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AfroCubaWeb Archive: 2005


Under the Radar - A Survey of Afro-Cuban Music 

Afro-Cuban Religiosity, Revolution, And National Identity 

Eug�ne Godfried

Lazaro Ros

Oshogbo, Nigeria: dancer painted by Mendive, 10/05

General Antonio Maceo y Grajales

Ekpe Festival: Ebongo Masquarade, Calabar, Nigeria

Excilia Salda�a

[Pedro Perez-Sarduy]
Pedro P�rez Sarduy is teaching in the US, Fall '04

Garvey in Cuba, 7/04

Abaku� and Efiks

Marta Rojas, writer & journalist

[Teresa Cardenas]
Teresa Cardenas, poet & writer

Worldwide music tour schedules: Hear samples, buy CDs. See also Music in Cuba  

Pedro Perez-Sarduy reviews Ned Sublette's book, Cuba and its Music: From the First Drums to the Mambo. Scroll down to reviews. 9/5

Quint�n Bandera y su asesinato traicionero: preludio inevitable para la creacion del Partido Independiente de Color, Eug�ne Godfried, 9/05

The Investiture of Lady Elizabeth Ayo Eremie into the Ekoretonko Lodge, Calabar, Nigeria, 9/05

10th Annual Exploration in AfroCuban Dance & Drum, Humboldt State University, July 24 - 30th, 2005

Una criada en La Habana, de Pedro Perez - Sarduy, en La Jiribilla, 6/22/05 

Esperando a J�bilo, script fragment, 6/05 by Tom�s Gonzalez P�rez. See also an extensive gallery of his paintings.

"Ir� Habana," in Yoruba, stands for "blessing to Havana." It is also the name of a film/CD, 5/05

Cuban Abaku� delegation visits Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria in December '04, 4/05. Many photos tell the story.

Afro-Cuban Religiosity, Revolution, And National Identity by Christine Ayorinde, released 3/05.

Cubadisco 2005: 5/21-5/29, Havana. Los Mu�equitos to play 5/22. Yoruba Andabo to Release Album in Cubadisco 2005, 5/25/05

The Summit Afro Cuban/African drum and dance workshop, May 19 - 23, 2005, The Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada.

Tony P�rez to play in Boston - 5/20/05, One Night Only, Christ Church Cambridge Cuban Gala

Support the artists: get  Pello's sheet music for bata, Flor Amalia's script, and Gloria Rolando's films. This is legal trade that benefits these artists.

Eliades Ochoa / Afro Cuban All Stars: Europe, 5/05 - 8-05. See them at the Barbican, London, 5/11/05

Viaje a la tierra africana en busca de los origenes - Recorrido de Manuel Mendive por Africa 2005, 9/05 Michael Popoola Oluwaseun, un bailarin de Osogbo, Nigeria, pintado por Mendive, galeria de fotos, 2005

Ra�ces Habaneras to play at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, Long Island City, on 5/7/05. 

Screening of Inventos: Hip Hop Cubanos, followed by panel discussion, Hunter College, New York City, 4/19/05

Noches Cubanas: Chico Alvarez, Gene Golden, Orlando "Puntilla" Rios, Candido, & others, New York City, 4/15/05

Afro-Cuban Religiosity, Revolution, And National Identity by Christine Ayorinde, just released 3/05

Ife-Ile Dance Company Presents Sixth Annual Baila USA Dance Festival 2005: 6/9/05 - 6/12/05, Miami

AFROCUBA: Works on Paper, 1968-2003 by Dr. Judith Bettleheim, San Francisco State. Features a number of our favorite artists.

Robin Moore reviews Afro-Cuban Voices: On Race and Identity in Contemporary Cuba, 3/05.

AfroCubaWeb reaches 144,000 visits /month in February '05, according to our site statistics. 

Lazaro Ros
, Cuba's greatest Yoruba singer, dies on 2/8/05

Race, Class and Culture: Research into the Cuban Experience
. Led by Cuban writer, poet and lecturer Pedro P�rez -Sarduy, Havana, May 21 to 28, 2005

Gloria Rolando videos available 3/05: Oggun - with Lazaro Ros, My Footsteps in Baragu�, and El Alacr�n.

VIII INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON AFRICANISTICS IN THE CARIBBEAN Dedicated to the culture of the Yoruba. April 5th - April 9th 2005, Santiago de Cuba

III International Meeting  Of Popular And Formal Dances - The Universe Dances With Cuba , 9/26/05-10/2/05

The Summit Afro Cuban/African drum and dance workshop, May 19 - 23, 2005, The Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada

Superb Cuban pianist finds happiness in Hub jazz scene, 1/12/05 - Boston Herald features Osmany Paredes

International Ekpe Festival, Calabar & Uyo, Nigeria: 12/13/04 - 12/18/04: Cuban Abaku� attended, great set of photos showing relationships between Calabar & Cuba

Superb Cuban pianist finds happiness in Hub jazz scene, 1/12/05 - Boston Herald features Osmany Paredes.

Havana Nights
show held over in Las Vegas until 1/11/05 Most of the cast defects.

AfroCubaWeb reaches 144,000 visits /month in February '05, according to our site statistics. 

"In the Vortex of the Cyclone": Selected Poems by Excilia Salda�a: A Bilingual Edition out with foreword by Nancy Morej�n, 9/04

Afro-Cuban Religious Expressions, 12/2004, 2/2005, & 3/2005 Rare US based opportunity to learn in Cuba under a religious license

Under the Radar - A Survey of Afro-Cuban Music  premiered at the Chicago Latino Film Festival, 4/05, now out on DVD, 9/05

FolkCuba 7/05 - Classes with the internationally acclaimed Conjunto Foklorico Nacional de Cuba in Havana. See their new website.

 AfroCubaWeb reaches 130,000 visits/month in April '04, according to our site statistics. Among the top referrers are hip hop sites.

… social, intelectuar y chic ... Choco, Diago y Mendive en La Cita de Biarritz por Pedro P�rez Sarduy  11/2/03

ENTREVISTA CON EL PINTOR ROBERTO DIAGO en Biarritz, Francia  9/30/03  por Pedro P�rez Sarduy

Recorrido de Manuel Mendive por pa�ses de Africa, 9/9/03 Photo gallery added 9/26 and 10/5.

Film maker Gloria Rolando to visit US in Fall  '04 for premier of the English version of Roots of My Heart on the 1912 massacre of AfroCubans and Los Marqueses de Atar�s on a carnival comparsa in Havana. 

We feature critiques of author and journalist Marta Rojas' two novels.

Extracts from Pedro P�rez Sarduy's novel Las Criadas de La Habana and other works, 10/02. See also In Living Memory - he remembers his great grandmother Sabue born in Africa.

Nicol�s Guill�n y el Modernismo Hispanoamericano by Keith Ellis, 10/02

El Tratamiento del Tema Negro en el Rap, Tom�s Fern�ndez Robaina, 8/02

Recent Trotter Group coverage of Gloria Rolando and her film on 1912, 6/02

Nancy Morej�n wins Cuba's 2001 National Prize for Litterature, 2/02. We have her PALABRAS POR EL PREMIO NACIONAL DE LITERATURA

New Gloria Rolando - Images of the Caribbean documentary: "Los marqueses de Atar�s" premieres in Havana, features the carnival comparsa and famed AfroCuban actor Alden Knight. 2/02

Poet and writer Teresa C�rdenas Angulo's poem, A Nice Day, 3/02

Con Natalia Bol�var, 2002

Support the artists: get  Pello's sheet music for bata, Flor Amalia's script, and Gloria Rolando's films. This is legal trade that benefits these artists.

Susana Arenas Pedroso, a Matancera formerly with Raices Profunda, is giving dance classes in the Bay Area.  
Expert Afrocuba de Matanzas percussionist Ramon "Sandy" Garcia has moved to the Bay Area and is also giving classes.

Centro de Investigaci�n y Desarrollo de la M�sica (CIDMUC) has a great atlas of Cuban music: Atlas de los Instrumentos Folkl�rico-Popular de Cuba. See also Olavo Alen's History of the Congas.

Numerous dancers and percussionists from Cuba are teaching in the US and Europe, listed under Workshops.

AfroCubaWeb Home Page Archive: 2004

AfroCubaWeb Home Page Archive: 2003

AfroCubaWeb Home Page Archive: 2002

AfroCubaWeb Home Page Archive: 1999-2001

Our News page has Cuba NewsCuban Cultural News, Cuba Travel News, and  Cuba: Race & Identity in the News --  updated  with articles from Cuban and foreign media. We also track news from Venezuela, Colombia, and Haiti.

Jos� Mart� i Rasismo - su Bishita na K�rzou, Eugene Godfried. Papiamentu version of Jos� Mart� and Racism: His Visit to Cura�ao, 11/05

Artist Elio Rodriguez has a new exhibit opening at Havana's Galeria 23 y 12 on 11/22/05 lasting to Jan '06

Musicologist and historian Eugene Godfried on Africa Kabisa Radio, Boston,  live & on the Internet, 4 shows in Oct 05, Internet archive.

Jos� Leonardo Chirino - Josef Caridad Gonzales, African Venezuelan Fighters of the 1795 Revolution, by Eug�ne Godfried, 10/05

Jos� Leonardo Chirino y Josef Caridad Gonzales, Luchadores africanos venezuelanos de la gran revolucion de 1795, por Eug�ne Godfried, 10/05  Jos� Leonardo Chirino Et Josef Caridad Gonzales, Chefs africains venezuelens de la revolution libertaire de 1795, de Eug�ne Godfried, 10/05  

La Visi�n Imponderable de Marta, la Dom�stica, 9/ 2005 Tom�s Gonzalez P�rez reviews Pedro Perez Sarduy's novel "Las Criadas de la Habana"

Gloria Rolando entrevisada por Yesenia Fernandez Selier, 3/05

Gabriel de la Concepci�n Vald�s – Pl�cido 9/05 by Eug�ne Godfried (in English)

FolkCuba 7/05 - Classes with the internationally acclaimed Conjunto Foklorico Nacional de Cuba in Havana.

Kiba Kreyol '05 International Festival
7/23/05 to 7/25/05, Havana - Haitians in Cuba.

Meet Carlos Rosero, Process of Black Communities in Colombia (PCN), Dorchester, MA 6/23/05

Under the Radar - A Survey of Afro-Cuban Music  premiers at the Chicago Latino Film Festival, 4/8/05

Ysidro Valor teaches song, percussion in Portland, OR. 

Hub hops to Cuban beats of Paredes, 6/3/05

Guillerm�n Moncada and the Defeat of ‘Rancheador’- Slavehunter - Miguel P�rez C�spedes of Guant�namo by Eug�ne Godfried, 5/05 Guillerm�n Moncada: Vencedor del Rancheador Miguel P�rez C�spedes de Guant�namo, 5/05

Percussionist and dancer, Ramon Marquez and Adrian Limonta, members of Ballet Folklorico Cutumba, to give workshops in Montreal, 7/92 to 8/3/05

La Masacre De 1812: Jos� Aponte Y Ubarra - El Viejo Problema Racial En Cuba, 5/05,   The Massacre of 1812: Jos� Aponte y Ubarra - Longstanding Racial Problems In Cuba by Eug�ne Godfried:

Dialogue with Magdalena Cantillo Frometa: on Mariana Grajales Coello, “Mother of the Cuban Nation,” 4/15/05 by Eug�ne Godfried.

Dialogo Con Magdalena Cantillo Frometa Sobre Mariana Grajales Coello “Madre De La Patr�a Cubana,” 4/15/05 by Eug�ne Godfried.

Efiks of Cuba Write Obong of Calabar: We're coming home, Chronicle of Calabar, 2/05.

Domino Sugar workers against the Fanjuls, 2/05

Carlos Aldama, past director of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional and Omo A�a, gives lessons in Bay Area

Cura�ao journalist Eugene Godfried seriously ill in Havana. Funds being raised to support him, 2/05. 

Dialogue In Santiago De Cuba With Joel Mourlot Mercaderes On Antonio Maceo Y Grajales “Freedom Worker” by Eug�ne Godfried, 11/04

Dialogo En Santiago De Cuba Con Joel Mourlot Mercaderes: Antonio Maceo y Grajales, de Eug�ne Godfried, 11/04

La Maya y la Masacre de 1912: Eug�ne Godfried En Dialogo Con Maritza Elias, 11/04 

Teresa de la Caridad Doval Page and her books, "A Girl Like Che" and Las Posesas de la Havana, 9/04

Cuban Popular Music: Renewal Efforts From Above, by Eug�ne Godfried, 9/04

The African Cuban Diaspora’s Cultural Shelters and Their Sudden Disappearance in 1959, by Eug�ne Godfried, 8/04

Dialogue with Juan Cruz, Past President, ‘Marianao Club Social’ - La Havana, by Eug�ne Godfried, 8/6/04

Dialogue with Founding Leaders of Guantanamo’s Social Club ‘La Nueva Era’ by Eug�ne Godfried, 8/6/04

La Protesta de Baragua: Culture and Popular Music Have the Last Word -- They Say What the Official Culture Can’t, 8/3/04, by Eug�ne Godfried

Alto Songo -  Son in popular culture and history: resistance and liberation, by Eug�ne Godfried, 7/04

Jos� Mart� y el Racismo: Su Visita a Curazao, by Eug�ne Godfried, 7/04. English version at Jos� Mart� and Racism: His Visit to Cura�ao.

Maroons and Palenques in Guantanamo Province - Eug�ne Godfried interviews Diego Bosch Ferrer, historian and Director of Cultural Patrimony, Guant�namo Province, 7/04

Marcus Mosiah Garvey and Cuba by Eug�ne Godfried, 6/04

The Missing Cuban Musicians, a 34 page report on Bush's Cuban music ban, by Ned Sublette and immigration attorney Bill Martinez, Cuba Research & Analysis Group, 6/24/04

Cuba and Its Music: From the First Drums to the Mambo, 6/04: Ned Sublette's powerful new book on the history of Cuban music to 1952, now published.

Images of the Caribbean in Havana premiers a new film directed by Gloria Rolando, "Nosotros y el Jazz" - Havana youths in the 40's make friends around US jazz culture, 2/12/04

Interview with Harry Belafonte on Cuba, 10/25/03 by Sandra Levinson 

La Santer�a en el �mbito social cubano. Awo �r�nm�l� �g�nd� �w�r�. V�ctor Betancourt Omol�faor� y Yesenia Selier Crespo, Ifa Iranlowo, la Habana, 10/5/03 

Bata y Bembe de Matanzas I: La presentaci�n de un Iyawo de Chango: new CD from 6/8 Media.

Los Mu�equitos' Ricardo Can� obituary - obituario, 6/10/03

Conjunto Folkl�rico Nacional  plays every Saturday in Havana.  We have their  3 page spread in Cuba Internacional, 10/02. See also a report on their presentation at the Biennal de Dance, Lyon, France 9/02.

More Than Black: Afro-Cubans in Tampa by Susan Greenbaum: the story of Sociedad La Union Mart� - Maceo.

Judith Bettelheim's CUBAN FESTIVALS: A Century of Afro-Cuban Culture now out, with translation of Ortiz's "The Afro-Cuban Festival Day of the Kings"

The poet El Ambia and Soy Todo, "I am all that" - Pedro Perez Sarduy, 9/01

Nigerian Efiks and Cuban Abaku� re-unite in New York
, 8/01

Cuba en una perspectiva caribe�a,  Eugenio Godfried, 8/01

Pedro Perez -Sarduy on the rap group Orisha: Marginalization and Representation in Afro-Cuban Hip-Hop, 8/01

Radio Havana's Eugene Godfried questions Fidel advisors' role on racial issues: Reflections On Race And The Status Of People Of African Descent In Revolutionary Cuba, 2/01

Assata Poster
Assata Shakur poster
with Askia Tour�'s poem "Palenque Queen by Habana's Shores" now available, as are some books by Askia.

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