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Irania Martinez Garcia, from the town of Guantanamo, Cuba, is a finalist for the CNN Heroes award. AfroCubaWeb columnist Alberto Jones had to go accept the finalist award as she is not allowed in by the US government. 12/6/07.  See also Eternal Gratitude to CNN, 12/07 by Alberto Jones.

Cuban Americans write letters to the editor attacking African American columnist  Tonyaa Weathersbee, of the Florida Times Union, because of her articles on Cuba. Alberto Jones comments. 11/07

Updates to JFK Assassination News, 12/07

Manipulating the United Nations, 10/07 Alberto Jones

Unmasking the Promoters of the Racial War in Cuba, 9/07 Alberto Jones Desenmascarando a los Promotores de la Guerra Racial en Cuba, 9/07

Seeing the people, not Cold War politics, Florida Times-Union, 2/07. By Tonyaa Weathersbee, a member of the prestigious Trotter Group. This article is about Alberto Jones, who writes a column on this site.

Ambush at Columbia University, 9/25/07 Alberto Jones

Born to Kill and Destroy, 8/07 Alberto Jones

Ending a Vicious, Cruel and Wicked Law Imposed on Our Families, 8/2007 Alberto Jones

Another Failed Tool in the Anti-Cuba Arsenal, 7/200 Alberto Jones

Guantanamo: A Dagger in the Heart of the Cuban People, 6/07 Alberto Jones

A Silly Harangue to the Cuban Armed Forces, 4/07 Alberto Jones

A Monstrous and Wicked Worldwide Attack on the Poor, 3/07 Alberto Jones

A Defining Tour of a Failed Political Experiment, 3/07 Alberto Jones

A wonderful idea risks going wrong
, 3/07  Alberto Jones

The Cuban Migration Fallacy, 12/06 Alberto Jones

Rising from the Ashes of the Special Period, 12/06 Alberto Jones

A better world is still possible, 12/2/06 Alberto Jones
Un Mundo Mejor Es Aun Posible, 2/12/06

Eugene Godfried interviews the leader of Curacao's Independence Party  -- Curazao and the Netherlands on the way to suffocate free press in Dutch semicolony, the Netherlands Antilles?  These islands are Curazao, Bonaire, Saint Martin, Saba and Saint Eustatius.  Independence activist Joceline Clemencia from Curazao denounces the de facto censorship imposed by commisioner Zita Leito on local communications media. This measure coincides with the visit of Queen Beatrix to the islands. No protests are tolerated against 1) the financial crisis in the islands or 2) the decision to dismantle the federative union of the 5 islands with the Netherlands in order to enter into direct one on one submission - divide and conquer.

Iraq’s Tragedy and a world in limbo, 11/10/06, Alberto Jones

Cuba y las tinieblas del racismo, BBC, 10/10/06

Infame Pirateria de Medicos Cubanos Internacionalistas, 8/29/06 Alberto Jones

Fidel at 80: Confidential Memories by Leonardo Boff, Theologian
, 8/11/06 "Due to the North American pressure I had to make a rapprochement to the Soviet Union, but if I had had at that time a theology of liberation, I would most certainly had embraced it and applied it in Cuba." 

Our Latest Dirty Ploy, 8/13/06, Alberto Jones

Portrait of an Evil Ideology, 8/11, Alberto Jones

Lies, hatred and fantasy will not help us return to Cuba, 8/4/06, Alberto Jones

El "Código de Maceo", Tisingal, Armando Vargas Araya, 6/25/06. El bolivariano Maceo, su codigo militar

Humans, our worst enemy,
7/19/06, Alberto Jones


New film site: Negroes with Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power, 6/15

Georgia boycott contemplated, for the signing of the signing the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act, SF Bay View, 4/19/06 - "Angel Luevano, California LULAC state director, said that “historically, Mexico extended the greatest hospitality to people from Georgia and throughout the South as a haven for runaway slaves. In fact, the reason that Mexico lags behind the United States in development to this day is the loss of territory that Mexico suffered as a direct consequence of attempting to free the slaves illegally brought to Texas by Americans. That set off the chain of events which led to the illegal provocation of war against Mexico by President Polk, which was denounced by then Congressman Abraham Lincoln and later described as atrocity by then Army Capt. Ullyses S. Grant.”

The Black Mexico Home Page:
- note the menu bar up top, some great history discussed here. 4/20/06

IFCO: Support the Caravan to Cuba End the Blockade, 2/06

05 Cuban Census: Total population: 11.177.743; whites: 65% - 7.271.926; blacks: 10% - 1.126.894; mulattos: 24,9% - 2.778.923. Actually taken in 2002, these numbers are way off from other data.

Turning the United Nations into an irrelevant White Elephant, 11/12/05 Alberto Jones

Dec 1: Boston Rosa Parks Human Rights Day 11/26/2005  "December 1 - Mass March & Rally * No to Poverty, Racism & War! * Bring the Troops Home Now * Cut the War Budget, Not Healthcare, Housing and Education * Justice for Hurricane Katrina Survivors * Military recruiters out of our schools. * Jobs - A Living Wage - the Right to Organize"

The Caribbean American Children Foundation Newsletter #10, 10/05

Chabot Cuba conference faces a challenged Afro - Cuba  10/19/2005 SF Bay View: "The panelists reported that the income gap between Black and white Cubans widened during the "special period" (1990s) after the fall of the Soviet Union and the tightening of the U.S. economic blockade. Remittances - money sent by Cubans in the United States to their families in Cuba - go mostly to white Cubans, 30 to 40 percent. Only 5 to 10 percent goes to Black Cubans... Twenty percent of the audience was African North Americans, who met with other African North Americans and Alberto Jones on Sunday to explore a remittance program for Afro-Cubans and to educate and organize African North Americans to put an end to the U.S. blockade and travel embargo against Cuba."

We support Cuba because Cuba supports Blacks and Africa - Response to Chabot Cuba Conference report  11/9/2005 SF Bay View: "The problem is, when you speak of Cuban realities - or realities in Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil etc. - who is Afro-Cuban and who is not? When I first went to Cuba in 1974, years after the first waves of gusano defections to Miami, I was informed by reliable medical authorities that so many whites had left that by then fully 80 percent of the Cuban population was susceptible to sickle cell anemia. In other words, Cuba was becoming darker by white political default."

All Saints Episcopal Church, Guantanamo, celebrating 100th anniversary, 10/31/05 Cuban American Children's Foundation, Alberto Jones

Interview with Harry Belafonte on Cuba, 10/25/03 by Sandra Levinson 

A Monstrous Complicity, 10/5/05, by Alberto Jones

Chronology of a failed Annexation attempt, 10/4 Alberto Jones

Building the Adamsbrook Anglican Center for All Saint's Church, Guantanamo, Cuba, 9/05: plea for funds, project status

Administration Ineptitude, Worst Than Katrina, 9/4/05 Alberto Jones

Carriles: Will Justice Be Done? 8/05 by Alberto Jones

Congress attempts to further Assata Kidnapping, 6/15/05 HOA

Carriles:a Living Monster of our Making, 5/30/05 Alberto Jones

 J. Keith Motley denied as Chancellor of UMass Boston: a black man doing a good job is shunted aside in favor of an opponent of stem cell research, Black Voter Network, 5/24/05

A Monstrous Assault On The Cuban Family
, 4/28/05 Alberto Jones

Comenzó Festival de Folclor Internacional, 4/26/05

Self Serving Use of Terrorism, 4/21/05 Alberto Jones

Selling the Human Rights Commission to the Highest Bidder, 4/14/05 Alberto Jones

Loosing the War on Moral Authority, 3/29/05 Alberto Jones

A Political Comedy in Iraq
, 1/31/05 Alberto Jones

Homage And Lesson Learned From Mr. Charles W. Cherry's Death,12/25/04 Alberto Jones

All Saints Episcopal Church, Guantanamo, seeking help, 11/25/04

Only in Miami, 11/23/04 Alberto Jones

A Failed Witch Hunt, 11/21/04 Alberto Jones

Destructive Genes, 11/18/04 Alberto Jones

Re-Enactment Of the Cold War Mentality: Background to a Currency Shift, 10/25/04 Alberto Jones

Mel Martinez: a Monster in Silk Clothing, 10/21/04 Alberto Jones

Commentary: Afro-Cubans could influence an anti-Bush vote in Fla.  10/28/2004 Black America Web: "According to, scores of Cubans are working the phones from across the Florida Straits. They are urging their relatives in the battleground state of Florida to vote for Democratic challenger John Kerry for president.

Solidarity Denial In Times Of Need, 9/14/04 Alberto Jones

A Shining Example Of A Positive Human Behavior, 8/30/04 Alberto Jones

A Treacherous Betrayal Of One Of Our Own, 8/27/04 Alberto Jones

The Future Of Our Region In Limbo, 8/14/04 Alberto Jones

Newsletter #8, Caribbean American Childrens Foundation, 8/2004


Unmasking a Hypocrite: Prostitution Now and Then! 8/2/03 Alberto Jones on the extensive US Navy related corruption in Guantanamo pre-59.


A Plea For Help - Caribbean American Children Foundation, 7/24/04 - "if those Haitian students that are presently enrolled would successfully graduate, that would mean a 25% increase in Haiti's present physician pool."

On The Wrong Side Of History, 6/30/04, also A Tragic Day In The American History, by Alberto Jones

The Missing Cuban Musicians, a 34 page report on the US ban against Cuban musicians, by Ned Sublette and immigration attorney Bill Martinez, Cuba Research & Analysis Group, 6/24/04

SHAME!!!!!  5/11/04, Alberto Jones: "Why is it so difficult for Mr. Diaz-Balart et al., to admit that children do not die anymore in Banes or in any other place in Cuba because of preventable diseases as they did when we had Freedom of Speech, Democracy, Free Election and Free Enterprise, under their beloved General Antonio Machado or Fulgencio Batista?"

Ayuda Urgente, An Appeal For Help, The Caribbean American Children Foundation, 6/13/04 - they have 3 buses full of supplies to get to Cuba.

Rogelio Scull, founding member of Afro-Cuba de Matanzas, dies in Texas prison hospice, 6/12/04. 

Unmasking The Human Right Myths
, 4/04/04, Alberto Jones

A Shameful Political Ploy, 3/23/04, Alberto Jones

Haiti, A Man-Made Tragedy, 3/1/04, Alberto Jones

For Young Cubans, a Test of Ideas is at Hand, Black America Web, 4/14/04

A Call In Defense Of Our Families
, 2/16/04, Alberto Jones

III Conference The Nation and Emigration, May 21-23, 2004. El Exilio gathers in Cuba.

Ignoring Realities And Compromising The Future, 1/3/04, Alberto Jones

A War For No Good Reason, 12/27/03, Alberto Jones

Kennedy Assassination News
: the 40th anniversary brings a torrent of articles, some trying again to smear Cuba.

Free Sundiata Acoli - Sundiata needs you to send a letter to the parole board now!
  11/7/03 Sundiata was Assata Shakur's partner in the 1973 New Jersey Turnpike "driving while black" assault committed by authentic Nazis in the New Jersey State Troopers.

Letter to Senator Coleman
, 10/27/03, Alberto Jones on Apartheid in pre-Castro Cuba.

New U.S. Treasury Department Rules 
Cast Chill Over Scientific Publishing
, 10/03, OFAC runs wild!

"Afro-Cuban Dissidents Treated Especially Cruelly", 10/15/03, Letter to the Los Angeles Times by Alberto Jones

Afro-Colombian Leader Murdered by the FARC, 9/6/03

Maraca Tour Manager appeals for help on US Visa
, 7/27/03

Alberto Jones: Roots of Cuba's Revolution, 7/23/03 and A Despicable Political Ploy: on BET's charging racist execution of hijackers,  6/23/03

Help the Children of Cuba, 5/18/03, Alberto Jones

Actor Danny Glover , target of right-wing witch hunt, receives telling support from African Americans
, 5/18/03

Hothouse Shut Down Immediately Prior To Sold-Out Performance Of Legendary Cuban Band Orquesta Aragon, 5/14/03

La Aragón se impuso al veto yanqui, 4/27/03

Message from Havana to friends who are far away
, Granma, Cuba, 4/24/03 signed by some folks featured on AfroCubaWeb, deals with the recent US treatment of Cuba and worldwide reactions.

African Peoples Against The War On Iraq & The Iraqi People, Saturday, 3/29/03, Leimert Park in Los Angeles, CA, International Black Coalition for Peace and Justice

Alberto Jones: An Old Rotten Practice, 3/1/03; Macabre Obsession, 2/28;  Shame on Us, 2/28/03;  A Human Tragedy In The Making, 2/24/03

Fidel Castro Ruz, at the closing session of the Pedagogy 2003 Congress, 2/7/03 - a speech that discusses some racial issues in Cuba.

Fidel Castro Ruz, en la clausura del Congreso Pedagogía 2003, 2/7/03 "Many blacks think that this is a historic speech" - BBC on this speech

Operation Northwoods & supporting material, 2/7/03 - details of the infamous 1962 plan to foment war with Cuba through false incidents featuring real American and Cuban exile deaths. Available evidence is examined along with the stellar careers of its authors.

Roots Of Anti-American Sentiment, Alberto Jones, 12/29/02

The US Treasury - Office of Foreign Assets Control: Assault on US Freedoms
, 12/26/02

Angels of Death vs Freedom Fighters: Victor Dreke and Ana Morales, by Alberto Jones, 11/19/02

Social change in Cuba is complex as black and white, Interview with Pedro Pérez-Sarduy, Seattle Times, 11/24/02 

A Hero with Mud Feet, Alberto Jones, 10/7/02

New Cuba to US Travel Restrictions, 10/02

Unwillingness to See, Alberto Jones, 8/24

La Guerrita del Doce, noventa años después: Granma, 6/17/02 Gisela Arandia puts on a conference.

The Enemy From Within, Alberto Jones, 7/15/02

Jalil Muntaqim - COINTELPRO prisoner whose release the NY Post is fighting - action item. 6/10/02

Arte cubano para nuestros cinco héroes   5/7/02 Juventud Rebelde: Los Muñequitos get their CD to the imprisoned Cuban "spies"!

Noted madrina Cachita More passes in Miami, funeral held in Havana, 3/28/02

Will We Ever Stop Hurting Each Other? 3/11/02

La Peña responds to Anthrax letters it received, 3/20/02

Reactions to William Rasberry's column on Cuba, 2/18/02, Alberto Jones

Letra del Año: predicciones de Ifa para el año 2002, 1/02

Hurricane Michelle: impact and aid efforts

Hurricane Michelle - Urgent Plea from CACF 11/12/01

Official Cuba note on Russia's withdrawal from Lourdes, Cuba, 10/17/01

Women in Black on McCarthyism and 9-11, Oct 3, 2001

Fidel's Speech on "Infinite Justice", 9/22

Ricardo Mas Canosa, Cuban-American Millionaire, Arrested In Nicaragua, 9/17, Radio Havana

Call on Spanish government to sue CANF president for embezzlement, 9/13, Granma

Cuba Will Continue Infiltrating Agents Into USA To Prevent Terrorism, 9/11/01

Fidel Castro's speech in Durban, 9/1/01

Fidel heads to Africa for World Conference against Racism, 8/29

Intensification of the cold war, 8/28/01, Granma

Convicted Bomber Freed, Thanks To CANF
, 8/2/01 Click10

Hacia el centenario de los Independientes de Color, Granma, 28/12/07

International Commission
formed to commemorate the founding of the Independents of Color in 1908. Se formo una Comisión Internacional para conmemorar la fundacion de los Independientes de Color en 1908. Commission International crée pour commemorer la fondation des Independants de Couleur en 1908.   12/07

Prólogo a la edición en castellano - Afrocuba: Una antología de escritos cubanos sobre raza, politica y cultura
Editorial de la Universidad de Puerto Rico. 1998 Pedro Pérez Sarduy y Jean Stubbs (compiladores)

¿Qué tienen los negros en cuba?
por Pedro Pérez Sarduy, 1996, Revista Encuentro de la Cultura Cubana. What Do Blacks Have in Cuba? by
Pedro Pérez Sarduy, 1996, Revista Encuentro de la Cultura Cubana.

Antonio Maceo: The Bronze Titan  12/10/2007 Granma: by Fidel Castro

Republican Candidates advocate indicting the Castro brothers for 1996 Brothers to the Rescue shootdown. Backgrounder. 12/07

The Open Wound: The Scourge of Racism in Cuba from Colonialism to Communism  by Iván César Martínez, former Cuban diplomat,10/07.  Also has comments on our Eugene Godfried 1912 interview.

Interview with Eugène Godfried: Call for dialog on the 1912 Massacre
, 10/5/07  Accompanied by commentary from the former head of the Caribbean Section of the Department of the Americas of the Central Committee, Osvaldo Cárdenas. Entrevista con Eugène Godfried: una llamada para el dialogo sobre la masacre de 1912, 5/10/07  Acompañado por comentarios del antiguo jefe de la Seccion del Caribe del Departamento de las Americas del Comite Central, Osvaldo Cárdenas.

Eugene Godfried Calls on Fidel Castro for Reflection and Action concerning the 1912 Massacre: YouTube Video , 9/07 Eugene Godfried Ruega a Fidel Castro Reflexion y Accion sobre 1912: Video en YouTube, 9/07

The Discourse on Racism in Anti-Castro Publications
, 9/07

Anti-Cuban subversion: the race issue, 9/07 El tema racial y la subversión anticubana, 9/07 Esteban Morales

“Sociedades de Negros”  /  “Societies of Blacks”  The African Cuban Diaspora’s Cultural Shelters and their Sudden Disappearance in 1959, by Eugene Godfried, 9/2000

The 1912 Massacre, AfroCubaWeb, 9/07

Cuba: Color de la Piel, Nación, Identidad y cultura: ¿ un desafío contemporáneo? de Esteban Morales Domínguez, 6/07 [27 pages, PDF, 245kb]

U.S. blind to true colors of Cuba's problems by DeWayne Wickham, USA Today, 5/30/02  Still topical...

Time for America to Be Relevant in Cuba 4/14/2007 Washington Post: By Charles B. Rangel and Jeff Flake

Cuba: Algunos Desafios del Color, 1/07 [49 pages, PDF, 315kb ] de Esteban Morales Domínguez: interesting list of issues from an AfroCuban at Havana University who ran their Center for US Studies.

National Summit on Cuba: New Jersey, 2006 10/28/06

Katrina: they left them there to die!  Community Rally Aug 29, 2006, one year later.... Boston, MA

Reunión 8/17/06 en Madrid: la situación actual de Cuba, Federación Panafricanista, España

"Human Rights Activist J. Soffiyah Elijah Opens National Network of Grantmakers Conference", Dr. Elijah has written on Cuba's criminal justice system. 10/06

New web site on Assata at, 8/06

Black Voter Network is back as Black Voter Net after parties unknown seized their domain name. They have a separate page on Katrina Survivors Fight Back listing activities and groups. This site also covers news of  Global WarmingPeak Oil, the peak and decline of oil production, and Drug Trafficking & State Terrorism, a topic well known to Florida watchers.

20 Years Agrarian & Fisheries Reform Call In Curaçao Curaçao 7/12/06 20 Aňa Reforma Agrario I Peska, Papiamentu, 7/12/06 Eugene Godfried

Venez Extols African Contribution, 5/06

Source: McKinney fiasco shakes Capitol Police, officer knew her  4/18/2006 Redding News Review: "A source said an officer, who says Rep. Cynthia McKinney struck him in the chest with a closed fist, knew who she was, and claims the incident has caused infighting among U.S. Capitol Police. The source, who is close to the ongoing grand jury investigation of the March 29 scuffle, said Paul McKenna, a third year officer in the U.S. Capitol Police, was given a picture of the congresswoman in training. "No one believes that a man with a name that similar to hers would not know who she is," the source told Redding News Review. "He clearly knew who she was and what she looked like but stopped her anyway." ...The source - who did not want to be identified in fear that they might lose their job - also said that the incident has resulted in "fighting and heated arguments between white and black officers." "This case is tearing the department apart," the source said. "The blacks say the whites were screwing with her, but the white officers are saying that she should have stopped."

Hands Off Assata petition to Chicago City Council, 9/05

Assata Shakur’s appeal attorney explains her case Lies are being manufactured to convert Assata into a terrorist to justify the $1 million bounty on her head by Evelyn A. Williams  8/10/2005 SF Bay View

IFCO's 2005 Caravan stopped at the border as US government seizes computers; Caravan continues to Mexico and Cuba without computers, 7/21/05 They have the phone numbers of State Department and other officials who are directing the harassment.

Castro Strikes a Nerve
, 6/3/05: Assata, Posada, the Cuban 5, and the US criminal justice system, by Soffiyah Elijah, Deputy director of the Criminal Justice Institute at Harvard Law School.

Official Response to Announcement of $1 million Bounty and the Listing of ASSATA SHAKUR on Domestic Terrorist Watch List
, HOA, 5/15/05

Assata and Posada: Two different colors, two different stories  5/18/2005 SF Bay View: "The generally unacknowledged factor of Posada and Bosch’s blowing up of the Cubana airliner, however, is this. If tourists to Cuba take the time to visit Havana’s Sport’s Palace, guides will inevitably take them to the memorial wall. From there, visitors will be greeted by row after row of young, mostly Black faces staring back at them – photographs of Cuba’s Olympic athletes who were returning from the Pan American Games in Venezuela and were on board the airliner Posada and Bosch likely bombed. Therefore, by putting a $1 million bounty on Sister Shakur, who, they say, is linked to the killing of one white person, while allowing Posada and Bosch remain free in the U.S. after killing at least 73 mostly Black people, the U.S. has once again exposed itself as a government that continues to capitulate to and accommodate itself to racism."

Feds offer $1 million reward for Assata Shakur
5/05  Several commentaries, including USA Today, Tom Joiner's Black America Web, and Fidel Castro

Walterio Carbonell: Vivito, coleando y con las pilas puestas
, 4/22/05, Jiribilla
Desde El Monte hasta La Selva, 4/13/05, Encuentro: false announcement of Carbonell's death.

Domino Sugar workers against the Fanjuls, 2/05

Quintín Banderas, glorioso mambí, 1/16/05

Reports of massive vote fraud across the US with over 300 articles since Nov 2nd:  Black Voter Network, 1/5

Assata Shakur: Flight from Justice, 11/21/04 -  another shot from the New Jersey propaganda machine.

Oakland area CBC member Rep Barbara Lee squared off with Claudia Bermudez, daughter of Col Enrique Bermudez of "Dark Alliance" Cocaine Contra fame, in 2004 Congressional elections, 8/2/03. Lee won.

Miami: A los que quieran expresar su descontento  6/18/04 AfroCubaWeb: "... su descontento por las crueles medidas tomadas contra la familia cubana, por la presente Administracion, pueden participar en los siguientes eventos que tendran lugar el sabado 19 de Junio."

Pastors for Peace/IFCO - 15th Caravan to Cuba: 6/04-7/04. Updated 6/3/04. See links for route, cities across US and the crossing to Mexico.

US Hip Hop group Bojah harassed by OFAC for attending August '03 Havana Hip Hop Festival, 6/15

More Agents Track Castro Than Bin Laden, AP, 4/29/04

Cuba: Race Problem Cannot be Solved Until it’s Acknowledged
, Black America Web, 4/16/04

Current U.S. Policy Re: Entry Of Cubans Into The U.S., 2/5/04: "Since most cuban artists are compensated by the cuban government, they are rightly considered to be its employees." See also Cuban artists kept out of U.S., 3/6/04, where this is repeated as the reason for keeping out Carlos Varela, arguably one of the most independent Cuban artists.

TransAfrica in groundbreaking trip to Venezuela, 1/04

Jesus "Chucho" Garcia, of the Red AfroVenezuelana, to tour the US in April 04

U.S. Policy on Cuba Deprives Black Americans, Black AmericaWeb, 11/17: "traveling to Cuba - a majority-black nation - must remain a no-no for most of us, otherwise Miami's Cuban exiles, who are more than 90 percent white, will put a chokehold on the Bush administration's re- election bid.  But the larger issue regarding the travel ban to Cuba isn't the White House's political schemes. It's that you - Mr. and Ms. - are being deprived of an affirming and even life-changing experience. Cuba, just 90 miles to the south of Miami, is defined and dominated by African culture and heritage. And all Cubans, even the white ones, seem to know this." This site is for the US based and nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show. Thank you Tom Joyner! This article is by David Person of the Huntsville Times - he is a member of the Trotter Group of African American columnists. Thank you David Person!

Two More suggestions for action re Cuba travel bills, 11/4/03

Administrative Prosecutions of Cuba Travelers To Start
, 10/29/03, OFAC runs wild!

Black Arts Mouvement founder Askia Toure launches new webs site, 11/6/03

Walker, Bush & the Nazis
, 10/18/03

Campus police assaults Africana Studies professor at U Mass Boston over military recruitment, professor being tried. 11/6/03

Angela Davis: prisons a new form of slavery  9/25/03 Radio Progresso, Miami 

No Cuban, No Problem: The Latin Grammys were 100% Cuba-free thanks to the man in the Oval Office, Miami New Times, 9/11/03 - Los Muñequitos and Van Van directors banned by Bush directly as he panders to the Miami Mafia.

Assata Interview: Hands Off Assata! 7/9/03

Sierra Maestra US Tour Cancelled, 7/9/03: the devious US bureaucracy does not refuse visas, it delays them forever.

Ricardo Cané: 2/1949 - 6/2003:  Obituary  - Obituario. Member and past director of Los Muñequitos, 6/10/03

History, race must be factored into Cuban equation
, Granma, 5/15/03 - official Cuba recognizes the racial divide in the Havana - Miami conflict.

Recent Events in Cuba
, 4/27/03, by Alberto Jones: a presentation of some facts and a plea for understanding

Custom Made Justice, 4/26/03 by Alberto Jones: a look at some double standards.

Argentina, a Haven for Nazis, Balks at Opening Its Files, 3/9/03

Letra del año, 2003, direct from Cuba
, 1/4/03

Former secretary general of terrorist Cuban exile group, Tony Calatayud, arrested for Medicaid fraud
, 1/30/03 with 2/14/03 update

The Real Odessa: Smuggling the Nazis to Peron's Argentina, by Uki Goñi, 12/02

The Murderous Unwanted Cuban Privilege: Cuban vs Haitian Immigration,, Alberto Jones, 10/31/02

The Bush dynasty and the Cuban criminals  extracted from Ann Louise Bardach's Cuba Confidential, 12/2/02

Bacardí: La Guerra Occulta,  Pedro Perez-Sarduy, Jiribilla, 10/02

Eulogy to US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Alberto Jones, 8/25/02

Otto Reich, Alberto Jones, 8/5/02

A Disgraceful History, Alberto Jones, 6/2/02
Alberto Jones, 5/26/02

Lazaro Ros gets Fernando Ortiz prize, wide coverage in Cuban press, 7/16

Assata Interview in Final Call, 6/12/02

U.S. blind to true colors of Cuba's problems, DeWayne Wickham, USA Today, 5/30. Gets to the root of the problem.

A Tearful Gathering Of The Worst Coming Out Of Cuba, 3/6    Alberto Jones

U.S. "Intelligence Sources" on alleged Cuban bioterrorism Exposed   5/7/02: State Department accusations part of a long line of slanders cooked up in Miami.

Radiography of a Hired Mind, 3/1 - on Frank Calzon, by Alberto Jones

Honoring a Mass Kidnapper: Monsignor Walsh, 1/13/02, Alberto Jones

It's Time to End the Embargo of Cuba! 1/7/02 National Black Chamber of Commerce

Camp Sibert: WWII era chemical warfare experiments on black troops?, 11/15/01

Cuba Policy legislative update 11/9/01 Latin America Working Group

Cuba and the Crisis

The Guardian, UK: Americans threatened Taliban, Bin Laden in July. Planned Afghan, Irak genocide is "wag the dog"? 9/21. Planned Afghan, Irak genocide is "wag the dog"? 9/21.

Letter from Cuba's Ministry of External Affairs offering help in the current crisis

Ben Laden, Nukes, Narcoterrorism, the CIA, and the House of Saud, World Press

Cuba has great expertise in defending against biowarfare and nuclear radiation.

Cuba Reacts With Horror And Sympathy To Attacks On US, 9/12

Cuban musicians where they belong, 9/5/01, Granma

The Cuban statement on the Meeting On Racism in South Africa, 8/30, Granma

CANF backed 'One Florida' cuts college enrollment of blacks by half, 8/13/01, CNN 

Dissidents and Race: CANF takes AfroCubans to the Black Caucus, 8/1/01, 8/1/01

Cuba policy victory: travel approved in the House , 7/26.01

Rally in Harlem for Cuban Labor Delegation denied Visas, 7/16/01

New Ripples in an Evil Story, by Sister Bordes - Negroponte, the Death Squad Guru, 7/01

Friendly Fire: U.S. Military Drafted Plans to Terrorize U.S. Cities to Provoke War With Cuba in the 60's, ABC News, 5/1/01

IMPORTANT ACTION ALERT on Herr Otto Juan Reich's appointment as Assistant Secretary, 3/25/01

La guerra biológica de EE.UU.contra Cuba, 4/01, Granma

New Cuba Policy Foundation formed today, led by former senior Republican diplomats, favors lifting embargo against Cuba, 3/28/01

Havana Healing: Castro's Minority Scholarship Plan, 3/1/01

Bush considering Herr Otto J. Reich  as Assistant Secretary of State for Inter American Affairs, 2/01

New “Omnibus” Bill on U.S./Cuba Policy to be Introduced, 3/00

Black August organizer on trial in NY, seeks support 1/14/01

InfoMed USA needs memory, disk drives, additional PCs for Cuba's medical network: InfoMed

Cuba's selfless contribution to African liberation driven by a genuine and passionate humanism, 3/30/01, Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa

NarcoNews endangered - Gary Webb, 3/16/01

Iran-contra figure up for key aide's job.  Critics say his views on Cuba could hurt relations with Mexico, 3/4/01

Friends of Cuban Libraries (FCL) campaign rebuked at the American Library Association, 3/00

Sodepaz on extremist Catholics groups targeting Cuba, 1/25

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Cuba Solidarity Group In Panama Denounces Escape Plans of Terrorists, 8/2.01

Franjuls acquire Domino Sugar, boast of the days of slavery, 7/26/01

Cuba, A Nation; Many Governments, No Blacks Allowed, Please, 7/23/01

Cuba answers US cyberterrorism lies, 6/17/01

The Bush administration's anti-Cuba nominations, 7/01

The Least We Know: Otto Reich and terrorist Orlando Bosch, 4/01 from the Washington Office on Latin America, Washington, DC

Cuba-Senegal Economic, Scientific Technical Session Opens in Dakar, 3/26/01


News Archive: 1999-2000

Antonio Maceo
Antonio Maceo
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La Niñita
Juan Gualberto Gomez
Juan Gualberto Gomez
Quintin Bandera
Quintín Bandera
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