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What's New Inside AfroCubaWeb...
updates to the Home page and the News page not listed here

3/18/12 Added links on the Rastafari in Cuba on Samuel Furé Davis' page.
2/8/11 New page for Yusimí Rodríguez López, a young writer and journalist, with links to many of her articles.
2/6/12 Added new sections (Resources, Articles) to page on the 1923 Rosewood Massacre, a leading target for visits to this site.
2/4/12 Updated Assata's page, Assata News Page
1/18/12 Updated photographer  Rene Peña's page.
12/30/11 Updated pages for music groups Yoruba Andabo, Ricardo Lemvo, Afro-Cuban All Stars
1/13/11 Updated Haiti in Cuba news
1/11/11 Added link to UNEAC page on la California, site of the Concha Mocoyu project.
12/23/10 Ivor Miller gives talk, “Cross River Sources for Ékpè in the Americas,” at the University of Calabar in Nigeria
4/1/10 Several additions to our Chisme/Street News page.
10/2/09 Israel Moliner Castañeda, anthropologist and ethnomusicologist in Matanzas, maintains a column on the local Cultura site.
9/4/09 Cuban Intelligence Research Center - CIRC and Simmons' article on Sister Cities

Los Hermanos Arango and their music: from African traditions to jazz.

6/14/09 A Secret Society Goes Public: The Relationship Between Abakuá and  Cuban Popular Culture.” Ivor Miller, African Studies Review. vol. 43, no. 1 (April, 2000)
6/13/09 Andrés Petit: El hombre que vendió el secreto Abacuá, Muzio, María del Carmen,  Juventud Rebelde (25 agosto, 1996)
4/22/08 Rita Montaner page with YouTube links.
4/20/08 Updates to Workshop page, Ongoing classes in the US, for New York: Noibis Licea, Xiomara Rodriguez, and La Mora Danis Peres.
3/18/08 Reforma Agrario I Peska I nos SEU, Curaçao, 7/3/08, Eugene Godfried
2/29/07 More material on Esteban Morales, a prolific author in Cuba on issues of race and identity
1/18/07 Lorenzo Turner helped found African Studies in the US and worked on AfroCuban languages and culture.
8/27/07 Ned Sublette to deliver "A Transnational Approach to the Tumba Francesa," University of Wisconsin, 9/22/07
Ivor Miller to deliver "Cross River Philosophy and Arts in Cuban Abakua," University of Wisconsin, 9/22/07
8/26/07 Under the Radar: Survey of Afrocuban Music director J. Plunky Branch interviewed on NPR
8/15/07 New page on the 1912 Massacre. Links to hard to find material published in 1912.
7/30/07 Eugène Godfried Dialogando con Ricardo Riquenes Herrera sobre el Partido Independiente De Color y la Masacre de 1912 en Guantánamo, Cuba
7/20/07 Latin Percussion: Interview with Carol Steele
7/12/07 Added to our Workshop page. They are in Australia and feature many teachers now living there.
4/15/07 Time for America to Be Relevant in Cuba  4/14/2007 Washington Post:  By Charles B. Rangel and Jeff Flake
10/16/06 Updated news pages - Cuban News, Cuban Cultural News, Venezuela News, World News
10/15/06 Yumuri y sus hermanos: Festival Aqui Cuba, Rennes, France, 11/11/06
4ème festival de salsa cubaine 2006 "Aqui Cuba", Rennes, France, 11/10/06-11/12/06
10/10/06 Cuba y las tinieblas del racismo, BBC, 10/06
10/6/06 New web site on Assata at
10/1/06 Music: Los Van Van: Toronto, one night only, Sat December 9, 2006
10/1/06 National Summit on Cuba: New Jersey, 2006 10/28/06
9/30/06 More chismes: there is a trend to deprecate AfroCuban culture  in Cuba as the economy shifts away from tourism.
9/24/06 Several new music tours in Europe:  Buena Vista Social Club Presents Cachaito López, Guajiro Mirabal, Manuel Galbán, Jesús "Aguaje" Ramos: Europe, 10/06-11/06

Omara Portuondo: Europe, Russia, 11/06-12/06

Charanga Habanera: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria, 10/06

Orlando "Maraca" Valle: Norway, Denmark, France, 10/06-11/06

9/23/06 Excellent Performances of Cuban Traditional Groups in European Festivals  9/7/2006 Boletin Cubarte: "French Journal Le Progress described the performances of the Cuban National Septet and the Afro Cuban All Stars as "a Cuban success", during the 26th Edition of the Vienne Jazz Festival, held in France."  We featured the Septeto's campaign to get tour dates last spring.
9/22/06 We are evolving our offerings to bring more information on individual items, including up to date pricing on both new and used items. These links help support our work.
9/20 Guillermo Davis 'el iyawo'  page added. We will be tracking this prolific dancer based in London.
9/10/06 Fragments of Bone: Neo-African Religions in a New World review includes discussion of Lukumi vs Yoruba
9/8/06 Osvaldo Chacón y su Timba are playing numerous dates on their home turf, London.
8/29/06 Infame Pirateria de Medicos Cubanos Internacionalistas, Alberto Jones
8/20/06 Addition to Chismes section. Gossipers can not be deaf.
8/20/06 Africa, Diaspora Debates in Brazil, 7/13/06, Prensa Latina
8/20/06 Conjunto Folklorico Nacional plays the Festival de Casares, Malagua, 8/25/06; weekly in Cuba
8/20/06 Oriente Lopez plays SOB's NY, 9/5/06
8/13/06 Alberto Romero Díaz, singer for Los Muñequitos, 1948-2006. They won the Grammy with him. Hear one of his songs, also  hear Los Muñequitos live on RapidShare, from their 1998 tour. 
8/9/06 Percussionist Miguel Angá Diaz dies at 45 in Spain
8/06 The band Cubanos en la Red at has a well developed site with nice music videos
8/06 Black Cuban Picasso: FIRST US SHOW, 8/06;  Picasso afrocubano - primera exposición en la EEUU, 6 de agosto, 2006 - Casa Frela Gallery, NY.  Show features painter Juan Antonio Picasso and noted photographer René Peña
8/06 Aconcha has a web site en Français featuring her writings and art work. She is showing her art in Alpes-de-Haute- Provence until 9/30/06.
8/06 Etubom Bassey Ekpe Bassey on Ekpe and Cuban Culture, in English y en español, Calabar, Nigeria, 8/06 Also has response from Cubans in English y en Español.
8/06 Two publications from Ivor Miller:The Formation of African Identities in the Americas: Spiritual ‘ethnicity’.” Contours: A Journal of the African Diaspora, dedicated to Rogelio Martinez Fure, 2004.  And “Introduction.” Special Issue. Contours: A Journal of the African Diaspora, based on a conference with Roman Diaz' group Omi Odara, 2003
7/06 CARLOTA: Lukumí/Yoruba Woman Fighter for Liberation, Massacred in Matanzas, Cuba, in 1844, by Eugene Godfried, 7/06 CARLOTA: luchadora lukumí/yoruba para la liberación, masacrada en Matanzas, Cuba, en 1844
7/06 VII Workshop of Rumba and Conga “Alfonso Iyaé” CubAché, Bejucal, Havana, 8th – 10th December 2006
6/06 Proyecto Orunmila, based in Cuba, deploys outstanding web site on Lucumi/Yoruba issues
6/06 AfroCubaWeb reaches 197,166 visits for the month of May, 2006
4/06 New CV for Tomas Fernández Robaina arrived just before his house caught fire and left him without his PC. Help is being organized. 
3/06 Gilberto Martinez has moved from Havana to Virginia. He was Gloria Rolando's producer, cameraman, and special effects person -- he has copies of her films and fragments of others he has worked on from an impressive list that includes Strawberries and Chocolate. He is available for presentations to universities and cultural centers.
3/06 Artist Elio Rodriguez is exhibiting his work at the 2006 Havana Bienal, 3/06-4/06
3/06 New CV for ethnologist  Rogelio Martinez Furé
3/12/06 Singer Merida Castillo, from Havana but living in Boston for many years, passed away. Services were held Sunday morning, March 12, 2006. She will be remembered by many for her constant efforts spanning decades to keep Cuban culture alive in Boston.
2/18/06 Pedro Perez Sarduy - US Tour: Spring '06 with a multimedia presentation - AfroCuba, Afro-Cubans and Afro-Cubanía: How Black is Cuba Becoming? 2/06
2/17/06 Yesenia Selier starts up AfroCuban dance classes in New York, 2/06
2/11/06 See Afro-Cuban Alliance and their NED funding. They are responsible for the magazine Islas.
2/1/06 Maceo y Puerto Rico
1/28/06 The Investiture of Lady Elizabeth Ayo Eremie into the Ekoretonko Lodge, Calabar, Nigeria, 9/05
Etubom Asuquo Etim: Maskmaker, musician, producer from the Ekoretonko Lodge, Calabar, 1/06
12/30/05 Aguabella in Islas, a revue put out on AfroCuban themes in Theirami.
5/11/05 Los Papines Successfully Perform in Beijing
5/11/05 "Iré Habana," in Yoruba, stands for "blessing to Havana." It is also the name of a film/CD
9/23/04 Kabiosile is a new record company with a base in Matanzas in the music and religious community there which is steeped in African traditions.
7/15/04 Long John Oliva dies unexpectedly in LA.
7/13/04 Tony Perez page updated with new links.
6/6/04 Numerous festivals in Europe. Music page updated with tours in Europe and Japan. Bush has stopped all Cuban musicians from touring the US.
5/27/04 Two more news pages: Rebellion in Miami, tracking the Cuban American response to US policy, and US Cuba Policy News.
2/21/04 Haiti in the News added, linked to Haiti in Cuba
2/10/04 Images of the Caribbean in Havana premiers a new film directed by Gloria Rolando, "Nosotros y el Jazz" - Havana youths in the 40's make friends around US jazz culture, 2/12/04
1/25/04 Wemilere 2004 African Roots Festival, 11/04
1/25/04 XXIV Caribbean Festival, Feast of Fire, Santiago de Cuba, 7/04. Dedicated to Haiti. See also Haiti in Cuba.
1/25/04 Jesus "Chucho" Garcia, of the Red AfroVenezuelana, to tour the US in April 04
1/25/04 FolkCuba 7/04 - Classes with the internationally acclaimed Conjunto Foklorico Nacional de Cuba in Havana
1/25/04 III Conference The Nation and Emigration, May 21-23, 2004. El Exilio gathers in Cuba.
12/8/03 Eugene Godfried, who works with Radio Havana on the Caribbean and has written on AfroCuban issues, to visit the US and Canada, 2/04-4/04.
12/7/03 AfroCubaWeb at 120,000 visits/month. Check out our site statistics showing the most popular pages, the countries that come most often to visit. Cuba has over 300 visits in 11/03.
11/2/03 Artist Elio Rodriguez invites you to an open studio at the Bienal and through December '03 in Havana.
10/25/03 Interview with Harry Belafonte on Cuba, 10/25/03 by Sandra Levinson 
3/13/03 Rumba y Folklore: May 17 – 31, 2003, Matanzas, Cuba
3/13/03 The African Roots of Cuban Culture: History and Present Reality by Daisy Diaz Mora representing the Nicolas Guillen Foundation in Cuba, Portland, Maine, on 3/18/03
3/9/03 Grupo Olorun at Afro - Latino - Americas Festival, Tucson, 4/5/03
3/7/03 Habana Sax: US, 3/03 - Cuban jazz at its best, 4 saxophones & percussion.
3/3/03 "Recreating Africa in the Americas Through Rhythms and Rituals" - a multi-disciplinary conference at DePaul University dealing with cultural ties between Cuba and West Africa, including Yoruba, Igbo, and Efik traditions, 4/4 & 4/5/03, Chicago
3/1/03 An Old Rotten Practice, 3/1/03; Macabre Obsession, 2/28
2/20/03 Conjunto Folklórico Nacional, Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, Greece, Cultural Olympiad, 7/03
2/20/03 Omo Iré, rumba: Portland, OR, 2/28/03, with members of Raices Profundas
2/17/03 Afro-Cuban Percussion, Dance And Song in Tucson, 2/17/03 -2/22/03 with Miguel Bernal and Juan de Dios from Raices Profundas. They are in the country until the end of July.
2/17/03 Join the Caribbean American Children Foundation at the III Conference The Nation and Emigration, April 11-13, 2003. 
2/15/03 Fidel Castro Ruz, at the closing session of the Pedagogy 2003 Congress, 2/7/03 - a speech that discusses some racial issues in Cuba.
Fidel Castro Ruz, en la clausura del Congreso Pedagogía 2003, 2/7/03 "Many blacks think that this is a historic speech" - BBC on this speech
2/7/03 Operation Northwoods: supporting material - details of the infamous 1962 plan to foment war with Cuba through false incidents featuring real American and Cuban exile deaths. Available evidence is examined along with the stellar careers of its authors.
1/30/03 Havana painter and performance artist Alexis Esquivel in the US 2/03-6/03, available for presentations.
1/30/03 Former secretary general of terrorist Cuban exile group, Tony Calatayud, arrested for Medicaid fraud
1/25/02 Poet and journalist Pedro Pérez-Sarduy to visit US 3/03 with a multimedia presentation  on AfroCuban themes, including "For Fidel Castro, race matters and is not divisive."
1/14/03 Added two new sections, AfroVenezuela and AfroColombia with news, resources, organizations.
1/3/03 Letra del año, 2003 with full text from Cuba
12/29/02 Roots Of Anti-American Sentiment, Alberto Jones, 12/29/02
12/26/02 The US Treasury - Office of Foreign Assets Control: Assault on US Freedoms
12/16/02 Lázaro Ros: EL ASALTO DE LOS ORISHAS, 12/02
12/14/02 More Than Black: Afro-Cubans in Tampa by Susan Greenbaum: the story of Sociedad La Union Martí - Maceo.
12/6/02 New percussion courses in Manchester, UK, and Havana, Cuba, run by La Timbala. The Conjunto Folkorico Nacional gears up for FolkCuba in January.
11/25/02 Angels of Death vs Freedom Fighters: Victor Dreke and Ana Morales, by Alberto Jones, 11/19/02
11/24/02 Social change in Cuba is complex as black and white, Interview with Pedro Pérez-Sarduy, Seattle Times, 11/24/02 
11/23/02 Cubanos en la Red, rap & hip hop group in Cuba, we have their schedule, 11/02-12/02
11/20/02 Nehanda: Tribute to A Woman Warrior in Exile, New York, 11/29/02. Hosted by Mos Def.
11/18/02 Havana 20th International Jazz Festival: 12/13/02 - 12/17/02. See especially Common Ground and the AfroCuban Cultural Council: Jazz Fest 2002
11/16/02 Programa de la Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara, Mexico, dedicated to Cuba, with links to our pages, 11/30-12/8/02. Nancy Morejón, Guillen, Pedro Pérez Sarduy, Miguel Barnet. Concerts by Sintesis, Van Van, Omara Portuondo, Compay Segundo, and others.
11/14/02 Nehanda: Tribute to A Woman Warrior in Exile, New York, 11/29/02. Hosted by Mos Def.
11/13/02 Víctor Dreke, Che's second in command in the Congo, on US speaking tour with Ana Morales, founder of the first medical school in Guinea-Bissau, 11/02. Dreke is the author of From the Escambray to the Congo: In the Whirlwind of the  Cuban Revolution.
11/12/02 Havana 20th International Jazz Festival: 12/13/02 - 12/17/02. See especially Common Ground and the AfroCuban Cultural Council: Jazz Fest 2002
Cuba scholar Ivor Miller focuses on New York graf artists: Aerosol Kingdom book release events, 11/22-11/23, NY
11/9/02 We feature critiques of author and journalist Marta Rojas' two novels.
Conjunto Folklórico Nacional has a  3 page spread in Cuba Internacional. See also a report on their presentation at the Biennal de Dance, Lyon, France 9/02.
VII International Workshop of Africanisms in the Caribbean Ortiz Lachatañere, April, 2003, Santiago de Cuba
11/3/02 More music tours info on Music page. El Nieto del General, 11/1/02, Radio Habana:  Mambi leader Quintin Banderas' grandson interviewed in Paris
11/2/02 Olavo Alen article on History of the Congas. Added several Workshops. Alberto Jones column: The Murderous Unwanted Cuban Privilege: Cuban vs Haitian Immigration
10/26/02 Added several groups to the Music page and poets & writers to the Authors & Lecturers page. See also Bacardí: La Guerra Occulta,  Pedro Perez-Sarduy, Jiribilla, 10/02.
10/18/02 Aconcha Sanz Averhoff, daughter of Babalawo, author and singer living in France, has her own web site in French
10/7/02 A Hero with Mud Feet, Alberto Jones on Toricelli as he goes out with a whimper. The War on Culture: restrictions devastate cultural events in the US that rely on travel from Cuba
8/27/02 Alberto Jones has a lot to say this month: Eulogy to US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, 8/25, Unwillingness to See, 8/24, Otto Reich, 8/5/02
8/15/02 El Tratamiento del Tema Negro en el Rap, Tomás Fernández Robaina
5/25/02 Numerous updates to Cuban music tours
5/25/02 Lisa Brock to be interviewed on BET, Lead Story, Sunday, 5/26. Lisa has some of her writings on the relations between African Americans and AfroCubans up on this site. Additional info on AfroCubaWeb Backgrounders
5/22/02 NKAME PARA JUAN FORMELL por Rogelio Martínez Furé, 5/19/02
5/2/02 Cutumba Folkloric Ensemble to teach and give performance in NY, 5/02 Fall tour in the works.
4/28/02 Havana: celebration of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional's 40th anniversary at Teatro Mella: great show
4/27/02 New restrictions likely on Cuba to US travel, 4/22
4/7/02 Rogelio Martínez Furé wins National Dance Prize 2002, previously given to Alicia Alonso.
4/2/02 Artist Elio Rodríguez Valdés launches his excellent  web site, 4/02
3/24/02 La Peña responds to Anthrax letters it received, 3/20/02
3/20/02 Pedro Perez Sarduy launched his new novel, Las Criadas de La Habana, at the Havana Book Fair, 2/02 Will visit the US in Fall 2002.
3/19/02 New Evidence for the African Diaspora in the Cuban Abakua Society,  Lecture - presentation by Dr. Ivor Miller and Omí Odara, Amherst, 4/19
3/18/02 Nancy Morejón wins Cuba's 2002 National Prize for Litterature, 2/02. We have her PALABRAS POR EL PREMIO NACIONAL DE LITERATURA
2/17/02 New Gloria Rolando - Images of the Caribbean documentary: "Los marqueses de Atarés" premieres in Havana, features the carnival comparsa and famed AfroCuban actor Alden Knight.
2/17/02 Gloria Rolando US tour slated for fall '02: US premiere of English versions of "Los marqueses de Atarés" and "Roots of My Heart."
2/17/02 "Roots of My Heart" now in English subtitles, first Cuban media production to deal with the 1912 massacre of 6,000 AfroCubans.
1/21/02 Tear down the walls: international human rights conference on US-held political prisoners and POWs, in March 2002. Havana Registration and travel info now available, 1/21/02
12/18/01 Israeli Spying in the US, 12/18/01: interesting parallels with the US - Cuban American relationship.
12/17/01  "SOCIAL JUSTICE IN CUBA" will commence in mid-May for two weeks for a candid examination of the achievements and aspirations of  women, people of colour, youth, and lesbians and gays on the island, 5/02: Canada's New Democratic Party's Socialist Caucus
12/9/01 Yemaya Dance Company Workshops, 1/20/02 Los Angeles
12/9/01  2º Taller de la Rumba y la Conga Charanguera en Bejucal 12/29/01-1/1/02 in Havana, sponsored by UNEAC: 
Peña de la Rumba y la Conga - Congas populares - Conferencias magistrales - Encuentro de habilidades en la percusión y baile de la Rumba y la Conga - Clases de Baile y Percusión - Espectáculo de las Charangas de Bejucal
11/29/01 Music in Cuba: Ballet Folklorico Babul, Ballet Foklorico de Camaguey, Conjunto Folklorico Nacional
11/28/01 Our reorganized News page now also contains World News, Cuban News, and Cuban Cultural News with articles from the world press, in addition to our own.
11/27/01 Rogelio Scull, founding member of Afrocuba de Matanzas, in Texas jail. Update: he was due to be released 10/2001 and was looking forward to teaching and putting on performances. He'd appreciate hearing from folks as he still has not been released and does not know why.
11/27/01 The Center for Creative Education (CCE), Stone Ridge, NY, has numerous workshops in Cuba, winter and spring '02. These cover folkloric, rumba, salsa, and son dance & music. History and architecture study trips also available.
11/26/01 Charanga Nueve: US, Bay Area, 12/01-1/02 charanga!
11/26/01 Omar Sosa: Brazil, France, US, 12/01-5/02 hip hop jazz
11/25/01 Arturo Sandoval: US, Greece, Japan, to 6/02 jazz
11/22/01 Cristina takes over the Chismes page from Paul.
11/22/01 Carol Steele leads group to study with AfroCuba de Matanzas, 1/02
11/22/01 Festival contra el bloqueo Barcelona, Spain 11/24/01
11/12/01 Hurricane Michelle: impact and aid efforts
Hurricane Michelle - Urgent Plea from CACF 11/12/ the face of State Department denial of aid
9/21/01 World news,  daily  Anti-War news   Afghan genocide  
Reaction in Cuba
The Guardian, UK: Americans threatened Taliban, Bin Laden in July. Planned Afghan, Irak genocide is "wag the dog"? 9/21
8/30/01 Nigerian Efiks and Cuban Abakuá re-unite in New York, 8/01
8/20/01 Lázaro Ros gets 9/2001 Latin Grammy nomination for Yemayá
8/15/01 Race and Revolution: Afro-Cubans in Cuban History, Society and the Cuban Revolution - Course offered by St Mary's University, Halifax, Canada, Spring Term 2002
8/13/01 CANF backed 'One Florida' cuts college enrollment of blacks, 8/13
8/8/01 La Timbalas' Third Residential Afro Cuban Study Course, Havana, 9/01 - 10/01
8/4/01 Ile Ijuba Yoruba, Miami, Inc. A Yoruba house in Miami
7/29/01 The latest from Alberto Jones:
The attempt to divide Cuba on racial lines
, 7/9/01
Requiem to a Teratoma - CANF terminally ill, 7/24/01
7/28/01 Broadly updated music section, with new tours from numerous groups, even in the US!
7/27/01 Franjuls acquire Domino Sugar, boast of the days of slavery, 7/26/01
7/22/01 Famed muralist Salvador Gonzalez in Philadelphia, film to be shown on 7/25
VI Taller Científico de Antropología Social y Cultural sobre la influencia africana en la cultura "Entre Cubanos" - Casa de Africa, Havana, 1/02: call for papers
Ife-Ile AfroCuban Festival in Miami, 9/28 - 10/6, 2001
Los Muñequitos in the US next month
7/22/01 Tear down the walls: international human rights conference on US-held political prisoners and POWs: 3/02, Havana
7/10/01 Exploration in AfroCuban Dance & Drum, Humboldt State, CA 7/22 - 7/28/01: high density of talent on staff
4/15/01 Our columnist Alberto Jones issues a PLEA FOR OUR STUDENTS, 4/5/01 in the context of an upcoming trip to Cuba that he is leading.
4/15/01 The Least We Know: Otto Reich and terrorist Orlando Bosch, 4/01 from the Washington Office on Latin America, Washington, DC
4/15/01 Caribbean American Children's Foundation Newsletter #4, 4/03/01 by Alberto Jones
4/14/01 Los Muñequitos, Los Fakires, Issac Delgado, and Desandann all have updated schedules via the music page.
4/13/01 English summary of Gloria Rolando's Raíces de mi corazón now available.
4/10/01 In Living Memory - Pedro Perez-Sarduy remembers his great grandmother Sabue born in Africa, 3/00
4/9/01 Visiting Babalawo - Mario Galan Rivas of Habana at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 4/2001
4/8/01 Cuba Today at Georgia State, 4/10: A Symposium where Cuban and American scholars and artists will discuss the arts, culture and politics of contemporary Cuba
3/28/01 New 'Cuba Policy Foundation' Announced Today, Led by Senior Diplomats In  Republican Administrations, in Favor of Lifting Embargo Against Cuba  
3/28/01 The African American Cultural Society and the Caribbean American Children Foundation, Palm Coast, Florida, are leading another breathtaking, US Treasury Licensed trip to our brothers and sisters in Cuba.
3/22/01 Carol Steele's future plans for folkloric studies in Cuba, 3/01
3/20/01 Premiere of Cuban Roots Bronx Stories, 4/3, New York
3/16/01 Percussion Workshop on Tumba Francesa, Gaga, and Vodu with Ban Rrarra member Brooks Videaux, Los Angeles, 3/24/01
3/15/01 Havana Healing: Castro's Minority Scholarship Plan, 3/1/01
2/15/01 Friends of Cuban Libraries (FCL) campaign rebuked at the American Library Association, 3/00 The deconstruction of a dissident movement.
3/10/01 Stage of the Arts, an LA cultural group, has a good focus on Matanzas and now has its own web site,
3/8/01 Author Pedro Pérez Sarduy is back in the US for a tour in April, with a hot topic: Afro-Cuba, Afro-Cubans and Afro-Cubania: 'How Black Is Contemporary Cuba Becoming ?'. Dates available.
3/4/01 Second Colloquium--Conference entitled "Marcelino Arozarena, Cuban poet of action and activism" in Havana, Cuba, April 14-16, 2001
3/1/01 Artists Elio Rodriguez and Andres Montalvan in NY for visit. 3/01
2/11/01 Gloria Rolando's Raices de mi corazon premieres in Havana, receives good press on TV and radio, video crew thanked for breaking the silence on the 1912 Massacre.
2/10/01 Radio Havana's Eugene Godfried questions Fidel advisors' role on racial issues: Reflections On Race And The Status Of People Of African Descent In Revolutionary Cuba, 2/01
1/15/01 Buena Vista Social Club: Critics, self-criticism, and the survival of Cuban Son - new article by Eugene Godfried.  US tour planned for Jan 2001, dates available.
1/14/01 Guantanamo Remembered: Dr. Alberto Jones remembers "the good old days" in Guantanamo, the capital of a Cuban province.
1/7/01 Many new tours from Cuban groups on our Music page.
1/6/01 Gloria Rolando is touring the US in April '01 with the premiere of Raices de mi corazon on the 1912 genocide of the Independents of Color. Dates available.
12/13/00 The Miami Machine: Cuban American Terrorists Triumph in Election 2000, 12/9
12/3/00 What was Al Sharpton doing in Cuba?, 12/1/00
Assata Interview, 11/6/00
11/22/00 Master terrorist Luis Posada Carilles arrested in Panama, traveled 59 times to the US, 11/22
11/18 Real Vote Victims: Minorities, 11/17: massive voter fraud in Campaign 2000
11/17 Black Caucus letter to Janet Reno demands vote fraud investigation, 11/14/00
11/14 Cuba Begins to Answer Its Race Question, by Eugene Robinson, Washington Post: balanced and informative
11/12 The Banana Republic of Florida - Elections 2000:  current news on the vote fraud, 11/00: here we follow the voting controversy, what is not being reported -- the disenfranchisement of a disproportionate number of African Americans.
11/5 All tours for music groups updated.  Issac Delgado coming to the US in December, dates not yet available. Buena Vista goes to South America. Laito Jr. is back. Los Muñequitos members giving workshops.
10/31 XXI Festival Del Caribe, Santiago De Cuba, 7/01: features an extensive workshop on popular religion, which translates to religions of African origin. Call for participation.
10/30 In conjunction with Casa del Caribe, the African Atlantic Research Team (AART), University of Colorado, presents RACE, RELIGION, AND NATIONAL IDENTITY, 12/00, in Santiago de Cuba
10/17 Events in Tampa: 11/11: Evelio Grillo speaks on new book, Black Cuban/Black American. 11/12: The Marti-Maceo Society celebrates its 100th birthday
10/8 V Taller Científico de Antropología Social y Cultural Afroamericana: La Havana, Casa de Africa, del 6 al 9 de enero del 2001 - call for papers
10/7 Rogelio Martínez Furé, a well known researcher on the African traditions of Cuba and co-director of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional, to tour US in 2/01. Dates available.
10/6 Tremendo festival Oloyó in Cardenas, Matanzas province with over 17 African roots group, 10/20-22.
10/5 Music, plants, & healing: Indigenous legacies in Cuba, 1/01.  Great conference organized by a Taino Cuban, Dr. Jose Barreiro, a prof at Cornell.
10/4 HEARTBEAT OF HAVANA: Rumba, timba, jazz, cultura ¡¡¡¡y más!!!!  ~ 12/ 13 - 21/00 ~  Afropop Worlwide goes to Cuba for the Jazz fest & other music
9/4/00 Pablo Herrera interviewed in NYT: Rap Takes Root Where Free Expression Is Risky, 9/3/00 Interesting discussion of race in Cuba
9/2/00 Many new dates for music tours -- Cubanismo, Orquesta la Moderna Tradicion, Compay Segundo, Pancho Quinto, Orquesta Aragon, Omara Portuondo (Japan, US & Australia!)
9/2/00 Miguel De La Torre - Masking Hispanic Racism: A Cuban Case Study. Great article published in 1999. Also William Osborne's fine letter to Univision decrying their racist programming.up.gif (925 bytes)
9/2/00 The Committee to defend the Chattanooga 3 calls for travel boycott on Tennessee due to the treatment of the Chattanooga 3, arrested for speaking out against police brutality, 8/29
9/1/00 Nehanda Abiodun article in BLU Magazine: the Havana based Malcom X Grass Roots activist and Black August organizer speaks out in the August issue.
8/22/00 The AfroCuban agency Laroye Travel is organizing packages for the Havana  Biennial of the Arts Festival, 11/00, and for the Havana Jazz Festival, 12/00
8/21/00 The Black August Collective   is putting on benefit events for the Havana Rap Festival   on 8/30 in both NY and Oakland!
8/19/00 It's Time to End the Embargo of Cuba, a Position Paper, 8/00, by Harry C. Alford, President, National Black Chamber of Commerce
8/19/00 V Taller Científico de Antropología Social y Cultural Afroamericana: La Havana, Casa de Africa, del 6 al 9 de enero del 2001. Call for papers.
8/18/00 Laroye Travel, an afrocuban agency in Miami, features packages for the Jazz Fest, the FIlm Fest, and the arts Biennial.
8/18/00 Black August benefit events for Havana Rap Festival is bicostal: NY and Oakland, 8/30
8/14/00 Afro-American tour of Cuba: the Afro-American Cultural Association and Alberto Jones' Caribbean American Children's Foundation (CACF) led a tour of Cuba in April which received enthusiastic reviews.   They are putting on a second tour this October.
8/13/00 Son legend Orquesta Chappottín schedule for August in Havana
8/12/00 The Wemilere African Roots Festival in Havana is dedicated to the country of Benin, 11/19 - 11/25
8/11/00 Actor Alden Knight to give "litterary tea" in Havana Aug 16
6/18/00 Cutumba dancer Silfredo La'O back in LA, 7/15 & 16/2000
6/18/00 In Havana, there is a Fundacion Guillén, which is planning several events around AfroCuban poet Nicolas Guillén  in 2000 and 2001: Celebracion del 98 aniversario del nacimiento, in July 2000 and  III Festival y Coloquio de Música y Poesía "Nicolás Guillén", 4/16/01 - 4/21/01
6/17/00 Muralist and scuptor Salvador Gonzalez of Callejon de Hamel is in residence in NY and will exhibit paintings inspired by AfroCuban religions, at the Met in NY, 6/21-24.
6/17/00 Ballet Folklorico Cutumba's Bandera & Isaac to visit US, Fall '00, presenting Oriente styles
6/7/00 Black August in NY is putting on a benefit event in mid August to precede the 6th Havana Rap Festival   August 17-18th.up.gif (925 bytes)
6/6/00 Susana Arenas Pedroso, a Matancera formerly with Raices Profunda, is giving dance classes in the Bay Area.
6/4/00 Art section redone.  New artists and their works: René Peña, Elio Rodríguez, Gertrudis Rivalta, Andrés Montalbán, and Alexis Esquivel present themes revolving around issues of race & identity.
6/2/00 Famed muralist Salvador Gonzalez of Callejon de Hamel is in residence in NY, will dedicate mural in Philadelphia around 6/8
6/1/00 Music section has many updates. Orquesta Aragon on tour in the US in 6/00 and 7/00
5/25/00 Famous traditional singer and percussionist Amelia Pedroso  passed on to the ancestors on 5/24, a victim of the genocidal blockade.  Meanwhile, some progress has been made on ending the food & medicine blockade, but pressure is still needed.
4/30/00 Hands Off Assata campaign debuts around ex-Panther Assata Shakur.  See press release on Common, news from the Steering Committee
4/28/00 Afro-Americans in Cuba: the Afro-American Cultural Association and the Caribbean American Children's Foundation (CACF) led a trip to Cuba on 4/28/00.
4/24/00 Vocal Baobab, featured in Gloria Rolando's Eyes of the Rainbow, comes to Atlanta for Black Arts Festival, 7/28 to 8/6/00
4/20/00 See our new historical pages on Juan Gualberto Gomez, an influential black politician of the late 19th and early 20th century, and Inocencia Valdés, "La Niñita," the daughter of a tobacco worker, whose life spanned a career as a Mambi resistance fighter, a union organizer, and a communist. 
4/17/00 5th Annual Exploration in AfroCuban Dance & Drum, Humboldt State University, Arcada, CA, 7/23-7/30/00: great instructors!
4/16/00 Radio Havana's Eugene Godfried to visit US 5/00 for presentations at universities and cultural centers. Godfried is a specialist in Afro-Caribbean themes. AfroCubaWeb has dates available, visit includes New England, NY, and LA.
4/15/00 New site on Florida's 1923 Rosewood Massacre, newsletter from a descendant of survivors, Liz Jenkins.
3/25/00 Why don't African Americans speak out against Castro's abuses": Upper Class, get real!, Alberto Jones, 3/25
3/21/00 III International Workshop, "Los Maceo, Men of the Caribbean", in Santiago de Cuba, 6/30 - 7/7/00, on famed general Antonio Maceo and his brother. Led by Caribbean American Children's Foundation. Part of the XX Caribbean Festival.
3/20/00 Visit the CUBADISCO 2000 Music Fair, Havana, 5/24 to 5/28, dedicated this year to the Rumba.   Features release of 180 new titles, concerts, colloquiums, presentations, and a 12 hour Rumba marathon!
3/2/00 Outstanding conference "Cuban Counterpoints: The Fernando Ortiz Symposium on Cuban Culture and History" at City University, NY, 3/20/00 to 3/22/00 with Cuban films and participation from Cuba.
3/1/00 The 31st Annual Conference on African Linguistics, Boston, MA, 3/2 to 3/5/00: African Atlantic panel with excellent AfroCuban material.
2/29/00 Community & Culture, Havana, 10/00: on cultural activism at the neighborhood level in Cuba! "Our mission is to preserve and foster Traditional Popular Culture." Call for participation from artists & cultural activists.  AfroCubaWeb's pick of the month.
2/26/00 Havana 19th International Jazz Festival Plaza, 12/17/00 to 12/21/00
2/24/00 Percussion and singing legend Amelia Pedroso tours US 3/00 to 6/00, dates available.
2/23/00 The Martí-Maceo Society of Tampa, the oldest AfroCuban organization in the US, founded in 1899, is celebrating its centennial. Upcoming program: The Social Vision of Jose Marti and Antonio Maceo: a celebration, 3/4/00 
2/20/00 New music schedules up for all tours
2/19/00 Several new conferences & workshops, including the seminal "Community and Culture," organized by Cultura Comunitaria in Havana for 10/00 and a must for artists, musicians, & cultural activists.
2/16/00 Nine African-American columnists visited Cuba 2/2000.  We are adding links to their Cuba related pieces as they appear. Havana 19th International Jazz Festival Plaza, 12/17/00 to 12/21/00
2/15/00 Rueda and Casino, the hot new/old Cuban dance craze, is being taught out of Tucson by Ernesto Cardenas and Sovereign Arts.
2/6/00 Marilyn Buck, long-time activist for social justice, is a political prisoner in Federal prison in Dublin, CA.  She is serving an 80 year sentence for conspiracy and aiding the escape of Assata Shakur. Let's support her, she will be remembered as the folks who stood with John Brown have been these many years.
2/4/00 AfroCubaWeb hits 48,000 user sessions/month in January '00!  Pedro Perez-Sarduy tour looking good with a national effort.up.gif (925 bytes)
1/31/00 Rogelio Scull, founding member of Afrocuba de Matanzas, in Texas jail after a Kangaroo court sentenced him to life. Break in the case: he'll be released 10/2001.  He is seeking opportunities to teach and play.
1/30/00 Nine African-American columnists visit Cuba 2/2000
1/29/00 Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de la Música (CIDMUC) has a wonderful atlas of Cuban music: Atlas de los Instrumentos Folklórico-Popular de Cuba
1/10/00 Letra del Año - Predicciones de Ifa para el año 2000 por la Comision Organizadora de la Letra del Anno.   Predictions from Ifa on the year 2000, direct from Havana!
1/9/00 Author Pedro Pérez Sarduy launches "Voices of AfroCubans 2000" US tour, 3/00 to 5/00.

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