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Alberto JonesThe Alberto Jones Column IV - 2001, Part II

Dr. Alberto Jones is a member of the West Indian Welfare Society in the city of Guantanamo, Cuba who now resides in northern Florida. He is an activist with strong communal ties to his homeland and is the director of the Caribbean American Children's Foundation as well as a director of the Cuban American Alliance Education Fund, Inc. He writes regularly on issues concerning Cuba, and we present his letters and columns here.  Past columns are in Alberto Jones Column, Column I covering the period 1998 - 1999, Column II, 2000, Column III, 2001 (Part I), Column IV, 2001 (Part II), Column V, 2002, Column VI, 2003, Column VII, 2004, Column VIII, 2005, Column IX 2006, Column X 2007, Column XI in 2008, and Column XII in 2009, Column XIII in 2010Column XIV in 2011, Column XV in 2012, Column XVI in 2013, Column XVII in 2014, Column XVIII from 2015 to 2016, Column XIX from 2017 to 2019, and Column XX from 2020-2021. See also Alberto Jones on Race & Identity.

Miami low life prevails in sentencing of a patriot, 12/13

Early this evening, in another example that typifies Miami as another Banana Republic run by overlords, a Cuban, Gerardo Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison for spying, not on the United States Government, but on tens of Cuban counterrevolutionary groups based in Miami, New Jersey, California and other gutters around the world.

This event, which would otherwise have gotten the attention of few, in the aftermath of the despicable events of September 11, the Afghanistan tragedy and the threat of extending this prescription to another 50 countries around the world, may be worth exploring.

Two big questions came out immediately following the collapse of the twin towers:

a.- How could our sophisticated Intelligence Services not have picked up on what these terrorists were planning and avert the most devastating attack inflicted on this nation?

b.- Why are we so hated?

I will refer only to the first question. Since May 19th, 1959, with the creation of the first counterrevolutionary group in Miami which was headed by Rafael Diaz Balart, the father of US Congressman Diaz Balart, Cuba has not had a second of peace.

The burning of industries, terrorist bombing, economic and biological warfare, invasions, sabotage, airline and maritime hijackings, murders, blowing up of airline in mid flight, slaughtering of Cubans working abroad etc., are only a brief sampling of what these individuals have done to their country of origin, all in the name of Democracy, Free Enterprise, Freedom of Religion, and all sorts of other gimmicks that they are instructed to create every so often.

From the day of the inception of the first counterrevolutionary group until today - 41 years after - each and every one of them has been hand picked, structured, financed, trained, directed and ordered into battle by the Central Intelligence Agency, thus their illegitimate nature and lack of authority among the Cuban people and around the world.

Never before in the convulsive 500 years of Cuban history, has a group of people born on its soil, been so despicable, so unprincipled and have denied so grossly everything that was said and done by our forefathers.

How could the country with one of the richest history of struggle, sacrifice, principles in this region, have sunk so low and betrayed the vision of the fathers of the nation?

One needs to reflect on how it all started. On January 1st 1959, the first horde of crooks to abandon Cuba were all the highest ranking officials in the Batista regime, who in four short years had depleted the treasury.

With the advancing Revolutionary Army, Batista and his henchmen did not had time to do the last minute money transfer, and like typical bank robbers, they stuffed luggage with millions of dollars and arrived at the tarmack in Miami. Rather than being hauled off to jail as common thieves, they all moved into Coral Gables as the most respectable members of that community.

One of them, the Colonel head of the Bayamo region, when he received the news that his boss, Batista, had fled the country, gathered his belongings and fled to a waiting airplane at Bayamo's airport. At that last minute he asked his wife for the luggage with the money and when she indicated she had forgotten it home, he made the fateful mistake of leaving his entourage there and returning home to pick up the loot. He was caught by the advancing rebel forces, tried and sentenced to stand before the Firing Squad. He was mourned extensively in media in the US.

The worst of Cuban society came in that first and subsequent flights out of Cuba. Shortly after and in order to restore Democracy in Cuba, the CIA created in Miami its largest station ever outside of its headquarters and, with an endless budget, it carefully selected, once again, this scourge, the future leaders of the new Cuba.

The Bay of Pigs, Operation Mangoose, tens of assassinations attempts compiled by the Congressional Church Commission, the most stringent economic blockade in the history of mankind, the first and subsequent biological warfare in this hemisphere, which has devastated livestook, farming and the lives of tens of thousands in Cuba, are only a fraction of what the people of Cuba have endured.

Known Cubans who enlisted in the United States Armed Forces and were trained in demolition, explosives, torture, and all sorts of unspeakable professions, graduated with Masters degree and PhD in the art of maiming, destroying, scorch land technique, which they have not been remiss to impose on their country.

Well known and very respected assassins in that underworld are revered and respected citizens in the Miami microcosmos, to whom the highest members of the Religious community -Pastors, Ministers, Bishops- pay their respects, sit side by side and hang-out with them.

Their unique print, audio and visual media control is so powerful, that even the Miami Herald, the most powerful newspaper in the State of Florida, panicks when certain people calls. They have been boycotted, blackmailed, threatened and staff members driven out of town.

Their radio stations are like no other in the country. This means the most frightening and devastating resources at their disposal. No political figure, no educator, researcher, financier or ordinary citizen is immune to their reach and destructive capabilities.

As a result of the transformation of the city of Miami, that prior to the massive arrival of Cubans in the late 50's and early 60's was just a beachtown for northerners during winter, this group of highly trained crooks rapidly overwhelmed and controlled all aspects of city life, using their experience accrued in Cuba.

While in Cuba, these personalities knew that the best job for any friend of the president of the newly elected government was to be designated administrator of the Havana Maritime Port. One year on the job and you had made it for life. Now it is the Miami International Airport that has taken its place.

Every concievable vice, every dirty trick, every bribing technique, every corrupting method that existed then in Cuba is now perfected and in place in Miami.

It is therefore no accident that, although Miami is classified as one of the poorest county in the nation, it still boast the highest number of public servants in jail, indicted, sought, or on parole.

Is it an accident that Miami has the highest number of Medicare/Medicaid fraud in the nation?

It is an accident that the county of Miami-Dade has the largest number of "Dead" Voters in the Nation?

Is it an accident that Miami is the largest port of entry of illegal drugs in the Nation?

Is it also an accident that Miami-Dade has the highest percentage of nepotism in the country?

These are just some of negative social and cultural result of a city which has grown from a teratologic embryo that has metastasized across south Florida.

How then would it be possible, in a city in which the Judge, Mayor, Banker, University Dean etc., must first have the blessing of those mentioned above in order to fill a vacancy, could they erect themselves and pretend to be able to carry out a Fair and Just trial of men acussed of spying on them?

Is it not standard procedure, when there are concerns with the ability of a community to provide a fair and unbiased jury, to move the case to another city as it has been with so many others cases?

Is this or not the same violent Miami that has fire bombed, shot, driven people out of town or tried to kidnap a 6 year old Elian Gonzalez in front of TV cameras, that we now expect to be trustworthy?

Is it this or another Miami, that has cursed, called horrible names and has made afraid to walk the streets, a native of that city, who until recent was our Attorney General, Ms Janet Reno?

Are we talking about the same city in which hundreds of natives of this country -including President Clinton, President Carter, Nelson Mandela, Jane Fonda, Jessie Jackson and so many others, feel unsafe and unwanted?

That is what makes this trial a joke. During Apartheid in South Africa, we all learned about these Kangaroo Courtroom. Now we have them in south Florida.

But if this unspeakable action is left to stand, it will not only tarnish once again the Miami-Dade county, it will extend its grime to the Federal Government.

If we are all expected to accept the fact that it is punishable to spy on known terrorists, who until recently in 1999 led a string of bombings in hotels in Cuba that caused the death of an Italian tourist and injured many Cubans, including childrens, shouldn't someone admit complicity?

If we will ever accept that what was done by these individuals in defense of their country is wrong, why then our outcry for poor national intelligence?

Who can we trust in the future, when "Force" not "Rightousness" is what prevails.

Many had hopes that the New Millenium would create a better world, in which, justice, hope, love would prevail. The opposite is true. Mankind is engaged in a dangerous and slippery slope, in which the final outcome cannot be envisioned.

As a native of a country that has been under siege for too long,  I know of the heinous past, present, and future of its victimizers, who while they were in power in Cuba and after arriving on this shore, have done nothing more than decimate the Afro-American community in Miami, just as they did to Blacks in Cuba - who were forced to live like savages.

No matter who supports and provide the killing instruments to these murderers, they will only be able to continue to inflict more pain and suffering on their people, but they will NEVER prevail.

The road map that was left to the Cuban people since Hatuey and Guarina, the indigenous people who preferred to be burnt alive rather than capitulate to the Spanish thugs, or since Carlos Manuel de Cespedes who preferred his son to be shot rather than betray his struggle for independence, will not allow any decent Cuban, no matter his political, social or religious differences with the present Government of Cuba, to ever side with them.

These traitors who have never had the guts to fight for the things they believe in, but as animal of prey, have waited in the dark and ambushed the weak, the women and children, have really believed they are "Freedom Fighters", as they were once were called by someone who has since faded into oblivion.

Many more people than those have been sentenced to life in prison in Miami, have suffered worst injustices in our history. But our people have always been prepared to pay whatever price has been imposed on them and our nation, as a lighting torch will prevail once again and remind the world, what it takes to be a son of that country

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