference or carefully crafted speeches delivered by the President to friendly, pre-selected audiences resonates with the general population nor his facial expressions or body language corroborate the hype, hope or false conclusions that he attempt to extrapolate. His once sarcastic andrepulsive Secretary of Defense who once responded during a Press Conference, that the US could fight 3 wars simultaneously, is no where to be found.

Faced with an increasing distrust of the bogus reasons he presented to go to war, the Katrina disaster, the dwindling numbers in the polls, massive corruptions in the halls of Congress, the eavesdropping fiasco and the President chronic inability to translate his thoughts and views into words, have turned his administration into a fossilized and poorly respected institution around the world.

Trying to stop and reverse this downward trend and invigorate his dwindling support base, the administration saw the crisis in Lebanon between Israel and Hezbollah as a timely and welcome development. Pretending to be worried with by the initial bombing, strafing, death and destruction, they started putting out the most inconceivable rationale, stupid analysis and cruel foot-dragging, convinced that the mighty Israeli military complex that was capable of decisively defeating 7 or 8 Arab countries during the 7 day war, would mercilessly crush this handful of terrorist who dared to challenge the 4th mightiest military in the world.

Surprise, surprise! Just as it happened to Kennedy during the Bay of Pigs and tothis administration in Iraq, the fearless IDF has been reduced to a massive human earthquake, capable of crushing building,turning entire communities into a heap of rubble, killing hundreds of innocent and imposing the most inhumane behavior seen in the past half of century, by subjecting entire communities to hunger, thirst, desolation and death.

Is this collective and cruel punishment any different than the one their ancestors were subjected to in Europe, fifty years ago?

Beaten badly in the battle field, demoralized and with tens of dead and wounded soldiers, their generals, who days before had angrily promised to kill and remove every terrorist from the battle field, were forced to retreat, recalled from the battle front and replaced by the second highest ranking military, who, himself has been bugged down, unable to advance against the implacable fire of Hezbollah.

It is telling how the Prime Minister of Israel, the government and Foreign Ministry spokespersons, its representatives before the UN, US and every high ranking past official of that government in the US, were given top coverage and endless time on every TV program, where they could carefully carve out a pitiful Israel, the victim of a brutal Katyusha shelling, while nothing was said about their F-16, 155 mm howitzer, their M1 tanks, modern navy and spy drones, watching, listening and shooting everything that moves.

Today, there are talks, insinuations and speculations that a cease fire agreement maybe be reachable in the coming days. The world is clamoring for it to happen as soon as possible, in order to save lives, stop the destruction and human suffering.

But, whatever technical and protocol wording may be included in the UN document, one irrefutable fact stands out, just as France had its Waterloo, Germany had El Alamein, the US had its TET offensive, Russia had its disastrous adventure in Afghanistan, Israel now has Lebanon II.

Still, it would benaive to say, that when peace is achieved, when order has been restored in that embattled country, the world will forget the intellectual authors of most of the destruction and unnecessary deaths resulting from the complicity and encouragement of the Bush administration.

Such a calculating and cruel behavior is understandable in President George W. Bush, who makes no effort to hide his unconditional support for Israel, his extreme religious views, his anti-Arab, anti-Muslim bias and his inability to think, resulting from his limited intellectual and historical perspective.

But the simple notion, that most of this macabre human tragedy could have taken place with the input, suggestions and implementation by two secretaries of State, Mr. Colin Powell and Dr. Condoleezzaa Rice, both sons and daughters of people who were dragged across the Atlantic ocean chained to the hull of slave boats, enslaved for 400 years, segregated, lynched, subjected to racism, poverty, police brutality, marginalized, drug infestation and every other social ill, goes beyond all reasonable thinking.

What material reward could have been offered to these individuals and others like them, to sell their souls and align themselves with their parents' tormentors, to forgive the crimes that are committed everyday against people with similar historical background and to become the henchmen against the poor, ignored andvictims everywhere?

Life, History and for believers in the Day of Judgment, should all be unforgiving and implacable with these individuals, who exemplify what humans should notbe.

Lies, hatred and fantasy will not help us return to Cuba, 8/4/06top

I wish to commend Mr Peter Guinta for his article in the Saint Augustine Record, “Local reactions to Castro’s illness vary” on August 4, 2006, in which he tried unsuccessfully to present a balanced and impartial analysis of this thorny, poorly understood and intentionally distorted issue, because parts of the body of the article are non-factual and of questionable sources.

How can any researcher, educator, historian, politician or ordinary citizen accept at face value, the wealth of information that was provided by Mr. Paul Fagundo, a purported Cubanologist, who was born in Cuba by accident and has not been back in half of a century?

I left Cuba 26 years ago and most of my recollections, views and opinions are no longer valid because, if for no other reason, a basic philosophical principle establishes that the world is constantly moving and changing, as it is demonstrated in practical terms; no one can bathe twice in the same river.

By ignoring this fundamental rule, Mr. Fagundo and most of the ultra-right-wing Cuban-American community have remained entrenched, fossilized in an imaginary Cuba that never was, except for the fortunate few. Proof of this near pathological obsession, is that nothing good related to Cuba after 1959, is part of their thinking or acceptance.

That is why it is perfectly logic and fitting with the utopian thinking of Mr. Jorge Mas Santos, President of the Cuban American National Foundation and the “leaders” of tens of other counterrevolutionary groups in south Florida, to call upon the Cuban people to rise-up against and topple the same Cuban government, that they have proven to be genetically unfit to do in 45 years.

Humans, our worst enemy, 7/19/06top

As  a student in Germany, I went on a school visit during the summer of 1965 to the city of Weimar, a cultural center with its opera houses, galleries, museums, theaters,  sidewalk cafes and refined citizens.
Later that day, we traveled a few miles away to Buchenwald, one of Nazi Germany most infamous concentration camps, where tens of thousands of innocent people from across Europe, accused of being union leaders, Jews, communists, atheists or members of any other outlawed organizations, were herded into this extermination camp, where most died of hunger, depravation, disease or exposure to a punishing weather.
Only being there and experiencing first hand the diabolic torture machines, the death chambers or lamp shades made out of human skin, was it possible to imagine the extent to which hate, fanaticism or a sick mind, could allow a human being to prey so cruelly on another defenseless human being.
This revolting experience led me into numerous heated discussions with instructors, fellow students, laboratory co-workers and others, who although not condoning these heinous acts, attempted in vain to explain to us, how terrible the victims were and why the Nazi government had to resort to such extreme measures in defense of the fatherland.  Speaking out and denouncing this crime, ended up reducing my circle of friends, many of whom labeled my views as radical and unwanted.
And today, forty years after my horrendous life changing experience, as I read the newspapers or watch the evening news, I am forced to reflect and ask myself, what unknown enzyme or recessive pathological genes maybe in us, that can be triggered by external factors turning humans into  wild beasts, capable of inflicting  on each other, more pain, misery and destruction than most natural disasters can.
Confused and unsure about the issues I argued against with my schoolmates in Germany, I am horrified with today’s development and the striking similarities with the actors  and actions then and now.


The much publicized and long awaited second set of recommendations from the Commission For The Assistance To A Free Cuba, which was headed this time by secretaries of State and Commerce, Condoleeza Rice and Carlos Gutierrez, forced thousands of people around the world  interested in these matters, to wait forty five days beyond their self-imposed neo-colonial holiday of May 20th 2006, exactly 104 years after their first  attempt to annex Cuba.
These individuals and another 100 unnamed co-conspirators, came out of their burrows in the US State Department with  57 pages of  unclassified and an unknown amount of their classified colonial edict, in which all aspects of life of the Cuban people have been plotted, their future decided, penalties for straying away from their guidelines are established and the legal way of taking over and replacing the present government with a Supreme Body headed by a Proconsul as it was in Iraq, is clearly defined.
This body will be charged with hunting down all former Cuban government employees, party members, military personnel, women, youth and union organizations and any other institution deemed subversive by them, who can in turn be accused, incarcerated, banned from public life or worst.
Because the people in Cuba are familiar with the historical steps that the United States government usually follows in cases like these, after completing their persecution of members of the previous government, dismantling all known institutions, organizations or services, the Transition Government will re-write the constitution, organize an “election”, choose delegates to a national assembly that  will in turn,  call for a general election of their hand-picked-puppets, just as they did in Cuba in 1902, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Panama, Afghanistan and Iraq.
But what makes this decision such an affront to world opinion, is the fact that all of those leading this wasteful delusion against Cuba, are the same individuals that callously exploited the brutal events of 911, cruelly fanned the flames of fear and hatred against a country and its people who had nothing to do with this human tragedy, they carefully assembled thousands of pages of lies, false evidence and worse yet, coerced the United Nations into interrupting months of valuable inspections into every potential hiding place for weapons of mass destruction, convinced, that a clear lack of evidence, would derail their pre-planned war, that should reallign the balance of power in the middle east.
The only good thing coming out of this brutal and unjustifiable aggression against Iraq, that have taken the lives of tens of thousands of innocent women, children and elderly, the vicious bombing back into the stone ages of entire communities and a brewing sectarian civil war that threatens to engulf the entire region, is that the world have had a first hand read on the destructive genes, oppressive character and rapacious nature of the administration of President George W. Bush.
Additionally, thousands of men and women around the world occupying positions of leadership in the sciences, humanities, religious or moral fields, have failed miserably and deceived their principles, by siding with the victimizer, condoning his actions or attempting to minimize the severity  of this heinous crime.  Historians will have a field day, writing about these monsters who once plagued the world, disguised as moralists!
Instigated by the Cuban-American neo-cons gang in south Florida, who will not rest until they have squeezed the last drop of blood or oxygen out of every living object in Cuba, they have once again assembled a group of salaried opportunists, pseudo intellectuals and fossilized Cuba-haters, who purports to represent the soul and wishes of people living in Cuba, who they have not seen or spoken to in half a century.
But rather than to continue to describe these immoral, stateless sell-out, a clear picture of who they are and what they represent, can be best achieved by reading their pharisaical enticements to get Cubans shooting and killing each other, just as they have done successfully with the Shiites and Sunnis, Tutsies and Hutties, Sandinistas and
1.- Although Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and Kandahar are renowned torture chambers, overflowing with degrading human practices and a safe haven for immoral sexual practices, these individuals have launched a worldwide Human Rights campaign on behalf of their imprisoned agents and point men in Cuba, charged with developing divisive policies, spreading rumors and attempts to demoralize the Cuban government, in exchange for their monthly silver coins, as other traitors did before them in biblical passages.
2.- These same individuals, who have worked diligently through the Torrecilli and Helms Burton acts  to close every source available to Cuba for purchasing medicine, medical supplies and equipment from US subsidiaries around the world, are now deploring the lack of these means in Cuba and shedding crocodile tears for the poor Cuban people, who they have proven repeatedly to despise, for not migrating from Cuba. 
What other purpose is behind legislations introduced by these individuals, that have restructured the Cuban family by excluding aunts, uncle and cousins, that limit visits to our homeland to once every three years, drastically curtailed to $100.00 a month, the amount we can send an acceptable household and have more US Treasury Department inspectors assigned to spy on Cubans than on Bin Laden?
What type of medical assistance are they offering the Cuban people in exchange for them rising up against their government, if the US infant mortality rate is twice as high in Washington DC as in any township in Cuba?
How can they offer to vaccinate Cuban children, who are 100% vaccinated against  12 serious illnesses, while children in the US have not achieved such coverage? 

Between 1959 and 1980 when I left Cuba, all individuals were expected to go to the closest Health Department and have their yearly physical the month in which they were born.  After 26 years living in the United States, I have yet been told, to go anywhere and have a physical check-Up.
Is it not a fact of life, that when anyone goes to a healthcare facility in Cuba, the first question they are asked is, What is wrong with you, while in the US, the question is what type of insurance you have?
Using the same worn-out diversionist tactic, this report is offering to upgrade the Cuban educational system, a system that have never had a Columbine experience, a system that does not have metal detectors at its doors, a Human Resource (Police Station) in every middle and high school, a system that produces respectful, well trained students that are usually Two years above their US counterparts and where no one expects their children to be attacked or wounded in school or in transit.
Are these individuals really meaning to upgrade the Cuban school system to US school standards, by introducing the massive use of illegal drugs, pornography, deadly weapons, teen pregnancy and a staff and teachers in constant fear for the safety?
Have these specimens, bent on destroying the Cuban educational system, never read the appalling reports about High School graduates unable to read, 60-70% drop-out rates among minorities and a 50% probability of suffering severe bodily harm, for any student staying in the public school system for 10 to 12 years.
Another plan for the “Free and Democratic” Cuba proposed by these individuals, is to dismantle the large Cuban agriculture system  that they deem unproductive and replace it with privately owned farms similar to the US, with its hundreds of thousands of migrants farm hand, working in cruel and inhumane conditions, suffering from all sorts of occupational injuries that range from lower back illneses, contaminated drinking water, pesticide exposure and cancer related pathologies.
These are not new proposals, rather, they are the same ones that existed in Cuba since the inception of slavery in 1912  until 1959.  Similarly, they are opposed to the Cuban agriculture central planning, not so, when the Cuban sugar quota was decided in New Haven, Connecticut, when Cuba was prohibited from refining raw sugar or no industry or agriculture production could take place, without prior approval of the United States.

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